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  1. The game is simple. Compliment the user above you and you have to be positive no matter what! Hopefully this will help YOU learn and try to learn more about your fellow Iwakuians! :)

    Bad ex. - "you're amazing feet disguste to no end!"

    good ex. - "you are an amazing artist and I wish I could draw like you!

    trance isakitsune draws very well, I admired her ability to learn and grow as an artist!

    Your turn! See what people say about you! You might now realize how truely awesome and amazing you are as a person.
  2. Mistress Katsugi is the most amazing singer and most gorgeous woman evah! Hail Mistress Katsugi!
  3. Your avatar is kinda hot?

    Am I doing this right?
  4. Yes

    darkness has great taste in rock music
  5. Katsugi is amazing!!
  6. Jason



    He kissed her more, holding her closer.
  7. Barbiel is...different.... I like it. ;D
  8. (but loveless is well loveless lol)

    You're funny, and in a good kind of way.
  9. Alexander reasoned the box* “I don’t care what she did. I went through similar if not worse trials and I didn’t betray heaven.@
  10. You're actually cool right this moment.
  12. For a seemingly new member, you aren't as noobish as most newbs are.
  13. im a newb, im just good at hiding it

  14. You're totally hot, even if you are underage.
  15. There's a man with good taste in his selection of videos.
  16. There's a hot asian guy i've never met.. :D
  18. I'd rather SHINE my love.

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    And TK, I love the fact you have a Plushie Army. XDD
  19. (Ed Nygma is the name of the Riddler, and Vic Sage is the name of The Question. Both are from DC comics)


    "She did and she'll be more than happy to see him again. I've looked into him. He's here in Baltimore. I've got all the information on him that we need. We need to keep this between you and I. We don't know who to trust at the moment."


    "That's the thing, it may not have been my choice, but it was still me doing all of those things... thank you."
  20. John

    "Oh yeah, we had to jump in so fast. She was about to kick his ass."


    "I told you not to worry about it." He got a chocolate chip bagel and paid for both.