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    In the heart of city lies Manhattan. Here lies the remains of the Fascist Government that took over about thirty years ago. Under this new rule America became the head of science. They innovated the lives of millions as was there first goal. But has time went on they started to warp and change, they became dictatorial and harsh to there citizens. They formed a rebellion and split the nation in two.

    But this is not the end for them as they had discovered a way to go to different dimensions. With this new technology a series of wars broke about between the people from the other dimensions, the Fascist America, and the Western nation that had broken away only years before.

    In the end the Fascist America came out as victorious and took back all the land they had lost. With this they started to persecute the people from the other dimensions or Outsiders as they were called. They put them in work camps and even killed them. This problem was happening world wide as wars broke out with these people either with or against them.

    Fascist America soon outlawed all dimension portals trapping all of the Outsiders on Earth. In the generations to come they would spread there races all over the globe.

    But sadly the nameless aliens came and attacked Earth. The Fascist had just suffered from another rebellion and was weak so they wept the nation quick and fast. And now we are here, in New York that last stand, but all is not well.

    The last remaining government official have locked themselves away in the strongest buildings cowering in there own filth. Everywhere outside is in complete anarchy, sort of. People build community isolated with in streets blocked out by the rest of the world by tall walls built from scrap metal. In these communities people try there best to survive and not kill each other. Everyone one of you are in a particularly small area which the populace has come to name Hope.

    People allow are:

    @Lo Calypso
    @Legens Legentis

    If you would like you join pm me, this a private rp
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  2. Tuki sat in her chair inside waiting from some food. She hadn't gotten food in a vary long time. Even though it seemed like her baby would die she had hope. Tuki hoped that Oriana would get food for her and the others. She seemed to be a cunning girl and doubted that she would get killed.

    A light breeze went through the window she was looking out of. Of coarse it was looking into the walled off area that most of the people made tents and other structures. As the building that she was in was infested with rats and mice and wouldn't be much good for sleeping in. The people outside were worried and even crying from stress but she had hope. It was ironic the town was called Hope yet she was the only one with it.
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  3. Oriana had just gotten out of the abandoned flee market and was running from building to building looking for extra supplies or anyone that had been left behind. Eventually she came across a little boy crying over what looked like, she assumed, his mother's body. Oriana knew he would certainly die alone with those wretched things walking the streets, so she walked up quietly behind him and grabbed his mouth so he couldnt scream and pulled him to his feet, turning the boy to face her.

    She put a finger over her mouth to tell him to be quiet, he nodded and she took her hand from his mouth. "Be quiet, what is your name?" Oriana whispered to the boy and tried to calm him down.
    "M-my name is Daniel." He was still sniffling and crying from his mother's death.
    "I need you to come with me Daniel, we wil get you to safety." She took his hand and stalked to a hole in the wall of the building and ran across the street after looking both ways to make sure nobody was there. once they reached the wall with the words 'Hope' sloppily painted on them in white, Oriana pulled back a strip of tin and let Daniel inside, following behind him.

    Everyone in the camp would be angry with her for bringing another mouth to feed, but Oriana simply could not live with herself if she abandoned a toddler to grieve over his mother, alone when the world was practically ending.
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  4. A Bill appearing to be quite made sits up and looks at Oriana with a stern look. "Oriana we already have enough mouths to feed why did you bring this tot here. I now he's only a little baby but we have thirteen people and a pregnant woman to feed. And I doubt that bring a child will do us any good," the man said sternly looked more worried than agitated.
  5. Oriana had a tired look on her face and was in no mood to talk to Bill, "He has nothing left, the least we could do is give him somewhere to stay and food to eat. It's my job to get supplies anyways so what should it matter to you." she started to walk away until Daniel grabbed the bottom of her coat.

    "Where do I go now?" He asked. He still seemed shaken from what had happened to him but Oriana was going to take care of him if no one else would. She pointed to the building where she knew Tuki would be.
    "There is a lady up there that will help you and give you something to do. I'm going to hand out food." She continued over to a small fire where many of their members were gathered and waiting for food and started to hand out cans of beans and such, saving two or three for Daniel and Tuki since they were the ones who needed it most.
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  6. Wilhelm attached a stern frown as the weekly rally was beginning to take shape. His military was well-equipped, loyal, and deadly. Every week it was expected of them to display that power through a patriotic march through the central zones of the city. It was no coincidence that these rallies were held extremely close to Wilhelm's own citadel. He decided to take a morning stroll before the day's events could kick into action. The streets were packed with the starving, sick and poor, all huddled around shoulder-by-shoulder. Wilhelm made sure to quarantine the Outsiders along the rim of the Legens District. They were never welcomed.

    His walk went by with delight, for those nearby gave their mandatory salute to the Führer. Wilhelm took great joy in the fact that he could do whatever he pleased with such inferior people. His attention was caught by a bread line, crowded with children. The citizens of Legens were always forced to recognize their misery. A pair of ruffled ears stood in the line... and Wilhelm's gaze sharpened as his brow fell. A certain odor permeated the air, and he recognized it instantly.

    Somehow a Neko child had gotten into the very heart of Hope. "Step out from the crowd, SWINE!" the dictator roared as the child realized it had been discovered. Slowly, the feline boy approached him, keeping his head low and humble. "Please, mister, I only wanted to get some food and leave. I ain't done nothing!" the boy responded as he knelt on the ground. Wilhelm called out to his personal guard, the city's Protection Squad. The rest of Legens knew them as the Schutzstaffel. Accompanying the soldiers was a ferocious pack of German shepards.

    "Did I hear you correctly, filthy creature? You wanted to steal food from these innocent folk?" Wilhelm's grin went unnoticed. The crowd uttered gasps of surprise. The boy shook his head in denial. "No, I'd never do that, mister!" his voice was filled with fear. Not many of the residents had even seen a Neko before, and with the government's propaganda, never thought highly of them. "Everyone, behold your very eyes! A Neko has invaded our pure city, stolen your sustenance, and polluted our air! Behold this beast with nothing but disgust!"

    The crowd hurled insults and racist slurs at the young boy, completely unapologetic. "Hang the thief; burn the monster!" they shouted as he broke into tears. Wilhelm knew exactly what to do with this creature. "Let's show this heathen our brand of justice! He will be punished for his crimes against the fair people of Legens." the tyrant spewed. Being quick to reply, the boy tried to reason with the bloodthirsty masses. "I was just waitin' in line, like the rest of ya'!" a stone struck the boy straight into the eye. Blood mixed with tears and fell to the pavement.

    The armed squad subdued the boy with little effort, dragging him over to a building wall. Wilhelm stood proudly before the enraged horde. "What shall his punishment be, O kind citizens?" he sadistically questioned. It didn't take long for the people to give their answer.

    "Shoot the pest!"

    And soon afterwards, the soldiers aligned themselves to be a makeshift firing squad. They corned the Neko child to ensure escape would be impossible. It was impossible to hear his final words; they were muted by sobs. Being the cruel despot he was, Wilhelm gave the order to open fire. In a split second, the crowd was satisfied, and carried on with daily affairs. Wilhelm too strolled back to the citadel, now energized by the morning's unfortunate events.
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  7. Dmitry's ears twitched in the town of hope, as gunshots rang true throughout the morning air. He sighed, as he assumed another was dead in the streets, brutally slaughtered by some foolish man, that they called a 'leader'. He had never entered the town himself, but at the most would take potshots as the soldiers with his old 50.caliber rifle. Sure he had more than enough arsenal in his home to clear the entire town. But he learned it was more daunting to the rulers of that city, to just slowly nip away at the men who guarded the gates. "Hmm, to think they would ever elect a German. Foolish people." He muttered to himself, as he put down his rifle, letting it rest on the bi-pod it had.

    With a sigh he stood up from his chair. On the outskirts, no one dared to bother him, so he happily took his time getting ready for the day. Picking up his jacket, he slipped it on, and pulled up the hood. His ears flattening to his head, and his tail pressing against his leg. He usually hid his animal traits well, along with his demonic ones. Thought at a glance, one could see his eyes glow under the hood, a bright, fiery red. Looking around the room, he picked up a few weapons to accompany him for the day. Taking two large, six shot 44.magnum revolvers, he slipped them under his jacket into holsters which were hidden so well, most would never notice. With a sigh, he hefted up a rather large weapon now. An old PKM machine gun his father had given him. The heavy weapon hung by a large leather sling, which was enough to carry the obscene weight. Finally though, he grabbed three final items. Two large bowie knives, which slipped under his jacket, and onto his waist. Finally came a large mining pick, he strapped onto his back.

    "Time to get to work, yes? Come little one, you may come today." Dmitry muttered, as he gestured to a small animal, a ferret which ran up his arm, and sat happily on his shoulder. "Let us see, if we can make an...impression." He said more to himself than anyone else. He planned for havoc that day. He had a curious plan, one to ally himself with the man that ran Hope. The one he hated so much. To him, a true display of power, would have to suffice. After all, he was not one for words, nor a leader, he was a warrior. The best of the best, the one that made these puny men seem worthless. His bloodline, run heavily with demon. Yet the only one that knew that, was himself, his ferret, and his dead family.


    It may have been 55 minute jog to get to the entrance to Legens. Dmitry was on the outskirts, and walked tall among the others, his weapon hung lazily by the sling. Walking he made his way to where the now dispersing men who formed the firing squad were. "Hey you, you Facist pigs! Care to tell me why shooting a child was the right thing to do?" He announced his presence, with a loud voice, and a soft thud. His PKM hit the ground, he seemed uninterested in using a gun right now. Pulling the mining pick off his back, he smiled, "Come on then. If you really hate, and think those of this breed are useless. How about you show me, how useless I am?" He said, as he pulled his hood off, a cocky smile lit up on his face, and his dog ears came into view. As he stood there with the mining picking. "Go on. Show me." He grinned. He seemed to have a plan, but it was unclear. He just wondered who would challenge a demon. "You must know me. Don't you remember poor Franz? When his head just went 'pop' one day. That would be courtesy of me!" He announced proudly to the men, awaiting a response. The inbred, Russian seemed more than fearless and proud. He seemed perhaps even insane to say the least.
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  8. Tuki was contently setting in her chair when she heard the shouting from the others. It was normal for her to hear them bickering. But she tried her best not to get stressed. Then a boy came into the room seeming upset and saddened. Tuki was concerned for the boy from her observations from his expression. Oriana must of brought the boy from some place outside of the walls.

    Tuki smiled hopefully as she spoke to him "Hello, who are you? You must be scared, aren't ya'. Well we aren't going to let anyone do anything to you now come here." Tuki was hesitant to ask to many question as it might overload the boy. So she asked a simple question that any little boy his age could answer. She gestured him to come over to her.
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  9. After handing out food for the disheveled people sitting around the fire, Oriana climbed the stairs of a building with one entire wall blown out, breathing in the lingering dust from the rubble that had been strewn about the floor. Once on the roof she reached back and removed her hood and sat down, letting her legs dangle and fiddling with a Rubik's cube she'd found left in the market. It was supprising how the ledge she was sitting on didnt crumble under her weight, but it was where she usually went after returning from morning runs.

    She didnt know how long she'd sat there playing with the Rubik's cube but Oriana remembered that she had forgotten to take Tuki and Daniel their share of food, so she turned and lept from the ledge and landed the floor below, continuing down the stairs and to where Tuki sat in a chair with Daniel next to her. "I've brought your food, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." She sighed as she sat down her bag and opened it to pull out the canned goods, handing two to Tuki and one to Daniel.
    "Thank's miss!" Daniel looked relieved to have something to eat and Oriana was happy she helped him.
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  10. The soldiers looked at Dmitry, confused and alarmed. Whoever this poor fool was, he represented everything Wilhelm's Reich had worked so hard to wipe out. Before them stood an actual Russian dog. However, there was something greatly different about this 'man'. A pair of canine ears sat on his head, while only now could the soldiers view his height. In truth, Dmitry was a monster. "Stand down, filthy dog, or die where you stand!" the squad commander had ordered. Ten more soldiers appeared from the streets. "Under the authority of this city's laws, I place you under arrest!" he vociferated. Only a moment went by until every sight was aimed on the feral beast before them.


    Wilhelm and his best generals stood around a large map stretched onto the table. The citadel had been surging with activity over the past few weeks, with countless strategies and plans being crafted. It had been the Führer's hope to retake all the territory lost in previous wars. The sheer concentration of towns and villages past the city would soon pose a problem. Wilhelm would have to draft a significant portion of Legens' population to recover anything. Each general carried their own idea of whom to strike. "My Führer, it has come to our attention that our current army stands at only 200,000 men total. This is highly insubstantial for such an operation." a random general stated. But Wilhelm, being the clever tyrant he was, hatched a solution. If he was going to conquer the world once more, he would have to win a small victory to test his army. By slowly taking smaller hamlets and towns, expansion would be much simpler. "That number will suffice. I have my eyes set on Hope."

    "Hope, sir?"

    "Of course. Such a settlement would never be able to defend itself. The resources and potential living space for our people is tremendous if we can plan out a victory. We should prepare our army in secret, however. If word gets out, they will fortify themselves to the point of a standstill."
  11. Dmitry actually started to laugh at the orders being presented to him, "What, don't you know who I am? I would think with how many of you that have seen the face of hell, would know what I am. You worthless bastards. I am Dmitry, son of the Mstislav clan." To most the name would mean next to nothing, truly unless you studied demons, as it was, it was rather hard to even tell he was different. That was until the glow in his eyes, seem to just get brighter, and brighter. Seconds before turning into actual flame. His eyes were on fire. The Russian's voice deepened more, and more. To the point, he sounded like a devil, "You should stand down. Lest you be slain, where you stand." As he spoke, he seemed to be about to do something.

    With a sigh, Dmitry raised up his pick, "Perhaps this will show you, who you toy with." He growled, as he brought down the mining pick. As it slammed into the ground, a shockwave rocked the earth. Moving rock, and ground like it was nothing. "I wish to see your leader. Perhaps he can appreciate the power of hell."
  12. The more the soldiers listened to Dmitry, the more they thought him mad. Nonetheless, they weren't taking any chances against a monster as tall as a small house. Several minutes went by in aggravating whispers. Going against the Führer's orders on such situations would most certainly bring the death penalty, yet giving in to the beast's commands would likely bring the city to its knees. The commander pulled out his personal radio and made an emergency call. Wilhelm would know what to do, if no one else. All the while the men looked into Dmitry's ember-like eyes, feeling unsettled.

    "My Führer, we have a major issue in the outskirt district! An unknown entity has demanded your presence. It is presumably some wolf humanoid, and it claims to be named Dmitry Mstislav. The men are currently holding their fire."

    "I believe I heard you correctly. Something has demanded my presence? No one makes demands of me, I'm afraid. Inform this stranger that I am on my way..." Wilhelm's curiosity had gotten the best of him.

    "Yes sir." the commander turned off the radio, then turned to the wolfish Russian. "The Führer is on his way as we speak. Any action you take henceforth can result in our retribution against you." he gave clarification on a minor law code.


    The generals in the citadel had heard the radio call all too well. Wolf hybrids were among the more dangerous variant of humanoid species. Not many of them could guarantee the truthfulness of the commander's report, but it intrigued them still. It was also foolish to send Wilhelm into such a potentially dangerous scenario. The esteemed leader of Legens took his armored Volkswagen over to the outskirts district, against the pleas of his highest generals. All the while Wilhelm replayed the name Mstislav in his head, feeling some kind of Déjà vu from it. He simply had to see the beast who wore the name. Once Wilhelm found the squad, who had left the Neko boy's corpse on the ground, he saluted them. Not a word was uttered. Wilhelm wanted to see what Dmitry would say first, and if it would warrant any troubles.
  13. "Hmm, so you're the great, and powerful leader, who's soldiers I've been killing, and taunting for the past few months!" Dmitry called out, as he looked at the man who approached. He let his mining pick fall to his side. He actually smiled a bit. His eyes still glowed with pure demon fire though. "Come closer would you, let me get a better look at you. I can offer little more than a greeting." He said cheerfully, lord knew there wasn't going to be anyone who could figure out what in the world coursed through this man's head. He wasn't insane, but certainly he was very, very bouncy.

    "Dmitry Mstislav, in the flesh. You are?" He asked with a curious look now. It seemed the fire in his eye was starting to fade. With it, his voice began to return to normal. Which even so, for this man, with his size was just as intimidating and loud. "I was hoping to perhaps, to teach you, and also learn from you. Consider it mutual."
  14. The boy had oddly said nothing for a minute. She guessed is was because he was traumatized but when Oriana came he talked to her. "Oh thank you Oriana. With out you my baby might have died," She thanked kindly. Oriana was vary kind and one of the only people who would try and get food. Without her the whole place would collapse. The people respected her and she did too.
  15. It was with Dmitry's brashness that Wilhelm could estimate his options. Whether he was man or beast mattered little, all that was important was that this stranger was a threat. Every soldier in Legens was critical for the defense of whatever territory was left civilized. "Greetings, Herr Mstislav. I am ubiquitously known as Wilhelm Dönitz, but please, call me Wilhelm! We are both men of understanding, are we not?" the despot approached Dmitry. "And I must admit, this proposition of yours is enticing."

    The smile on Wilhelm's face was as apparent as the one on his visitor's. One hand was drawn out to shake his hand, while the other was kept firmly on the pistol Wilhelm always carried. "Before we can further familiarize each other, I hope you keep in good memory what we do to... non-humans."
  16. Oriana smiled at Tuki. "My pleasure, Tuki." she nodded and walked back up to the roof to sleep, like everyone else in the little community.
  17. Using his free hand, Dmitry extended his own hand to grasp Wilhelm's. Shaking it firmly, he then pulled back. "I'm more than a half-breed. Let me put it in blunt terms." He said, as he gave a wave of his hand, and his ears and tails disappeared. It was just a magic trick, however it was to prove a point. "I'm what you would call a demon. And I've come to offer you something, so why don't you indulge me, in perhaps a discussion." He said with an odd smile on his lips. He actually opened up his jacket a bit. It seemed he had something in mind.

    "I'm guessing you don't believe me. Very few ever do though." Dmitry admit, as he unbuttoned his jacket. With a sigh, he unbuttoned his shirt also, and as he did, an peculiar sight came into view. His skin was a hint of red on his chest, fiery orange cracks ran along the surface of it. "I'm not quite done with my aging process. However these cracks, symbolize a day closer." He began to explain, before he buttoned his shirt, and jacket back up. "I just like the wear the ears and tail in truth. I thought that made me look more aggressive. Especially when I snarl." His explanation was innocent enough. "However, speaking of half-breeds, I thought I would indulge you with my thoughts on them."
  18. "OK good bye," she said getting up and laying down on her mat that laid on the floor. Tuki closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep. She had two dreams in her sleep one bad one and a good one.

    Tuki was screaming her lungs off as she pushed. She was in the most uncomfortable with he tail between her lags. There was Oriana at her pelvis waiting for the baby to come. But when she stopped pushing a silence filled the room. There were no crying or anything else. Oriana looked at her with a saddened look on her face. She held up the baby to only see it dead. Not crying only there in her hands dead. Tuki cried and the dream ended.
  19. Dmitry's grasp on Wilhelm's hand felt as constricting as it looked. But his interest piqued as the words demon came about. After what Wilhelm had seen thus far, he certainly wasn't going to deny this man's claims. His hand left the gun and went to Dmitry's shoulder, distant as it was. A sort of gleam formed on his orange skin. "A demon, my friend? I think the two of us are going to get along." Wilhelm uttered a soft laugh. "I believe we should converse further at the capital citadel, if you don't mind." his head turned, and gave a wink to the soldiers nearby, who dispersed with haste.

    Wilhelm ushered his hands towards his car, which sat parked not too far away. "I assure you, it is a short distance. Consider yourself under my protection. Our most recent endeavors may be a welcome opportunity for you." he was cautious to mention the plan to strike Hope. The population of other non-humans in that ghetto was detestable, and there would only be complications if Dmitry knew about it.
  20. Dmitry smiled at the way Wilhelm had to react. It was curious to see such a shift, however he knew what he was doing. After all, demons were a mix between masters of chaos, and yet at the same time the best for deceit and lies. "Is that so?" He asked with a curious gleam to his eyes. He walked with the shorter man, seeming more and more interested. Of course in passing he did pick up his two weapons, putting them on his back where he kept the normally. "I know it odd to say, but as we walk, consider something with me. These, half-breeds as you call them. Don't you see them as an asset? More than something to take frustration out on. Whether it be in beatings...or well, I assume you can understand what a male may do." The Russian explained as he walked.

    Dmitry paused for a brief moment, reaching down to pick up some dirt off the ground. It was merely dust, however he began to weave it as he talked, "These half-breeds have something you, and your soldiers don't. Access to animal instincts, we know how brutal dogs are when they fight, and how cunning a cat can be. Am I wrong? Imagine this will you." As the demon spoke, he used the dust to display an image of an army. Made possible by all the imbreds, that this nation suffered because of. He was trying to manipulate, and push Wilhelm into something. "Free soldiers, are all around you. Cannon fodder, for the taking. And when you're done with your conquest, turn them to slaves, dogs are the most obedient, and cats the most fearful of a master."
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