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  1. It doesn't get said enough.

    And since this month's theme is about seeing the best in one another (AND NOT ABOUT SEX, YOU IMBECILES!), this will be the one and only time that I crack my steely misanthropic exterior and expose the gooey Asmo-juice that lurks within.

    Our dear own Momma-D is feeling down in the dumps of late. Too little appreciation and too much criticism on the home and psychic fronts.

    So, let's all remind her that, without the creature that is Diana, none of us would be here. We would not have this community. We not have developed such a competent staff team. And all the hundreds of stories that have dazzled and enchanted us would never have gotten off the ground were it not for the launchpad that she provides us.

    This is private site owned by her and Gibs. She can do whatever she wants. She can get rid of whoever she wants. But instead, Diana has put in place a body of rules, a code of honour and, above all, a community spirit that makes this more than just some private indulgence. Iwaku is a space in which we can escape from so many things in life.

    It is a place where we can weave a dream, if only for a few hours.

    Escapes that would not be possible - dreams that would not be possible - without Diana.

    For my own part, I remember when Homac and Gabriel Zero, our first Admins, fell apart and left Iwaku hanging. I tried my best to fill the gap, but the madness got to me too (as some will remember). Running Iwaku is a tango with insanity at the best of times. But Diana has weathered the tides that turned three previous Admins to jelly.

    I didn't think it was possible. But she did it. And we're still here.

    And now, we have more members than we ever did.

    Diana, you have enriched my life and countless others. That counts for something.

    So thank you.

    Now cheer the fuck up.
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  2. Diana, you are an inspiration to many and despite your husband and brother's plant being shut down, despite babysitting to make ends meet. bespite the fact that this last year has been a rolercoaster with more ups and down than the quantum structure of a glass of water you've stuck by us and been a stabilizing element not only on the forum, but in my personal life. Without you I wouldn't have the few things that make me happy.

    You're also one hell of a roleplayer.

    So cheer up gueurl, and that's the one and only tile I'll say that in public.
  3. When I first came onto this site, I was blown away by an Admin personally posting her greetings in my newbie intro thread. What's more, when I asked Diana to RP with me, I was dragged into Cbox for plotting and then the thread was promptly started... and all of this on my first day.

    Diana, you are an amazing Administrator, an honor to work with, and have become one of my dearest friends over the past year or so. I shudder to think what Iwaku- or I- would be like without you. You are the heart and soul of this community, and anyone who tries to give you shit or tell you how to do your job should take a minute to consider how long and how hard you've worked to make their everyday roleplay experience a success.

    Many of you do not see the bulk of the work that Diana puts into the forum. Let me enlighten you; it is a Herculean effort, and she works daily. When other Staff become unavailable due to real life conflicts and issues or ailments, she tries to pick up the slack herself. She has a hand in every major project on the forum. This woman devotes a huge chunk of her time, energy, and love into Iwaku, and she very rarely gets thanked for it. Instead, she bears the brunt of criticism and panicking when anything goes wrong.

    Show her some love, you guys. She deserves it.

    And on a more personal note, Diana. I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND I'M STILL GOING TO INVADE YOUR HOME SOON. *Slaps your ass*
  4. Your cooking is amazing. Hands down, the most delicious foods I have ever eaten. That day you taught me how to make the 'super sub' sandwich will stay with me forever : ) The first person in my life that showed me how to prepare real food.

    I had been on several other rp forums before joining Iwaku, but never had the urge to help the sites. When I met you in the cbox about three days after joining I had this overwhelming urge to become a mod and work for you. It was strange cause I usually am a pretty selfish person.

    Anyway. You're the best, Dianers and I can't wait to visit again and eat your cooking.

    <3 October
  5. Hey Diana.

    Oh boy, where to start...?

    When I first learned that you had taken Iwaku under your wing... I was a scared, insecure lil kid. Iwaku was a place for me to be safe, it was a place that, honestly, helped me learn social skills I DESPERATELY needed. I was uncertain of what might become of the place I had grown to know in such short time.

    I was a bit afraid at first, but you kinda stole my heart with the way you honestly seem to DESPISE using the ban hammer, instead of relishing the power it brought. Your judgement was sound and soft- yet never to the point where people managed to have their way with the site. I grew up, learning skills from this site, and.... you. You've got a good heart.

    No joke- working with you when I was a mod was an odd experience. As I said, that whole "gentle-but-firm" stuff. Your tales of love with Gibs were inspiring to me when I was younger, and now that I'm older, I treasure the little talks I have with everyone, but it's kinda special with you. You're a DAMNED good woman, a DAMNED good person, a FUCKING AWESOME Admin, and an amusing friend. You and Gibs are important to me- And I look up to your actions. You've done a great job. Take pride. Look at your site- look at this. We're swelling with members, new ones pouring in all the time.


    If you ever need an ear to listen to ya when you're at a low point, you know where to find me.
  6. Diana you are SO AWESOME seriously. I remember when I joined you made me feel so welcome and wanted. Even to this day if no one else says Hi to me cause theya re busy you always remember. Thanks for all of your hard work

    Of course we love yahere.
  7. Diana, when I first came to this site, I didn't know who you were. Still do not really know you, we've exchnaged a few words here and there and I like you already :3
    Looking forward to future Diana times, smile, people love you damn it. :P
  8. I'd never been on a site before where the admin and the staff were so friendly and so personable with everyone, and actually WANTED to roleplay with folks. Not just condescend to play with the poor newbs because nobody else would. And me, being very shy and feeling very small, felt quickly scooped up by Big Mama Di, and have loved my time here ever since. Di is at the forefront of Iwaku. You can't go far without meeting her and getting a sense of her love for the forum and the community. She constantly puts herself out there and sacrifices her own chance to roleplay and relax so that others can. She keeps everything moving and working behind the scenes, so much so that it's easy to forget how much she does. There really would be no Iwaku without her. Not the Iwaku that we know and love.

    I love you, Di! One day we'll meet in person and we'll hang out in the kitchen and cook awesome things together. :3

  9. Perhaps one day my words will speak more about you personally than what I've gathered from you as a leader.

    I admit, sometimes I wonder why you don't get rid of the people that give us Staff Members headaches and for me to understand that I've had to curb some of my rage and remember that whatever we do, whether it's good or bad, will come back to you, the Admin. (And yes guys, Zen does get angry.) Out of all of us who work on the site you're the one who sacrifices the most, the one who puts in the most time and the one who cares about it above all else. You're a patient and understanding woman who keeps our rage - and mine - in check, who offers guidance not just in moderating our site but to the Girls in the Club.

    Above all though, I want to express my admiration for how much you do for Iwaku. I don't have a lot of experience running a Roleplaying site, but I have experience in leading people and it's an exhausting and stressful endeavor. It's a responsibility that only the strongest take up and you've proven that to me. You've given me a space to grow as a writer, an artist and an all around creative person. For that I want to say thank you.

    Now slap life in the face and make it your bitch. =D
  10. Diana, even though I barely know you and we do not get to chat much because of the timezone differences, I think you are a great person. As Asmo has said, it is you who owns this side and you could have turned it into your personal site. But no, you chose to make it a roleplay site that is awesome by all standards, does not discriminate against roleplayers of any skill and has the most welcoming community I have ever seen. Period. I respect you for what you have done to Iwaku and I look up to you, because you are one amazing person for having established this little haven for us.

    When I joined this site, I was not new to RP, but I was completely overwhelmed by the response people gave to me in my welcome thread. I did not frequent CBox because I thought it was a silly place, but then, I joined for one of the masquerades and I never left. I still remember you circling me with your clipboard shortly after I joined, telling me to become staff... And I told you I would not. And now, after several months, here I am, finally on staff, ready to give something back to Iwaku. I really did not think I could make it, but then, everyone proved me wrong.

    So thank you, Diana, for providing me with a wonderful place to roleplay, have fun and a chance to be a staffie!
  11. Diananana,

    I have told you before how strong and beautiful I think you are, and that hasn't changed. You hold so much wisdom when it comes to many different situation that I greatly admire. Even when you rageface you manage to keep a level head, and that is something I really respect about you. I'm sure there are days where you want to slap all the members and just yell and fling tables everywhere. I think that's a natural reaction sometimes, but you have great control! :D


    I have lurved my time on Iwaku and on staff. So great. You know what you're doing! Don't ever doubt yourself.
  12. I like <3 you and stuff. =D

    Also, what they said.
  13. Woman, it's been about 15 years since our first roleplay together. 15 years of plots, of site explosions, of planned vactaions and of silly arguments. To me, you will always be my webmistress and best friends. You have had your struggles, more then is fair, and I can only hope I was as encouraging and helpful as you needed me to be in those dark times.

    Your love and generosity knows no bounds, and I am glad to be in the unique position to have watched you grow from an eager teen, wanting to help out your first internet home in any ways possible, to today, being the inspirational woman and more importanlty the rock for so many that need a safe place and escape. Iwaku was a roleplay site and community before you came here, but you brought experience, and the lessons learned from failures, to ensure Iwaku would thrive.

    Thank you for wanting to build relationships, connections and community. Thank you for inspiring so many stories. And thank you for being a friend to a stuborn woman with too many plot bunnies and a weird obsession for orginization. I can't imagine my life without you, Gibs & Pan. You guys are amazing and I am fortunate to get to know all of you.

    Now if you'll excuse me I need to find a tissue. The chest cold, honest!

  14. A lot of people have already said most of what I wanted to say. So I'll just make this short, sweet, and simple.

    Thank you for providing a place that I can call "home", especially when my real life home feels like nothing more than a house.
  15. A bit over a year ago, I joined Iwaku. At first, I was scared, terrified. I'd had a lot of bad experiences with online roleplaying venues. I didn't want another. But you talked to me. You made me feel not only accepted but actually wanted. Diana, you have given so many people a chance to shine above and beyond what we thought ourselves capable of. Thank you.
  16. Thank you very much for all the great things you have done for the community over the years. We probably wouldn't be shit without you.

    Love and happiness!
  17. When I joined Iwaku I didn't expect much from it. I had assumed that the admins would never really be around. The staff would mostly be jerkoffs that harass people they dislike and favorite those they like. More importantly I expected this to be another roleplay site where if you weren't "literate" you wouldn't be allowed to roleplay. At least not without being hassled about it constantly. I was vastly surprised to have three staff members and Diana herself post in my new member thread greeting me. Immediately afterwards I noticed the link in Diana's signature talking about literacy. While reading that I knew right then that Iwaku was at least three steps above the rest.

    So thank you for forming this site into what it is today Diana. I don't know if I would ever be able to find a better site out there, so I will keep donating to help support it!
  18. For a long time needed something help me become a better writer, other than just writing a story. I was extremely shy about show others my writing, as I am not the best writer. And by chance I found Iwaku, and nearly instantly fell in love. This place was welcoming and the people are kind. They accept all writers, and the staff and members all make this an awesome community.

    So thank you Diana for holding up this site for wandering souls like myself to find. A place where we can be creative, and as Amos put it, escape from reality.
  19. Y'know i probably never say it and hell i honestly don't talk to you nearly as much as i should and or want to but i know that you are an amazing and great person. The few roleplays we have been in together were a blast even if it was short lived. You are an amazing person and i hope you don't give in to the pressure of life. Keep up the amazing work and stay great : P

    -Your resident overlord Laharl
  20. You know, I'm supposed to be on my vacation from Iwaku but Kehv said there was this thread and stuff and I should go see it. So here I am.

    I'm from Moonwings and honestly I didn't really want to join Moonwings, I didn't. I had been from SMU/Chatpool/LotN and those had left a residual horrible taste in my mouth about online roleplaying communities. Then I moved in with Kehv and he was always on Moonwings, always telling me these funny stories about people that I sorta remembered. I was so nervous my first time in Naked Chat, so nervous! But there was Diana, like others said, there she was and she was SO nice. I no longer remember my first Diana roleplay but I remember one where I got to play my Redd and it was amazing.

    When Moonwings died, a part of me died too. I didn't see where I could possibly go. There was no where for me to go. I looked at Iwaku and while Diana was in charge at that time I think, it didn't seem like a very nice place. I had no interest in being here at all. The chatroom was full of strange guys with too much testosterone and I just backed out real fast. Luckily Diana created another little forum for those of us who didn't make the move with her.

    When I joined Iwaku finally because of a server hiccup for the other forum, I was amazed and surprised at the change that Iwaku had undergone. It seemed like a really friendly and wonderful place and at first I resisted settling in and once again, if Diana hadn't been there with welcoming arms I would have fled again. Instead I found that Iwaku was a great place and my first forum group game here was in fact a Diana run game of epic silliness. I even played a straight man, just for her.

    Where ever you go Diana, I'll follow.