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something smutty with plot

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Faithviper, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I'm in a kinky kind of mood right now, not all of the content stuff has to be in the rp, it can be with a fandom or original pairings. If you have a F-List, that would be great to see, I play bottom for m/m, and f/f since im still new at doing f/f, and I only play as a female with m/f.
  2. I'd like to write with you ^^ I'm a bit bored, so I have nothing better to do… Well, actually I do, I just don't want to work for school right now X3
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  3. XD so what kind of pairing would you like?
  4. Either MxM or FxM, don't really do FxF… Which do you prefer?
  5. Hmmm well I haven't had many m/m rps on here, so let's go with that.
  6. Okay, cool ^^

    So what kind of plot did you have in mind?
  7. Well would you like something from a fandom or just a regular pairing not from fandoms?
  8. Rather regular pairings, I don't really like fandom because I get bored easily by them :/
  9. Lol alright, I have a few pairings I like.

    Werewolf/ human
    Bounty Hunter/ hunted
    Knight/servant or slave
    Vampire/ human
    Master/human doll
    Rock star/fan
    Band mates
    Mob boss/undercover cop
  10. Hmm… I like the sound off:

    Rock star/fan
    Scientist/ Experiment
  11. Ohh I'm stuck between rock star/fan and scientist/ experament
  12. X3
    Hmm, well yeah, that is a tough one… Should we try Scientist/experiment? I've never done that one before.. We could give it a shot ^^
  13. Alright! So its supposed to be about a scientist that has an unhealthy obsession with his newest experiment. The experiment would be a shifter, here are some pictures.

    fennec_fox_2.jpg 581733.jpg
  14. Okay… So how smutty or kinky do you want this to be? Any limits?

    Can you do the first post? You're the host ^^

  15. Umm the only things that I can think of that are big no nos for me are scat and killing the main characters. I'll tell you the name as soon as I get it posted, I can't copy and paste things on my cell.
  16. Sure, np ^^
  17. My pretty little experiment. Sorry its short, I couldn't think of a good start with just him
  18. When do you want to start?
  19. I already posted it yesterday
  20. Where? I think I missed it X3