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  1. Slick hair, a trimmed mustache, and a cold sweat running down the side of his face, a man found himself standing in a studio in which he was most familiar with, his news studio. Today it held an air of unfamiliarity, the other humans in the room with him were not joking and lively before airing started, instead all of them were completely silent. And it only helped to increase to the eeriness in the air. The newsman was fiddling with his tie, hands shaking as he did so, and shakily they went to a handkerchief in his pocket, taking it out and rubbing the sweat off of his forehead before shoving it back into his suit's shirt pocket and clasping his hands, right over left, in front of him.

    In the corner of his eye he saw the signal that he was on, and he gulped, holding in a sigh, before he spoke. "Hello to everybody watching, I hope you are having a splendid day today." he began as he usually did, it sounded stale today, his voice completely monotone today. Another cold sweat ran down the side of his face, as he just imagined how much people would be watching this, how many people who's day he'd be ruining with tragic news. "If you are able to, that is.. I extend.. feelings of sympathy to those who may have been affected by the news that I am about to give.. Very recently, the city of Boston was very suddenly faced with the deaths of as estimated, four thousand of it's citizens.."

    The bomb was dropped now, he had begun down on the road, and as he stared at the lens of the camera he felt like he saw the expressions of everybody who just heard what he had said behind it. And a chill went down his spine at the thought, his eyes meeting the ground for a second before he looked back at the camera. "I am saddened to say that, I can not tell you the nature of these deaths, it is yet to be figured out what happened in Boston exactly, the deaths were so close to each other, and we think that it had not even been an hour before the final person of that number was murdered.. Now authorities are hard at work to find out what did happen, but for now.. I would like a moment of silence for those lost at Boston."

    ~Los Angeles, Downtown~

    The sounds of William's footsteps were harmonized with the many people sharing the sidewalk with him. The vampire wasn't attracting great heaps of attention to himself, but he was visible, no attempt to hide himself supernaturally taken at all. But his hideous visage was not shown to the open either, instead he replaced it with a strange one.

    He was wearing a mask he had liberated from a certain costume shop a long time ago, a horse mask, the horse mask went over his smashed looking snout perfectly, the back of it had to be cut for his horns, but those were covered with another piece of a costume, a large cowl was over his head, going down to cover his eyes in shadows. The cowl went with a cloth robe that covered his tail, and had baggy sleeves to cover the bones coming from his arms. And to top it off he had a nice little cane.

    He did retrieve some stares, but they were not stares of horror, and they eventually turned away. His nerves were well in check, after all, this was not the first time he's blended in this way. And now if he bumped into someone he wouldn't have to flee immediately. And so he continued to walk, fitting in with the crowd around him.

    Eventually he stopped himself at a cheap little bar, pushing the door open with the little cane he held, a bell sound coming with his entrance. His eyes darted from side to side, and he got the uniform turn of gaze towards him. The reactions to him split into many divisions, some just dismissed his odd costume, those people were most likely wasted. Some others stared at him with different expressions, some confused, some amused. And some who's expressions were so blank William could not decipher the emotion behind them.

    The Vampire's boots tapped against the ground as he walked away from the doorway, he felt eyes following him, but he held no fear. What he was, he imagined that would be the last thing anyone would think of when they watched him, only the ones who were in his world would think such a thing, and he reasoned they would not confront him about it in such a place so full of mortals. Mortals carried about them such an aura of safety, they could not truly harm him if they did not know of him, and other Supernaturals could not truly harm him if they wanted to keep their skin and keep to the first law.

    A stool creaked under him as he sat at it, and almost immediately a woman walked up to him, behind the counter. She had bright red hair, wore a pair of fake geek glasses with no lenses, and had a bust that was much too large for her slender frame, William imagined that if he were to walk behind her then she would have had a behind that was in a similar state. Her entire appearance screamed "Fake" and she was well on her way to becoming a plastic doll, after all, she poured so much of it onto her body.

    "Is there something you need, Sweetie?" She winked at him, as if there was nothing unusual about his costume, and to her, there wasn't. "You don't sell duck eggs here, do you?" he asked, and the woman smiled, her eyes drifting from side to side before she leaned away from the counter. "Come with me." she said, beginning to walk away from the cover, and yes, William was certain her behind was 99% plastic.

    She led him into a small room at the back of the bar. The door creaking a little as she held it open for William, inside were four humans, three males and one female. They all had glazed looks about them, and were staring at the ceiling with this look, one of them was even drooling. William heard the woman close the door behind him, and he turned.

    He jumped a little as he looked at her, because who she was looking at was not the same woman at all, her skin was pale, without a blemish. Her hair was a strawberry blonde and went down to her shoulders, her bust was practically boyish, and William was willing to bet that her behind was anything but special now. He realized that this girl had likely been turned at a time somewhere around her early fifteenth year.

    And the clothes of her early avatar did not fit her at all, and with she, unsurprisingly, began to take off her clothes casually. Once they were all off and she had kicked off the heels, she looked at William for a second, before waving towards the four mortals. "Welp, might as well get this over with before the customers start missing me, take your pick." she said, her voice dull, and holding an air of business.

    William turned his head towards the four, and chose the one who his eyes fell on first, a big and burly tanned man, the one who was drooling stupidly. He nodded, an indication that his interest was on that person. And the female behind him walked to be side to side with him, and looked at that same person, a smirk on her face. "You, you will follow the man standing next to me." she said simply, and there was no confusion among the enthralled, just the one who was meant for walked up to William, still drooling, and eyes to the ceiling.

    William and the Sakrat exchanged dollars, and the Vampire lead his blood doll to a specified spot in the bar.

    He was walking out, sated, the redhead behind the counter in a process of waving at him when he paused, a radio on the counter beginning to buzz with life.. with most horrifying news.
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  2. Sarita happily roamed the streets of her currently favorite place; Los Angeles. She always had a big smile on her face when she came here, even with all the grumpy citizens, near hits from cars, and overall craziness of a city. You just had to lurk the right places, right? Yeah! She was currently in the midst of a shopping center, debating on what store to go to. She had her rather recently-aquired modern wear on, which was a T-shirt with puppies with matching pants. They were really pajamas, but it wasn't like anyone stopped to tell her.
    "Huuurrmm... Oh?" Her attention was drawn to a store with a strange title; 'Antiques, Weird Stuff, And More'
    "Interesting..." She walked into the funny looking store, looking around at all the strange items.
    "Well hellooooo little lady!" She was spooked by someone who was sitting at the counter, looking like someone fresh off the '80s.
    "O-oh... Hello there sir." She bowed in respect, "You look like one from a different time period!"
    "Sure am dudette... Just embracing my spiritual roots." The man went into a bit of a meditation stance.
    "Uhm, may I..?"
    "Go ahead rockin' blondie."
    She giggled softly with the way he spoke. Sarita proceeded to roam the strange store, until she came across a peculiar looking box with a little lever.
    "Hmm? What is this contraption?" She mumbled as she gently pulled the lever with a finger. She gasped in surprise when a little cat paw came up and pulled it back.
    "Oh my lord! Kitty! Poor kitty, are you stuck?"
    "Relax dudette, just a toy."
    "Oh thank the stars..." She sighed in relief, "I will get this this!" She proceeded to hold onto it, walking around to see if she'd like something else. Another curious toy; a monkey with creepy red eyes and symbols. Sarita hummed gently, winding it up. She let out a scream of fear when it sprug to life, screeching and smashing it's symbols.
    "Good heavens what hole did this demon crawl out of?!" She cried.
    "Hey, relax blondie. Again, just another toy. Kids are pretty scared of it too."
    She nodded, shakily going to the counter.
    "J-just the curious kitty who pulls the lever back, then. Thank you for letting me view your wares." She placed the plastic box on the counter.
    "Alright that'll be 15."
    "Ah! Oh. I apologize I am foreign. I do not understand many of your slang." A lie, really. She placed the appropriate funds on the table.
    "It's cool blondie. Have a nice day."
    "Farewell then! I do wish to come back and see if you have any more things another day!"
    "Alright then, we update weekly! Cya!"

    What a nice man. She continued to play with the toy, having a bright smile on her face, giggling gently every time she saw the kitten paw come up and pull the lever back.

    That was, before she caught the smell of blood.
    Fresh blood.
    One of her kind had just fed.
    She was passing by a local bar, watching as a man was lingering around, probably on the way of leaving. He reeked the richest of the blood.
    She decided to sit on the pavement across the street, to watch him.​
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  3. "ah christ, there goes my flawless face"

    The voice came from a female figure, walking down the street of downtown Los Angeles. Leather jacket, jeans, boots, seemed to look a little to out of place for the big city. The brunette had a hand on her eyebrow, which was in fact bleeding. This was a few minutes after an encounter with a supernatural creature, vampire. She was hunting this man, but he caught wind of her and decided to attack her before she could attack him. She obviously won the match, but not without paying the price of getting to close with one of these beings. The damn Sakrat put up a good fight, but she was a better fighter than the party boy.

    She found herself walking into a bar, the place seemed to be cheap, especially for Los Angeles, but she wouldn't mind having a drink, maybe a rag too. Isabel was surprised to see that everyone was staring at her as soon as she walked in, but she didn't think any of the matter, she did have a busted up eyebrow. Making her way to the bar, she pulled up a stool and sat down. She was met by a red head who asked if she needed anything "yeah, something for this, and a glass of Tennessee honey please" It wasn't log before she got a black face cloth and a small glass of yellow liquid. The brunette took a sip, the liquor numbed her throat, and warmed her stomach. She looked around her, getting a good look of everyone. There was this one cloaked guy, standing in the doorway. Something just wasn't right with him, why would he be hiding his appearance, maybe he had some kind of scars, or maybe he was something supernatural. Surely vamps didn't need to cover up, unless this was something she never came across. Well why not bring light to the subject. If it were a supernatural they sure as hell wouldn't allow everyone to know there presence, especially at a bar. "Hey mister, mind telling me why your all covered up? Is it a religious thing? Or are you just super ugly?" She knew what she was doing, she just wanted to see how he'd react.

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  4. A world slipping haphazardly onto its side, and there was a pounding migraine that threatened to rupture his skull. That was all he was getting. The drugs were talking two times, now seeming to take three times their average dosage to take any kind of effect, and the high didn't last long. With a pained grunt, Tobias exhaled a plum of smoke through his nostrils, laying his boiling warm forehead against the cool, brown bricks. A shaky hand that held the blunt tried to brush away beads of sweat that was accumulating from the pores of his face, but new beads of the waste product quickly replaced them. His fat, dry tongue took up most of the room in his mouth, and when he ran it against his canines, he barely even felt the light tuck, and the prick of punctured tissue. He could barely taste the salty blood since so little of it poured, but a shaky sigh came over him as he swallowed the drop.
    He was so parched, but when he took a swig of water earlier, he quickly spat it out. Toby was so thirsty, but the taste of the liquid absolutely disgusted him. It would never quench his thirst, not anymore, and fact just pissed him off so much. Not even the damn drugs had an effect anymore. He couldn't even go out during the day anymore, all that clubbing and sleeping during the days must've left his skin too sensitive to sunlight, because it just burned trying to go out there during the day. That's another f-ing fantastic fact. 24-hour convenience stores couldn't carry all of his needs like they used to. Not anymore. Not anymore since that one night. That night where someone made him bleed; that night where he passed out and woke up in a room of bodies that didn't move. Toby shoved his forehead into the bricks further, messing his hair as he rubbed against the hard wall. It was no use though, since the brick already seemed to have swallowed up his heat and radiated it back at him. He cursed and pushed off of it, running a hand through his hair as his blood shot eyes roamed the dismal room around him. It was some abandoned place, with broken furniture that was further falling apart, and windows that were boarded up. It was all he could find as a place to hole up in before that god forsaken sun rose up and further made him feel like peeling off his own skin.
    With a hard rub at his eyes, enough to make black dots appear in his vision, he paced the room. He felt like a crack whore that had been off the drug for a week already, with withdrawals getting worse. It had never been this bad, and from the sodden look in his wallet earlier, he didn't have much left with which to support himself.
    Another nick to the tongue from his frustration, and another drop of blood down his throat. His shoulders dropped slightly as he suckled on his wound, his eyes becoming half-lidded. Another nick, another fraction of a shoulder drop, and he felt more relaxed than before. Usually the blood tasted too much like metal and he'd spit it out, but it just felt so irresistible to him now. He needed more. His eyes shot open, and he glanced around frantically for the door. He couldn't keep cutting himself open for this, but maybe. With a huff he gave up looking for the door and just stomped towards a boarded window, ripped off the nailed boards with his bare hands, smashed the glass with his elbow, and jumped the ledge and landed in the patchy cement outside, the cool darkness of the alley filling him. While it was dark out, his eyes slowly adjusted with each blink. He felt comfortable, like a sense of familiarity, of home, of being in his own natural habitat when he was in that darkness. A slow grin formed upon his lips, twitching at the edges, and he quickly hurried out to the sidewalks and joined the crowds.

    Hood pulled up, hands shoved into pockets, and black eyes that frantically scanned the crowds. Blood, that's what he was looking for. As he glanced over every face he encountered, however, his foggy mind finally conjured up on logical thought. How? Blood didn't just magically appear. This wasn't the type of town that just had little baggies of it sold on the street corner. His tongue ran over the sharp and jagged mountains that lined his mouth, not able to connect anything together. He just knew that he needed it. Hunching his shoulders even more, Tobias Lussex shoved through the crowd. He was ignorant as ever, but he was driven to get what he needed.
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  5. William's posture was the perfect definition of stiffness as he stood in the doorway, his usual attempts at movement for the sake of keeping an idea of Humanity thrown out the window and let to die on the place of it's impact. The highlight of the news was one of peculiarity to him, not so much of tragedy. Those who had inhabited Boston and had died there being a very distant worry of the Vampire. And the stillness kept itself there for reasons of the Vampire being curious as to what exactly had happened. He was not given that however, and instead a girl walked up to him, and completely bypassed the Reporters request for a silent, with some piteous attempt at putting William in some sort of spotlight.

    "Hey mister, mind telling me why your all covered up? Is it a religious thing? Or are you just super ugly?"

    A smile rose behind the Vampire's horse mask, concealed, secret, and twisted as he turned towards this girl. And his voice came out as monotone, but clear, without the slightest of a hiss. The monotony being placed there supernaturally as a way to keep the laughter out of his words, as he said, "I do unfortunately hold an inhibition against my physical appearance, so much of one that I have become embarrassed to show my face to the public, It does not hold any weight towards Religion in the slightest." There was a slight pause afterwards, as the Vampire adjusted his horse mask to give him a better view of the Human, and without care showing his brightly yellow eyes. He floundered this feature without much care with a reasoning that if this girl did not believe in the supernatural then she would not jump to such a conclusion so quickly. And if she did then..

    "It truly is terrible.." he began, leaning in on her. "You could glimpse upon my wretched visage if that is a wish of yours, after all, there is an alleyway with our names on it just around the corner." The words were blended so that his tone was not so dead and held more of a honey about it. It was a test, if the human suspected him at all, then she would know not to go into the alleyway with him, in such a place she would be trapped, and if the Human knew nothing, and just went with him for curiosity.. Then she would not be able to tell any tale of him.

    And so William waited for the woman's response, still leaned in to her ear, while behind his mask he held a smile of confidence.
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  6. "You could glimpse upon my wretched visage if that is a wish of yours, after all, there is an alleyway with our names on it just around the corner."

    His eyes... He was not human that was for sure, his bright, almost luminescent eyes gave that away. And his vocabulary made it very obvious wasn't from this part of the world, or maybe even part of this time period. The way he spoke, anger, yet calm, sinister even, she came to the conclusion that he wasn't always like this. Which means something happened that changed him, it was funny how much you can tell of a person just by the way they talk.

    This is where the fear of the unknown came into play, human nature really. Isabel felt intimidated by this figure, he was much taller than she was, and held an aura of dread. Not to mention his...unpleasant smell... She wanted to play the dumb card, hopefully getting to see what he truly is before having to either kill him, or hopefully with enough persuasion have him answer some questions. But she wasn't sure what he was capable of, and that really bothered the brunette. I'm either dying tonight... or seeing something truly spectacular.

    Isabel reached over for her drink before shooting it down and placing the glass on the counter, she looked back up at the figure with a smirk.
    "Alright, might as well, this bar is boring anyways" she said looking around saying the last part out loud gather the attention of the people inside, stumbling even putting a hand on the counter to keep her balance, making it obvious the alcohol was making her vulnerable. "So you walking me out or did your mom not teach you any manners?" she slurred the words out of her mouth.

  7. William remained stiff as a log as the female placed an empty alcohol cup onto the counter, and stumbled forwards towards him, hand on the counter. Saying loudly, "Alright, might as well, this bar is boring anyways" the volume of this sentence being, as far as William could tell, an attempt to gain some attention. Some heated looks fell upon her, likely from people who had been veterans of this bar. And were not treating it as their home. William did not have any doubt that if the female had said that while being alone she would have definitely lost her teeth. But as many of these people's eyes moved to where she was going, something in their expressions changed once they saw William, it was as varied as before. Mostly gazes of confusion, and no fear. But his being there stopped any from getting up.

    "So you walking me out or did your mom not teach you any manners?" The Woman slurred out, and William redirected his gaze, head tilting down to look at her. He shook his head a little at such a comment, as the thinnest wave of nostalgia flowed through him at the idea of his Mother. But none of those feelings were in anyway positive, it only brought thoughts of his family back, and the memory of their entrails sliding down his throat. He turned his back on the female, walking out of the bar. "Chivalry is not in my vocabulary, simply walk to the alleyway because you are a grown woman or follow me in some attempt to preserve Chivalry despite it's incompatibility with this equality bound society we live in, it doesn't matter." His speech came out quickly, the monotone back in his voice, as he stepped out of the bar. His eyes set forward down the street.

    And his gaze dug itself into a blonde sitting on the pavement. His eyes widening slightly, fifteen years old in appearance, but as his eyes danced around her he wondered if that was in appearance only. The thoughts whirled in his head, was that a Vampire? Had she heard every bit of conversation that he had had with the female behind him? Was she there to stop him from pulling the woman with him into the Abyss that was their world? No.. No.. the Female behind him already knew, William knew she did. And if she didn't.. he wouldn't even allow her time to scream.. he was safe.

    But he did keep his gaze on her for quite a bit, before he turned away from the steps. And speed walked himself into the alleyway around the corner, moving deep into it before stopping, turning to gaze at the female. His eyes shining from his skull clearly.
  8. Sarita paid very close attention to the bar's doors, having heard in on a little of their conversation. She watched as the emerged from the bar, raising her eyebrow at the man's strange mask. He probably had fifteen screws loose, but she knew that girl would be his next meal if she didn't do anything.
    Nature at work...
    A voice she hated, one of such a cold tone it would make a child cry.
    Beatrice's comment rung in her brain as her light expression sloped into a rather annoyed and dark one as her eyes followed the strange vampire. It would seem like she was glaring at him, but she was really displaying a vivid annoyance to her parent's favorite "child". The only reason she even lived in that mansion that sat along the shoreline outside of the fair city was because of her. Even so, she hated her with every fiber of her being.

    She flipped out her parasol, quietly getting up, opening it, and walking sneakily after the two. She was not going to watch a young girl knowingly be changed; even if she was born into this life, it was a terrible one to be forced into rather than born. Not everyone was lucky enough to have a pants-off rich family in Europe to at least bring some pleasure to their lives.​
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  9. Isabel followed the man from behind, stumbling every few steps, giggling even for no apparent reason either. She followed him right into the alleyway, giving her setting a quick look at before making her way into the shady area with the man. She watched as he turned to look at her with his bright yellow eyes, and without missing a heart beat Isabel pushed William back and pulled out a hand gun out from the inside of her jacket, and aimed it straight for his chest. He was out of arms length from the brunette in case he tried anything, giving her enough time to pull the trigger if needed.

    Her face grew serious when she began to speak "So exactly what are you?" It was as if the alcohol wasn't even consumed, and the tone she gave him was fierce. "you aren't a vampire, at least the types I know of, so what are you exactly? And why is it you have to mask your appearance in public? Is your body that grotesque that it needs to be concealed?" the interrogation began. "come on give me answers before I end up pulling the trigger, I have no moral standings here so don't temped me." she threatened. Both hands on her handgun, finger on the trigger, and her eyes never left his gaze. Her face was almost expressionless, and her body posture showed how calm she truly was, despite her hostile attitude towards the creature.

  10. The Vampire hardly made a noise as he was pushed back, and the handgun was pointed at him. His eyes did not widen, they did not change in expression, they did not do anything. But the Bonekinal did smile behind his mask. He had underestimated the woman so easily, thought her to be drunk, thought her to be absolutely vulnerable. He did not regard it as a failure in his part, but instead a strength on the woman's part. So convincingly she had played a role, and he had been the one to be fooled. But after the amazement with her, came a sort of anger, a grinding of his teeth, he wanted to punish this woman for even thinking that she held any sort of upper hand. He wanted to cave her skull against the brick wall that was to the side of for pointing that weapon at him, he wanted to do her so much pain. And he would.

    "So exactly what are you?" she began, and her failure was cemented in the sentence, only further enforced by the next ones. "you aren't a vampire, at least the types I know of, so what are you exactly? And why is it you have to mask your appearance in public? Is your body that grotesque that it needs to be concealed? Come on give me answers before I end up pulling the trigger, I have no moral standings here so don't temped me."

    ".. Very well.. I will give you some answers, but I am almost certain you will not like it.." William looked to the ground as if he was ashamed with what he was going to tell her. "You see.. My kind is known for.. Teleportation." Twas a lie, but the words were an instrumental part of William's escape, and his revenge, because as soon as the last word was said, the Vampire's obfuscation kicked in, and he vanished out of sight, quickly moving to the side out of the way of the gun. And with enhanced speed, moving behind the woman.

    He lifted a hand to his mask, and began to walk up towards her, slipping the mask off of himself, and dropping it onto the floor when he was right behind her. Immediately after the Bonekinal's hands shot out to the Woman's arms, grabbing a hold of them, as his invisibility went off, he twisted the arm holding the gun as he moved forward, after taking a sharp turn to his right. The twisting being something that he did in an attempt to disarm the female, and the movement would drive the woman into one of the alley's walls, where he held her, his face moving closer.

    "Do you still want to glimpse upon me, mortal? I can promise you, the appearance, combined with the state you're in, might just be too much for you.. If it will, do not look.. because now, I have many questions for you."
  11. Her reaction speed would have never met his, but she made note of that, similar to that of a vampire. Once she heard the mask hit the ground she whipped around to try and make a counter attack, but the only thing she got to do was lay eyes on him before he grabbed her arms. She made note of the mask hitting the ground before his appearance came to be, that teleportation thing was a lie, it was camouflage. Her arm twisted in a way it should, causing Isabel to yelp, and suddenly her she was kissing the brick wall.

    "Do you still want to glimpse upon me, mortal? I can promise you, the appearance, combined with the state you're in, might just be too much for you.. If it will, do not look.. because now, I have many questions for you."

    She turned her head as much as she could, only to get a glimpse of his monstrous face. Details details details, she was doing her best to keep calm, despite the situation she was in. "w-well I might as well" she struggled to say "Seeing as how I'm not in any position to ask questions now....A-ask away" she said trying to wiggle herself out of his grip.

  12. A cackling now emitted itself from the Vampire, with no traces of his prior attempts to make his voice more appealing, it was high in tone, and each sound came out as a hiss. His mouth was close to the female's neck region, bringing the sounds to her ear. "Good.. Good, let me not keep you in.. Such a flattering position for too long then." William purred, somehow managing such sweetness in his normal voice. No matter what a lack of reassurance such a tone would hold.

    "My first question, you obviously know something about the world which you should, rather then pull yourself into, should escape, how do you know about it? That is the question you will answer first."

    The creature did not let her answer it right away however, as he still held more questions for her, so with an enforcing squeeze to the female's arms he continued. "My second question is one born from the fact that you did not believe me a Vampire, how much do you know about the supernatural world? Tell me everything.. And if these questions satisfy me then.."

    The Vampire leaned in to the female's neck again, and he breathed a single cold breath on to it. ".. Then I will allow you to answer a final one, you will give me a reason to not kill you right here in this alleyway. And it, for your sake, better be satisfactory. Unless your earlier ones are not.. Then it will not matter."
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  13. The near-ancient vampire continued to slowly and quietly stalk after the two, seeing that the girl had foolishly gone into an alleyway with the man.
    Is this girl incompetent? Any human would know not to follow a stranger into a quiet and secluded place, creature of mystery or not!
    Her cheeks puffed as she mentally noted.
    It would be against her better nature to not help her. She set her parasol and strange cat-traption in a good hiding spot.
    "I will be back, precious plastic kitten." She whispered to the box before she did something she had picked up in her long lifespan; Invisibility. Her father had taught her how- rather, taught Beatrice how...
    She slinked closer and closer to the man, seeing that he was close to biting her.
    Eeuugh... Such an ugly man as well...
    She noted when she got a proper look at his structure. Oh well, she should take action.
    "Kyaaaahh!" She cried, suddenly barreling into him and bringing him, and inadvertantly, the girl to the ground.
    "Shame on you sir, frightening and wishing to attack a young girl!" She said with her cheeks rather adorably puffed, "Thou shall fall to the pit of flames and pain!" She then nailed him in the ugly, flat nostrils.​
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  14. Isabel couldn't even answer the questions, she grunted rather loudly as she fell to the ground, it was bad enough that the vampire had her arm in a position that induced pain. The little girl basically came out of no where, but most certainly helped her get out of that particular sticky situation. But without hesitating she grabbed her pistol off the ground and rose to her feet. The girl was obviously on her side, even if the possibility of being supernatural was there, the brunette didn't care she was saved by her. Isabel looked at the blonde and nodded her head "thanks" She then pointed her gun at william before saying the next set of words intense hate.

    "First off, you won't be killing me. You can't, I am the one who decides who gets killed. I am the angel of death, I don't care how wise you think you are, or how superior you think you are, because what it comes down to is, whose on the other end of my gun..." that was the last word before she pulled the trigger.

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  15. "Nooooo!" She cried out, grabbing the gun by the mouth point, attempting to pull it away from the girl.
    "Y-you can't! You can't kill him! You shant!" She said with her eyes bright with tears in the apparent darkness of the alleyway.
    "Just because someone hath done you wrong, doth not mean you can commit such sin back." She said with a shaky breath. She clearly was being stressed out by this.
    "S-so... Please... Cease."
    Her words slid out quietly and painfully.​
  16. William's expression did finally betray an emotion of surprise, a stark contrast to when the human female had pointed a gun at him, earlier in time. The expression was brought about by the loud "Kyaaaahh!" that came from nearby, William's head darted to that side, and he let go of the female. His mind a whirl as he tried to get away, but it was too late, much too late as the blonde girl who he had taken interest in earlier barreled into him, and his earlier suspicions of her were proven.

    And he was taken to the ground, eyes still on her, with the same amount of emotion as before, but switched from surprise to a burning anger, and a deep frustration, mixed with the slightest bit of disbelief. "Shame on you sir, frightening and wishing to attack a young girl!" the attacker said, her cheeks puffed out, in a way that William might have found cute if he was still in his mortal days. He did not regard people as attractive anymore. "Thou shall fall to the pit of flames and pain!"

    William was about to say something around the effect of how the reality was that they would BOTH fall to pits of flames and pain if they allowed a Human such as the one he had nearly killed live. Thus was the first law, and disobeying of it would only bring about what she had just said to him. But he could not say that, as she 'nailed' him in the spot his nose had been so long before. The Bonekinal recoiled as this happened, pressing a palm against the area and whirling backwards, onto his feet.

    It sounded somewhat distant, compared to his focus on the brief pain, but he heard the mortal give her savior thanks. And the Vampire moved his hands away from his face, to see the view of the specific human's gun pointing at him. "First off, you won't be killing me. You can't, I am the one who decides who gets killed. I am the angel of death, I don't care how wise you think you are, or how superior you think you are, because what it comes down to is, whose on the other end of my gun..."

    So many species, so many mother fucking speeches. He knew exactly what the gun holder would try to do before she even finished the speech, and his Obfuscation did kick in, and he vanished into thin air, moving out of the way of the gun once again, right before she was to shoot.. But it did not happen. "Nooooo!" The vampire version of an everyday Super hero yelled out, grabbing the gun by it's mouth point. "Y-you can't! You can't kill him! You shant!" This super hero protested, tears beginning to glitter under her eyes. "Just because someone hath done you wrong, doth not mean you can commit such sin back. S-so... Please... Cease."

    William was utterly baffled, and he stood there, still invisible, just watching the two. His head was moving from side to side in disbelief for quite a bit, before his Obfuscation goes off, and he comes into full view, glancing down the alleyway to make sure no on lookers had come by to see what the commotion was all about, there was none. A grumble escaped William afterwards, as his tail made a smacking sound against the ground, his head slowly scrolling back to the two.

    "Yes, please do cease, and by extension, refrain from being a complete dumbass, what with a sound that would draw everybody within a mile radius to us." The Vampire began, jabbing at his.. would-be killer. His earlier higher level of speech thrown completely out the window. "Before a bigger and badder Vampire comes noticing what is occurring here and upholds the law themselves, by killing you." William said, his head turning it's self to the blonde once more. "And by extension, murdering us as well for not upholding the so well.. enforced law, now that would be a shame. All three of our lives being cut off so quickly because of your shit misplaced attempt at heroism, seeing as the bitch pointed a gun at me first, my original intent being simple questions"

    He waved his hand vaguely in her direction, not looking at her as his eyes still dug themselves into the Arisonin.

  17. She began to pant hard as the conversation began to dwindle and trickle down. Everything was falling apart in her mind, and she didn't realise the weight of the situation until he spat it in his face.
    "N-N-No... D-dear lord... I wasn't I... I..."
    Her face appeared paler than it was as her grip loosened on the ranged weapon, her once lively eyes now turning a duller color.
    Her knees buckled, and she fell.
    She lied for only a mere three seconds, before she suddenly came back up, having a different look to her eyes; a cold one, one that would make an infant cry.
    "I am here to uphold the First Law..."
    Her voice's tone dramatically changed from light and innocent to dark and even sadistic. She gripped the gun hard, easily wrinkling the mouth between her fingers, turning to and widening her eyes at the girl's.
    "You will accept your fate, unless you wish for permanent death."
    She went for her, eyes red, fangs out, and wrapping her head and shoulders in her grasp, biting into her neck cleanly, and began her feeding the girl dry.​
  18. "I am here to uphold the First Law..."

    "You will accept your fate, unless you wish for permanent death."

    things were drastically turning against her, if it wasn't for the young girl jumping into the action, Isabel would've gotten out unharmed. She didn't have enough time to react to the girl piercing her neck, and ended up dropping to her knees. It was the first time she was bit, but never had it been on the neck. But the feeling was the same, sharp stinging pain at first, then a feeling of fatigue. Come on, do something! She thought to herself, But she felt so tired....

    Soon a blade shot out from her right wrist, and she shot her hand up, puncturing the girls side, a very deadly blow, she took that chance to slam the girl onto her back, and ripped the blade from the side of her stomach out. The blade then retreated into her sleeve, and Isabel pulled out a flashlight from the inside of her coat, last ditch effort for survival. As soon as she turned on the device on, a bright UV light lit up the alleyway. She then took her pistol and aimed it at the store behind her, and shot the glass out causing the alarm to go off, with that chance she ran, in a clumsily fashion of course. She had lost blood, and her hand was no bloody as she held it on her neck. she looked back to see people start to leave the bar to see what had raised the alarm, Isabel was far away enough to not be seen, with that she ended up going into a car, rental she had bought and began looking for her bandages and began to cover her wound. It all happened so fast... suddenly things went black, she had passed out and fell right onto the middle console.

    @QwibQwib @Komasan
  19. Beatrice's figure trembled in pain when the blade met flesh. She was about to let out a scream of agony, her fangs sliding from the girl's flesh, but was knocked over and pressed against the ground.
    "You... Bothersome... Fool..."
    Her weak words could barely touch that of the human girl's ears as her consciousness faded. Her mouth was clean of any blood; if one were to know of Beatrice, all her actions were clean and flawless. Maybe not morally clean, but it was clean to her.
    She hit the ground with a loud thud, though the wound the girl produced was already sealing itself up. It would be finished peeling together within three or so minutes, as most of her minor injuries lasted. If her healing factor wasn't so quick, she would be losing a lot of her own blood.
    She lied still, the only thing showing signs of life was the gentle rise and fall of her chest.​
  20. William had kept a rather blank expression throughout Sarita's entire.. ehm.. Problem. His eyes just followed her as she fell, with his eyes narrowed. Apparently the fact that she had just broken the law was a bit too much for one such as her, oh well. But then she had only stayed on the ground for a maximum of three seconds, before she got back up. And her expression had changed quite significantly, and William was certain that if he was an infant he would have cried at such an expression. If.. maybe out of laughter, seeing as it looked utterly out of place on the, former heroine's face.

    And then the next words sounded like a poorly acted attempt at sounding sinister. "I am here to uphold the First Law..." she said, turning towards the Human female. "You will accept your fate, unless you wish for permanent death." Things had changed drastically, and William did wonder if the woman was just trying to get free of the law she had broken.

    It did not matter as the person who had earlier defended the Human now attacked, lunging for the girl's neck, and biting into it. And the Human's reaction was just as expected, a sudden burst of fatigue, followed by the girl nearly falling onto her knees completely. And William found himself shaking his head, oh how he imagined that the blonde thought that was it that this.. would be hunter would just keel over and die.

    She did not, and William was rather unsurprised as a blade exited from the female's wrist and entered the Vampire's side. Afterwards it all just went uphill, William could not likely chase the human, seeing as she had already sounded the bar's alarm, and other humans were flooding out quickly into the main street. So he just watched as she ran off, before panic drove itself into the Bonekinal's mind. Hastily he searched for his missing mask, finding it on the ground close by, exactly where he had dropped it.

    The mask was soon on him, and in his walk back, in a plan to completely bypass law enforcement by going through the back of the alleyway, invisible. He passed by the fallen Vampire, and his gaze landed on her, lingering for a good moment. If he left her there she would likely be picked up by an ambulance and taken to a hospital, and there, Humanity would find evidence towards something they did not know well about, and the woman would be punished before they could find out anymore.

    So instead of strolling out, invisible, and by himself. He hoisted the girl up over his left shoulder, and his plan for silently walking through the public, and mostly, well smelling streets of L.A to his home was destroyed, as invisibility was now made impossible. So instead, he found himself a sewer entrance, and dropped down into it.

    The place that William called home was not so far from where he frequently fed from, he liked to keep a centralized location about it, change was not a pleasing thing. And so, it did not take much time, especially with the fact that William was running through the sewer, for him to get to his home. A pocket in the sewer walls that he had made, with just a single mattress, plenty of room, and a whole bunch of rats.

    The Mattress was, for the night, the property of the wounded blonde.
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