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Sherrilyn Kenyon

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Suga, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. So I have met some individuals that have either heard of her or only read one of her series The Dark-hunters. Well, she has another series not as long as the dark-hunters called The League! I'm wondering if anyone has read it, cause I'm DYING to talk about it with someone! :) Or the Dark-hunters, anything written by her! ^^
  2. I've never heard of this :o

    are these books on project gutenberg or another online resource where I could check them out?
  3. There books, technically romance novels, but there's technically so much that goes on you forget about the romance!
  4. I've read a few Dark-Hunters books, but I don't remember them, but I will look into the new ones.
  5. The league is based in a future, syfy setting :)
  6. I've heard of this author, and I might give the books a try. What are they like?
  7. Well the dark-hunters is about the Greek gods, and The Leagues are about assassin's~~ the dark hunters are based in modern times about a war with a made race and demons. The League is more scifi, based in the very future about honestly so much o.o so much goes on...
  8. I tried reading one of her Dark-Hunter books and couldn't take it seriously. Which doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, mind you. Haven't touched the League books though.
  9. I feel the dark hunter books are harder to get into considering it's her oldest series and one of her first. Since I did read from beginning to end all 30, I saw her writing change, her characters develope better, they became less romance and mode story. So it was interesting watching her as a writer as well change and adapt.

    She also has a teen book, I own them but haven't stayed reading them yet. The chronicals of Nick? I I've heard their very good, there suppose to be the story to a character in the dark hunters Nick wis THE BEST AND SASSIEST OF THEM ALL xD so I'm excited for that
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.