Sor's General Chit-Chat Thread

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  1. Diana explained in a very specific manner that posting this thread would cure my boredom. So... what kinda music is everyone listening to? I'm stuck on a "Within Temptation" kick. Keep me entertained with seriousness or lunacy just help me stave off the boredom!!
  2. I've been listening to a podcast of my favorite talk radio show...As for musics?

    I like this band called Quo Vadis. They are nifty, indeed.
  3. Lord of the Gourd! I'll have to look it up! which radio talk show?
  4. Random thought... pursuing a rainbow that's been farted into existence would likely not result in your finding a pot of gold, rather it would result in finding a pot of poop.
  5. Depends on which rainbow you follow.
    I have followed many, and not one pot of poop has graced me with its presence.
    You are wrong, my good sir.
    -Welcomes self to a nice little bean bag chair on the ground, curling up in it and hugging close mah chubby pikachu.-<3
    I'm listening to:
    Air by Erin McKeown.
  6. It's a local show where I live, but it airs all over the nation. Not sure if it would interest you. It's mostly politics, but I love the hosts of the show and their sense of humor. It's called 'The Armstrong and Getty show'. Here is a link to the home page if you are interested.
  7. Yes! another friend request... W00t! I'll give the talk show a go pumpkin, though i'm not a fan of politics. However i'm still a firm believer that if a rainbow is farted into existence you will not find a pot of gold at the end of it.
  8. What music am I listening to?


    Most of the stuff this guy makes is about war and conquest. Then again, I don't listen to a whole lot of music unless it's oldshit.
    I figured I should add the ever so popular and reputation-filled Sora-kun.
  10. I have a station on Pandora Radio that uses Alice in Chains as a seed, so I get a wild assortment of music ranging from Alice in Chains to the motherfucking Beatles.

    But Blind Guardian is always my go-to band.
  11. GREGORIAN CHANTS. I am in love with Gregorian Chant covers of badass songs.
  12. Since hearing blink-182's new album, I've been listening to every song of theirs that I have. It's been a nice blast from my past, and just good mood lifters for me. I'll never grow out of this band. :3
  13. TRUE DAT. <3
    I love their new stuff. 8D I will never forget how amazing they were in concert a couple years ago.<3
    I thought it was their last. And then they came out with this new album.. SO PSYYYCHE.
  14. Yay! Posties!!! It is I who has been done the honor of a friend request from the cooking mama! I like Blinks new band but I like Angels & Airwaves better.
  15. -RAGEFACE.-
  16. Is "rageface" a good thing? conjurs up image of anger and pain.
  17. Join my goddam roleplays, Sor!

  18. Which ones dammit!!!
    do not discuss about it.
    Like Slender Man.
  20. ALL OF THEM.