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  1. What kind of medium do you use for your art?

    How long have you been practicing?

    Who do you look up too for inspiration?

    Is it a hobby or a career path you're going for?

    For those who don't do art but want too, what's stopping you?
  2. Hm.. I typically use pencils(sometimes regular, or a variety of different HB pencils). I've been drawing my whole life, but I only started really trying my ability for about three years. I don't really have a specific inspiration, per se. And I'm definitely only a hobbyist. XD
  3. graphite and charcoal.

    Been drawing for a few years, but I'm not great. I'm hobbyist, for sure, but I've considered going into animation. Making cartoons would be a blast.
  4. I use markers for pointillism. An example for those who don't know what that is.
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    I don't know how long I have been practicing, I just know I am not that good yet.
    There is no one I really look up to but there are a few artists I simply adore. They are absolutely brilliant.
    It is just a hobby.
  5. I did some of that in high school and college, simply loved it. You did a great job here! Especially drawing a wolf as animals are hard omo /impressed
  6. It is quite fun to do. Not to mention relaxing since it does not take much thought.
    Thank you ^^' I used a reference. Things turn out strange otherwise.
  7. Most artists use references, it helps us all develope our skills so kudos to you and keep going!
  8. I usually use pencils and colored markers on paper, unless I'm doing an animation. I've been drawing for a while, but I can't really pinpoint when I started. For inspiration, I used to look up to Akira Toriyama (when I first started) but these days, I look more at westerners like Quentin Blake, Sempé etc. with the exception of the artist of the Tokyo Ghoul manga.
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  9. What kind of medium do you use for your art?
    Pencils, color pencils, colored markers, graphite, and charcoal.

    How long have you been practicing?
    Since I was the age of nine.

    Who do you look up too for inspiration?
    None really. I just want to improve on my skills and try to get a job with those skills.

    Is it a hobby or a career path you're going for?
    Career path.
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  10. What kind of medium do you use for your art?
    Pencil or Wacom tablet

    How long have you been practicing?
    Never been practicing but I've drawn basically since grade 1

    Who do you look up too for inspiration?
    Can be anyone, but especially artist who take time and hard work on their art.

    Is it a hobby or a career path you're going for?
    Hobby for sure.

    For those who don't do art but want too, what's stopping you?
    My confidence (I tend to stop drawing here and then)
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  11. Hi there!

    I'm a hobby-artist person. I use mainly watercolors, they aren't my friends but I am trying anyway. Besides watercolor, I use markers and my Wacom art tablet. I used to use color pencils but I have RSI and color pencils kill me after a while.

    I think I probably started drawing in fourth grade, my friend drew and I wanted to be like her. So I started drawing too. She also introduced me to the world of roleplaying though it was just playing pretend. Before that I didn't have friends really... I was a very shy child.

    My inspirations? Goodness me, that's a list! My top inspirations currently are watercolorists like Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and tir-ri. I also love James Gurney and J.C. Leyendecker.

    I don't draw as much as I wish I did. The pain in my wrist coupled with the brain weasels and my inability to get things to where I want them makes me give up very quickly, pushing things aside for 'later' and never doing them. I'm trying to get better about that but it's something I have to work on.
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  12. I usually go for pencil, something I'm more comfortable with doing. But I love using other stuff and trying new things.
    (Art teacher wants me to anyways)

    I'm not sure how long I've been drawing. I know when I was in second grade I started making little kiddie books and I mainly just like the drawings, even though I sucked.
    I remember how I used to draw people like it was just yesterday xD

    I use to look up to my dad. He is really good at drawing, and I've always been interested in it. I don't think I look up to him for inspiration anymore though.
    Haven't seen his drawings recently, if he has been drawing at all. He started doing more digital art.
    I think there's a possibility I got better than him anyways. If not, at least just as good.

    It's a hobby. I have thought about being an artist, but too many people telling me "you won't make a lot of money".
    But I'm still thinking about it. As of right now, I might just stick to it being a hobby.
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