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  1. You are attacked in your home one evening. A masked stranger throws a gas canister through a window, and you just have time to see his dark mask as you succumb to unconsciousness. You awaken in an elevator - there is no electricity, and the lift itself is still. There are others around you, waking up from similar experiences. You still have your cellphone to use as a flashlight...

    but where are you, and what is going on?

    --- I will be playing an eighteen year old girl called Gabi. Jump in as anyone you want :)
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  2. (occ)(when you say lift shaft do you mean in a lift with lots of other people in there with you ?)
    Doug woke up in a corner and finds him self in a lift he rubs his head and stands up. the 19 year old stays relitivly calm trying to figure out what had happened and why he was here.
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  3. At the same time, an eighteen year old girl awoke to the darkness too. Her throat constricted, momentary panic taking hold of her. Her hand scrambled to her pockets and found her cell phone there.

    17% Battery Remaining.

    She turned the screen, using it as a light to try and work out where she was. The room was small. The walls metal looking. Industrial, perhaps? A lift. A lift. Panic set in again and she fell back against the wall behind her. The phone light showed glimpses of other figures moving about, probably just waking up as well. She couldn't tell how many people there were. A few.

    What was this?
  4. the boy sees the light of the phone and calls out "hello anyone there ?" the boy notices that he is not the only one in the lift as he could see a person in another corner who hadn't woken up yet.
  5. "Uh... hello?" Gabi responded tentatively. The voice was male, but youthful. It had the same instability as her own. After all, she didn't know what the heck was going on. There was something though. A mask? Gas? What had happened before she had woken up here. "Are you okay?"

    She held out the cellphone light again, wondering how long the battery would last, and following the voice that had called out to her. She nearly tripped over someone's leg, and after flicking the light downward, she saw the person was still unconscious. In the end, she made it to the corner where the voice had come from, and turned her phone to illuminate a boy around the same age as her.

    "I'm glad I'm not alone..."
  6. Doug got out his moblile which was an old nokia the ones that everyone at collage called old bricks but still this phone was one of the ones given out in India as it had a light on it which was usefull for earthquakes. Doug alumnates the girls face and says "hi im Doug what is your name ?"
  7. Gabi watched as the boy pulled out a rather old looking phone - still, the light worked, and his battery would probably last longer than hers.

    16% Battery Remaining

    Yes. Most probably.

    "I'm Gabi," she replied quietly, glancing around in a way reminiscent of a small rodent. There was no light seeping into the lift, not even a glimmer of natural. It must be night time. "Do you remember what happened before you woke up?" All she could remember was the mask. The dark mask and then she woke up in this place.
  8. Doug replies "all I remember is being at home and then a guy in a gas mask came in after he threw in a grenade of some sorts"
  9. His words were so resonant, she knew almost immediately that the same had happened to her. And what about everyone else? There were a couple of other people, most still asleep, but one or two looked like they were stirring.

    "I think the same happened to me. And now we're in a... lift?"

    She shone her phone around the walls and ceiling. Of course. A door.

    "Lifts have openings. It seems obvious, but we should check the door."

    The desire to get out of this situation began to override her fears. Panic was there though, bubbling under the surface.

    "Doug, help me with the door, yeah?"
  10. "ok im sure we can shift it but were most likely stuck beweane exits but lets give it a try " says doug as he walks to the door and wedges his nails in the grove of the door.
  11. 15% Battery Remaining

    Gabi followed suit and tried to pull the door from the central opening outward. It wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she and Doug tried to pull. She turned her phone light to the buttons beside the door. Wasn't there usually an emergency speaker box if a lift broke down?

    "I wonder if there's anything here we can try to get in contact with somebody with? I'd phone emergency services but I don't have any signal at all - even my network has gone down."
  12. "good idea" said doug as he uses his phones torch to search around for the panel with the buttons .
  13. "Augh, my head..." the older man grumbled as he sat up. He had awoken to the sounds of voices, and opened his eyes to see a few lights in the darkness. "Hey, you there. Where the hell are we?" he asks the two figures talking. Sounded like a little girl and a young man. She sounded like a teen, and he somewhere in his twenties, maybe? He himself was 46 or so. He was a few bottles of Jack past his memory, and his head was still groggy from the gas.
  14. Nara's eyelids slowly fluttered open revealing two brilliant blue eyes. She groaned and sat up. Her head pounded painfully as she brushed the long black hair out of her face. Realizing that she wasn't in her house, she became frightened and frantically looked around the dark, cold room. 'Where-where am I?' She then heard the voices of other people and saw a faint glow of lights. "W-who's there?" the seventeen year old said in a trembling voice.
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  15. Harper awoke with a start. As soon as his eyes opened, he was bombarded with memories of what had happened. Gas masks, canisters breaking through the windows of his first floor apartment, and then...nothing. God, what the hell happened?!? Looking around, he saw four or so others already awake. Hearing a young girl asking a question, he shook his head in the dark before focusing on the others.

    "Does anyone know where we are?" he asked after listening to them speak for a few moments. Assuming they didn't, he took out his cell phone. Getting to his feet, he turned on the flashlight function before scanning the lift and the people around him. Focusing the light on the top of the lift, he felt around blindly for a catch, some sort of panel that lifts normally had. Once again scanning the lift, he noticed one important thing was missing. His guitar! His breath catching in his throat, he swung the light around, searching for the aging acoustic.

    Accepting that it wasn't there, he bit his bottom lip. If it wasn't there...then where could it be...? He had been practicing when the canisters of gas burst through his windows. He remembered dropping it as the gas hit his lungs and he doubled over. As his consciousness faded, he looked over to the back of the guitar, at the beautiful phoenix that his sister had once Sharpied there...but what had happened to it? Frowning in the dark, he leaned against the back of the lift, praying to not get a panic attack now. Running a hand through his hair, he paled slightly, tapping his fingers against the metal wall of the lift. He couldn't stand not knowing where his guitar was...Flexing his hands, he closed his eyes, trying to steady his breathing. And I knew I should've taken my medicine today, he thought to himself angrily, feeling around in his pockets for the medicine that normally kept the panic attacks at bay.
  16. Just as Gabi swept her phone light over the control panel - noting the whole unit was due due a lack of backlight - several others awoke within the lift. She turned, shining the light on them. Three had woken up.

    "I think we're in a lift... somebody attacked us. All of us, I believe - though tell me if I'm wrong. And now, we're trying to find a way out of here. My name's Gabi."

    14% Battery Remaining

    She turned back to Doug, shaking her head. "Nothing. I can only see buttons, and the whole unit is dead."

    It was cliched, but she thought on films and tv shows she had watched - how did they escape? The final chance struck her. The ceiling. Was there a panel that would come away?

    "I'm going to need somebody to lift me up? Maybe there's a panel or a hatch or something in the ceiling."
  17. "oh yeah the hatch in the roof just like in the movies when people are stuck in a lift" doug exclaims.
  18. Harper placed a hand over his mouth, closing his eyes as he struggled to breathe properly. As the other two discussed the hatch that might be in the roof of the lift, he forced himself to calm himself. That only made him feel like he was going to pass out, so he sank against the wall of the lift, suddenly feeling claustrophobic and terrified. Sucking in deep breaths of air as often as he could, he felt tears coming to his eyes, like they usually did whenever he had a panic attack.

    Breathe, Harper, breathe, he told himself, knowing that he was making a great fool of himself. Besides, one of the people here might know of him from one of the shows he had played recently. Mostly, he would play in the city streets downtown or at a bar once in a while, and sometimes people at the supermarket near his apartment would recognize him, which always made him feel giddy inside. Right now, though? The last thing he wanted was someone to see him having a panic attack on the floor of a dark lift while the others tried to figure a way out of it.

    After several minutes passed with him on the floor, the attack broke, and he was fine again. Breathing normally, he shakily got to his feet, bracing himself on the wall of the lift. Retrieving the phone that he had dropped, he shined the light up at the roof of the lift, feeling once more for something besides metal ceiling.
  19. seeing the light of another torch shinning on the roof of the lift Doug looked to where it was coming from and spotted the man siting in the corner and said " thanks for the help" and smiled
  20. Calming down, Nara tried to remember what had happened to her. She was alone at her house when it happened. She remembered that her parents had gone out with friends and her sister was at a sleepover. She had nothing to do so she just stayed at home that night. It was late when she heard the crash, maybe ten. When she ran to investigate she saw that a canister of some sort had broken the kitchen window. Before she could process the situation the canister started to spray a foul-smelling gas. She tried to hold her breath but by the time she did it was too late. She had already breathed enough in to knock her out. The last thing that she remembered was a person wearing a mask coming towards her. Worry for her family began to consume her. 'What if that person got my family too?' was all she could think. After a few seconds of worry that was on the brink of becoming panic, she took a deep breath. 'Just sitting here worrying about it won't solve anything,' she told herself. With a new sense of determination, she searched through her pockets until she found her phone. She turned on the flashlight and looked at the other people in the lift. 'They must be trying to find an opening in the ceiling,' she realized. Shining the flashlight on the ceiling, she searched for an exit.
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