So you want to @$@# a Fictional Creature?

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    Luckily for you, we at the staff of Iwaku have your best interests in mind.

    If you can't follow these guidelines, we recommend not trying to make whoopie with it.
  2. well thank you for making me choke on my tea.
  3. Applaud. applaud. ever so many bunnies shall be saved
  4. All I want to know is if a blue female Twi'lek's hoohah is also blue.
  5. I want to know the physiology of the Alternian female.

    And, to sate my curiosity, the Alternian male, as well.

    Mostly the Alternian female.
  7. Dude. Six sweeps, dude. >:[
  8. The dancestors are slightly older than me.
  9. Oh, I see. So YOU'RE jailbait, too.
  10. Only vriska for me.
  11. I <3< Vriska
  12. "So you want to @$@# a fictional creature?"

    Oh, sure, like everyone wants to find some hot bitch with double Ds and goat legs and take her in the barn until she bleats for mercy!!! Or that they want to go swimming and find someone who quite frankly has the sexiest fishtail I've ever seen! Yeah, right, everyone wants that!

    Wait...isn't that what everyone wants?
  13. I just want trolls
  14. I want Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! x_x My gawd, yes.


    Hehehehehehe~ Donny, come to meeeee~ <3
  15. Magikarp will be sorely disappointed with this.
  16. I hope you aren't robbing the aquarium, after all TEENAGE......
  17. *gasp* You wouldn't!
    Just because I have a kind of fetish thing for water creatures does NOT mean he has to know!
    It would kill him...
  18. I wonder what Magikarps taste like. They're probably an aphrodesiac.
  19. What's with you and tasting things
  20. Further proof that VerbalAbuse has no taste.