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  1. so I was trying to recover from this evenings events with some YouTube and well....I found a video that just....well....I have no explanation for. I officially have reached the bottom of the internet. I would post it here for you to see too so we can discuss but I LITERALLY HONEST TO GOD am not sure if it would be NSFW or involves some anatomy in that sense but it's...not exactly porn....I think? Anywho. It's titled "the weirdest video you'll ever see garunteed" and that's a few minutes of my life I'm never getting back. 0.o
  2. If it's Japanese I know exactly what it is. XD
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  3. Unless it's the video of a guy having sex with a pizza a friend sent me, I'm pretty sure I've seen worse. o.o

    Seriously, for the love of your own sanity, never watch anything with pizza and sex in the title....
  4. If it's titled like that there's no way that it's actually the weirdest video out there. The truely odd ones don't actually recognize that they are weird.

    I mean, try following links on youtubepoop videos until you end up in the dark corners of that site. Like horse-mating and backwards music is some of the stuff I've stumbled upon.
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    I've seen that video. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the title. But it really is just that weird. @_@

    Also, that video is just one scene from a full-length movie.

    This video inspired me to rent the movie and watch it with some friends.

    During the intermission (because yeah this movie has an intermission for some reason?), I left the room to get a snack, and came back to hear one of my friends say to someone on Skype, "I think I need to re-think my life because of this movie". And we hadn't even gotten to the scene in the Youtube video yet.

    By the time the movie was over, I was told I wasn't allowed to pick out movies to watch with these guys anymore.

    Edit: Also, I assumed that the scene on Youtube would at least make some sense within the context of the whole movie. I was wrong. It still makes zero fucking sense.

    Edit2: I recommend this movie to everyone. If nothing else, it is definitely an unforgettable experience.

    I've heard there's a sequel, but I can't seem to find it anywhere... Would totally watch it if I get the chance, though.

    Edit3: I'd say the height of the insanity would be the animated segment that they claimed was directed by a dog.
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  6. Yep. The Japanese one is the one. And I garuntee that pizza sex has nothing on this.
  7. I'm... Uh...

    *leaves planet and enters orbit around Jupiter*
  8. Oh look, you discovered the weird part of youtube (again), congratz.
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  9. Pizzas are for amateurs.
    Real Food Pornstars fuck Hot Pockets.
    Like that one guy a while back did.
  10. Dear lord 0.0
  11. Oh, I remember seeing this make the rounds on some sites years ago. How nostalgic. 8D

    It's up near the top of the weird spectrum, but I've seen worse, also from Japanese people. They make some freaky shit.
  12. The truly hardcore deal only with Jolly Ranchers
  13. Why is food sex a thing?!? yeah I've discovered Japanese are weird. Did anyone else see the poop time fun shape things?
  14. I just skimmed through it on YouTube.

    It's odd, but still within the normalcy for the Internet.
  15. Japanese are always weird. You can see it from their anime!
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  16. I don't watched weird and bizarre things, they just make me mad and confused. >:[
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Obviously, the killed stay dead :D *Winces waiting for the flamethrower*
  19. Not if its dragon ball
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