Show your love!!!

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You're always insightful and helpful! ^_^
I love how I always want to grip you by your legs, and swing you around like a hammer. : D
I love your keen interest in guitaring, and your sheer skill for the art. ^_^
Is awesome despite his pilots being mentally retarded. XD
Has good taste in video games and RPGs!
Has an avatar that makes me lol every time i see it.
Because You joined my RP and are playing an awesome character.
Because I'm yours ~<3
Because I feel like I really connect with you, its not often I can truly say that about someone <3
Because you used "<3". And you're nice to me, and you're there for me when I need you. And because you're adorable when you sleep. ^.^
words cannot describe how awesome you are ^_^ *snuggles*
Because you and me are an awesome family.
Because your new user name is totally badass.
Because we're still great friends!
Because your crazy antics make me laugh.