Some of the Taboo's art!

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  1. Random art by me! Just felt like sharing it with Iwaku! Enjoy, well at least i hope you do! :cool:
    (also scanners do no justice for shading on pictures!)

    ^ (the writing, is because i mailed it to a friend of mine! Yes I call him Dorkfish!)


    Last one won't show up on here, so here is a link!

  2. Aha! so THIS is where all the artistic talent that should've been mine went to. Awesome work, I envy you T_T
  3. I LOVE IT! So cool! Very creative!
  4. Very nice.

    You should draw on clearer paper, however.
  5. That there is an image that I would gladly get Tattooed. That's some major talent there, Taboo. Seriously, that is awesome.
  6. Thanks Everyone! XD
    Captain Nic: I know the paper messes with the image a bit. They were in letters though, hence the lined paper!
    Jumi: Actually drew that to be a tattoo! So that comment was awesome! =)
  7. Well with that being the case, I might contract you for a design then. That's some seriously impressive shit, Taboo.

    I want to see more of your pics~
  9. Jumi: Anytime!
    TK: I've only drawn up designs for a few people, I refuse to actually do a tattoo! I feel like i would mess it up. =/
    Thanks again too!

    (This is for you TK *snuggles*)
    I can't draw faces but here ares some bodies! Slightly creepy without heads i know!



    and random heart art!


    (Sorry It's so big)
  10. I LIKE THE HEADLESS BODIES. And the heart is beautiful. Seriously. That's tattoo worthy too.