Smash Bros 4 Fighter Ballot!

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  1. Nintendo has announced that it might add a new character to the roster of Smash Bros 4, considering the picks of those who vote in a ballot. You have to name the character and where it comes from, and it must originate from video games, and have been on a nintendo console at one point or another.

    Valid Choices:
    Crash Bandicoot
    Metal Gear Rex
    King K. Rool
    Zero (from Mega man)

    Invalid Choices: (The second half is just my guess)
    Goku (Not originating from a game)
    Raiden (From Metal Gear solid) (Never appeared in a Nintendo game)
    Ice Climbers (They already said they can't.)
    Ashley (From Wario Ware) (Already an assist trophy)

    I chose:

    Simon Belmont[​IMG]

    Who are you going to choose, Iwaku?
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  2. Shrek I'm going to go for Roy.
    He was my favourite in Melee and I want him back goddamnit
  3. Sent one for Issac a couple hours ago.
    Screw this Assist Trophy crap!
  4. I voted to have Wolf return. He was in Brawl, and if they gave him a unique move set this time around that isn't just a variation of Fox and Falco I think it could do a good job drumming up some hype for the 2015 Wii U Star Fox.
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  5. I'm all for this, 100%.

    I also voted for a F-Zero GX character called "Deathborn" because I feel we need more F-Zero guys to represent D:
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  6. I never played an F-Zero game, but it does have a really large cast of creative characters and it could definitely use some more love. Metroid is another game series that really needs more than just Samus.
  7. I voted for Saber Nero. Because If Crash Bandicoot is a valid choice, why can't she be?


    Probably should have picked Arturia in Hindsight...
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  8. Crash Bandicoot had a Gamecube and Gameboy games... unless your character was in a game on a Nintendo console, it's invalid.
  9. You're right.

    Welp! Time to resubmit someone else!
  10. I'm probably the only one who voted for Crono from Chrono Trigger. But hell, at least I put his name in the basket.

  11. [​IMG]

    Revoted for Final Fantasy XII's Balthier!

    (Yes, there was a Sequel to XII on the DS, and yes, he was in it, and as cool as ever.)
  12. I too, voted for Chrono. I might actually play something after Brawl.
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  13. And yes, this coming from probably the most Heterosexual male you will ever meet, I would date him. He's that cool.
  14. N-no Isaac?
    Jerks XD

    I wouldn't mind Chrono, he's awesome.
  15. Aww yeah, with you and Ser, that makes three for Crono. Here's to hoping.
  16. Golden retriever from Nintendogs you fucking scrubs.
  17. I ain't no scrub, I play Ganondorf! Wait...
  18. No, that'd give me more reason to hate her.
    I don't wanna hate Goldie any more than I have to.

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  20. I said this in my group...

    What would happen if Cooking Mama was the one to win? XD
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