Serial Killers

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  1. Hi! This is an idea based off of a book I wanted to write, so I thought it might be fun to play! Spots are limited, as the story originally only has 5 characters. Me being one leaves four spots left for whoever wants them.

    FBI: Federal Case #196544732648351

    Another string of serial murders has turned up in Kansas. Same M.O. as the first 53 victims. You can add 11 more dead to the list. This is the largest serial murder case that I, or the entire bureau has ever encountered. Profiles follow:

    We believe that the majority of the group are male, judging by the assault on each of the victims. But the clean kill shot suggests the presence on a woman. We believe there are Five total criminals involved. We assume three are male and two are female. There is always flawless clean up. One of them is obviously a clean freak. The is no blood, or stains, all the wounds are cleaned, and nothing is left. There is no trace that anyone was there accept a body.

    We advise the public to stay in their houses after dark. This is a nation wide Public Service Announcement.

    I would like three boys and one other female character. If you would like to have two characters, you may be twins, but only if there is still room left. There are certain jobs that need to be taken:

    - The Bait (Person that leads the victims to set up hotel rooms)
    - Clean-Up (The boy that has OCD about clean, and strips the crimes scene)
    - Abusers (Two One other boy who do the initial beating and punishing)
    - The Kill Shot (Girl who ends the lives of the victims.)

    Just to be clear, these are not specific to one character. Sometimes the bait will change, and the killer, but this is just for initial knowledge of characters.

    There are no more Female parts left.
    There are two male parts left.

    Character Sheets:

    - Name
    - Age (All are generally the same age, late teens to early twenties)
    - Appearance (try to use pictures)
    - Height
    - Weight
    - 'Job'
    - History


    Name: Vinny Mae Ortego

    Age: 19 and 1/2


    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: 112lbs

    Job: Kill Shot

    History: From a young age, Vinny (Victoria) was taught hand to hand combat, along with how to use and wield a knife, gun, and among other things a war hammer. When she was twelve she accidentally killed someone. A larger kid came at her, so her tiny fingers dug themselves into his throat, shattering his windpipe. She was never really the same after that. And not too long after that her, along with four of her friends faked their deaths and went on the run. They ended up killing people. The first time was becuase one of the boys got mugged, so Vinny hunted down the mugger, the mugged and killed him with her bare hands. It was all history after that.
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  2. Oh, this looks very interesting, and I would love to roleplay this with you!

    Would it be all right if I take the spot of the bait and make it a female?
  3. Looks interesting. I might join
  4. @Shelby Of course. You can put up your CS whenever, I'll cross off the spot so that its yours.
  5. Awesome, thanks! (:

    I'll get to working on a character sheet now, so I should be finished soon.
  6. ((Hope this is well enough))


    Name: Kiva LeAnn Johnson

    Age: 19
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 115
    Job: The Bait

    Personality: Though she may not look it, Kiva can be a very manipulative person. Always acting to get on someone's good side to appeal to their better nature, she knows what it takes to deceive people, and she does it all the time, and fairly well if she had anything to say about it. Because of all the faces she puts on with people, it can often be hard to judge whether or not she is being her true self, and half the time even she can't tell when she is really being Kiva or if she's putting on one of her acts. It's very confusing to the girl, but she doesn't question it very often, deciding to just stick with what she knows so that she can stay alive and do her job well. She does have a bit of a short temper, however, and isn't afraid to say what is on her mind, even to her friends. She figures sugar coating things is stupid and would rather tell and be told the truth, no matter how bad it hurts. But be that as it may, if she has to lie to get her way, or to get herself out of a situation, she will.

    History: Having grown up in a well off family with two very successful siblings and parents, Kiva was never given a break, even when she was little. Always being told what to do, always being told what was expected of her, her parents were always hard on her, despite how they said they were only doing this for her own good. They wanted her to have a good life, a life where she didn't have to worry about anything. One where she would learn and know many trades and skills... But Kiva didn't want to have a part in any of it. But for a while, she could do nothing about it. When she did, however, that was when she started to change, when she started being someone else

    All throughout her life she felt stifled by her parents and siblings, and she had always been so tired of it, but she never showed her discomfort. Always hiding behind this wall, doing things her own way despite what her parents said... But she never got caught. Always did she have an excuse and evidence (no matter if it was false evidence) to back up what she did, her parents never suspected anything. They were so gullible. She got away with so much that it was hilarious! If her parents actually cared, they should have figured out that she had lied to them for years.

    But for so many years of putting on acts for her family, as well as other people, Kiva started to lose sense of who she was, and still to this day she doesn't really know who she is. She just does things to get her way and to do her job. Nothing more and nothing less. But when she got tired of that place, tired of being 'Kiva' her parent's daughter, she left with er friends after faking their death, hoping to start anew. To be a new person, which is why she doesn't question herself much.
  7. Great! Accepted! All we need now are three male characters.
  8. Sweet! Hopefully people will become interested soon.
  9. Name: Jack " Justice " Feyll
    Age : 20


    Height: 6 ft.
    Weight: 165lbs - Lean & Toned muscle.
    'Job' : Abuser [ Murderer ]

    History: [ Inquiry/interview style. ] "As long as I could remember, I had always had a knack for violence. Though with no true purpose, especially in high school. Nothing but young girls, or the normal bully for change was the only action I could get every now and again. Only within my sophmore year did I come to grow extraordinarily bored and couldn't help but get a "hunger" not only in the mental but in the confines of my very being. The feeling, it was on another whole level to be in such an euphoric state of bringing freedom to those in need. " The ending of his last statement bringing him to fiddle with his fingertips his eyes lowering for a moment as if he'd left his body and his emotions completely vulnerable and out in the open, as if he were naked. Justice as they called him continued in his story.

    " Gosh, the first one.. Now that was one to remember. This girl... " A smile morphed eerily across his face from ear to ear. " She was so beautiful, though lacking in happiness. SO I gave it to her. ONLY I could after all. " It became apparent he was growing rather..excitable by explaining further. " But, boy did her and I have fun for the time we dated. But.. her sorrow it wouldn't leave her, her damn mother, her useless father. All of them were unable to grant her the gift I was whenever around. So I had.. to fix! Them, her too. "

    Now a glimmer in his eyes had grown apparent, the splendor of the amber was intoxicating gleaming wiht the reflections of whatever light filled the sky. Only to continue in his mental parade, bequeathing his tale. " Ahh, where was I? Oh right. I had to fix them, all of them. One night, you could say I did what had to be done. Finding my way into her home was easy, especially through an open window. Silent, I couldn't help but feel so delighted to be helping her as I rushed past like a phantom. Her parents had long gone to bed, as did the whollleee neighborhood around this time of night. A true dark hour if you will. Like silent waters I flowed into her parents room like nothing but a black silhouette, a mass, a phantom of Justice! It was soo.. easy. Much more than I expected to slice a man's throat as he slept. But his constant noise became sickening, blood filling the wound and bathing the sheets in a small cesspool of blood his wife woke up in a panic. But i'm smart see, as soon as she opened her eyes my fist abusively knocked against the side of her head, putting her back into a wonderful slumber. Imagine the headache she would've had if not for me afterwards!? "

    Laughter escaped through parted lips in seducing yet manic behavior. " As for the mother, I took my time.. Or at least I tried. I waited until she woke back up, of course by that time I had long restrained her limbs, and shoved something inside that disgusting hole were those sad little yelps would've probably came from like a whining mutt. I tried to make it slow, torturous but inevitably as I began to wring her neck, I accidentally put too much pressure on the jugular prematurely, though temporarily ceasing my euphoric activity. I was unhappy to say in the least, but wait. The daughter, the girl... Why don't we just say, after that I couldn't help but continue my spree for another four long beautiful years. As a matter of fact.. I'm glad you were the next to take an interest in little ol' me.."

    The scene becomes bathed in black as it fades. With only a sound of of a ferocious end and that same seducing manic laughter echoes until it's end.
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  10. Fantastic! Welcome to the Role play!
  11. Of course, of course! I couldn't pass up anything with serial killers now could I?
  12. How could anyone? Haha.
  13. Hi! :] I hope I haven't messed up your thread or anything but I'd like to say.. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I was wondering if there are any spaces left and if so.. may I join? :]
  14. Yeah! All that's left are two male parts. The clean up guy and the second abuser.
  15. coolio :] may I reserve the second abuser? I'll try to get the form in when I can :]
  16. I'd like the clean up guy (ノ・ェ・)ノ
  17. Great! Once everyone posts their Character Sheets, I think we can start.
  18. sorry it's took so long for my reply.. I just haven't had time for anything lately.. I do have a little question.. would you prefer a character who's age is around everyone elses? or would you like an older character instead? :]
  19. I would like everyone to be around the same age.
  20. okay, thanks :] in that case I know for sure who I'm gonna bring :]
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