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  1. Had a recent speech, in regards to gun control, how fed up he is and basically fuck everyone who disagrees because he's tired of hearing about dead children (rough summary).

    President Obama’s amazingly emotional speech on gun control

    There's the link if you want to read it.

    Can I just goddamn amazing it is to see someone of such high political status actually showing EMOTION. Like seriously, it's such a difference from what we normally get and is a great reminder.of how human he is. Omo

  2. I still think Obama has failed to live up to the Superman-like status during Yes We Can. The American economy is in crisis and his display of "emotion" over one of America's most heavily debated reforms to the Federal Constitution is a mere smokescreen for the ball dropping that will be his potential undoing in the coming election.
  3. His party's undoing, at the very least. Which is why we have Trump, longtime friend and ally to the Clintons, running on a Republican ticket and saying the most ridiculous things he can. ... And gaining support. If that's our Republican choice, then our Democrat, Hillary Clinton, looks that much more appealing.

    /end conspiracy

  4. Yeah, sheds a tear over "gun control"... but sheds not a tear over all those ISIS has beheaded. Or over all the people his "Obama-I-Don't-Care" has harmed. Like this lady here. Just one example of many... and hasn't Obama/the media gone on about "If it only saves one life" as a justification for their actions?

    Fake tears.

    And then he has the gall to accuse the NRA of lying! Yeah, "You get to keep your doctor." Tell that to the lady with Stage-4 gallbladder cancer. Where are the tears for her?
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  5. Oh, yes, of course! "People died, and I'm going to that to further my agenda! Yay!"

    That seems to be running rampant in the political sphere these days. I don't believe for a moment the president actually cares about those lives.

    I'm just... tired. Politics are necessary, but I hate them so much. Makes it easier for us to make enemies in our own country.
  6. I'm sure this will be a purposeful and considerate discussion. What can go wrong?
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  7. y u post this tho
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  8. Can't go fishing if you don't open the can of worms, right?
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Ok but seriously, you guys SHOULD improve your gun control, bad politicians be damned. I've never heard of a Croatian mass school shooting so far in my life, even though gun use was still popular after the war.
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  11. Gun control is one thing, yet it's not going to stop shootings. You can ban all these guns and such but criminals are surprisingly good at getting stuff they shouldn't. Like bombs for example. So while it's a nice thought to have a nice safe gun free world. It's not going to exist.
  12. Chicago. It's not a gun problem. It's a particular culture problem.

    Also, obamas a whiny baby. You don't lead the worlds most funded military and cry on tv over guns. It's kinda backasswards. And makes him look weak.

    Can't wait to see this thread go places. It's like a forum meta.
  13. TBH I'd rather not get into ANY political discussion, be it simply that I'm not interested or just the fact that I'm terrible at understanding them. Just putting my two cents out, tho.

    I'd love a crying president instead of incapable communists, so you're kinda lucky compared to us. We don't even have a government at the moment.

    EDIT: Perhaps a translation error, so take the last sentence with a grain of salt. But the whole country is dysfunctional.
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  14. To make you grumpy, duh. Although in all seriousness, if people aren't allowed to share their opinions in a thoughtful manner then what is the point of having a discussion 8'D.

    Also, can't read that article. It's asking for a subscription?

    I'm actually surprised that quite a handful of people feel he is being fake because they have such a strong dislike for him, they can't agree with anything he says or does. Just because they don't like him, at all.

    As a man, it is unusual to see one cry especially so publicly. He has always been very vocal about how stricter America needs to be in regards to gun control, ever since the Sandy Hook incident. People are crying out that he has an agenda, one in which we are blind too and all I can think is...he has a weakness in regards to children being murdered. He has been very vocal in regards to gun violence, especially in incidents where children have died as a result. And I cannot find it within me to bring up other issues when I feel he is right in his stance.

    It is a scary thought to know that anyone in another state can get a gun; whether they be a felon, suicidal, mentally ill or an unknown terrorist/serial killer unless you live some place like NYC. People are saying you can still get a gun! Well, yes of course you can. If you travel out of state to a gun fair or steal it or even buy it off the streets. There are many ways to get it, but isn't making that first step a step in the positive direction? He's not banning guns out right but he is making it a point for there to be accountability on regards to who has ownership because not everyone should be allowed a gun.

    Sidenote: For all those making comments about this thread going places, do me a favor and kindly get the fuck out. It is unhelpful posts like this that add negativity to adult discussions. Not everyone wants to talk lolpenisesanftitties all day or lolshitpostpics just cause. It is really irritating to see such NEGATIVE AND UNNECESSARY responses to topics directed at people who LIKE to have conversations that have substance. There is nothing wrong with having serious conversation from time to time, especially on things that impact our lives in such a way. I'd you find yourself unable to handle a discussion, please do not bother posting. If you find yourself unable to take things overly personal, please go outside and get some air. It is REALLY UNFAIR TO those of us who are capable of talking and sharing our views in a peaceful manner that some of you want to be those guys who suck up all the fun in a topic by being such negative nancies. No one likes a negative nancy.

    Thank you.
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  15. Problem with gun control in America:

  16. It feels like he's being fake because he's never done it before. When it suddenly happens over something that's so hotly debated as gun control it seems out of character, yeah?

    Otherwise. Shall not be infringed. Would like to see them take my guns, etc etc.

    Also, predictions are fun because we all know how this will go. Quote walls, articles, sources, snappy remarks, and the like. It's just calling it like it is.

    Also, what Seiji said to some extent. Care to elaborate, @Seiji ?
  17. Ehhhhhhhh he's always been a bit emotional in regards to his stance to gun control, usually angry. I look at it as this is his last year and he no longer has to maintain that "I am not human because I'm the President" vibe.

    And honestly, is it not a tragedy when a child dies? Should one not feel sadness and express it? Everyone reacts to grief differently. Presidents do not normally show interests in events like this unless forced top (George Bush & Hurricane Katrina for example) so I just think it's a nice change to see something human, for once.
  18. I don't think being the president means you have to put up this I breakable wall persona. It is odd though to just one day "cry" I'm sure children have died due to gun violence in his term before yet he hasn't responded to those with tears. So while I'm sure he's a nice guy, it's just doesn't feel honest that he cried
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  19. That's just a differing view of him. The president has to appear inhuman because what else do you call a single person that literally billions of people look at when something happens? Show him kissing the children, let him smile with his family. Just don't forget he's in charge of deaths of countless others, including children.

    Seems like he's going to try and push things through because it's his last year. For what reasons? Who knows. NWO or some shit probably.

    Ooh, forgot this. Yes dead kids are bad. But to be a leader means putting aside your self for those you lead. You don't want to appear weak. Especially on the world stage, even more when your country constantly tries to be the fucking world police when we've got our own stupid problems.

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  20. Actual gun control? In the US? You mean not-shit gun control in the US? Well, let's see what the hubbabaloo is.
    • Anybody who sells guns must get a licence and do background checks, or be subject to criminal prosecutions.
    Huh, that should... Really just be common sense. Nobody in their right fucking mind sells a car or a house to someone without at least doing a basic financial background check to make sure they aren't getting molested by debt and could feasibly afford to pay it back, and you can't drive a car without having a licence, so... This isn't exactly unreasonable to ask for with instant murder sticks. Hell, so far as I'm aware, a lot of states already have at least some limited form of this in place as is.
    • Hire more people to process applications faster.
    Mixed feelings. On the one hand, if you want a system to vomit licences like this in the US? You probably need a robust system capable of handling thousands of requests a day. On the other hand, is it really necessary to balloon yet another federal department in the US to such sizes that admin will start eating more money than the actual service provided? Ironically, this is probably where a crown corporation could come in handy, since it could operate the entire process by itself and use the fees it generates to feed itself, without ballooning government further.
    • We're gonna do more to help those with mental illnesses get what they need.
    Empty words. Unless free, high quality mental health care is offered, or subsidized mental health medication is offered at a price that the dirt poor can reasonably afford, nothing the federal government does will mean anything. "We're going to help" means nothing. Either do something or stop pinning all the worst atrocities on a group of people who are overwhelmingly more likely to be self-destructive than malicious and violent. Seriously, this talking point pisses me off, quite a bit. All it does is further fearmonger a group of people that generally already have to hide what they are, lest they never get a job again.
    • We're gonna boost gun safety technology.
    Neat. I'm okay with this. Who doesn't want guns to be less dangerous? I mean, I'm not sure what more you can do than you already have... It's a fairly simple device and the gun safety switch is pretty much the most practical safety mechanism I can think of, save for the obviously most effective: Training. But people can choose to fuck off with training, not pay attention. This is not as easy a promise as it sounds.
    • If we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless it gets your fingerprint...
    Uhh... Phones aren't boomsticks. Comparing phones to boomsticks is silly. You can fingerprint lock that gun down all you want, and, hey, if you can do that, go for it. However, the mechanism itself--that is, the gun--is a brutally simple enough device that you can just rip whatever security measures are inside out with ease and keep using it. I mean, go for it, try to make it harder to just grab one and use it to blow people away, but don't pretend this will somehow magic away cartels using unlicensed firearms to murder people, or mass shooters who will just Google how to rip that electronic device out.
    • Our inalienable right to life and blah blah blah stripped from murdered people.
    I couldn't even be arsed to finish writing this one. Yes, those people were murdered. No, it is absurd to say that a single person going on a killing spree somehow proves that violating one part of the constitution to protect another is somehow okay now. One asshole does not represent anywhere near a majority of people. You abridge or amend rights as necessary when the majority suffer. As terribly tragic as these crimes are, and as much as I would support gun control, this is not a good argument at all. It's pure emotional appeal, and... Oh, right. Americans. :|

    Overall? Step-ish in the right direction. Ish. The main big point being "hey, let's make sure everybody who sells murder sticks has licences and performs background checks." Also, investing into safety technology never really hurts--it's not taking the guns away, it's just asking "is there any way we can design these to be safer?" I mean, electronic fingerprint locking might not stop the cartels, but it might at least stop little Timmy from accidentally blowing off his own head because daddy was lazy and forgot to lock the .44 back in the case.

    I mean, I'd love for more investment into mental health, and targeting the main reasons these massive levels of gun violence exist (COUGH DRUG WAR COUGH) but, I guess it's just easier to try and ban the death sticks. Because you know how you cure a disease? Treat the symptoms, and ignore the causes. That will go swimmingly.

    "Knife violence is on the rise!"

    Oh boi.
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