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  1. As a fan of many different animes, I've found myself wanting to do anime roleplays, but with a twist. I like to get creative so sometimes the canonverse just isn't enough for me. So naturally, I adore AUs. Here's a list of AU ideas I have separated by four fandoms.

    Note: I would prefer them to be onexone roleplays, but a small group would be fine. Anything marked by a * would be strictly onexone.

    Attack on Titan:

    - The 104th Trainees Squad road trip AU. (Any/all pairings could be involved. Except I will absolutely NOT do age gap pairings. Looking at you, Eren/Levi.)
    - Cliche coffee shop AU.*


    - Canonverse, but older characters.* (They've grown up a bit and volleyball isn't their main focus.)


    - Human AU. (This can mean whatever you want it to mean. I don't care what they're doing or the setting as long as it's modern and realistic. Any pairings will do, but I'm a fan of Frain,FrUK,USCan, Franada, DenNor and GrePan)


    - Canonverse, but older characters as well.* (Any pairing except RinHaru, SouMako or SouRin. I like MakoHaru, Reigisa, RinRei, Nagitori and whatever Kisumi and Makoto are called. I have a few crack pairings because of the silly OVA so you can ask me about those.)

    (P.S. - This is my first thread as a newbie besides my introduction. Sorry if this isn't in the right forum or format! I'm a bit nervous to post, but I figure I should just get it over with...)
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  2. I would say I'm interested but I can't read the ideas since it pretty much looks like black on black. :D
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  3. Highlight them with your curser. ~ your welcome
  4. That works but it's still inconvenient to not be able to just read it normally :p
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  5. Didn't mean to make it black. It's been changed.
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  6. I am up for any of the attack on titan ones. But I'm leaning a bit toward the road trip au. (•3•)/
  7. That one was my favorite out of all of them. Hopefully more people will be interested too, but we could always just make it onexone if you're okay with that.
  8. I wouldn't mind onexone but let's wait and see first of course. c:
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