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Beyond the Earth, where war rages on and on, where you could here the howls and whimpers of the ones. Wolves. Are the rulers in these lands. Their lives two clans.. Bernen and Kai.

Bernen..A clan who seeks revenge..for their ones who have fallen in the past against Kai. Bernen..a pack of skrony wolves who never get the chance to eat.. Who must do anything the leading clan of Kai haves them to do... If they try to escape or do something different, a bad ending would come..

Kai..the leading clan of strong, brave, healthy wolves, who like to step on other wolves who they believe are worthless little pest. The clan of Kai who thought they were better than any other, would soon come to an the rest...

Okay, this is basically a wolf thread.. These are the two clans that will be in the story..

These are the rolls that need to be for-filled:

The clan of KAI:

Alpha male:
Alpha female:
Pups (up to three):
Low ranking: (at least four)

The clan of Bernen:

Alpha male: Loveless
Alpha female:
Stronger brown wolves of the pack (at least three):
pups (up to three):
Low ranking:

well, for Kai the alpha are more like lords... XD

I'll be the alpha male in Bernen..

Um, I hope you like, and join! =D

(I have ideas for this.. but i want to know what people think. ^^)
Can i reserve the Alfa male of the Kai? I'll play it like the evil overlord >:)
Yes, that would be perfect, Vay. ^^ and play him like a good evil character. Cause.. he is. xDD
Can I try my had at the Alpha female under Vay.... that would be sweet
I like that idea, that kind of character do you have in mind inky?
I was thinky a bit of a rough female, not very into being a mother or caring for her pups but more wishing she was born male, and is very loyal to her Alpah Male...
Sounds good to me, Inky. Both in. ^^ After we get up to about six people, i'll begin what I had in mind, and then you guys can give ideas and the like, then I'll put up character sheets before the Ic.
*grins wolfishly*

Ok so the Kai oppress the other packs and the Bernen are sick of it right?

And the Kai have been on top for a long time and believe themselves to be better than the others.
sounds like a grudge match from hell waiting to rip apart the forest... *grins with her frangs showing so pearly white* ... lets party..
Alright, I am going to put up character sheets. *Character sheets MUST be filled out to join I.C. If not, you will be sent a message to DELETE your post, and do the Character sheet, and WAIT until MY APPROVAL!!*

Character Sheet Requirements:



Rank: Alpha Male/Female (please, Ask for Alpha positions BEFORE you do character sheet, we have ONE MORE spot open for alpha. That is Alpha Female in the BERNEN.) Pups (At least two to three for each pack), Lower Ranking (rest of the wolves). *Also! The clan to the Bernen, have TWO powerful wolves. They are both BROWN, these have the strongest abilities, but are the nicest in the clan. (THESE must be asked for BEFORE doing Character sheets!! There are only TWO, and they are only in the BERNEN!)

Pack: Kai or Bernen

Description:(pictures are better, but word to word is good too.)

History (optional):



Whatever else (Optional):

My Character Sheet, Coming Soon.
You already have it, Vay. ^^
Name: Hrarl Runtbane

Age: 21 (4)

Rank: Alpha Male

Pack: Kai

He has a gray area on his back near the shoulders.

History (optional): Born to the previous Alpha male, the first born and strongest of his litter he was able to muscle his was amongst the other pups and even older wolves before long joining the hunt a full year before his litter-mates. The older males of the pack soon saw him as a threat and one by one challenged the young upstart, and one by one lost. He eventually became his aging father's right hand keeping the pack in line and the other packs in their place. Eventually he challenged tho old wolf and in the fight mortally wounded his father taking his place at the head of the pack.

Strengths: A deadly fighter and the strength and cunning to stay on top, Hrarl is confident he can beat any wolf one on one and most other agree.

Weaknesses: Arrogant to a fault he rules through fear and intimidation.

Whatever else (Optional): While he lets the other males do most of the dirty work theses days he is unafraid to make things personal if he deems it necessary to put fear into other packs, or even his own.
Name: T'roh Light-Paw

Age: 6 (less than 1 year)

Rank: Pup

Pack: Kai


He is a grey and white pup, though he gets darker and darker as the days stroll by. Out of all the pups, he is the largest, but still quite small when compared to an adult.

History (optional): Too young to have a history! Just basically grew up in the pack and is now desperately trying to prove his worth to the clan.

Strengths: He is still growing and is quite small since he is not yet an adult, and therefore can squeeze and hide into the tiniest spaces. He also is rather quick on his feet which helps him when he gets into trouble.

Weaknesses: Because he is still young, T'roh is extremely naive and weak, having to rely on the protection of the elder wolves, much to his chagrin. He tends to act before he thinks and thinks he is a lot stronger than he really is.

Whatever else (Optional): He looks up to Hrarl and sees him as some sort of idol or brotherly/fatherly figure, and respects him a lot.
Name: Smiling Dreamer "Dreamer"

Age: Young, hard to tell.

Rank: Lower Ranking/No Ranking ("Tale-Teller" for the coyotes).

Pack: Wanderer, Kai Heritage

Description: A half-breed by birth... a free-roaming coyote mother and a Kai father. Smiles appears to be a larger than normal coyote, or a smaller than normal wolf, depending on perceptions. His face and neck are horribly scarred along the right side, as is his right hind leg - throat practically torn out, face and lips bitten, it's a wonder the young thing is still alive. His left side is stunningly handsome, and has a wistful smile to match the other side's horrid image.

History: Born to a coyote mother and a Kai father, the father quickly fled the relationship in order to keep his rank in Kai. Born with the name 'Dreamer' in wolf, the young coyote/wolf grew beyond his kin, and was more than happy to make up and tell stories to them.

When he mother died (natural causes), she revealed to Dreamer his heritage... hopeful to find new family, he set off towards the Kai...

...and was sorely dissapointed. He managed to escape with his life, though his torn throat made it impossible for him to tell stories ever again. He now wanders, packless, lost in wolf territory - and afraid of the 'big cousins'. The Kai now mock him with the name 'Smiling Dreamer', further reminding him of wounds.

Strengths: Clever and quick, the young creature is likely to outwit and outrun his larger 'cousins'. He's also inherited the coyote's skill at tricks and traps - luring larger predators into traps prepared sometimes days beforehand for no other reason than it was a good spot to put a trap.

Weaknesses: Looks like prey, cannot speak. <!-- / message -->
Alright Frost, you have already been accepted....

Blood, very well done, you are accepted.

So, we have five people that includes me... I'll be putting up my character sheet sometimes this afternoon, or tomorrow. And Inky, I need you to put up one, as well.

I'll wait to we have about two to three more people before starting the IC.

But may I enquire... what's the terrain like? Snowy? Rocky? Mountainous? do they live in caves.....?
...ah yes.... Um, How about we cast votes for this...? To make it fair. What do you guys think? How do you guys want the story to go? How do you think to manage the story? Sorry, I haven't gotten to all this yet, I've been busy and blah.... But I'll let you guys cast votes and put ideas. ^_^ I'll just go with whatever you guys think.
I've always been fond of temperate mountain ranges. Snowy in winter/warm in summer, lots of evergreen trees, caves to exist and hide in... as well as plenty of other non-wolf creatures to exist among, hunt, and speak to (in Dreamer's case).