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Alice sat on her bed, it was just two more minutes then she would turn eighteen. Her birthday started 4.34 in the morning, even though everyone else would give her congratulations later in the day she always was up on the moment her birthday arrived. She didn't care that she was tired, it was her birthday and even though no one else celebrated it exactly the time she was born she could still do so. She watched the clock carefully, one minute left.

A cake stood beside the clock and she was ready to eat it as fast as the clock turned 4.34, she wouldn't wait a second longer or a second shorter. She couldn't possibly know that this birthday wouldn't be like all the others, she didn't know that today would be the day she encountered something that would change her life forever. For know she was just a normal high schooler, but for how long would destiny let her be so called normal?

Thirty seconds left. The time seemed to go slower and slower as the time for her eighteens birthday soon would arrive. She looked at the cake and then at a present that were to the right of it. Her parents always put one present for her to open in the morning and another that she could open when she got hom from school. Ten seconds, soon it would be here, Alice would soon become an adult. Because that was what it meant to become eighteen, right? you became an adult, like magic was changing you to suddenly grow up.

Five, four, three two and one. Her eighteenth birthday had now arrived.
Alecander Trival felt the tickle of his tail as he weaved it back and forth. It wasn't anything important. He could ignore the two foot long ball of plush and tried to tease his body into action when he was bored, or tense. He however only had one goal. Wait for that moment in which the connection was created. He moved, slowly, forward. His blood pumped as his wolf's tail twitched even faster. It was so early in the morning, but he didn't mind. The house in which he knew the witch was in glowed in his blue-black gaze. He could feel his white hair move in the breeze while his black ears twitched to pick up the sounds around him.

He looked at his watch.

Five... Four... Three.. Two... One..

The bond snapped in to place for him so violently that he doubled over and let out a loud howl that echoed over the streets. He was grateful that the pain only lasted a mere second. ANd then he felt his body materialize. Alec scrambled to keep his form where it was--in the street outside the house of the woman he was to guide through her change. He whimpered as this force pulled him even harder.

Finally it hurt to pull against it and he let it happen. Slowly he closed his eyes and crouched.

When he opened his eyes, he was in the room of the witch-to-be, staring up at a bed where she sat.

"Can I have a piece of that cake?" Alec asked, the craving hitting him. That was not something he had expected as his stomach gave a loud growl.
Alice were just about to taste her birthday cake but as she were about to dig the spoon in to the cake someone, or something appeard in her room. She starred at the creature on the floor, it looked like a human but it had a tail, and it asked her to give him a bit of the cake?
She starred for some seconds on the thing that had entered her room while her facial expression slowly changed from surprised to scared and then to angry.

She took a lamp that stood on her bedside table and threw it at the creature that had entered her room.
"Get out you perverted, cosplaying freak" She half shouted to him, but still one part of her brain made it so low it wouldn't wake her parents up. "How dare you intrude in someone elses house" She continued and took up the cake and throwed it at him and it hit him in the face. Suddenly she realised that she had thrown her cake away,
"Look what you made me do, that was my birthday cake, you demon"
Alec yelped and dodged the lamp only to get a face full of cake. ALec blinked as the plate the cake was on dropped away. And then he reached up and took a finger and scopped a bit of the cake away and licked at it, his tail thrashing back and forth as the wolf-man's eyes slowly widened at the taste.

"Did you make this? This is really good!" Alec said with a laugh and a smile. And then he rose to stand up and stretch.

"Though there is no reason to be like that. Nor am I, as you so eloquently put it a 'cosplaying freak', though I will admit that I can, at times, be a pervert. But that's only when I'm really bored and have been given enough sugar to last me a life time. I"m Alecander Trival, a pleasure to meet ya." He said, reaching out a hand as he neared the bed. With his other hand he proceeded to wipe cake off and stick it in his mouth with satisfied noises.

"Oh, by the way, I should probably mention that you have officially come into your powers as a witch and that I'm your familiar. Don't throw another lamp please. I would like to make it out of this meeting with my head in place, my tail in place, and whatever you do, please don't scratch my ears." This was all said in a relatively matter of fact way.
Alice starred at the guy who rose up and stretched, what the heck was wrong with him? As she were going to reach for something else to throw at him without taking her eyes off of him, he suddenly started to explain himself. She listend for a second but as he said that he were a pervet she took her clock and threw it at him. That didn't stop him from continuing though, and he actually had the nerves to reach out his hand towards her to shake hers, who did that Alecander think he was?

Alice moved closer to the wall as Alecander started to move closer to her, and explained to her that he were her familiar and she was a witch.
"Do you actually think that I would believe such a story you perverted cosplaying freak" She started and glarred at him "If you get one step closer then I will tear of both your tail and your ears, and then I'll throw you out of the window." She said as she started to walk slowly out of the bed and towards the door out of her room, not even remembering that she only wore a pajamas, this guy was absurd, had a psycopath escape from the mental hospital or something?
"I will call the police if you don't leave me alone, so get out of here" She said once she was at the door and about to open it.
Alec had dodged the clock easily enough and then she was moving away. "Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the perverted part," He said almost as if he were considering a job application.

Shrugging, he watched as she moved closer to the door. Amiably, he moved with her, though his ears had slipped down a big to give an almost dejected look. Even his tail had stopped its movements. "Oh please, don't call the cops. I mean, if you really want to I suppose you could touch my ears if it would convince you that they are real. But please don't tear. That would be horrible. And what did I say about calling me a cosplaying freak? Really, you have no manners for a young familiar such as me. I bet you got your powers from your father. Only a witch with a wizard father would have this kind of attitude to a guest. Horrible, simply horrible." He was rambling, as if by doing so he could get a tad bit more attention.

Finally she was at the door and he was a good three feet in front of her, still working his way through the cake on his face. Finally he took a big scoop and held it out. "You really should try your cake. I have to say it was the best cake I'd ever tasted." They never really taught a familiar how to bridge the gap between familiar and newly made witch or wizard. And now that most weren't even told of their traits, it made it ever worse. Though Alec supposed it could have been worse. The newly formed witch could have put him on fire if she was a fire magic user, or worse, drown him with water.
She watched his every move and were ready to defence herself if needed.
"No way those things are real, people don't have ears" She said looking suspicously at him, then her look turned in to disgust when he reached his hand forward to get her to taste the cake. "I know how it taste, I do that cake every year to my birthday. You, I don't know who you are or why you are here but get out of this house now. I will not let a psycho pervert destroy my eighteenth birthday." She had now left the door and gone in to the corner of her room and taken a besom that stood in the corner. She directed it towards his head and with all her strenght she tried to hit him with it.
"Our of this house pervert"

How could she believe in something this weird? witch? familiar? wizard? nothing of it made sense. Those things were just fairy tails and she hadn't believed in them since she was ten, okej maybe twelve.
After she had tried to hit him with the besom she had ended up on the other side on the room, and on that side she didn't have any escape rout if it would be needed. She looked out of the window, she could jump down but it was the second floor and she would probably hurt herself if she did. But it could be used as a last resort.
"As I said, I'm not a person, I am a familiar. Yours to be exact." the young man said with a smile as he took the cake offered on his finger and licked it off. He allowed himself to get hit by the besom with a small smile. Maybe she would be a wind witch and be able to fly. That would be interesting to see, that was sure. "You have quiet an arm there. What is your name, I must know. Come now," He said as she moved away again. He already knew her name, but he doubted that if he used it before she offered it, that he'd get a wonderful welcome.

He had the strangest sense that he should jump out the window before he realized just what that desire came from. Moving with the swiftness of practice, he moved to stand before the window, leaving the doorway to her room open for escape. He would have liked it if this girl had had a midday birthday--all thought that would have meant appearing in the middle of a crowded school no doubt. Not a good idea with his ears and tail out.

"You want proof of my claims? Fine." Alec said, seriousness appearing on his face, "Give me two minutes. Two minutes only, and I'll prove to you that you are a witch, I am your familiar, and these ears and tail of mine are real." he offered, holding his hands up. "And that I'm not a cosplaying freak." he added as a sort of after thought.
She starred at the guy, how the heck were he supposed to prove that?
"Okay, if you can do something that proves that I am a witch and you aren't a cosplaying freak then I'll let you explain what's going on, but if I don't believe you then you'll turn yourself in to the police. Got it? And if you can prove it to me, then I'll tell you my name. I can't give my name to a perverted cosplay freak." She said holding the besom in a tight grip. But even if he proved it to her, which was impossible, should she still give him her name? She was a pervert, he had said that himself.

She looked at him suspicously "two minutes, not a second more" She said and waited for him to start.
Alec nodded and smiled. There was one way to prove that he wasn't a cosplaying freak that she would have to admit was magic. He felt his pupils slit as he felt the change take fold. He wasn't very fond of shape shifting to prove a point, but if it would get her to stop calling him a cosplay freak, he supposed he'd have to. Closing his eyes his body shifted. Seconds ticked by as fingers turned into claws and padded feet. His tail was wagging quickly to each side in an effort to get the energy left over from the change to go away.

Eventually, forty-five seconds later, he stood and looked up at the girl. His white fur was off set by two black ears and a black muzzle. It was also off set for pieces of cake flecked his nose and face. Then he sat back on his haunches and tilted his head to the side.

"Now, one," He said, human words coming out of a wolf-shaped mouth, "I wouldn't have been able to shift if I had not met the witch I was to familiar to. It would never have taken place. Second, why don't you try to put something on fire. Just focus and it should go WHOOOSH!" Not used to wolf paws, he pushed back onto his hind legs and made a large plume looking motion with his paws only to find himself tilting too far backwards. With a loud howl he fell backwards, hitting his head on the window sill.
Alice angry expression slowly turned in to fear and she backed instinctively in to the corner, looking at the wolf she could barely believe her eyes. If she had been able to talk in that moment then something like 'I'm dreaming, this isn't real' would have come out, but she weren't able to get out even a litle sound.

Then the wolf started to talk, she went from totally terrified to a bit fascinated but also surprised. As the clumsy wolf tilted backwards he fell and hitted his head. Alice couldn't hold it back and started to laugh at the wolf, "You must be the worlds clumsiest wolf, and what's with the whoosh sound." She finally got herself to stop laughing. "Oy, even if I were a witch and were able to make fire with my mind, why the heck would I do it in my room, what if I burned down the house." She said looking at him wondering if he had a brain in there or if he just used his head to collect porn magazines.
Alec righted himself and trotted over to the human that was laughing at him, a wolf's grin appearing on his face. "I got you to laugh! My clumsiness has come out in my advantage I suppose. I like sound effects, so sue me." Alec said, doing his best to stick his wolf's tongue out without biting it off. It didn't work very well. Finally, with a groan of pain, he shifted back in order to sit, cross legged in front of her. His tail wrapped around him and beat the ground carefully.

"Well I mean most witches have small control over different elements. You may be able to set something on fire while also being able to drown it with water. There is only one way to find out and to to try it." Alec said, taking his hands and cleaning off the rest of his face in an attempt to appear 'professional'. He wiped off what he got off on the plate which he retrieved carefully.

It was about this time that there was a knock on the door. Alecander froze and turned slitting pupils towards the door. His tail had frozen and his ears had stood on end.

"Alice, is everything okay in there?" came a male voice--her father.
Now she was actually listening to him, not because she was forced to because a creep was in her house and she didn't know what he could do if she didn't listen to him, but because she actually got interested in what he had to say. She wanted to give him a piece of paper to clean his face with but she wondered if he would even know what he were supposed to use it to.

As she were about to tell him that if she tried then it would be outside she suddenly heard a knock on the door. Her father had woken up. She looked terrified on the door and then turned her to look terrified on the wolf man that sat on the floor in her room. How could she explain to her father that she had a wolf man in her room five in the morning? 'Hey dad I have a new pet, can I keep him?' didn't sound like a good thing to say right now.

"I'm fine, I just talked on the phone. Kevin suddenly called me out of the blue I don't know why, but I'm hanging up now so go back to sleep okay?" She told him and hoped he would buy it and go away. Even if she could explain why a half human were in the room she couldn't explain to her father how a guy could be in her room. Her father had a strict "no guys" policy, and he would definitly see the gender before the tail. Her last boyfriend had almost gotten throwned out from a window, so she needed to keep Alecander a secret because of two reasons, he's a guy and he has a tail and ears.
There was silence from the other side of the door and Alec slowly pushed himself to his feet, tension in every muscle of his body. That voice on the other side of the door could mean one of two things: a father that knew about witches and wizards and would accept him, or a father that knew nothing about it and would try to kill him. Alec felt himself far too young to die. He had only made it to age 18 a few moments ago. A little known fact about familiars is that they are born at the same moment as their witch or wizard. He did not want to die when he'd only been 18 for a few moments, even if they had been some of the funniest he had had in his life.

"Tell Kevin not to call you this early again." her father called after a moment, "Happy Birthday Alice." he said before the sound of footsteps leaving could be heard.

Alec had been moving slowly to the window, ready to leap out and save his hide from being a floor ornament. When he was sure that the other man wasn't going to return any time soon, the wolf-boy stopped and looked back at the girl. Blue-black orbs landed on his familiar and he smiled.

"I doubt it was your father that had the powers. I didn't sense any on hi at least. It might have been your mother, but then I wouldn't know unless I met her." He said with a soft smile, though he stayed near the window, ready to run away in case the girl had been freaked ad started to throw things again.
Alice heart slowly slowed down after her father had left, she didn't dare to say anything for half a minute.
"Well, even if one of them have 'the powers' you will never get to know about it, I'm adopted and have never met my real parents." She told him as she went back to the bed and sat down. "That was close, he hates when guys are close to me and he would probably have killed you if he saw you in here." She looked at him accusingly.
"Anyway, even if I have the powers you say I have I won't test them in here, we need to do it outside when the sun has gone up and I have gotten dressed, I won't go out in a pajamas" First then she realised that she were in her pajamas and also realised that she had a guy, a half wolf guy but still a guy, in her room.

She started to blush while looking at him
"Get out of my room, you perverted wolf before I tear your ears of your skull" She said while wrapping herself up in her sheets so he wouldn't see her pajamas, without carring that he already had seen it for thirty minutes.
Alec blinked and stared at the girl in front of him. He had never thought that maybe she would have been adopted. It would have been so easier to introduce himself to the parent that had powers and get her or him to introduce him to Alice, but now that was out of the question.

"I'm used to people wanting to kill me. After all, who can say that they have found a half-wolf, half-human man in their daughter's bedroom, or worse, in the forest?" Alec said before opening the window allowing a cold gust of wind in, which he tried to use his body to keep from hitting her. "I'll be in the forest two miles from here. It's where I live. When you are ready to try your powers, come find me, Lady Alice." he said, before vanishing into the darkness outside the window. The window closed slowly before a yelp could be heard.

His tail had decided to remain just inside the window frame. The window reopened and then closed, this time without the wolf's sound effects.

However, unlike what he had promised, Alecander crawled up the house's roof as quietly as he could and sat there, watching as the pre-dawn light fought the horizon. He smiled and closed his eyes as he relaxed back, a shimmer appearing around him until his wolf ears and tail vanished from sight. If anyone did see him, they would only see a young man sitting on a roof. He would follow Alice, he decided. And see if she did after all go to the woods.
Alice watched as he jumped out from the window, just to get stoped by the window closing on his tail. Alice started to laugh and thought once again, the worlds clumsiest wolf. When he disappeard she started to change from her pajamas in to her clothes, she did it fast because she didn't know if he were going to come back and try to look in threw the window while she changed. After all, he said he was a pervert.

After she had gotten her clothes on she laid down on the bed, what should she do? Go to the forest? or maybe just ignore it. This was so absurd, why did she even think about going to the woods where a wolf would be waiting for her? But she wanted to know more about the things he was talking about, maybe she should go after all. After some inner fights with herself she finally decided that she would go and meet him, but she would make him wait. She was still angry for him destroying her cake, so she wouldn't go to him before after school. Maybe that would teach him a lesson, or maybe not. But she was so tired so she didn't want to go before school anyways.

She laid on the bed untill the the clock was seven, even though she didn't sleep she liked to lay down and just think. When it got seven she started to prepare herself for school. She took her bag and her parents told her happy birthday before she went away. She hoped nothing weird would happen for the rest of the day, at least not untill school ended. As she went out she felt a chilly breeze lift her long hair, she was happy that she had taken jeans this morning instead of a skirt as she had planned from the beginning, with the wind she would have needed to hold the skirt the hole way to school.
Alec smiled as the sun played on his face and he watched the girl move off towards her school. He had almost known that she would not go to the woods. How many people would go instantly to a wood when asked by a half-wolf man? He was just glad that he had taken preparations for this such thing. He wasn't going to let her get off so easily. Standing on her roof, Alec stretched and walked over the roof until he jumped down and shifted.

It didn't take long for him to reach her destination. He ran through his story and made a few hums deep in his throat. While familiars weren't very powerful, they had enough powers to be able to blend in where they must to be able to stay close. Walking in the front doors of the school, he pulled out a pair of rather fashionable glasses and placed them on his face. In was twenty minutes later that found him standing outside the principles office with a backpack over his shoulder, his eyes scanning the student body.

Worriedly, he reached up and ruffled his hair to make sure that the pair of ears he was hiding were still hidden. In his hands, he held a box about five inches by five inches and three inches tall. All of these he had hidden near the school in case he would not have time to return to his home int he woods to grab them. After all, he may be half-human, but he still needed to be in school for another semester so that he could get his high school diploma. Everyone around him was giving him a pretty wide birth, staring at the 'new kid' with the 'strange hair and eyes'.
Alice walked in on the school ground where she fast saw some of her friends, she smiled brightly and waved to them. They walked towards their classes and they who from the begining was five was now only two because Alice and Anna was a year above the others. Their classroom was on the way past the principals office and God what a surprise Alice got when they walked past. It was a guy that looked exactly like Alecander, but it couldn't be, he had a tail and ears but this guy hadn't.

She looked at the guy as she passed him by, to scared to say anything. There was no way that 'that guy' was 'here' on her school in human form. whoever the guy was, she hoped he didn't notice her if it was the one she thought it was. But still, that sort of thing must be impossible. On the other hand, a half wold half human should also be impossible but she had met him this morning.
Alecander's eyes sparkled with mischief as he met the eyes of Alice, though he didn't show any other signs of knowing the girl besides that. Just then the principal came out and handed him a sheet. he shook hands with the older man and then stepped away before pausing and looking sheepishly up at the man, pointing out that he didn't know where to go. The principal turned eyes out to the student body and motioned to Alice and her friend Anna. "Miss Alice, Miss Anna, may I employ you to help this new student get to his classes today? I just moved to town and doesn't have a very good understanding of the school grounds." the principal asked, his question more of a command hidden within.

Alecander smiled brightly at the two girls. "Hello, I'm Alecander Trival, it's a pleasure to meet both of you. If you wouldn't mind showing me around, I would be eternally grateful." he said, his voice much softer than he had been when he'd first introduced himself to Alice earlier that morning. He acted as if he hadn't even met the young woman.
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