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Show your love!!!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~Katsugi Kaji~, May 5, 2010.

  1. The game is simple. Compliment the user above you and you have to be positive no matter what! Hopefully this will help YOU learn and try to learn more about your fellow Iwakuians! :)

    Bad ex. - "you're amazing feet disguste to no end!"

    good ex. - "you are an amazing artist and I wish I could draw like you!

    trance isakitsune draws very well, I admired her ability to learn and grow as an artist!

    Your turn! See what people say about you! You might now realize how truely awesome and amazing you are as a person.
  2. Mistress Katsugi is the most amazing singer and most gorgeous woman evah! Hail Mistress Katsugi!
  3. Gwen

    She went over and climbed up. "Thanks Jay, sorry if I weigh you down a bit."


    He peeked up at Dylan "It was flawed. I thought it was going to go better. People didn't follow through. It won't happen again." He paused then reached for his phone. "I figure I might as well contact her with the contacts we have from mister Whittaker. As mister Whittaker."


    She smiled "Your sister? I am sure I would love her."
  4. Yes

    darkness has great taste in rock music
  5. Katsugi is amazing!!
  7. Barbiel is...different.... I like it. ;D
  8. (but loveless is well loveless lol)

    You're funny, and in a good kind of way.
  9. You can be a really cool guy. :3
  10. Demi

    Quick question: Am I a horrible person if I'm internally relieved when Carrie takes over with Eve?


    ...Yeah, I know. Easy ass question. Just checking with all of you fuckers.

    I quirk an eyebrow when Helen goes on this weird trip about being tiny and all light and shit. The fuck? Is this like the second phase of trauma or something? First phase, despair. Second phase, getting high without chemicals. Wonder if she's seeing little Smurf chipmunks hopping around with cotton ball armor (back in the lobby, Nellie's creativity senses tingle). Holding back a smirk, I shrug before slipping out of the blanket and getting off the bed.

    "Ya weigh as much as air, huh?" I ask calmly while standing in front of her...

    My smile turns downright impish before I scoop Helen up into another Bear Hug. "Let's test that shit out then." I catch the blanket before it completely slides off of Helen and throw it haphazardly over her shoulders. I readjust my hold on her and proceed to follow behind Carrie and Eve, a big dopey grin on my face. I then scrunch up my nose.

    "Don't know, Chipmunk." I shift my hold on her a little, as if I'm testing her weight. "Might be just a little bit heavier than air."
  12. For a seemingly new member, you aren't as noobish as most newbs are.
  13. im a newb, im just good at hiding it

  14. John

    "Yep, home sweet secret base." He joked.
  15. Belle

    She smiled and felt her cheeks grow somewhat warm. "I suppose we should head to bed soon."
  16. There's a hot asian guy i've never met.. :D
  18. Good Night.

    Then my next rp probably will be some sort of Final Fantasy RP then.
  19. (Ed Nygma is the name of the Riddler, and Vic Sage is the name of The Question. Both are from DC comics)


    "She did and she'll be more than happy to see him again. I've looked into him. He's here in Baltimore. I've got all the information on him that we need. We need to keep this between you and I. We don't know who to trust at the moment."


    "That's the thing, it may not have been my choice, but it was still me doing all of those things... thank you."
  20. John

    "Oh yeah, we had to jump in so fast. She was about to kick his ass."


    "I told you not to worry about it." He got a chocolate chip bagel and paid for both.