"Shark" with Buzzsaw Jaw

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  1. I have seen the face of fear and hell.
  2. Evolution comes up with some strange stuff, yo.
  3. Ahhh, the early days of life, when the best way to make it a more successful life form was to stick more fucking teeth on the thing.

    Also, the manta ray looking motherfucker with the spiral mouth? Creepy. As. FUCK.
  4. Soon enough, there will be a cheesy horror film involving this abomination.
  5. It will take place in the waters off Uzimaki.
  6. I dig weird prehistoric animals.

    Now that you've figured out this, paleontologists, tell me which way Hallucigenia stood and which end is the head.
  7. I thought I have seen a lot of strange historical animals, but this takes the cake. Who would have thought that a being with a saw for a jaw once existed on the Earth? I certainly did not. Maybe next time I create alien things, I should take a look at pre-historic lifeforms for inspiration.
  8. I want it.

    Give it to me to raise and I promise it will never go hungry.
  9. Now where did I put those laser beam cannons...