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  1. About me:

    Sup? I'm Charlie!

    Been roleplaying for about 4 years.

    I'm pretty literate do at least put effort into proper spelling etc. some possible family stuff coming up and might disappear, but o try to be dedicated with at least one post a day

    I'm pretty chill if your bored or something or just don't like roleplaying with me just tell me I won't be mad.

    I love cheese! :cheese::cheeseslice::cheerful:


    Two rich boys(brothers, step brothers, half brothers.) are forced to volunteer at a homeless shelter. They hate it. They're stuck up and rude at first and then they meet two girls at the shelter. Two homeless girls. The girls slowly start to change the boys and soon the boys are romantically interested in the girl. The parents disapprove suddenly because they want their sons marrying someone with money and 'class'

    New Plot:

    She gets abused by her father and he doesn't know even though they've been friends for three months. The saddest part is that they're in Middle School. Her father is an alcoholic and every day, she had new bruises she hides from the world. He doesn't know about this until school starts to come to an end and the weather gets very warm. She wears long sleeve shirts and jeans, even if she seems hot. He starts to suspect something so he follows her home after school. He sees her father drink, then disappear into a room. When he comes out, he has her in his grasp. Sadly, her best friend had to witness her as she gets abused. The next day, he says something to her and they start fighting. In the end, she runs off. Will things continue like this? Will he be able to help her? All that be revealed in the future.

    (Credit to @XxDreamingxX for the main plot. Thanks for letting me use it.
    The edits however to the plot that we can discuss are mine. :-D SO yeah not a total slacker over here! :-P)

    This RP has different edits to make the story different. Just PM me/comment down below and we can discuss how to make it better for you!
    I have a CS for the female character already. The RP can be adjust so we both play and female character if you want.


    Be dedicated at least one post a week realiably.

    Be willing to make the plot go.

    Have your character make sense. Like the homeless person does t have nice name brand clothes or something like that.

    Be kinda literate. I'm not amazing at spelling, grammar, and the like. But proper capitalization and stuff is requested. (Not perfect just legible)

    I only do MxF romance, but if we wanna do a different plot I'm fine with other character types(no romance though for that)

    Anyway message me if your interested! Or comment below.
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  2. I am interested
  3. Ok pm me and we'll work the details out!
  4. I'm interested! :)
  5. I'm definitely interested if you're still accepting! :) shoot me a PM if you're still looking! :)

    @Charlie Vasilyev
  6. New Plot open! Check it out y'all!
  7. I'm interested!
  8. Ok ok me and we can work out the details!
  9. Still open for any interested!

    I'll might add more plots later.
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