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  1. I would like to run a game loosely based on the Persona franchise, mainly on 2-4. I am a huge fan of the games, and Shin Megami Tensei in general and would love to play a game set in that universe. It would use entirely Original Characters with no appearance by the official cast. Likely, it would take place in modern day (as you are reading modern, not Three Years From Now as is typical for PS2+ era persona games).
  2. I'm interested! I tried a P4 rp myself, but it sadly didn't get far.

    I know you said no canon characters, but would canon Personas be alright?

    Also, I'm not sure how detailed you want to be for your character sheet, but if you like a lot of detail, you could use my P4 one as a template. (Just an offer, won't hurt my feelings if you want to make your own)
  3. The only Persona I've played is 4, but I have played the Digital Devil Saga games and some of the Shin Megami Tensei's. I'd definitely be interested in something along these lines.
  4. Canon personae would be perfectly fine. Since they are mythological figures in the first place, finding one that isn't used somewhere in the five games would be the hard part.
  5. I'm interested! I've only played Persona 3, but I know the story of 4 fairly well too. I'm curious, have there been any thoughts on plot yet, or is that something to work on once there's a better idea of how many people want to be involved?
  6. I have a vague plot outline in mind, but with Persona being what it is, any the nature of freeform rp in general, I need to know the characters before I can go farther.
  7. Okay, so how about something towards why our characters would be connected? Like, are we all students at the same high school? Do we all habitually hang out in the same park/club?
  8. I was thinking of just falling back on going to the same high school. Only a few characters didn't in persona, so it seems like the go to.
  9. Okay, sounds good. What about the country?
  10. I was actually thinking on this: Las Vegas, Nevada. First of all I am in no way an expert on Japanese culture and the Persona games are nothing if not an exploration into japanese culture, at least 3 and 4 (see: the treatment of Apathy Syndrome sufferers, the everything in P4's social links, etc) but I do know American culture. Second because Vegas is a place evoking quite a lot of imagery just by itself.
  11. Interesting - there's a lot to draw on in Vegas. Neon, vice, the hostility of the desert, the timeless hyperrealism of casinos, luck vs fate...
  12. The fact that the strip is less than twenty miles from an atomic test site (which has it's own museum), the fact that despite tourism to Vegas increasing every year the suburban area has been on a slow spiral to poverty for years...

    There are a ton of themes that make vegas a really cool place for a story like this.
  13. There appears to be interest in this enough that I will start work on the opening post, then. My computer (or possibly charger or battery, not sure yet) is broken so it will take a while, since that means all typing must be done through my phone.
  14. I am totally down for this. I have been looking to play a gritty private detective, and it being in Vegas makes it even easier of a fit. My only question is, do we get, or awaken to persona, or is this more along the lines of SMT where we team up with demons? Id perfer the persona route since you can do alot of interesting imagery and symbolism about your character with it.
  15. Well, the question there even still is if it's P1/2 or P3/4, sinxe demon recruitment was still a thing in 1/2, but the answer is like in P3/4. It's a much easier system to work with and, as you said, ripe for symbolism.

    I'm probably going to launch the application topic as soon as I figure out what's wrong with my computer, so expect it within a few days.
  16. I'll be looking forward to it, then! The more I think on it, the more it seems like the setting and concepts have plenty of potential for a very interesting game. Guess now is a good time to go wiki hunting for a persona, too.
  17. I don't think I could turn down a Persona RP if I tried, definitely count me in once this is up!
  18. Just and update to show I have not abandoned this:
    Everything is planned out about the opening post.
    My computer has had the problem identified. My charger port's solder detached and needs reatached. Some certified friends of mine are doing this on monday. It's currently sitting in its bag with the bare minimum screws to remain in one peice, and the box of screws next to it.
    This is probably a temporary fix, but will let me post the Opening. I can post rp posts from my phone easily.
    If it's fixed on Monday, expect the post Tuesday, or Monday night.
    If it's not fixed on Monday, there will be a follow up update.
  19. I'll definitely join this.

    May I reserve the Star Arcana? :3 (Totally assuming each character has an arcana alignment)
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