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  1. Have you played Smite? Do you know how it's set up with the Elysian Uprising and the Old Order? One wants to protect and care for mortals while the other side wants to make mortals fear them? Both intense emotions affect the strength of the Gods/Goddesses, well @Kaizi and I have started to come up with this interesting idea about how to run the world of these Gods when they all meet. The idea is about the way they do things that will in the end affect the mortal world, they have their own personal interactions and then their battles.

    Personal Interactions are classed as romantic interests(and yes you can cross Pantheons), the God(s) that your God hates, respects and the tasks they do in their daily lives or the Gods they talk to outside of the fights; again you can cross Pantheon but I would like you to know about the God's Mythology when you choose your God, as that will tell you who your character is predisposed to hate or love or what have you. Any God outside your Pantheon is pretty much neutral ground for you to decide if they would get along with or hate that other God.

    Now let me explain what the battles are for in this idea...they're for collecting rare items in the possession of the four Gods that lead these two groups; they all agreed it would be the most fair way to determine how the mortals would be handled from now on. They will be done in 3v3 Style of battles; this will help determine compatibility of the different Gods and help figure out who would work best with who. The leader Gods would not be allowed to participate in the battles, they are GMs that watch over the battles without interfering and choose the participants.

    Disclaimer: We don't own any of these Gods or things, it's just or idea of how it might go inside and outside the battlefield.

    Side Note: If you're interested know that we plan on making this a group thing so we can keep track of all the information and Gods left available once we start getting enough interest we will probably keep track of claimed items and what have you.

    So if you're interested let me know by commenting on this thread! I hope to see you join us soon and thank you for reading this.
  2. Well, I've heard of Smite, but I can't cling onto MOBAs.

    Is that alright?
  3. As long as you know the mythology behind the god you choose I don't see why it wouldn't be fine. ^.^ and since it is based in the game we'll tell you about their abilities in the game so you can get an idea of how they fight in the Smite universe. (It's a great game with a balance between myth and MOBA I love it personally. ^.^)
  4. Tch..with the Banners broken I can't get interest in this. -bumps it again-
  5. Hiya! I just wanted to message you saying not to be discouraged, that i for one would love to join this roleplay!
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  6. This sounds very interesting, love Smite so count me in.
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  7. *flops in and flails* Tyr! Tyr! Tyr!
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  8. Well could I call Ao Kuang?
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  9. @Kaizi come here and look!
  10. Ahhh this is awesome!

    Arius and i get two Moderator Gods because we'll be like GMs so we have two gods not really participating and then two that will be participating in the games.

    for instance, I Have anubis and Hou yi
    while Arius will have Chang'e and Bastet
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  11. I Love Smite!!! Can i join?
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  12. Janus. Triple dibs on the bass cannon Janus.

    Wait... What am i applying for..? OH YEAH! Add me up on Smite if you want as well :P
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  13. Well if we have a janus i guess i will need to watch my step XD
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  14. Together, we will "Get through this!" ;)
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  15. I'll probably end up takin Apollo
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  16. Apollo and janus, buds for life. maybe.
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  17. XD yay! I'm glad this is being received well.
  18. Yes you can join we have lots to do~ yay!
  19. Does anybody want to join me on smite?
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