So, ah... I'm new. And stuff. Oh dear I'm no good at this stuff...

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  1. So... Yes. I am new. Well, not new to roleplaying, just new here. I've been roleplaying for several years now and I'm positively addicted! So... I'm a bit socially awkward (I'm a social hermit, to be honest) but I'd love to talk to some people. Though, I can't promise I'm a very interesting person to talk to or anything, because I'm really not. My characters are far more interesting then little ol' me. XD

    So... That's all I have to say for now.
  2. It's nice to meet you!
    I hope you have a great time here, and hope I can RP with you sometime!
    You seem like an interesting person to RP with~
  3. Omg, you seem to be so interesting... like really everyone who says they were uninteresting are the people I love to stalk because they always do something fun and creative that I would have never thought of before. Consider yourself officially welcomed and more so, officially stalked. o.o... unless you don't want to be stalked >.>
  4. Hi, sleepy,sleepy, sleepy uninteresting person.
  5. Oh my. I just joined, and now I'm being stalked! That's most definitely new to me... Stuff like that doesn't really happen to me on the other sites I float around.~ But really, thank all of you for the welcome! It makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy inside n' stuff. XD