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  1. Jasmine starred angry at her parents, how could they decide to adopt someone out of the blue like this?
    beauty,dark,hair,girl,woman,beautiful,beautiful,girl-0ee0487ff5d0903d52fa80c4f4cd3b32_h_large.jpg had just told her that she would get a sister, she would arrive today. Jasmine was furious, she didn't want a sister, why was her parents so happy about it? They didn't even know the girl, and they already talked about her like they had raised her themselves. They would probably forget about Jasmine after this, they would just see that girl.

    Would they even remember that she would turn eighteen in a couple of days? Or were they to busy with making that new girl feel comfortable to remember her? Jasmine didn't say anything to them, she rose from her seat in the couch and rushed towards her room. How could they do this to her? Why didn't they just get another kid if they wanted to have another? Why did they need to adopt one?

    She slamed the door behind her, this was ridiculous. She would never be able to treat someone she had never met like a sister. As fast as she found a job then she would move out of the house, nothing could keep her in the house with a bitch trying to steal her family from her.
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    Isabel was sitting in the back of the car looking out of the window. After all these years in an orphanage someone finally adpoted her. But why did it take so long? Why did they have to adpot her now when she was almost eighteen so in few months the whole thing would be pointless? Not that Isis (that was her nickname) would mind, she just couldn't understand. She had met Mrs. Perkins only once before and she seemed as a nice lady. She told her about their daughter Jasmine. She sounded like a cool girl. Isis hoped that the two of them would get along. The man that was driving her to the family was the social worker that organized this whole thing. He was nice and really caring. He always wanted the best for Isis and Isis herself was grateful for his care.

    "I am gonna miss you," Isabel said suddenly and looked at the rear view mirror trying to catch his eyes. He didn't look at her but she could notice that he was smiling. What kind of smile it was, she wasn't sure. They spent traveling another half an hour, none of them talking. Finally, Joe, the social worker, parked in front of a family house. Isis drew in a sharp breath and looked at the building. Her eyes widened. It looked so like a home. The family probably wasn't rich but they were obviously well off. She loved the sight of the roof near the windows. Would her room be there so that she could go out at night? She so wished it would. After all, Isabel couldn't think of her new family differently than as the best luck ever. She would be happy there.


    "Come on you day-dreamer. They are waiting," said Joe and got out of the car to get Isabel's luggage. Isis herself left the car and stepped next to Joe. Having her other smaller bag across her shoulder, Isis followed Joe as he went to the door. He gave her a supportive smile before he rang the bell. "Don't worry, it's going to be alright," Joe assured her and Isis gave him a happy smile. Yes, she was sure that everything would be fine. The door opened almost immediately. Isabel recognized Mrs. Perkins but there was a man behind her who she hadn't seen before.

    "Good afternoon Mrs. and Mr. Perkins. So here we are. This is Isabel Tadworth," Joe introduced them and Isabel smiled widely. She always did so when she was nervous and in the account of that everyone thought that she was confident. She didn't mind but sometimes she felt stupid having this american smile on her face.
  3. "Hello Isabel, it's nice to finally have you here." Mrs. Perkins said with a smile and shoke the girls hand, then Mr. Perkins reached out his hand towards her to shake her hand as well. "We hope you will feel comfortable living here." He said and smiled. Jasmine could hear them clearly from her room, so that girl had arrived now. She sighted deeply and thought it was for the best to go down to introduce herself, she was forced to live with her for a while after all.

    As she walked down the stairs she saw the white haired girl, she had probably coloured her hair. Then she noticed how the girl looked, that girl must be around her own age. How could they? She thought that they had adopted a twelve year old or a fourteen year old girl, how could they adopt someone her age? She had stopped in the middle of the stairs, just starring at the girl.

    Her parents noticed her and turned around. "Hey Jasmine, this is your new sister Isabel." Mrs. Perkins said giving her a warning with her eyes to not make any ruckus. Jasmine had walked away so fast they hadn't been able to tell her that Isabel was her age, and they already knew she would make a big deal out of it.

    Jasmine starred at them for another moment then kept walking towards them. Without looking at the girl she raised her hand and waved a litle and then put it down. This wouldn't work out at all, she could handle a kid but a teenager, she didn't even get along with the girls in her own class. She always were hanging around with the guys.
  4. Isabel smiled even more widely. This was in a fairy tale. She finally got to live with people who seemed to care about here even though they had seen her for the first or second time. If only her parents could see it now. They would be happy. Actually, Isis was sure that they were happy. After all those years, Isabel's prayers were heard out and fullfilled. "I am sure I will feel great in your house Mrs. and Mr. Perkins. Thank you so much for adopting me," Isis said gladly and suddenly noticed someone on the top of the stairs, a girl.

    That is probably Jasmine, she thought however she got a little bit confused about the girl's expression. Wasn't she happy that Isabel came? Isabel quickly looked at Joe qith questioning look but he just shrugged. Obvisouly, he didn't know himself what was going on. The glare that Jasmine gave to her parents, froze Isabel's blood. Wasn't Jasmine happy that Isabel came to live with them? Why wouldn't she be? Isis hoped that what she had seen was just a momentary indecision that Jasmine didn't know how to treat her new sibling. However, when Jasmine just lazily waved at her not even looking at her, Isis got that bad feeling that maybe her hopes were just too childish and her wishes for a perfect family wouldn't come true. No matter what, she wouldn't give up so easily. Stepping forward, she smiled at Jasmine friendly.

    "Hi. I am Isabel but everyone calls me Isis. I am so glad to meet you," she said happily and extended her hand towards Jasmine. Would she take it or not?
  5. Jasmine looked at Isabel's outstreched hand for a moment before shaking it, it wasn't that enthusiastic though. "Jasmine" She said short and then looked away, why was she forced to live with this person? Her parents should have let her decide with them if they were going to adopt someone, instead they does it behind her back and talks to her on the day when the adopted girl was comming. What was they even thinking about when they adopted a girl in her own age?

    Her mother gave Jasmine an angry look, but she didn't care, she could glare at her all she wanted to that wouldn't change her thoughts about this girl. "Well, we haven't been able to finnish your room yet so you will sleep with Jasmine untill we finnish it." Mrs. Her mother said.

    Jasmine couldn't believe her ears, she hadn't heard anything about that. "What?" She shouted not caring that Isabel stood right in front of her. "Like hell she will, that's my room. Don't just decide things on your own like I don't excist. Why can't I have a saying in anything in this ho..."

    Her father stopped her, "Behave yourself, she's sleeping in your room and if you don't like it then you can sleep on the couch." Jasmine glared at him, then she turned to Isabel and gave her a angry look before walking to her room. Her father tried to tell her to come back there but she wouldn't listen to him. "I'm sorry, it will take a while for her to get used to it." Mrs. Perkins told Isabel, hoping she would understand and forgive Jasmine.
  6. Isabel's smile slowly faded. The feeling of not being welcomed grew. Don't be silly! Your new parents are happy! Why would you care about her? Isis asked herself and her answer was even more depressing. Because she is going to be my sister. However, when she was told that she would sleep in Jasmine's room a spark of hope arose. "I think that's..." She couldn't get any further because Jasmine started to yell. Isis was a little bit confused. Her eyebrows shot up and when Jasmine turned her anger toward Isis, she resisted the urge to step back. Tears would have formed in her eyes if Jasmine would carry on. But she didn't and ran away. Isabel was still shocked from the scene that she just witnessed, that when her new mother talked to her, Isis smiled at her nervously for the first time.

    "That's ok. I think, we will get along at some point." At least I hope, she thought to herself and once again Isabel's smile got more confiden. She went over to Joe to get her bag, but before she did so, Isis hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go. "Don't worry Isis. She is going to get over it," he whispered in her ear and brushed her back. "But what if she won't?" Isabel asked suspiciously and looked into Joe's eyes with a questioning look. He just smiled, gave her the bag and then, with words of goodbye and good luck, left. For Isis it felt like another part of herself had been torn away from her and she became less the Isabel she once was.

    "If you don't mind, I would like to go upstairs to Jasmine's room and relax a little bit. Maybe I can talk to my new sister as well," Isis suggested and smiled at her new parents in an apologetic way that she wouldn't spend more time with them now. The truth was, that she was really tired and also wanted to know what was annoying Jasmine so much. Was it really Isabel's present?
  7. Mrs. and Mr. Perkins looked at her and worried a bit over her idea to go up and talk to Jasmine. But they tried not to show it. "Okay, I will come up with some tea for you in a moment." Mrs. Perkins said and went to the kitchen, she mostly wanted to make sure that Jasmine didn't do anything stupid to Isabel when she came in to her room.

    Mr. Perkins looked at the stairs before turning to Isabel "I'll follow you to her room." Also he wanted to make sure that Jasmine wouldn't start screaming again. He showed her the way, Jasmines room was on the other side in the end of the hall when going up the stairs. He stopped outside of Jasmines room and knocked on the door, but they didn't get any reply. View attachment 7748 He opened the door and didn't see Jasmine in her room. He fast noticed that the window was open and went in to the room to look out of the window. There he found Jasmine, laying on the roof.

    He shouted to her to get in but Jasmine just looked at him and told him to get lost. Mr. Perkins sighted and turned to Isabel "doesn't look like she will come in for a while. If she does something just tell us." He told her and then walked out of her room with an apologetic smile.

    Jasmine laid on the roof thinking about that new girl Isabel, she had just stomped in to their life, in to her family and already made them smile like that. Who did she think she were? She wasn't a part of this family, she wasn't Jasmines sister. She was a stranger that suddenly had appeard. Jasmine would never accept her as a sister, or a friend, not as anything. The clouds passed by in the sky, showing her wonderful things. She often laid on the roof, looking up at the sky. Mostly at the shapes the clouds made but she also liked to watch the stars.

  8. Isis smiled gratefully at her new mother and nodded. Yes, it would be the best if someone would come in from time to time, even though Isabel was sure that she could defend herself pretty easily. After living for the most of her life in the orphanage, she got to learn how to kick someone's ass. It also proved Isabel as a good skill when she got into trouble with men. That brought to her mind her boyfriend - Zack. She already missed him and wanted to see him so badly. She wanted to tell him how awful her new sister was. Zack was the only man Isis would be willing to spend the life with. He was so caring, nice yet wise. True, he was way older than she was, but they understood one another just perfectly. Before she could think about her lover any further her new father was about to show her the room where she would have to sleep. Isis nodded and took her big luggage and climbed the stairs with it. She didn't complain that the father didn't help her. After all, she was used to do things on her own.

    As they went in, there was no sign of Jasmine and for a second Isis hoped that Jasmine ran away but then scolded herself for such a thought. She had just met her new sister and was already thinking about her that way? A silent sigh escaped her lips. When she heard how Jasmine treated her father she almost felt like telling Jasmine off herself. She was so disrespectful. Isabel remembered how her parents would treat her if she did something like that. They would tell her off immediately. But no, her new dad just let it be. As he was leaving Isis smiled at him and then looked around the room properly, putting down her bag. It looked really nice and modern. Isis liked that style but not really the colors. It looked too dark for her. However, it was Jasmine's room, not hers.

    "You've got a nice room," Isis called out so that Jasmine would hear her. She walked around the room looking at stuff but not touching anything. However, she couldn't find an extra matress where she would sleep, so Isis hoped that later today parents would bring one so that she wouldn't have to sleep on the bare floor. Going back to her big bag, Isabel kneeled down and opened a zip on the smaller pocket. "Actually, I brought some presents with me. I have one for you as well. I hope you will like it," Isabel added and took out a small box wrapped in nice paper. Inside the box, there was a set of earings and a ring. Isis hoped that Jasmine would like it.
  9. Jasmine heard her 'new sister' talking to her, couldn't she just leave her alone? "I don't need anything" She told Isabel, did she try to buy Jasmine now? Trying to make her like her because she bought her stuff? Jasmine didn't like it at all, that girl shouldn't be in theirs house and she should definitely not be in her room. She sighted and rose, then walking in to her room again. She sat down in the window and watched the girl, why even spending money on something so silly as colouring the hair white? It didn't even look good on her.

    "You can sleep on the bed" She told her and averted her eyes, she was forced to have this stranger in her room but they couldn't force her to actually sleep in the room, and she wouldn't do that. But she wouldn't sleep at the couch either, she just had to call some friends and see whose house she could sleep at untill Isabel's room was finnished.

    She knew that her parents would yell at her if she tried to fight about Isabel sleeping in her room, they usually didn't let her behave like this. They probably was extra nice to her because they thought that they had treated her badly because they hadn't told her about this sooner. When isabel wasn't around then she would definitely force them to tell her why they adopted someone who was the same age as her. She understood if they wanted to help a litle homeless child or if they wanted to feel like parents again but why a teenager who would move out soon anyways?

    She couldn't understand what her parents was thinking about at all, this whole situation was just weird. She looked at Isabel again and heard how someone walked in the stairs, what did they want this time? Her mother knocked on the door and came in with tea. "How is things going?" She asked nicely while placing the tea at the desk. Jasmine averted her eyes and didn't answer her question.
  10. Isis just shrugged. Jasmine might not take her present now, but she might take it later so without any other word, she just put it on Jasmine's desk. She didn't want to buy Jasmine's friendship. This was a pure act of kindliness and it was also polite. But Isis overcame all these facts. Why would she get upset now when there was a bigger fish to fry? Well, Jasmine probably bothered something else than the fact that Isis would sleep in her room. Something that Isabel wanted to know about. Did she argued with her parents about Isis coming to their family? Everything told Isabel that her new sister wasn't happy about her being there and that bothered Isis the most. Once she was told that she could sleep in her bed, Isabel got confused. That was a friendly act and it was totally in contradiction to Jasmine's previous behaviour.

    "No, that's ok. It's your bed. I will ask your parents whether they have any spare matress. I can sleep on the floor. After all, I am used to it," Isis said carelessly and smiled at Jasmine. She was trying to be polite, nice and friendly, hoping that it could break Jasmine's bad mood. Suddenly, mother came inside with the tea. At first, Isabel thought that Jasmine would say something but she only averted her eyes, so Isis took the initiative. "I don't know because Jasmine doesn't seem to be really talkative. At least, not when I am around," she said to the mother and then thanked her for the tea. Once the door was closed again. Isis couldn't hold it any longer. She had to know.

    "Well, listen to me, Jasmine. Since I came, you were either shouting or not talking at all. I can feel that you either don't like me being here or there is something else that is bothering you. Tell me what it is so that we don't have to play this game any longer," Isabel suddenly changed from friendly to serious and kind of curious as well. If Jasmine wouldn't tell her now, she would probably be bothered by the topic until she would explode. Isabel was also the kind of person that wanted to get over the unpleasant topic or situation as fast as possible. She wanted to know how she stood with someone else. In this case, because she would have to live in this house for another months, she wanted to have this sorted it out straight away.
  11. Jasmine heard how the door closed and her mother had walked away, she had probably given Jasmine a really angry glare when Isabel had told her about the fact that Jasmine didn't talk to her, but she didn't care that much. They had ignored her in the adoption matter, then she could ignore them now. Suddenly the girl in her room started to become serious and asked her why she was doing this to her. Jasmine looked at her and rose an eyebrow.

    "You want to know what is bothering me?" She asked and jumped down from the window, "you are bothering me, my parents are bothering me. They suddenly decided to adopted someone and I would have been fine with it if I didn't got to know it the same day she arrived. You know another thing that's bothering me, you are the same age as me. I would have accepted it if they adopted a child because they are in some kind of midlife crisis and wanted to have a kid again. But why adopt someone that soon will be ready to move away from home anyways? I don't need or want a sister, and you can take the bed. I will sleep at my friends place, because I don't sleep in the same room as a stranger"

    She asked for it Jasmine thought, as she throwed everything at Isabel. Why would she accept a sister when she would be out of the house in some month if she found a job fast enough? Even if they accepted her as a daughter she wouldn't accept her as a sister, and she wouldn't let this stranger destroy her eighteens birthday party. She didn't even want the girl there during the party, why should a stranger be able to come to such an important day for her?
  12. Isabel listened to Jasmine as she was pouring her troubles at her. So after all, she was the problem and another thing was that her parents didn't let her know in advance. Some part of Isis understood Jasmine. However, the bigger part of her that had been through more than this mean sister of hers, was being offended. No matter what, Isabel's face remained calm and even. When Jasmine finished her confession Isis just shrugged.

    "Well, then you have to get over it because as long as I am in the foster care of your parents, there is no other way. I have to stay here," Isis said evenly, shrugged again and then went to her big back. At least, Isabel's soul was in peace. She got the answer for her question and now she could do her thing. Taking out her laptop from her bag, Isis sat by the wall and switched the device on, not caring about Jasmine anymore. There wasn't anything defensive or rude in her behaviour, she just had no more reasons to talk to her new sister.

    Oh, Zack. Please be on Skype. At least I can write what a great family I am in, her prayer was heard out for as she opened the Skype window, her boyfriend was online. Immediately she wrote him a long message, her fingers carelessly running over the keybord in the speed of lightining. When she was done, she hit the 'Send message' button, put her laptop on the side and went to get her cup of tea. Yummy, she loved fruit tea. A tiny smile appeared on her face. Taking the dish with her and sitting down again, Isis remembered that she also transfered from her old school to the one that Jasmine was attending. How would it go? Isis got the feeling that maybe her new sister would start gossiping about her, so that Isabel wouldn't be able to find any friends. Yet again, she didn't mind. Isis was a loner and people usually found her and asked her for friendship not the other way round. Yep, that was a skill she possessed too. So no matter how hard her new sister might try to make her life difficult, Isabel would sail through it with an elegance of a galley.
  13. Jasmine shrugged and turned her head away "Oh, I don't need to get over it, View attachment 7759
    I just need to get out of this house" She said before leaving the room. She needed to talk to her parents about this, she couldn't live with that person, it was impossible. She walked down the stairs and in to the living room where her parents sat, drinking after noon tea.

    View attachment 7760

    "Why must she live in my room?" She asked as she stormed in to the living room. Her parents turned around and looked at her, her father sighted and rose from his seat in the couch. "You should try to behave like people, can't you just stop this behaviour this instant." He told her with a tired expression. Jasmine turned her head away, why was she forced to accept this?

    "Can't you try to be a litle bit nicer to her?" Her mother asked her "this is a new home to her, a new city and a new school. You shouldn't make this harder for her than it already is." she continued and looked begingly at her daughter, whishing that she would just stop this behaviour. Jasmine couldn't believe that everyone was on that girls side, what about her? She had heard today that she was comming and she hadn't even got any chanse to prepare for it. Her mother sighted "We must ask you of something, show her around at school tomorrow. She doesn't View attachment 7761 know anyone else there." Her mother asked her.

    "No, I wont" She said and walked out of the room, in to the kitchen. Her mother followed her and kept telling her to do it. "Please, she need a family right now, she has had a hard time." She tried to convince Jasmine. Jasmine took an aple and tride to ignore her mother while she ate. Her mother sighted and shoke her head, she new that her daughter was in some kind of teenager emotional crisis, but this behaviour was just childish.

    "If you do it, then I promise that we will pay everything when you are getting your drivers license" She said, she knew that it wasn't good to spoil her like that, but she wanted Isabel to have a good time.

    Jasmine couldn't believe her ears, she had finally been able to save up money to be able to pay for taking her drivers license and now her mother would pay for the whole thing? That meant that she could use that money to buy a car instead. She looked at her mother thinking for a moment if she should do it or not. Well it was a good deal.

    "Okay, if you pay for it, then I wont fight with her and I will show her around. But I wont try to like her, I will just be nice and show her around." She said and looked out of the window. Her mother nodded her head and thought it was a good enough deal, then she went out of the room and left Jasmine there on her own. Jasmine sighted, she really didn't want to waste her time with that girl but she wanted to buy a car, so she didn't have a choise.

  14. Isabel almost didn't noticed that Jasmine left. She also didn't bother to unpack her things because maybe she could move to her new room in next few days so she could suffer this period with her staff in her bag. As the time passed, the conversation between her and Zack got more about her new sister. Zack tried to explain why he thought that Jasmine was angry and what might have been her reason. On the other hand, Isis was saying how annoying Jasmine's behaviour was but that she would get over it. She soon apologized to her boyfriend but she should go downstair to talk to her new parens who seemed to be happy to have her here. At least she hoped. Closing her laptop, she left it where she was sitting few secons ago. Isis wasn't afraid that someone would try to check what's on her laptop because it was coded and someone had to know the password to get to the screen. Leaving the room, Isabel went to the stair she used before to get to the first floor. Now, she was walking down and tried to heard some nooice which would help her to find other people. Hearing silent humming, Isabel followed and soon came to the living room where Mrs. and Mr. Perkins were sitting. Isabel smiled at them suddenly not knowing what to say.

    "Thank you once more that you agreed to adopt me," she repeated herself. She was standing in the doorway because she wasn't sure whether she should go in or not. Yes, she was nervous again but she also waited what her new parents would say. They looked like a nice couple. However, there was something to Jasmine's comment. Why did they adopt her and not someone younger? No, asking that wouldn't be polite that Isis knew for sure.
  15. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins turned around as they heard Isabel comming in to the room, Mrs. Perkins gave her a bright smile and clapped the couch. "Come in and sit down" She said invitingly to Isabel "don't be shy, we are a family."
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    In the kitchen Jasmine had just finnished her apple and threw away the apple core in to the trashcan. In just a couple of days she would do her driving test and then she could buy a car, the only problem would be to get money for gas. She needed to get a job fast, or else she would have a car that never left the garage, her parents would never buy her gas after having payed her driving test. She sighted and tried to stop thinking about it. Instead her thoughts went back to Isabel again. Why had her parents adopted a girl the same age as her? Did they pity her because she had a hard time and no one wanted to adopt her? She went in to the dining hall and sat down looking out threw the window, her parents was mad if they thought she would get along with someone like that.

    In the living room Mrs. Perkins told Isabel about her new school. "Jasmine have agreed on showing you around the school tomorrow and show you the way to it. Beverly high is one of the best schools in town and the teachers are really good and understanding. And there is a lot of clubs at the school, so it's easy to find people with the same interest as yourself. You and Jasmine is going in the same class so she will be able to show you to the next lesson if you don't remember the way in the begining."

    Jasmine came in to the living room just in time to hear them talk about her school, "I bet you haven't told her who the teacher in math is." She said and went to the bookshelf searching after a book she hadn't read in a while. Mrs. Perkins looked at Jasmine and Mr. Perkins turned to Isabel "Well, we were going to come to that, I'm the math teacher at beverly high." He told her.
  16. Isabel smiled and willingly sat on the couch next to her new mother. Well, it was easily said not to be shy but hardly done. Isabel knew that sooner or later she would feel here like at home but until then everything she would do, was going to be done cautiously and carefully. She didn't want to upset her parents in any way. Finding out that Jasmine agreed to show Isabel around, made Isis rather confused. Didn't that girl hate her? Why did she suddenly agreed to show her around the school? Did the parents bribed their daughter? She wanted to ask, but once again it wouldn't be polite, so Isis just held her tongue and listened further. At one point, Jasmine came in and Isabel regarded her with an even look.

    What? He is the maths teacher? Isabel asked herself surprised and some of that feeling got into her expression as well. That was not good. Maths was Isabel's worst enemy. She was great in languages and creative subjects but when it came to maths Isis always prayed for the lesson to be over. How is the family going to accept her weakness in maths when her new father taught the subject? Isabel possesed logic thinking but for some reasons, she couldn't get over numbers. She swallowed and an insecure smile appeared on her face but vanished quite quickly as Isabel got an idea how to prepare her new parents for the future problems.

    "I have always respected people who could master this subject. However, I was never really good at it myself," Isis said with an apologetic smile. Her polite and formal way of talking was something she couldn't get rid of yet. It was her way of showing respect and gratitude towards someone and she had both of these feelings towards Mrs. and Mr. Perkins. As well as her shyness, even this habit of hers would disappear with time.
  17. Jasmine almost laughed when she heard how Isabel spoke, was she talking to her parents our her teacher? It was pathetic. But her parents just smiled at her. "As long as you do your best then it will be fine, Jasmine can probably help you with that. She has good grades in math." Mrs. Perkins told her. Why was she forced to bring tell her that? But maybe it was a good thing, if she said she would help her with math, then maybe her parents could pay for gas. At least give her some money every month for the gas and if she needed to drive around more than the gas lasted then she would have to pay it herself. This girl maybe wasn't that bad after all. But she still didn't like her.
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    She finally found the book she had searched for, why was it even laying there? They had a library upstairs, it was meant to be used to have all their books. First she had searched threw the whole library the other day but didn't find the book and now she noticed that it was in the living room. Her parents should organise the books better. They had so many books it barely even fit in to their library room. All the walls was full of books, and still they had books lying all around the house. How many books did they need to buy?

    "That's a good idea, it's good to learn from someone else than the teacher sometimes now and then" Mr. Perkins said and took a sip of his tea. Jasmine rolled her eyes, lucky she didn't stand turned to them or else they would probably make a big deal out of it. "Yeah, because I don't have anything better to do." Jasmine mumbled, would she need to babysit her to? Well if she got paid for it then she wouldn't complain about it. But she wasn't that mean so she would talk about that in front of her.

    She turned around so she faced them "I hope all this excitment doesn't make you forget about saturday." She said and looked at her parents, their expression shouted 'I forgot about that.' Jasmine put her arms over her chest and shoke her head. "Thanks for that." She said and walked out of the room. Mrs. Perkins turned to her and said after her that they would keep their promise, but Jasmine didn't really hear it. Would that girl be in the house that day? They had promised her that they wouldn't be home at her eighteenth birtday party, but they hadn't promised about Isabel. Was she forced to have her close to herself on the most important day in her life?
  18. Isabel was glad that Mrs. and Mr. Perkins were ok with her weakness. When she lived in the orphanage any sign of weakness was a fail beacuse the stronger ones would use it and then start to bully the person who was weak. Isis hated such a behaviour and later, when she got more independent and could defend herself, she defended those poor kids who were attacked. Usually, she could turn away the attacker just by words but sometimes a fight was needed. Yes, Isis got into many troubles in the past but they were all worth it as she got many friends and younger kids felt save with her. Even though sometimes the bullies kicked her ass pretty badly. Memories of being a saviour were the good ones. She compensated what had happened in the past by that. It worked for 90%. Unfortunately, Isabel didn't have many good memories but she didn't bother to recall the bad ones. It wouldn't do any good to her now.

    "Saturday? What's happening on Saturday?" Isabel asked curiously, feeling that it might be something important, at least for Jasmine it would. Saturday...that meant two more days until something would happen. But what? What could it be? Jasmine told her that they were the same age, but was it possible that Jasmine was about to celebrate her birthday on Saturday? Isabel's throat tightened. She couldn't imagine herself at the party, not in the house. But she might spend the night in Zacks'. Or if he wouldn't be available then she could go on the roof as Jasmine did when Isis came in earllier. So there were possibilities how to get through it.
  19. Mr. Perkins excused himself to go talk to Jasmine, he left Isabel and Mrs. Perkins alone in the room. Mrs. Perkins took a sip on her tea before answering Isabels question. "Well, Jasmine is turning eighteen on saturday and we promised her that she would have the house to herself. But when we promised that we still hadn't got the time for when you would arrive and we had thought that it would be some weeks later than it was. And then we got to know when you were going to arrive and had so much to do so we forgot about it. But it's alright, she will be able to have the party anyways. Maybe it was better that you came before the party, you will probably get a lot of friends on the party." She said and took another sip of the tea.

    In the dinning hall, Mr. Perkins was talking to Jasmine. "We forgot it but there still is time to fix everything you need to the party and we wont be in the house, you don't need to be upset over this." Mr. Perkins told her. Jasmine sighted where she stood at the window. "And what about her? where is she suppose to be during the party?" She asked him without looking at him. He sighted and she knew exactly what was about to come. "She will be here, she wont be in the way and she are a teenager so there's not a problem with having her at the party." He told her.

    "This is my party and I don't know that girl, why would I want her to attend it?" She asked him, this was absurd, she shouldn't have a stranger on her party. Just because she had become her new sister didn't mean that she knew her, she was a stranger that had come in to their house. Mr. Perkins sighed, he was obviously tired of the whole discussion. "She lives in this house and belongs as much to this family as you do, stop talking about her like she don't belong here." He said irritated. Jasmine looked at her father even more irritated "How can you say she is your daughted, you have never met her before today." She shouted and run out of the dinning hall and up to her room.

    This was so unfair, she shouldn't need to take care of a complete stranger. She shouldn't need to act like a sister to her just because she was adopted in to the family. That girl didn't belong to their family.
  20. Friends? Party? So it was like Isis thought. Were there going to be some people from the school? Probably yes. Would she meet some of them tomorrow? Maybe. It was nice of the parents that they wanted her to be involved as much as possible but even Isis could have taken it up only to a certain level. However, she maintained the friendly smile on her face and nodded.

    "Sure, it will be fun," she replied but in her mind she was making up plans how to ask Zack if she could sleep in his apartment on Saturday. Looking around the room, Isabel tried to think about changing the topic when suddenly from the dining hall there came a screaming from Jasmine. Unfortunately, Isis could hear it. No matter, how distant Isis tried to be from this situation, her words hurt her. For a fraction of a second it was obvious on her face, but she quickly hid it. Show your weakness and you are doomed, a thought automatically came to her mind. It was something like a motto to her and it resounded anytime she wanted to cry, or something hurt her. She felt like leaving. For some reason, she wanted to go back to the car that took her here and go back to the orphanage. She wanted to see Joe's smile that always assured her that everything was going to be alright. Well, not this time.

    "If you excuse me," Isis said suddenly and left. Hoping that her new parents would understand that she wanted to be alone. But that wasn't the truth at all. She was on her way upstairs into the room she shared with Jasmine. Was it anger that was swirling inside her chest? She wasn't sure. Isabel didn't knock on the door and entered straight away so whatever was Jasmine doing could have been interupted now. She also wanted to have the moment of surprise on her side which she hoped she gained.

    "You hate me and you don't want me here. Fine. But stop being such a baby. Who do you think that is going to listen to your childish shouting around?" she told her new sister, holding back her irritation. "As for you damn party I will go to my boyfriend's so I will be out of your way. Are you happy now? ... sister," she added and was examining Jasmine's face to see what her words did with her. Maybe they could have had their first arguement. That might clear the air around.