Skin White as Snow, Lips Pale as Ice

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  1. An unlikely love blossoms between a young dancer and a centuries-old Yuki Onna.

    Yuria Fuki (open)


    Character Name: Yuria Fuki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 years old
    General Appearance: Waist-length livid hair, lime-green eyes, curvy build
    Height: 155 cm / 5'1"
    General Personality: Kind, a bit naive
    Background: A dancer and member of a travelling circus group. Yuria loves her job and the camaraderie she has with her fellow performers. Her group had been travelling all over the nations and traversed all kinds of terrain, from desert, forest, grasslands, etc. Currently, the circus is going through a mountain pass when a blizzard struck, separating her from the others... this was where her fate took an abrupt turn, for better or worse.

    The region of Fubuki, known for their harsh long winters and powerful blizzards. The Cirque de Elegance, the circus group which Yuria belonged, was just leaving from Kori town after performing there. They were now traversing through the only main road out of the town which involved passing through one of the most treacherous mountain pass in the region. The town mayor assured the Cirque's ringmaster that the possibility of a blizzard was low since winter wouldn't arrive until a few days. Of course, the ever-fickle hands of fate decided to descend upon Yuria's group that day. A blizzard, sudden and swift, formed on the mountain pass, throwing the caravans disarray, Yuria was one of the poor souls separated from her group during the blizzard.

    "Ha... ha... h-help, kuh..." Walking through the raging snowstorm, Yuria pulled her coat tighter to her body, using the other hand to keep her hood covering her head. Her footsteps were heavy, her misty breaths ragging, it was getting hard to feel anything as she felt her face, hands, and feet numbing due to the sheer cold. The dancer's green eyes winced in fear and desperation, she must get shelter immediately or else she'd perish here. She still had a long life ahead of her, a life of adventure and wonder, she couldn't die here, not now.

    A few more minutes passed, Yuria was this close to passing out when she saw an orange light at the corner of her eyes. Orange... as in the color of fire, "!?" She gasped, someone lived around here. The choice was clear, go there or freeze to death. Heaving the last of her energy fueled by self-preservation instinct, Yuria trudged her way to the light. Hopefully it was indeed signs of life and not her hallucination. "Ha... ha... come on, come on!" Screaming just to force her body moving, Yuria's blurring vision was gazed with the sight of a wooden hut. Praise the Gods!

    "E-excuse me!" She barged inside, extremely relieved the door was unlocked. The dancer immediately closed the door behind her as she slid down onto the floor, sitting on the ground, hugging her shivering body. She crawled to the hearth in the middle, which was currently cooking a warm broth. "...I... I'll apologize later..." She gulped, taking off her coat, then taking a nearby bowl, she scooped up the broth into her bowl by using the hanged cooking spoon. The young woman blew on the broth to cool it down then took a few sips, sighing in comfort from the warmth coursing through her. She must thank whoever lived here. "Hello, anyone here? I uh... I was caught in the blizzard and in dire need of help, your house was the closest shelter I could find, I'm sorry I intruded without permission, is there anything I can do to make up?"
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  2. Haruko Kano (open)
    Character Name: Haruko Kano
    Gender: Female
    Age: 128
    General Appearance: Shoulder length raven hair, bright red eyes, thin frame
    Height: 167 cm / 5"6'
    General Personality: Sweet and seductive, a bit sadistic
    Background: A yuki onna that's resided in the Fubuki mountains for decades, Haruko is a dangerous temptress who uses her powers over snow to pull hapless travelers in with frigid snowstorms that lead them straight to her home. She welcomes then in and seduces them, draining them of their life force and warmth bit by bit as a source of nourishment. Perhaps uniquely in Haruko's case is her preference towards women, preferring them over the more traditional male targets.

    A pale figure sat in her meditation room, eyes closed as her magic felt beyond the simple room she rested in and out towards the mountain range she called home. She was waiting patiently as one had to when so far away from civilization. One couldn't expect prey to wander in too often. If they did then someone might notice people going missing. Of course waiting had it's benefits. It made the meal all the sweeter when it finally arrived. Mmmm...

    She was quite pleased as she felt a large band of people moving through the range late into the day. Travelers. Performers perhaps? The magic in the winter air brushed by all of them and she was quick to find her most preferred girl. A beautiful young thing with a curvaceous body and soft heart. It was just a matter of separating her from the rest and separate she did. The winds tugged her away and the snow blinded her from their view, the hands in the breeze pulling her towards her destination.

    She did not arise when her guest arrived, staying in the darkened room as she heard a voice call out, wondering who could be living out here. It was a simple matter to let her step willing into the trap. She'd set out a treat for the girl, a kettle of broth to warm her body... along with other things. She finally stood as she felt the time was ready.

    She stepped out from the dark room and into the main way, a gentle smile on her face as her robes flowed behind her with inhuman grace. "Hello, dear," she said as she drifted closer, her voice barely a whisper as she moved in closer to stand over her shaken looking guest. "Welcome to my home. Please, relax and worry not." She rested on her knees right next to the girl, still smiling as she waved to the pot. "Eat to your heart's content, it is no bother at all."
  3. Yuria hated to forcefully impose herself on someone else's home, but the wooden walls and ceiling were the only thing protecting her from certain death. She made a promise to repay the person however she could before searching for her circus group. There was no reply at first, only Yuria's own voice echoing in the hut with the incessant noises of the snowstorm raging outside. The person was either sleeping or not home, most likely the former for obvious reasons. If so, she better not disturb them further. For the moment, the dancer never felt so grateful for a bowl of warm broth. Relaxed and tired, the girl certainly didn't expect for the arrival of a mysterious black-haired beauty from the other room. "Ah?!" Yuria almost screamed in shock, but managed to calm herself down, not wanting to actually look like a thief now.

    "G-good evening..." The dancer stuttered a bit as she examined the woman's taller form. Unlike Yuria fit curvy petite body, this woman was almost the opposite, tall and lanky, also noticeably thinner, she gave off an aura of elegance and maturity compared to Yuria's cheerfulness and youth. The livid-haired girl held the bowl close to her as she looked down, mustering her courage while composing the proper words in her mind, the woman's welcoming disposition certainly helped. "S-so... uhm... you heard me, right? Ahaha, I'm sorry... I had no choice, I really am." She bowed a bit, "It's okay, I uh... I will just eat this one bowl, nothing more, to warm up my body." Yuria decided to finish the broth in one go, once down, she'd wipe her lips then gave a smile at the woman, "Thank you, Madame." The girl put the bowl down as she hang her coat near the warm fire.

    "I am Yuria," She introduced herself, "As I said before, a blizzard struck my travelling group and I ended up separated. Aaaah... so embarrassing, b-but anyways... long story short, here I am, I wish I could do something..." Yuria sighed, rubbing her own arms with both hands, "I-if it's not too much... can I stay here for the night? The storm may be over by tomorrow morning, I will leave as soon as possible, after I repay your kindness however I can, but I'm not sure how... I can dance, but I'm not good with labor, I can certainly try though." Oh yeah, she didn't even know her host's name, "Forgive me, but I don't know your name yet, Madame...?"
  4. Haruko did her best to hide he soft laughter behind her sleeves as she watched the girl react to her presence. She was a cute stuttering thing, more worried about how she must look to a stranger than worried about her appearance at all. If she didn't know any better she might think the girl was taken with her. Perhaps that was just wishful thinking. "I did hear you, yes, I'm sorry for taking so long. I'm afraid I was doing something very important to help against the storm and it felt awfully rude to shout back from so far away."

    The dark haired woman had no problem getting comfortable around her guest, moving in quite close until their shoulders were almost brushing. She liked the looks of this one. She was so full of vibrant youth and energy though she lacked confidence it seemed. "Really, it was no problem. I have plenty to eat here and a bowl for a stranger in need is certainly alright. You owe me nothing." She reached out, stroking the girl's arms casually as if trying to warm the spot for her.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Yuria. My name is Haruko. Please, no need to be so formal," she assured her, tilting her head and smiling a little wider before she reached down and picked up the bowl the girl had eaten from. "I'd be honored to let such a fine young woman stay in my home for the night. I certainly can't let you go back out into that cold again. Though I really must insist." She lifted the bowl out to her and laughed softly. "Eat some more. You look frigid."
  5. The woman was friendly... very friendly to be exact. If Yuria was in her shoes, she'd refrain from going so close with someone they met minutes before as to have her skin physically touching against the other. As a guest however, the dancer had no say, the woman was free to act however she wished, this was her home after all. "I..." Yuria's head drooped slightly, the woman was too kind indeed, it made her feel bad, like she was taking advantage of her kindness. "Eh..?" The girl flinched as the woman caressed her skin, that was quite unexpected, but she didn't mean harm, this person was just... eccentric to say the least. "A-ah... s-sorry..." Yuri cleared her throat as she awkwardly fidgeted. There was a strange feeling rising in her gut, like her instincts were telling her to get out of here now. Yuria pushed it away, she was just tired really.

    Haruko, what a beautiful name, quite fitting for her appearance and demeanor. If formalities were something Haruko didn't require, then by all means, it'd make it easier for Yuria to acquaint herself with the host. "Okay, ahaha, sorry, it's just... well, it's common courtesy to treat a host with politeness." The dancer scratched the back of her head then slightly tilted her head at the offered bowl, "Oh no... I'm fine, really..." Her voice trailed off at the end, the girl was too ashamed to admit, but another bowl of warm broth would be divine. "..." Pursing her lips, Yuria slowly took the bowl as her cheeks flushed, "I..." with a sheepish giggle, she accepted the bowl, "I will, thank you."

    Scooping up another serving, Yuria put her knees up to her chest, her pair of sizeable breasts pressing against them, but she didn't seem to mind this, Haruko was with a fellow woman anyway. She sipped the broth, sighing in pleasure. The second serving was finished in just a few minutes, much faster than before. She gave a toothy smile at Haruko, the woman did allow her to eat more, right? There was no harm in it... Giving in to her hunger, Yuria served herself a third round of warm broth, consuming it like it was the most delicious food in the whole universe.
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  6. Haruko sat by the girl's side quietly as she finally accepted the bowl and indulged in some more of the warm, hot broth, her smile slowly growing the more she watched. She could barely contain her excitement. It took quite a bit of effort to not start laughing as she went so quickly for a third bowl, watching her drink it down without a second thought. Oh if only she knew just what she was drinking down so eagerly.

    With so much free time the yuki onna had taken to learning a bit of alchemy. Without even realizing it the girl was drinking down a tasteless elixer that'd fill her with such great warmth from head to toe. The more she drank the warmer she got and by the third bowl she'd notice that the warmth was growing greatest in a rather naughty place. Poor thing. She'd just downed three bowls of mixed aphrodisiac.

    The elegant young woman reached out and experimentally brushed her fingers along the girl's cheek as they'd surely began to grow red. "I hope you're nice and comfortable," she assured her softly, leaning in closer so that her lips were nearly brushing the girl's ear. "To see you pleased is all I could ever hope for."
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  7. Still young with a streak of naivety and innocence, Yuria decided to trust what was apparent to her - a kind and welcoming host - instead of her instincts that this elegant raven-haired lady was more than meets the eye. The dancer finished her third bowl with a long sigh, putting down the bowl as she put one hand near her lips to stifle a burp. Etiquettes and grooming were something she was familiar with, being a dancer who performed in public as her main occupation. Yuria put the bowl down as she stretched her fit arms and legs, the muscles visibly relaxing after the wonderful meal. "Ha~ That's very good... unh... yeah..." She felt... light-headed for some reason, her exhaustion must be getting to her now that she's full, the cost of her forcing her body to survive the snowstorm began rearing its head. It's true, but not entirely, little did she know the woman put something else inside the broth.

    "Ah~ I'm... hot, ugh..." Yuria was obviously bothered, like a cat in heat, her hips and torso curled as she hugged herself, the elixir's effect overwhelming her senses, eroding away rational thoughts. "Nnnh~?!" A rather loud sensual moan escaped her lips from a simple caress on her cheek. Yuria quickly covered her lips, her eyes shot wide in panic, "A-ah! F-forgive me, I... I don't know what came over me!" Ah the innocence of youth, she was worried about offending Haruko than figuring out why she acted like so. Her life with the Cirque had been good and with her friends, that included Arnold the Giant, no creeps or pervert dared to make naughty remarks at her, let alone touch her in such a way. Busy with practice and touring schedule, she had no time to explore her sexuality, leaving the girl rather clueless about the world of carnal pleasures and all things related to it, including aphrodisiacs.

    Her cheeks and ears were now in full blush as Haruko whispered seductively, "E-eh... w-what do you mean?" Yuria was trying to keep her voice together, but she was losing it. Her vision was getting blurry as everything seemed to ebb around as if she's underwater. "Ngh... Kyah?!" She lost her balance, falling flat on her back. "Hah... fuh~ Ha, I... w-what is happening... nnnnh?" Moans invaded each and every word she spoke, her hands unconsciously went to her breasts and the place between her legs as she cluelessly grabbed them, like a maiden not knowing what to do with this strange feeling called 'lust'. "Ha, ah... h-help me... s-s-something's... wrong... ha..."
  8. Her smile grew as she saw the elixer starting to take effect after she put the bowl down, the heat flooding throug the girl's body in ways she seemed unfamiliar with. She had to restrain a shudder. She seemed to have a maiden on her hands. She simply nodded her head as the girl apologized for her sudden strangeness, trying to assure her that everything was fine as she said, "Do not worry about it. I'm certain nothing is wrong. Just relax."

    She gave her some room to let her fall to the ground, slowly writhing in lust as she begged for help. She'd taken more than enough to arouse her, putting her in a heat of sorts that'd only get worse if something wasn't done about it. Ever the gracious host Haruko slipped to her side, reaching out and feeling her forehead as if looking for a temperature as the girl began to touch herself so naughtily.

    "Oh dear. This simply won't do," she said, smiling despite her worried words as she leaned over to bring their faces together as her hand rested on the girl's shoulder. "Just relax, dear. I'll take care of this until your better." With that she swooped in and stole a kiss, closing her eyes and easing her up with a gentle brush of their lips. Her skin was cold to the touch, soothing the raging heat in her skin when she felt it. Her hand began to move until it was touching that plentiful breast of hers, gently rubbing it with the palm of her hand as she worked on the other one, slowly trying to ease out her lustful need as those curious fingers searched of her nipple.
  9. "R-relax...? I-I'm trying, but... aaah~!" Another long wail of blissful agony echoed in the hut as Yuria caressed her own breast, just one light squeeze and she turned into a writhing mess. Haruko's words fell on deaf ears as with each passing moment, the dancer's capacity to think clearly was chiseled away, her common senses was in horribly short supply. By now, she wanted nothing more than to ease whatever was happening to her, in other words, a climax, several climaxes actually. Her moans were suddenly muffled as Haruko took her lips, the simple kiss - no tongue, no sucking - alone caused jolts of pleasure coursing through her. It was like her whole body had been turned into one big erogenous zone.

    "N-no... unfh, w-what... what are you... d-doing?! Hfmmh..." So shocked she was, there was still some resistance from her instinct screaming at her, her own body sensed imminent danger and as a natural reaction, it wanted to survive by getting away from the source of this danger. Yuria managed to slightly raise her head to see what was going on, only to fall back down with a shuddering moan as Haruko grabbed her breasts then began caressing them. Her back arched in pleasure, only serving to perk up her breasts for Haruko's easier access. The red-eyed woman's kiss and caresses were unnaturally cold, she felt like a wraith in corporeal form, sending alarms to Yuria's head, a human couldn't possibly be this cold.

    "N-no, no!! G-get away, get away from me!!!" Yuria found newfound strength as she used it all on one defiant shove to push Haruko away from her. This done, Yuria looked upon the Yuki-Onna with a face that showed forced lust, disgust, and fear mixed into one chaotic swirl. The dancer wasted no time to try standing up, but failing after a brush of her underclothes against her sensitive womanhood cause her to moan out in pleasure, falling back down on her rump with both hands holding that precious place, "Ah... hah, ha... n-no! W-what did you do to me?!" She still try to get away somehow, this time by crawling - painfully slow - towards the door, her hand reaching upwards to push open the door. She was fully acting on instincts at the moment, not considering in the least how there was still a blizzard outside. She had no choice really, go out there and die or stay with Haruko and be robbed of her purity, a predicament the Yuki-Onna deliberately put the dancer in.
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  10. To steal a kiss from those maiden lips and touch that sensitive, needing body.... oooh, this was what she lived for. It's what made her wake up in the morning. She wanted nothing more than to ease this girl into the wondrous things she could do to her body, unleash her inner desire and free her from her from self restraint until she wanted nothing more than to give into her most base desires. To do such a thing to such a pure creature would be a delight.

    Sadly it seemed that she was figured out quicker than she would have liked. She was pushed away by a panicking dancer as she tried to gain control of herself. She looked emotionally hurt as she was shoved away, sliding back a bit and pouting at her as she tried to look at her with disgust. "My my, such a rude child," she commented as she watched her try to make her grand escape. She could barely crawl on the ground, each movement shooting her full of before unfelt pleasure as she went for the door.

    Haruko sighed, acting casual as could be as she tsked softly, slowly shaking her head as he put a hand on her cheek. "Children these days are so rude. They try to act so chaste and pure when it's so unnatural." Without even making a gesture ice formed before her, sprouting out of the ground like a flower before shooting off after the girl, the chilling material quickly gripping her by the ankle and dragging her back towards the fireplace.
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  11. "N-no, y-you... you are insane!" Might not be the most correct insult as she didn't know what Haruko was doing exactly, only that it posed some kind of danger to her. With gasping whimpers, Yuria tried her best to escape, tears began forming at the corner of her eyes, sliding down her deeply flushed cheeks. Her right hand was just this close to the door's handle until she felt a pair of cold vices gripping her ankles. "E-eh?!" Her green eyes shot open as she saw the door somehow gained distance from her... no, it wasn't the door which moved, it was her own body being dragged against her will. "Aaaaah! N-nah, aaah~ L-let me go!" In between her pleasured moans due to her front - including her breasts - sliding against the floor, Yuria's desperate screams accompanied the scraping sounds of her fingers clawing at the floor in a pitiful attempt to wrench herself free.

    No matter what she did, Yuria was forcefully returned to lying on her back beside the hearth, undoing everything she just did after shoving Haruko away. The culprit looming above her much like a tundra wolf watching a wounded doe, her red eyes seemed a lot more terrifying now. Yuria put her hands to cover her chest as she whimpered, biting her lower lip, wanting to close her eyes but found them frozen - hehe, frozen - in fear. Like a butterfly trapped in a black widow's web, all she could do was flutter her useless wings. Tears now ran down freely from her eyes, but the moans from her writing body and... her love juices dripping from her virgin pussy betrayed her. Due to the aphrodisiac, her body was liking this no matter how much she denied it.

    "P-please... please, unh..." Yuria didn't know her meek mews would only excite the Snow Queen further, "I... I'm sorry, j-just let me leave... I-I'll never come back, I w-won't tell anyone... y-you d-don't have to do this..." Did she seriously think it will work? It's like begging a starving wolf not to ravish the meal so deliciously prepared before her.
  12. It was truly pathetic to see the pretty ones lose all control, behaving like common children as if she was threatening to eat them up like tasty morsels. She just shook her head as the sweet dancer begged to be released while she could barely keep control of that wonderful body of hers. How did she hope to deny the graceful maiden of the misty mountains? She reached forward, patting the girl on the cheek as the ice loosened from her ankle and disappeared altogether. Her skin was still unusually cold.

    "Oooh, but my dear. I want to do this," she said, a warm smile that didn't fit her words spread across her face as she pat the girl's cheek gently before her crimson eyes darted towards the wet patch bleeding through the girl's pants. She tsked softly, looking back with the air of a chiding mother as she said, "You're such a fussy girl. It would have been so much easier to let me relieve you, you know."

    With that she slowly but surely reached out for the girl's crotch, one hand holding onto the girl's shoulder to make sure she didn't move too much as her fingers dug into the cloth to feel out her virgin womanhood. As she did this she cooed to her softly. "Just relax. Don't fight the feeling. You'll feel so much better if you just let it happen like this."
  13. "W-what...?" A shocked reaction filled to the brim with disbelief topped off with a streak of despair came from the drugged dancer. It all made sense - as much sense as her mushed mind could make at the moment - now, Haruko was planning this from the very beginning, right from she entered her house and stole a bowl of broth, however Yuria still didn't know the woman was already sealing her fate right after the blizzard started however... not that it'd help her much. "W-why... why?!" Yes, that was the right question, why. Why Haruko did this? Was it to punish this rude girl who dared intrude her home and steal her supper? All of those hospitalities were a mere ruse to trap her. The dancer wanted to believe that, oh how she'd be utterly aghast once she found out the ultimate truth.

    She shook her head slowly with wide pupils as Haruko's slender fingers went to her maidenhood. "A-ah... no, d-don't touch... tha- Aaaaaaaaahn~!!" An unprecedented wail of pleasure reverberated through the air, even defeating the snowstorm's fury for a short while. "Oh... ha... ooooh~" The pleasure was unlike any other, like pure unadulterated hallucinating drug, the combination of Haruko's elixir and her expert touch sent Yuria into a climax just by rubbing her from outside the fabric. The girl's back arched then fell back down in a thump, her large breasts heaving up and down, the look in her eyes blank. "I don't... ahn~" She whispered in defeat as Haruko continued her ministrations, moaning and writhing from the fingers pleasuring her precious place.

    She couldn't even mutter a prayer to the Gods for assistance. There was no other god here, only the Snow Goddess who was hell-bent on making the puny mortal hers.
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  14. A shudder of deep satisfaction shook her to the very core as that simple touch sent her hapless guest over the edge. She watched with modest satisfaction as the dancer went through what surely must have been her first orgasm ever. She didn't dare keep moving her fingers as it happened, letting her enjoy her body rewarding her for giving into temptation with a rush of euphoric hormones. Once she began to fade into her afterglow she began to finger her again, her touch eager to earn another reaction from her.

    Her other hand reached over to brush over the girl's forehead, touching her hair and trying to soothe her as she shh'ed her softly in a soothing tone. "Simply relax and let it happen. I'm not here to punish you. I want to enlighten you." Those fingers dug into the cloth more as she tried to stir her up, letting her indulge in a moment of spurred passion before she pulled back on the pressure and chuckled gently. "Such a lovely young maiden... it'd be a shame for you to lose your innocence at the hand of some clumsy ruffian of a man."

    The hang on her head slid down her shoulder and beyond, her fingers eventually grasping around her breast as they had before and squeezing it as the passion began to burn in her eyes more. She couldn't keep up this appearance forever. Once she had her guest more comfortable she could let loose and let her see the true creature within. For now she needed easing in. Decided to take the next step she stopped groping her and instead took her shirt, fingers gripping around the cloth before pulling it up to expose her body to the warm air of the hut.
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  15. "Haaaa~aaah..." Yuria took a long deep gasping breath as another spark of pleasure convulsed her body. She just experienced her first orgasm and with it, her first afterglow. Her moans gradually calmed down, giving her a short respite before the aphrodisiac spurred again, driving her body into another heat. Before long, her womanhood throbbed anew, demanding for another release. No... not again, why was this happening to her? She didn't understand. Yuria dreaded the notion that her body was permanently changed, her mind couldn't take perpetual orgasm after orgasm, she would go insane at one point. "Kuhuh... n-no, please... *sob*!" Her pleas were accompanied by the tears of a horrified youth who wanted it all to end, she wanted to go home, to embrace her fellow performers.

    It fell on deaf ears as Haruko decided to indulge her with further humiliation. The woman's cold fingers began caressing Yuria's wet pussy, sending the dancer writhing in futile denial. "Ah~ e-en... light...ened?" Haruko's strange words wormed their way into Yuria's intoxicated mind. "E-eh... ehn~" Slowly, but surely, Yuria began to relax. If she couldn't escape this, might as well give in, fighting would only slow her release. A small speck of hope told Yuria that if she just stopped resisting, this would be over quicker. "..." Yuria went silent as she slowly closed her eyes, laying back with a soft thud with her hands limp above her head. Her mouth were slightly ajar as mewling moans whimpered from those sweet lips.

    "Ah..." She twitched as Haruko removed her fingers, was it... over? The dancer opened her drunken eyes, both relieved and disappointed at the same time. Her body was still screaming for release, she did want this to end... but not now. Yuria pursed her lips as she fidgeted with her own crotch, but before she could do anything, Haruko began groping her breast. "Mmmmfh~ my... aaaahn~" Her reluctance was visibly reduced to mere smolders, proven by her limbs giving no resistance as Haruko removed her upper clothing, leaving her torso completely bare for the Yuki-Onna to do as she pleased. Her nipples were erect, the firm breasts bouncing slightly due to her constant ragged breathing.
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  16. Greedy eyes drank in her lovely body as the young dancer finally seemed to resign to her fate. Perhaps she was just drained or perhaps she realized that the woman only wanted to shower her body with pleasure but she stopped her pleas and her struggle as she just laid there and let the witch do her work. Hardly able to help herself she reached out and began to squeeze that perky breasts of hers, rubbing and playing with them as she leaned forward to look her in the face as she kept crumbling into debauchery.

    "I promise you that you'll come to no harm in my home. I will admit that I am a selfish creature," she said, speaking calm and soothing despite her lewd and shameless actions. With that she suddenly took the next big step as she slid on top of her, legs clamping down on her waist as she had her mounted. Looking down with her long black hair cascading down in front of her softly blushing face. "But I truly want to spoil you, my dear. I swear to wanting nothing more than lavishing you with attention."

    With eyes set on her body again she took her time leaning forward, her face hovering over her breasts as she had them both in her hands. Carefully she moved in close enough to run her tongue over one of her rigid nipples, letting her feel the woman's cold mouth before she went a step further. Her plump lips wrapped around her rigid nip, starting to suck like a nursing babe while her squeezing hand kept her breast in place.
  17. It seemed the taller thinner woman was captivated with her breasts, quite unexpected coming from a fellow woman. Though Yuria was rather clueless regarding sex, she was aware that men seemed to find her breasts attractive, in fact it was one of her selling points as a dancer besides skill and elegance. Yuria was quite fine with it, no man had ever touched her due to the aforementioned reasons. All in all, she never thought the first person who played around with her breasts like toys were a woman. "Uuungh..." Yuria could only manage a very weak moan as Haruko now used both hands to squeeze each breast. Her blank eyes blinked slowly, a part of her mind that still held some semblance of rational thought wondering why was this woman loved her breasts so much where she had her own pair, was it because of Yuria's cup size? Was she jealous? So many questions left unanswered.

    "P-promise..." The girl repeating Haruko's words was a sign that she was listening to her, albeit barely. "D-... don't hurt me..." The dancer slurred her words as the Snow Witch mounted her. She felt so weak beneath this mischievous creature, her lower body was locked by Yuria's weight and clamping legs, leaving no chance for her to move away. For some reason, her words sounded... sincere, like a lonely mother seeking for a child to lavish her love. A tiny smile curled on Yuria's lips "D-dear... ahn~ Y-you love... me?", obviously influenced by her intoxicated state and lack of coherent thoughts, it was her desires - augmented by the elixir - rearing its head, the real Yuria was not that gullible to believe anything she said after this humiliation.

    The pleasant talk was soon over, marked by Haruko continuing her assault on Yuria's body. "Nnnnmmmgg!" The girl bit her lip hard as an otherworldly cold sensation attacked her nipples, everything about the woman was cold, she must not be human. "A... aaah~" Her mouth pried open in pleasure, her back curling back again as Haruko wrapped her mouth around her nipple, sucking on her breast like a newborn baby. "Ha... ungh~ U-uweh... ha~" Yuria writhed, but kept in place by their position, both of her trembling hands went to hold Haruko's head as she dug her fingers into the raven locks. She raised her torso slightly, curling up as her hands unwittingly pulled Haruko's head tighter into her chest.
  18. The feeling of those desperate hands in her hair holding her head in place was the ultimate sign of submission to the yuki onna. The girl was so long gone into need and pleasure that she was craving it, making sure her sultry hostess didn't stop pleasing her. Of course she'd do not such thing. She kept sucking at her teat, trying to wrap as much of her breast in her mouth as she could muster as she started to run her tongue along her warm skin. The taste of warmth and flesh, the sound of her pleasure filling her ears. It was wonderful to say the least.

    She didn't go ignoring her other breast of course. Her free hand grew more aggressive as the woman's own passion grew, her slender fingers finding their away around the girl's nipple as she began to tug and squeeze on it. She had no shame in admitting to herself that she loved the girl's breasts. She might even go as far as to admit that she might be jealous. Of course with having this girl wrapped so tightly around her finger she liked her having such a nice body. It was funner to play with another person than just herself.

    Before long her composure began to crumble as she showed just how shameless she was. She began to move her hips, trying to rub their bodies together as she tried to stimulate the girl's needy body. Nothing would give her greater pleasure than to make this wonderful dancer's body move under the influence of endless pleasure at her hands. She had plans for the girl. Even after the aphrodisiac faded she planned on having more fun. The girl would fall into a lustful servant to her new mistress if Haruko had her way.
  19. She shouldn't have come here, this place was shattering any dignity she had as a woman, then stomping down on the pieces to destroy them even further. Unbound shame washed over Yuria at how much she had fallen in just a few hours, but she was so deep in blissful agony, she couldn't give a single care. "A-ahn~ g-good... s-so... ghud~" Her eyes closed shut in pleasure, tongue peeking out just a bit as a trail of saliva trickled down her chin. The relentless assault on her sensitive breasts were taking its toll on her womanhood, she felt another climax approaching, to orgasm by just her breasts, how low she had become. "A-aaaaahn~!!" Another of those long wail of ecstasy Haruko loved so much echoed once more in the hut as Yuria shook with orgasm, her arching back returning to the ground, even after it all, the violation continued.

    With one breast sucked relentlessly while the other firmly tugged, another round began for Yuria. She was wrong, submitting wouldn't change anything, this would never end, it would go on and on until nothing mattered but the pleasure this cold woman could give her. The dancer's mind tried to get ahold of itself by using fear, Yuria was afraid to be trapped her forever, never to leave this simple hut, violated endlessly. "H-hic... kah~ Oooh~" but... it felt so good. Completely giving up her freedom and mental faculty was worth it, it wasn't like she had a choice anyway. Once again, her own mind failed at saving herself.

    Yuria felt her waist and hips being caressed by cold skin as Haruko began grinding against her. All this time, the ministrations of her breasts never once stopped. Yuria felt another climax approaching, this would be the third time in a row and with each forced orgasm, a piece of her mind fell apart, replaced by the psyche of a sex slave wanting nothing more than to please her mistress. This was unnatural, there was something deadly wrong. The truth was that Haruko's very nature as a Yuki-Onna allowed her to gradually drain the life force of her victims. Given enough time, the victim would turn into a shell of their former selves, alive but dead inside, like a living doll.
  20. Haruko could tell that her magic was doing it's trick the longer that she kept the girl in her grasp. Pleas for help and attempts to escape had devolved into her getting lost in pleasure and speaking her praises of it as she lost all shame. This was how she planned on breaking the girl down. She'd resist at first but in the end she'd break apart into the type of woman the yuki onna craved having around. Lustful, submissive and subservient. She'd reward her with an endless stream of erotic pleasures and in turn she'd service and comfort the lovely ice maiden for a good long while.

    For the third time she felt that virgin body shudder and cum on the ground, her girl's need seemingly only growing with each release. The aphrodisiac was potent, magical in nature and thriving in the girl's body. She'd take advantage of it until the girl either shattered or passed out. Her lips pulled away from her the dancer's breast at least only to hungrily search for a new target. Her lips traced up Yuria's neck, testing the sensitive skin until she met those loose lips with hers and parted them with her tongue, letting it dance around hers while both hands began to grope those wonderful breasts. She was going to claim every part of this girl before the end.
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