Smurfs: Cute Little Blue Creatures or Commies?

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  1. Great. So the new Smurf movie will have a bunch of wise-cracking empowered female smurfs who know Kung Fu and don't need male smurfs to help as they balance a career and family and talk candidly about their periods.

    I suppose they'll be a black smurf too, who's not afraid to speak his mind and break it down for the homies.

    What next? The homosexual odyssey of Bananaman?
  2. Old news even before this article was written.
  3. There have been black smurfs already...

    They were pure evil...and when they bit the other smurfs, they got infected by the blackness and turned pure evil too...
  4. I remember hearing something about this a while ago.

    Always had a feeling about papa smurf and his red hat though.
  5. I've loved the smurfs since I was a kid.. I knew there was a reason...
  6. Now they are even racist. How sad.
  7. >implying that communism is a bad thing
  8. Smurfs are real! They steal your socks! But only the left ones. What's with that?

    Oh wait, those were trolls.