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  1. He just arrived home from his school, next thing tomorrow was going to mortician training.
    Charles needed to sleep, eat, and wash.

    He plopped down on his couch, not minding his creaky apartment and the noisy neighbors upstairs.
    The apartment reminded him too much of the room of his old foster home. The plain white walls, the bed next to the guarded window, a small kitchen, and the noise upstairs.

    His jean pocket vibrated, someone was calling him on his old phone. He picked it up and snapped it open.

    "Hello?" He said rubbing his tired eyes.
  2. Era tied up the loose pieces of hair that kept trying to blind her, "Ugh" she cried out. She was working late tonight, she had to prepare at least 3 bodies before she could even think about going home.

    Era grabbed a fresh pair of gloves and pulled them on, they went all the way up to her elbows. She sighed softly before picking up the scalpel in her latex covered fingers. She was going to have to make a small incision on the back of the corpses neck.

    It was an older male, he had grayish white hair that laid as lifeless as his rotting body. Era wondered what type of life this man had lived before his tragic ending.
  3. Charles walked out the door, with his lab coat in one hand and phone in the other. It was nice to go somewhere that isn't his apartment,community college, or Maxwell's house.
    He walked out rubbing his eyes, and out to the road curb. Charles waved his hand in front of the road to call a taxi.

    He soon got out of the cab, entering the morgue. Charles took a deep breath before entering the lab, nervous but excited.

  4. Era was well into her work when Charles walked in. She jumped, startled when she heard a voice...she looked up nervously and swallowed. "Oh um hey Charles" Era pulled off her gloves carefully and placed them on the slab where the body still laid.

    She picked up his chart and scanned his information before walking over to Charles and offering her hand for him to shake.
  5. "Hey...Morning." He said shaking her hands. "Need any help?" He said looking at his schedule.
    "I don't have that much to do today..."
    Charles slide his lab coat on, rubbing his eyes before putting on his rubber gloves.
  6. Era was grateful for the extra hand and nodded walking over to the "Body Wall" as she liked to call it. She pulled out a body numbered 345, she looked to Charles. "This body needs an autopsy, there are some dull bruises on the subjects neck which leads me to believe she was strangled." Era's voice dropped when she said strangled. It was a hard job looking at dead bodies all day but Era was good at it and thought it was needed.

    She grabbed a nearby gurney and looked for Charles for help.
  7. "Alright, strangled?" He said yawning. He followed her, with a clipboard in her hands.
    He set down the clipboard and soon got the body on the gurney. Charles glanced at it.
    "Let's get to work then, a cleaning could be good. Nothing we can do about the bruises."
    He examined the neck, tilting the chin upwards. " Any scratches? Cuts?"
  8. Era examined the body, slightly lifting the hand as she peered at the bodies wrist. "None I've seen so far." Era dropped the arm and picked up a small Ivory colored bottle. "Maybe there is something we can do about those bruises" She said setting the bottle of cover up in front of Charles. "I picked up a fresh case yesterday" She said proud of herself for remembering to do so.
  9. "Good." He said simply. " I guess we should spray it down first." He said.
    " Was she in a gang fight or something?" He asked getting a high pressured hose.
  10. Era shook her head, "Abusive spouse I believe" she said frankly following Charles to help him. It wasn't her place to ask about the lifeless bodies lives before their death but she did wonder about it a lot. These hallow shells were once people with families and careers but now they laid there like an abandoned ship on the shore.
  11. "Oh." He said not blinking. He wasn't that sensitive really, he grew up learning not to be like that. "I hope we see the spouse at the morgue soon." He snarls.
  12. Era let a small smile creep onto her face, "Yes perhaps" she said looking over Charles' shoulder at the clipboard. She moved around to the oposite side of the gurney, "Did they leave an outfit of choice for the burial?" Era asked waiting his reply.
  13. "Just a prom dress. Strange choice." He said spraying her down. Charles lifted the head up to check the scalp. "Found something," He said raising a brow, pulling glass shard out of a strand. "We're there any drinking evolved?"
  14. Era raised an eyebrow when Charles mentioned the prom dress but just shrugged it off, it was her funeral. She was reaching for a small bottle of shampoo when Charles pulled the glass from the girl's scalp. "There's nothing about it in the report" she said grabbing the clipboard and flipping through pages of blurred letters. "Oh wait, section 4 in the second paragraph it mentioned there had been a fight in a bar previously. She wasn't involved though, maybe just a stray piece managed it's way into her hair" Era put down the clipboard and grabbed the shampoo once again.
  15. "Alright." He said. Charles paused for a few, yawning and rubbing his eyes with his elbows. "Did you have a good night sleep?"
  16. Era checkled under her beath, "What's sleep?" She asked sarcastically, the long night finally catching up to her. "I've been here all night" she said tiredly, she opened the shampoo and set it on a table behind her. "Let's wash her up" she said gesturing to the power hose.
  17. "Kay," He said turning it on, aiming at the scalp, then heading downwards.
  18. Era watched as Charles effortlessly washed the body from head to toe, he was good at his job. She grabbed the bottle of shampoo ready to wash the girls scarlet locks.
  19. "So, how's life going for you?" He said ignoring that he was washing a body.
  20. Era looked up surpised at the personal question, "Um it's fine, mainly just here not much else happening" she said.
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