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  1. After watching Gosick and Sherlock when I should be revising for an imminent test, I fancied doing something in the mystery genre.
    More specifically speaking, I wanted to play the 'John' of the pair, though not the bumbling idiot in the books.
    No, I want to play a character like the John in the BBC series, or Kujo in Gosick, though not to the extent where everyone thinks he's gay.
    I'd also like you to play the Sherlock/Victorique-esque character. By this, I mean that you will have to be snarky, witty, have a brilliant mind that can see through anything and everyone in seconds. However, you have to be infuriatingly childish at times, with little grasp of social norms, and what the correct thing to say is (for example, being incredibly insensitive at funerals, shouting at old ladies, calling your best/only friend an idiot, etcetera).
    Usually, I'd let you take free reign of your character's personality, but I just really want this one.
    Oh, and one more thing, just one more...
    You're coming up with the mysteries. Hey, you're the one solving them.
  2. You had me at Sherlock.
  3. Most wonderful. I take it from your response that a modern day time period would be used? Or am I reading too far into such an answer?
  4. You read my post accurately enough. Yes, I would like a modern day style Sherlock Holmes, it would prove to be most interesting to say the least.

    Should we base it off of America, or Great Britain?
  5. I'd much prefer Britain - it just seems to fit more.
    That, and an American 'Sherlock' just doesn't feel right.
  6. It sorta does. Who is going to be our James Moriarty?
  7. Ah, that is bit of a problem.
    I'm guessing that the person making the mysteries would play him.
    Presumably, you.
  8. Me? If you say so. I feel so honored.
  9. Quite.
    Now, formalities aside, where do we start with these two? Have they met, are they meeting? If it's the las one, how far away from your character is mine from meeting him?
    If you like, I'll decide, but I'd just like to see your preferences first.
  10. No, I believe that the best story beginner would be if they were to just meet.
  11. I see.
    So, would I have my character walk in to meet yours, then? We'll also have to have the obvious deduction sequence included, it wouldn't be Sherlock-y without it.
  12. But, the question still lies, who's going to be Watson?... (Dibs)
  13. B-but I... The first post...
    You didn't read it, did you?
  14. I read it, but It would make more sense if I was James and you were Holmes.

    But, seeing how I was tired when I wrote my previous one, I guess I could play Holmes... if you don't want to.
  15. I do suppose you have a point.
    Though I assume we're simply using each characters' name in context - pulling off each character's portrayed personality is something only the best can do credibly.
    If you get John, though, I get Mycroft.
  16. Understood.

    We should have different names for them as well, make our characters alittle original more or less.
  17. Of course, but that can be taken care of in due course - unless, of course, you want them to be defined, here and now.
    I'm planning to keep 'Mycroft' in the dark until his introduction, however.
  18. Understood. We can keep some mysteries here and there.
  19. Glad you see it my way. So, I assume you're posting first? If there's nothing else you want to work out, that is.
  20. It was your idea, you should make the first post. Unless of course, you can't think of one.