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So, this is new.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DancingWarPanda, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Why hello there, my name is Cameron (or depending on who you're asking about me Cami/Two Fingers...there's a bad story behind that second one) and I am somewhat new to this whole role playing thing. I play table top games like Shadowrun and DnD but this forum stuff is a different territory. I'll try not to make a fool of myself.

    With an introductory dance,

  2. Now that I am done molestering your profile before you even post Hello Note, .... welcome to Iwaku! >:D I am your resident Diana thing and I will be... totally unhelpful!
  3. I wouldn't call it molesting, makes it sound like I didn't want it lol.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I guess I'll be the counterpoint to Diana, I'll be completely helpful! I'm Zypher (disguised as Ai Kago for the Halloween Festivities this month) the local RP Global and if you have any questions about the site or getting into any of the fun and exciting roleplays we have here just send me a PM.
  5. Zypher, how the crap do you do that to your name?!

    And I want access to your never ending supply of pictures of pretty Asian girls.

    Hi Hi Panda, I'm AI, I'll be your lunatic for the evening! I see you have expressed interest in one of our up and coming RPs, I look forward to maybe writing with you.
  6. Why thank you for the warm welcome and I may overwhelm you with questions, just for the record.

    I look forward to it as well. It's taking a while to read through all these threads and see which I am interested in but their giving me good ideas for my owns story.
  7. Welcome to the site.

    I always post that same generic greeting in all the welcome threads.

    But seriously, welcome to the site.
  8. Generic is fine, tons of generic foods taste great :D
  9. Dude, I totally agree.
  10. Who cares if their slowly killing us and are incredibly mediocre! The United States has had tons of mediocre presidents and we're ok......sorta.
  11. I'm Adam West. I shout a lot, have sexy parties, and fight weird villains. I'm one of the Admins on this site because my shrink told me interacting with the public would be a good thing.

    So you wish to dance do you? Well I shall accept your challenge.

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  12. And so the duel begins!!

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  13. You will bend to our whims, FNG.

    You will break and you will be a slave to Iwaku...

    Submit now and the process won't be as painful.
  14. Hi and welcome to the site, I usually go by Torsty. Ask Zypher for help, take your time and I'm sure you'll find this way of role playing....giving.
  15. Another challenger!? You won't find me so easily swayed....

    With a battle hardened dance,

  16. I don't feel like editing that other post so hello there doc. I'll try not to steal to many of your patients with my medicine man ways.
  17. We could always co-operate.
  18. What's this, another Brooklynite?! Neato, I'm from Prospect Heights. Welcome to the forum, I'm Char. You picked a funny time to join because everyone's in their October username disguises. Everyone is very nice despite all appearances to the contrary. You already know about OOC threads; you can also consider filling out a Roleplayer's Resume to help players find you. Have fun!
  19. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku I am Shadow Ike, if you have any questions just ask
  20. o__O

    Welcome to the Iwaku, DancingWarPanda.
    *gives Cupcake*

    Hope you enjoy your time here and ... YOU BETTER ENJOY ROLE-PLAYING WITH US. US! >__> ^_^

    *tips hat*