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  1. So just noticed the new text and stuff, and the new little tags for roleplays and such, and I'm personally not a fan, so I thought id just change skins, you know? what else are they for?

    But it seems that the skins only effect the colours or something, or they all have the same text.

    Mostly I just want to know if there would be a create your own skin function? and if not would it be possible?
  2. Ray

    He quickly fired three arrows at a dummy across the room. They landed in the exact same spot in rapid succession in the right eye of the dummy. He grabbed his cowl and put it on, his eyes glowing momentarily as he turned the cameras back on in the training room and remotely unlocked the door. He gathered his gear quickly and started towards the door. Before he reached the door, he slammed his fist into the wall before he exited. He didn't have super strength, but it was a sizable dent.


    He nodded in agreement. He was sure Jason promised her he'd leave all of that behind, but he also knew that he had a tendency to accomplish things if someone he cares about needs him to, no matter what he has to do to do it, and there are only two people he cared about, Gwen and John.
  3. Astaroth smiled and pulled her in close.
  4. *Points at ASMODEUS.*

    There is not a way to design your own style and not currently possible... >>
  5. Sorry, can't please everyone with design styles. Give a few days instead of a few hours.
  6. I'm new, so I don't know if I just came in at a bad time or what.
    But the forum topic tags, and the forum tags, seem stupidly huge.
    I'm talking about this in example:
    But when I was looking through the guide for new members, it appears the old tags were much smaller. Like this:

    If it's possible, could you go back to the old images? Or something of similar size?
    Because the topic tags are just way too big. Also, they mess up the text alignment in thread subscriptions and recent posts for users. The text isn't as readable:
    [​IMG] <- screenshot
  7. Wait ok, so, Asmo did that?

    Nigga needs bigger glasses.
  8. Changed the size of the prefix images, and the thread viewing -should- be fixed now so things don't overlap the thread titles. >>
  9. Belle

    She grimaced and replied “Unless you count monopoly and cards against humanities attractive then no. Sometimes we go overtime and need snacks.”

    “Oh, oh I love it when you ruin our friendship for the sake of winning.” Gwen joked, chuckling all the way through. “Crash my networth.”


    She sighed and went to go sit back down, making sure her wallet was safely in her purse. “Guess I should thank him for that.” She muttered to herself, confused on his kind deed
  10. I'm liking this new format, and the font for the thred tags, though it is nice they don't overlap anymore...

    Just wanted to throw out too a thought on providing a make your own skin function: while us devoted artfarts would love it, and would do iwaku proud, you would also be getting a landslide of crappy noob skins, and probably a lot of unfinished ones from people lacking attention spans/self discipline to sit down and finish the stupid thing. And nothing looks worse than an incomplete skin.

    Iwakus skins might seem kinda basic, but they are rather elegant in their simplicity. Personally I don't like skins with a lot of fancy pictures, the subtle abstract patterns please me much more and keep the site from feeling mismatched.

    My complaint is people who use dark text that I can't read on this dark background. >:[ but that is pretty rare...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.