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  1. Serenity Down- A Multiverse Rp

    "Serenity....We're going down" The man in the footage wheezes, clutching his side. His face is painted red his scratches and burns, his very skin crumbling away like pastry.
    "I don't know how...but everything is failing. Life support, deployment control, even door control is shutting down; sooner or later...we'll just be another hunk of metal drifting through deep space...which I think is brilliant"

    The computers around the man seem to spark and flicker. He falls back in a blur of brown and read, the leather of his coat letting out a brief fizz as it begins to ignite "We don't have much time. My name is Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the cargo ship Serenity...requesting immediate assistance from...." A flurry of names and coordinated cascade from his lips, floods blood leaking out alongside them.

    "Right now, we need you, more than anyone has ever needed you before" Another wince is made "We're making a crash landing, aiming for a planet called 'Earth'. Its mostly unin...uninhabited..." And another "Aiming for Coordinators 19.4326° N, 99.1332° W..." Mal's words grow more frantic as his breath races; he is fighting for consciousness "This goes beyond us. We must......"

    A soulless click is unleashed as the final captains log concludes


    Your name and location were mentioned in the flurry, striking you with confusion. As a result, the Nova Core, intergalactic peace keepers, have summoned you to the dead world in order to aid with the investigation...but all is not as it seems. The Nova's have placed the planet under blockade, a precaution never taken under normal circumstances. They have corrupted the files within the ship's black box, the last surviving fraction of its computer. They have gone as far as to place you under custody is you Cooperation is not ensured...

    It is as if they have something to hide


    This Rp shall be based loosely the themes of the 'Firefly' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy', featuring aspects from many more franchises. No knowledge of any medias is necessary to join.

    Furthermore, this game shall be part of the 'Singularity' multiverse, at the Approval of@thuro 116 Pendragon
    Error |
    All OOC talk goes into the respective threads (Or this one if you are Lazy)


    1) Both Fandom characters and OCs are welcomed throughout the course of the game
    2) No God-modding - The fun comes from the struggle
    3) Character death will play a large part in this game; if your character does meet his, her or its demise, you are welcome to sign up as someone else
    4) General Iwaku rules apply
    5) All *Mature 18+* rated stuff must be done via Pm between the affected players; we don't need any of the younglings getting traumatized now, do we?


    Character Sheet-



    Appearance- (You can post an image if you like)

    Biography- (If you feel lazy, just link a wikia)

    Character Powers, Abilities, Equipment and Stuff-


    Roster/Accepted Characters
    The Maker/ Reed Richards and The Master @Mighty Roman
    Jack Crichton- @Thuro 116 Pendragon

    River Tam @CookieMonster
    Peter Quill/ Starlord and Cameron Goodkin @LuckycoolHawk9
    Kiande Thei-de and Shaitan @Ringmaster
    Spike Spiegel and a Xenomorph @T.O.M
    Battler Ushiromiya @Gibbons
    Momoyo Kawakami @Kaykay

    - @"Lost"
    - @Forrest
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  2. Name- The Maker

    Cannon- Ultimate Comics

    Show Spoiler

    Biography- Once called Mr Fantastic, teen genius Reed Richard's body chemistry was altered when him and 3 of his friends were transported to the 'N-Zone' in an experiment gone wrong. In only matter of time, Reed and the Fantastic 4 became humanity's first line of defense against cosmic invasion.

    However, things changed. A series of disasters tore the team apart, and after being caught in an explosion at his house, the young genius decided to remake the world. After battling the Ultimates, the Fantastic 4, Spider-Man and Mahr-Vehl, Reed Richards retreated to 'The City', a bio-dome which is home to an advanced civilisation that Reed had created over the years, in an attempt to replace the world's population with a better one. It was during this time that Reed's intellect evolved masssively, resulting in him taking on the codename of 'The Maker'.

    After escaping the destruction of Earth-1610, Reed continues to plot to change the world, jealous of a happier world where the Fantastic 4 still stand united.

    Character Powers, Abilities, Equipment and Stuff-
    Super Stretching
    -Reed can stretch any part of his body to miles-long lengths, and even create extra arms out of his body. Furthermore, he can 'Stretch his mind' to increase memory retention and become more intelligent.
    Super-Intelligence-Reed is one of the smartest men in the universe, classified as a 'Super-Genius' with few able to rival him, especially when it comes to technology or bio-engineering.
    Altered Biology-Reed does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. His only organ other than his brain is a singular 'bio-stack' which keeps him alive.

  5. ~Name~

    A Certain Magical Index


    Minor Spoilers (open)
    Index is a special child with the ability to perfectly recall everything she sees. Using this ability, she memorized the 103,000 grimoires of magical power, making her an invaluable magical asset to the English Protestant Church. However, do to the incredible danger she posed if she was ever used against them, she was implanted with a spell that would kill her if her memories were not wiped precisely every year. They lied however and said that this was a condition brought about by her mind only being able to hold that many memories alongside the massive knowledge of the grimoires. Discovering the truth, Kamijou Touma broke the spell with his Imagine Breaker and took unofficial custody of Index.

    Later, when he was taken hostage by the Organization, she went on to live with Stiyl Magnus, prior to being summoned to an alternate Earth by the Nova Corps.

    ~Character Powers, Abilities, Equipment and Stuff~
    As mentioned, she has a perfect memory and can recall any fact, event, or person she has ever seen.
    Additionally, while not being able to use the 103,000 grimoires herself, when greviously injured the power within the grimoires can take control of her and guide a nearby person through the ritual of healing her.
    She can intercept spells cast by other magicians, redirecting them, though she can not do this against an entire group.

    She is a total brat and is probably going to bite the hell out of whoever she chooses to be her big brother.​
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  6. So far, all characters have been approved, and all reserve have been held; the game will probably begin when we have 4-5 players signed up
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  7. So I'm stuck between two different characters from tabletop RPGs.

    We've got a hermetic psychic from a ruined world full of habitat towers, who doesn't fully know how to use his powers and hates people, or a homeless guy who doesn't sleep, pops pills like candy, and bleeds venomous ants. They're from Stars Without Number and Don't Rest Your Head, respectively.
  8. Why not both?
    *Mexican Music Plays*

  10. *Has dramatic flashbacks to the death of Cromartie*
    No...not the kill bill soundtrack...and the references...,
  11. Such a beautiful blushing bride.
  12. Nooooooooooo
  13. Can I reserve a spot?
  14. Sure! The more the merrier
  15. So when choosing a fandom character is there a limit eg one punch man etc XD
  16. Nope! They'll be ways to mortal use them a bit though (just so Saitama can't ouch through the entire Nova fleet lol)(I probably spelled his name wrong!)
  17. Haha okay but there are some crazily over powered characters lol
  18. Don't make me bring in Saint Seiya to make sure everyone plays fair :|
  19. Alright! Is it Goku, Galactus, One-Punch or Superman? JKS
    They all have their weaknesses
  20. Is it limited to animes? Cuz I'll be Dr Manhattan
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