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  1. So, I made this thread a long time ago, and felt like bringing it back.

    It's kind of self explanatory, so yeah. Share em if ya got em.

    My SFW one is:

    Come say hi or something. My url is self explanatory; I usually post whatever I find interesting.
  2. So...I never really understood tumblr. It looks like fun, but I'm unsure what to do there. Plus I've seen a lot of negativity towards the site and the community there. Maybe you could enlighten me on the site more lol
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  3. I think it really depends on what community you happen to run across on Tumblr. I really don't know what to say as to not anger anyone, but a lot of the social justice/radical feminist/meninist blogs kind of give Tumblr a bad rap.

    I usually just follow humor/science/random/horror blogs, and things like that. That way, I don't have to deal with those ones mentioned above.

    Um, how to describe Tumblr: Really, you just reblog stuff that you like. It's just basically reposting pictures, text posts, etc. People follow you, you follow people. It's just like any other social network, really. But you get to post whatever you want.
  4. So doing something original is more likely to not get noticed then? o-o;
  5. That's not necessarily true. Not many people do random-type blogs, like mine. Usually people stick to one kind of blog, whether it be humor, horror, porn, etc.

    You usually have a harder time getting followers if you do what I do, but it's not really about the followers (to me, anyway). Even if you're posting what you like, there are bound to be people who like what you post.
  6. I wouldn't really know what to do then, as I like a plethora of things xD
  7. Yeah, you'd probably fit into the random crowd as well. It's your space to do with as you please. At least, that's how I see it, anyway.
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  8. The way Tumblr users explained it to me is that you've got North Tumblr and South Tumblr.

    North Tumblr is filled with the radical feminists. Most likely the communities that have caused the negativity that you've mentioned.

    South Tumblr however is fun and amusing Gifs as their national sport basically. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, you name it, it's there. This is where you go to be able to get involved with the fandoms/interests you want and be part of a fun community.

    So really all you need to do is stay in South Tumblr and you'll be fine.
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  9. the radical part is far smaller then people think, and other parts of tumblr tend to call them on their shit.
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  10. My (SFW) Tumblr is
    Silly animals most of the time and out of no where a a butt, whips or weapons appear.
    Sorry to say my NSFW blog is gone.
  11. My Tumblr can be found in my sig, though I don't really use it that much anymore; occasionally I might reblog something, but it's pretty rare these days. I actually used to be rather active on the site, but then I realized that not very many people really care. Plus I'm just not very motivated to do anything anymore.
  12. Here's my Tumblr:

    I usually post and reblog things Disney-related but on occasion, I'll post other things ^_^ Feel free to see my......humble abode
  13. I just joined Tumblr this year and I tried before and did not understand what was happening at first. :) It's a lot of fun in all honesty! There are some things that people post that I do not always agree with but I just pass them by. Tumblr is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

    My tumblr is !

    I'll follow you other users because I need more people to follow. :)
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  14. Ew Tumblr.
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  15. I have a tumblr account just so I can follow blogs and hunt for cool pictures/inspiration sometimes, but I never blog myself. o___o

    randomly I MIGHT post on this though:
  16. I recently got one of those Tumblr things. It's only been in existence for literally less than 24 hours as of posting this, though. So so far it doesn't have much other than reblogs of some stuff I like. As well as random little thoughts and mini-rants that have come into my head so far today, meant to serve as a sort of condom for such things so that I don't have to clog up my roleplay OOC's with all my nonsense. It'll probably have a lot of that. Also, I'll probably post up some fanart and stuff as time goes on. Currently working on some weird stuff right now.

    Edit: Tagging my first world problems with "#the struggle" is fun.
  18. i would regret to show my tumblr but... it's in my signature
  19. I realized that I showed my face on my Tumblr, so I had to go and change my picture to something that didn't.
  20. ...Do you really want me to relay at least some of that nonsense to you, as well? Cuz I can do that.
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