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    Welcome to SkyScraper City...

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  2. The sun was slowly rising up above the horizon, illuminating the SkyScraper City skyline in its warm golden glow. In a city like SkyScraper City, though, day and night mean little to the residents, since the nightlife in the city is always bursting with life.

    Also bursting with life, though in a different manner, was Laila Hamilton. The young heiress and owner of Princess Towers disliked being up with the sun, but here she was, at dawn, wide awake and sitting at the front desk in her building's lobby. Already, she had woken up, showered and dressed, done her hair and makeup, and headed up to Lattetude to get herself a hot drink. Today, she was wearing a beige pencil skirt, bone pumps, and an orange blouse with a chunky necklace.

    "Madam," said one of her employees as he approached the counter, one whose name she couldn't remember for the life of her, "today's memos. You'll want to note the plumbing issue on the third floor, which requires your attention promptly. Also, proposals for you to review from two businesses looking to set up shop in the new expansion that you'll be building above Lattetude."

    "The fun never ends," Laila muttered sarcastically, shaking her head as she took the stack of paperwork from the man. "What are the businesses?"

    "A sporting goods shop and a florist," the man responded.

    "Sporting goods? Yuck," Laila responded, frowning when she heard the man's words. "A florist I could certainly consider, though. Thank you for this, I suppose - now, be on your way." She gave the man a dismissive wave and, with a brief nod, he turned and headed away. Laila sighed, grabbing for the telephone on her desk to call a plumber. It was going to be a long day, but then again, most days were. Reading these proposals were going to take up most of her afternoon, so she'd definitely need her lunch brought to her when it was time. Such a shame, too, since she'd been planning on enjoying a nice lunch at Paragon. Oh well. C'est la vie.
  3. Yasuke was sitting in his chair inside his apartment. He was sitting in a spinning chair listening to music and reading his manga, of course, just like his daily routine. Slack off first then work anytime. He sighed then felt bored so he closed the book. "Boring." He began to sing along to the music he's listening. "You're such a liar, see me, see me yeah.." He sang then looked up at the ceiling.

    "I can't work anytime soon. I'm tired and bored as heck." He then stood up with the iPod in his pockets then looked over at a piece of paper. 'Ryoko Otonashi, a patient in Hope's Peak academy. She suffers amnesia.' The piece of paper said but who cares? No one does, obviously. Yasuke thought then he put the paper on the side of his desk. He continued jazzing off to the music he's listening.
  4. Laila's brown eyes darted upwards as she heard the sliding front doors of Princess Towers opening. Walking through the door was none other than Calvin Townsend, the owner of an up-and-coming medical facility here in SkyScraper City - and, Laila thought, an incredibly attractive individual. He was holding the tiny hand of his niece, Clarice, who wore a little pink backpack and had her hair in tight braids. Laila smiled as she saw them.

    "Good morning, Mr. Townsend," she cooed as he walked by the front counter. He turned towards her, shooting her one of his dazzling smiles.

    "Good morning, Ms. Hamilton," Calvin replied. "Clarice, do you want to say good morning to Ms. Hamilton?"

    "Good morning Ms. Hamilton!" exclaimed the little girl at his side. Laila couldn't help but to smile as she heard the enthusiasm in the girl's voice.

    "Good morning to you, Clarice," she replied, peering down over the counter at the small child. "On your way to daycare, I presume?"

    "Yes!" Clarice replied, just as excitedly as she'd spoken the first time. "I'm gonna play house with the dress-up dresses and the plastic food and I'll be the mommy and Sammy and Jimmy will be the baby and the daddy!"

    "Right," Laila responded with a slow nod, pretending to understand what Clarice was talking about. "Well, I hope you have fun at daycare!"

    Calvin gave Laila another smile before heading to the elevator. Laila watched the two of them head inside, smirking to herself as the elevator doors closed. Calvin was quite the man - using his money for good, trying to improve upon the city's medical care, and taking care of his orphaned niece on top of it all. Laila couldn't relate one bit, but she did have respect for all that Calvin was doing. She turned her attention back towards her paperwork. She was definitely interested in having a florist in the tower, though the sporting goods store looked like it would be profitable. It wouldn't fit with the aesthetic of her building, no matter how much money it would make.

    After a few minutes, Calvin emerged from the elevator alone. He looked much more attractive without the little girl attached at his hip. He started to walk towards the door, smiling towards Laila yet again as he went.

    "Want a sporting goods store?" Laila asked, holding the proposal out towards him. Calvin slowed to a stop, raising an eyebrow, though his grin never faded.

    "A sporting goods store?" he asked, reaching out to take the proposal. "What kind of sports store would want to set up here? Extreme manicuring?"

    "Very funny," Laila snapped sarcastically, snatching the paperwork back. "I'm just saying, it looks like it could definitely turn a profit. It might be beneficial for your tower."

    "Sporting goods isn't medical or academic at all," Calvin replied, leaning his forearms on the counter to look across at her. "Call me if you get any doctors or dentists wanting to set up shop in here though, hey? I'm hiring, but it's hard to find doctors that wanna work in a brand new building. I mean, the equipment is all new and state-of-the-art, but the problem is that McKenzie's not really established, you know? They have no way of knowing if the place they're working for is legit."

    "Right, right," Laila said with a nod, only half-listening. "I'm sure you've got a lot to do today, but if you're not busy tonight, you should come by and join me for dinner."

    Calvin nodded slightly. "I might take you up on that," he said. "But you're right, I've got a lot to do today, and I'm sure you do too. See you around."

    Calvin left the building and began towards his own. It was only a short walk away. His building, only three floors high so far, looked so small after visiting Laila's. He headed inside, walking to his own front desk and sitting down. He had lots to do, between searching for doctors to hire, working up the funds to expand, and dealing with the floors he already had up and running. It was going to be a busy day.
  5. Yasuke then wrote something in a diary he brought over. 'Dear diary, I'm bored so why not write something? This is Yasuke Matsuda, reporting that I didn't make anything yet. Though I want to. But I can't get over listening to Bodan Shonendan. Forgive me, Jin Kirigiri, if you ever find this. Or not, whatever.' He wrote.

    'It's not like I care.' He mumbled then closed the book.
    He hid it in his cabinet then read a book:

    Junko Enoshima despaired.

    Everything turned out just the way she expected…
    Everything turned out just the way she hoped… and so she despaired.

    …Huh? Is it really that easy?

    Magma-like heat boiled up deep inside her stomach, gradually swelled inside her body, and exploded when it reached her chest. The explosion escaped her heart and reached every muscle in her body, bringing her to a complete standstill. The sound of splashing water came from the muddy pool she stood in as droplets of water danced through the air.

    On closer examination, one could notice the water was red.

    As soon as her body stopped moving, the red droplets of water came raining down, making grotesque patterns on her clothes and skin.

    Her clothes, painted deep red with blood.
    Her skin, painted deep red with blood.
    Her face, painted deep red with blood.

    Nevertheless, none of this caught her attention. Instead, she started tapping her foot impatiently. It was a magnificent tap. She put every bit of strength, body, and soul she had into it. Her entire existence. And then, after tapping for a while, Junko Enoshima let out an annoyed yell, as fierce as the roar of a feverish rampaging beast.


    Her scream echoed through her surroundings, the noise pouring down as if it was a rock shattering into pieces. But she wasn’t done. She continued to scream. “MORE! MORE! I NEED EVEN BETTER DESPAIR-INDUCING DESPAIR!”. She continued tapping her foot intently.

    Despair-inducing despair. That was what she was after. She wanted not only for the world to despair, but also for despair worthy of her own self.


    She stopped mid-thought. Something clicked inside her head, and she stopped moving. Her face froze in a surprised expression, and she stood petrified as if every muscle in her crimson-painted body stopped working.

    Then, she let out a weak whisper.

    “…Oh, I see.”

    A series of gears and switches began moving deep inside her skull, sparking pitch black thoughts. A certain object floated up inside her mind. A face. It was a face she knew, of course. The face of a fellow student at Hope’s Peak Academy.


    Her body shivered as she started laughing. The shiver gradually spread to her entire body, and then, she started tapping her foot again.

    “Upu… Upupupupupupupupupupupu.”

    This time her tapping resembled a dance. She tapped her foot like a girl who couldn’t help feeling joyous. A girl who couldn’t help having fun.

    “Oh, it’s so wonderful! So wonderful!”

    And, as the face of the person destined to bring her so much wonderful despair kept floating inside her mind –

    Her heart overflowing with a strange feeling that almost felt like love –

    Junko Enoshima danced to the rhythm of despair.

    “Oh, it’s going to be so magnificent, this despair!”

    Laughing ecstatically, Super High-school Level Despair Junko Enoshima continued dancing. She danced as if she was losing her mind.

    That was the beginning. The beginning of a story that ends in despair.

    Mornings were Leone’s least favorite time of day. Not because he disliked waking up, no, he could handle that process quite well. It was just the fact that his employer enjoyed singing slightly out of date pop songs as soon as her caffeine high hit, and while he could handle mornings, he could not handle her at that given time. “Tilly, if you don’t shut up, so help me I’ll switch your coffee to decaf!”


    “It’s like talking to a brick wall.” He mumbled into his cup of coffee, carefully watching the short haired woman as she darted around the kitchen of their apartment in the process of making some overly extravagant breakfast food. People having appetites in the morning was another thing that Leone simply didn’t understand and had no reason to investigate.


    “Tilly. Stop. Please.” He gritted out, growing more annoyed than anything over her antics.


    Leone chugged his coffee, checked to make sure he was dressed for the day, grabbed his keys from the little tray on the counter by the door, and slipped out of the apartment. He’d deal with her once she settled down. He strode into the lobby at his usual pace, not having anywhere to be until five that night once the bar opened up at the tavern. “Good morning Ms. Hamilton.” He greeted his landlady with one of his typical smiles. “Anything new and interesting going on?” He asked curiously. Any fresh information was always welcomed, and he liked to keep tabs on everyone just in case.
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  7. Laila glanced up from her paperwork when the elevator opened. Out came one of her residents. She never could quite remember his name, only that it started with an 'L' just as hers did. He meandered into the lobby and moved towards the counter, politely greeting her and asking whether anything new or interesting was going on. She held back a sigh, turning her dark gaze back down to her paperwork.

    "I suppose that depends whether you're interested in sports or flowers," she responded, snickering to herself slightly. "I've got two stores vying for space on the twelfth floor. Sporting goods just wouldn't fit with the building though, would it...? But flowers..." She paused, glancing up again. Sure enough, there was a vase of fresh flowers sitting on the countertop. She still wasn't sure which of her employees was responsible for making sure there were always fresh flowers in the lobby, but she did appreciate it.

    She shifted her gaze again towards the man in front of her. She saw him every day, though she couldn't remember his name. She knew that he lived upstairs with a roommate, and that they both worked...was it in Gable Tower? She thought it was. "You heading to work?" she asked softly. Quietly, she was hoping that her memory served her correctly and that he worked at the bar in Gable Tower as she thought he did. Maybe Jackson Corvin would appreciate knowing about this sporting goods store that was trying to get set up in SkyScraper City, especially after Calvin had so clearly expressed his lack of interest.

    She'd never spoken much with Jackson Corvin, though they generally ran the same circuit and had countless mutual friends and acquaintances - though, from what she'd heard about him, she doubted that 'friends' was really the right word to use.
  8. He continued reading until he's satisfied with the ending:

    Hope’s Peak Private Academy. An exclusive, government-sanctioned school accepting only students with exceptional abilities. Its stated goal is to raise the future “hope” of the nation, and for that reason, it became known as “The Academy of Hope”. It’s a source of envy, as it’s common knowledge that one can gain great success in life just by being a Hope’s Peak graduate. Certainly, many Hope’s Peak graduates are now employed in high positions in every field of the professional world, so that statement is not an exaggeration.

    There are two requirements to becoming a Hope’s Peak student:
    One must be currently enrolled in a high school.
    One must super-excel at their field of expertise.

    Hope’s Peak doesn’t hold any standard entrance exams, as the academy insists that the things tested by these kind of exams are meaningless for its purposes. Instead, students are scouted for by the academy’s staff, who serve as both educators and researchers of extraordinary human ability. Some say Hope’s Peak Academy’s faculty members are much like parents, who made it their life’s mission to find talent and nurture it in their children.

    Right now, every member of that extraordinary faculty, as well as the academy itself, is facing an unprecedented, unparalleled crisis.

    Hope’s Peak Academy’s faculty building is located in the academy’s eastern quarter, and is the only building on campus students are forbidden to enter. The corridors of that building, usually busy with staff members going back and forth, were now empty and engulfed in an unnatural silence. The laboratories, the private rooms, and the luxurious personal offices had all been abandoned. Every man and woman who usually occupies these locations were currently gathered in a single place.

    Meeting room 13.

    Hope’s Peak Academy’s largest meeting room is located on the top floor of the faculty building, and has a maximum capacity of over 300. Nevertheless, with every single faculty member attending, it was fully packed. Not a single empty seat remained next to the long tables lined across the room.

    But, for such a huge crowd, the room was relatively quiet. Only a single person’s voice could be heard. The voice of Hope’s Peak Academy’s headmaster, Jin Kirigiri.

    He faced the assembled faculty members from his position at the foremost table, and read from a printout he held in his hand. He spoke in an unaffected tone of voice, a blank expression on his face. The words printed on the paper came out of his mouth as if he was nothing more than an automaton reading them out. As far as Kirigiri was concerned, that was his most important duty. It didn’t matter how out of the ordinary the subject on hand was. No, he didn’t have any time to waste faced with the current state of confusion and unanswered questions. If they had time, there are much more important things they should have been doing –

    A voice suddenly rose from the crowd. “Are you saying we’re going to cover it up?”

    Kirigiri raised his head, and saw three hundred people staring at him intently, waiting for a response.

    It wasn’t a piercing stare. It was much more uncomfortable than that. Three hundred people stared at him as if they were one entity, and Kirigiri felt every hair on his body tingling. He turned his head toward the four people sitting to his right, trying to escape the stare. They were stationed at the same frontmost table he was, their faces unusually wrinkled. Their eyes were closed, making those wrinkly faces even wrinklier. From Kirigiri’s position, it almost looked like the four faces in front of him was one huge, giant wrinkle.

    The four members of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Steering Committee looked as if they were about to give up.

    An unintentional bitter smile appeared on Kirigiri’s face. So that’s how it’s going to be. Oh, well. It’s not as if I expected anything else. With those feelings festering inside his heart, Kirigiri turned back towards the crowd’s stare. He put the paper aside. He was going to use his own words from now on.

    “Let me make it perfectly clear”, he emphasized. “We reached this decision after putting a lot of thought into the matter at the Hope’s Peak Academy steering meeting that took place earlier today.”

    He felt the temperature in the room turning tepid. It was probably because every faculty member’s body have grown stiff in attention. Kirigiri sipped from the cup in his hand, and continued.

    “We understand, of course, how extremely irregular this decision is.”

    The wrinkly faces that were as much a part of the “we” he talked about as he was did not move an inch. It was as if they knew from the very beginning he was going to take the situation into his own hands.

    “Make no mistake. We are not covering this incident up to escape responsibility. If I could end it all here and now by simply taking responsibility, I would do so in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this particular incident cannot be dealt with that easily. It doesn’t even matter if each and every one of us ‘takes responsibility’. We’re dealing with a problem that exists in an entirely different dimension.”

    Kirigiri stopped for a moment, and finished his glass of water in a single gulp, trying to remain calm.

    “…Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we are completely blameless here. If we were, that ‘Parade’ out there would not be taking place right now.”

    Kirigiri pointed a finger at the curtained window. Several people turned to look at it, a severe expression on their faces.

    “That 'Parade’ has been growing larger and larger lately. The people in it think we’re all despicable. Their opinion is not completely unfounded.”

    Kirigiri paused and moved his gaze across the room, looking at each of the faculty member’s faces as if what he was about to say was personally directed at them, individually.

    “Nevertheless, I refuse to believe Hope’s Peak Academy’s thesis, that talent itself is humanity’s first and foremost hope, is wrong. You must realize that if information about this incident leaves the walls of this school, we are likely to lose it all. As far as I’m concerned, that would be a gigantic loss for the human race. Every one of our successful graduates I’ve spoken to feels the same way.”

    At the mention of Hope’s Peak graduates, the crowd stirred a little.

    “That’s the reason I and the members of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Steering Committee reached our decision… We concluded that this incident shouldn’t be made public after all.”

    He took a peek at the old men, but they remained still. Their blank expressions made it look as if what was going on did not concern them.

    “…As I said before, I know more than anyone how irregular this decision is. Nevertheless, we have a duty, both as educators and as scientists. The duty to protect talent. Should human talent become the target of public hostility, it would be a great tragedy. Furthermore, there is one more thing I want you all to remember.”

    The three hundred faculty members waited in attention for Kirigiri’s next words.

    “The crimes committed may be terrible, but it doesn’t change the fact that that student carries a very special brand of hope we raised all on our own.”

    The color of the faculty’s eyes changed in an instant. They did not stir anymore. Everyone sat in complete silence. No one objected. No one could object. His words were narrow-minded, but they reflected the opinions of everyone in the room. They were all acting both as educators and as scientists, researching human talent. And, just like any other scientist becoming obsessed with their area of research, the staff of Hope’s Peak Academy were obsessed with talent. Anyone who did not share that obsession did not belong in Hope’s Peak.

    That’s why they listened to Kirigiri’s words, and made their decision.

    They had to protect their thesis. They had to protect the future they believed in. They had to protect the hope they believed in.

    And so, they would do their best to cover up The Worst Incident in Hope’s Peak Academy’s History.