Senso School of war

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  1. The beginning

    The year 2500 saw the introduction of a new kind of machinery. Personally controlled mechanical suits. These revolutionized many aspects of the human world. One massive part of human life these robots influenced was war. Obviously new weapons were made from this piloted robots. The new machines built for war became known as Battle Mechs, or BMs for short. However a world wide peace treaty was signed at the beginning of the production. This was decided on by multiple governments, to help widen the human understanding of these machines. They chose to begin a vast research plan, before we decided to rip each other apart with our new toys. This lead to the creation of multiple manufacturing companies, each designing the machines in different ways. This peace treaty also created something else, a school. This school went by the name of Senso, and was built just of the coast of japan on an artificial island. It was founded and created by an alliance of Mech building companies, and served the purpose of teaching the new generation. More schools popped up around the world, aiming to do the same thing. However Senso was the largest and most renown amongst the lot.


    Senso is the largest Mech teaching school in the world. With people transferring from everywhere just to learn. They do provide basic education as well, but most of the lessons are constructed around Mechs. One of the most outstanding features of the school is its battle arenas. Senso provides education, not just for normal Mechs, but also teaches about BMs. This was frowned upon to begin with, but soon was praised after some time. Senso teaches people fully how to control BMs in multiple ways and in group squadrons. Senso is classed as a boarding school, so all students live on the campus area. Senso works of the american system. With freshman being 15, and seniors being 18. However after they graduate students can return to take higher courses in subjects, or even become a teacher. Due to its large focus on BMs, Senso offers multiple competition and competitive events between students and classes. Even inter-school or inter-country competitions are help at Senso.



    Battle Mechs, or BMs for short, are the main combat design for Mechs. They vary from company to company, and even from person to person. BMs link with the piolet and almost develop a concision. This means no two BMs are the same. Mass production of BMs are created for everyone on to use, they are shipped into armys and are the basic of basic BMs. On the other hand some people are able to gain personalized BMs, these are built around a specific person Personal BMs are very unique and can be a mix of multiple classes, giving them endless combat options. Personal BMs are also normally given a unique and specific skill. BMs are normal split into classes, these include: Tanks, Sharpshooters, Assassins, Brawlers and Supports. Personal BMs can be a mix of classes e.g a Tanky Support. Because of the emotional link between the BM and the pilot. Some people have problems operating them, and the majority of pilots seem to be female. It is not yet known why this is. However some males are able to pilot personal BMs. This means that the population of any Mech schools is very one sided.


    Tanks- These are the buffest of the BMs, designed to take multiple hits. They can also carry a lot of stuff on them, however they are rather slow.

    Sharpshooters- These are the BMs with the most firepower. They are normally light weight and weak, but are able to blast multiple opponents with their guns.

    Assassins- These are the sneaky ones. They are very fast and carry multiple small close combat weapons on them. They are normally fitted with a cloaking devise of some sort.

    Brawlers- These guys are the close combat fighters. They can take some hits, but not as much as a Tank. On the other hand they can dish out tones of damage at close range.

    Supports- They are BMs designed to assist a team. Normally fitted with small fixing Mechs or healing equipment. They are created to help friends or hinder foe.

    Each personal BM can be a mix of multiple classes.

    Character sheet


    Appearance: (Anime pic please)
    Alias: (this is normally given to those who do multiple competitions. It is not required if you don't want one)

    Battle Mechs

    Class: (This can be mixed)
    Other equipment:
    Owner of BM:​
  2. Human
    Name: Yukigani Rikka

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Sexuality: Straight

    Alias: Graceful Berserker

    Personality: Cheerful, fiery and impossible to stop when determined. She tends to have a certain flare when she does things. However, she has a bad habit of not thinking too far ahead.

    History: Born and raised in Japan, Yukigani knew what she wanted from a very young age. She dreamed of competing in BMs. The excitement of battle fired her up, and she worked hard to get into Senso.

    Battle Mech
    Name: Piercer of the Lightning

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Class: Assassin Brawler

    Weapons: Beam lance and whip, wings on the side which can be controlled telepathically, heavy cannons on shoulders, powerful rifle, light machine gun mounted in head

    Strengths: Incredibly fast and capable of doing incredible damage very quickly and over time

    Weaknesses: Not very durable, damage concentrated in slow firing rate weapons and melee weapons

    Other Equipment: Radar, scanners, rocket thrusters, etc.

    Owner: Yukigani Rikka
  3. Human

    Name: Leo Ferrum
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    sexuality: Straight
    Alias: Blue eyed demon
    Personality: Leo is emotionaly open. He is very blunt with how he feels, and shows his emotions very clearly to others. The boy also has a fiery heart, and his not the type to give up. However he also has a dark side, Leo is prone to getting very violent very fast. And it doesn't help that he is a skilled fighter.
    History: Born into a martial arts family, Leo began to love combat. He was very violent from the beginning, and moved schools a lot. Eventually he was signed up by his parents to join the Senso school. They hoped it would channel his violence.

    Battle Mechs

    Name: Riptide
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Class: Bezerker/Assassin
    Weapons: Graphene blade, retractable forearm blades and a adaptive combat rifle.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Very strong in close combat. Beast form buffs the BM massively. Both agile and fast. However no so good at long range. Also beast form can have a bad tole on the user.
    Other equipment: basic BM gear. Personal function known as Beast form
    Owner of BM: Leo Ferrum
  4. It was the first day of the Senso school. All the students were making there way to the campus. There had been an assembly called for all new students. They were going to be issued there rooms and then there time tables for the year. Any BM's were being transported to the schools garage. The school was one of the largest in the world and had it's own island made for it.

    Leo was not a freshman student. However he had only just joined in the school program. He was wondering around clueless. His clean white uniform was on scruffily, and his hair was a bit of a mess. His vivid blue eyes scanned the area for any signs of a map. He was looking for the school garage so he could go check up on his Mech. Since he wasn't paying much attention to his direction, he soon bumped into someone. They both fell to the floor. Leo landed over the person he had bumped into. His eyes closed from the impact. "Ahhh sorry about that" he apologized.
  5. Yukigani had already been in attendance at Senso last year, and was looking forward to starting her second year. Excitedly, she rounded a corner a little too fast and crashed into someone, falling to the ground.

    "Oh, it's my fault as well, don't worry about it. You okay?" she asked, though it seemed to be a silly question as he had fallen onto her.
  6. The boy was kneeling over her. He opened his eyes at the sound of her voice, realizing it was a girl. He quickly stood up slightly flustered. "No it was my fault, I'm still getting use to this place" he said. Leo held out his hand to help her up "I'm Leo by the way" he introduced himself.
  7. Yukigani laughed a little, seeing the boy flustered. "Well thank you," she thanked the boy as she took his hand and stood back up. "I'm Yukigani, Yukigani Rikka," she returned the courtesy, brushing herself off as she did so. "What year are you, Leo?"
  8. "The second year, I believe" he replied, sounding not too certain. "I have just moved here" he explained to her. His eyes were a vivid blue that shone brightly, and his black hair blew softly in the wind. He had a warm smile on his face as he greeted the girl. "Ummm could you help me with something?" he asked politely.
  9. "Oh, you're a transfer student?" Yukigani flashed a kind smile, her long red hair moving ever so slightly with the wind. She couldn't help but stare at the new student's bright blue eyes, they weren't a common color around here and there was something enchanting about them.

    She woke up from her thoughts at his question.

    "Oh, of course! What do you need?" she answered, a bit flustered at being caught off guard.
  10. He smiled at her, he noticed her cheeks go a bit red for a second but it soon faded. "Could you help me find the garage? I need to check on my BM" he asked her. He held a map in his hand but he couldn't tell where anything was.
  11. "Sure!" she said in a cheerful voice. She took the boy's hand and started to lead him toward the garage. "You're a boy, but you said that it is your BM? Do you actually have a personal one?" she asked, curious about a boy who seemingly managed to pilot a personal BM.
  12. Leo blushed as she took his hand and lead him to the garage. "Yeah, it was made for someone else. But they couldn't handle it apparently" the boy told her as they began to walk off. "But it works with me fine" he said with a warm smile.
  13. "That's amazing, Leo!" Yukigani praised him excitedly. "What does yours do? Oh, and I have a personal BM of my own, if you wanted to know," she smiled back at him.
  14. Leo had almost forgotten that the majority of people who could pilot personal BM's were female. He didn't know why he could control Riptide so well, he had always believed it was because they were so similar. He was excited to hear that Yukigani had her own DM as well. "We should train together some time" he suggested to her.
  15. "Why not now?" Yukigani smiled expectantly at him. "I can't think of much better to do than do some BM training right now!" She had overpowered all of the other students in her class last year and won the tournament for her year fairly easily. The prospect of a new challenge, and a boy who could pilot a BM at that, excited her beyond belief.
  16. "Sounds like a match" he grinned. Leo was happy he had already had a challenge. The boy loved fighting using his BM, especially against strong people. The garage came into view, it was massive like everything in the school. It looked very modern as well, with multiple BM's being moved in and out of the area. "Where we will we be training?" he asked, as they neared the garage.
  17. "Right over there," Yukigani pointed at the open field specifically for BM combat. "We have a ton of fields dedicated to BMs, but this one is closest and it's open, so I think it's a good idea." As they entered the garage Yukigani made her way to Piercer of the Lightning. "You ready, Leo?"
  18. "one sec" He said as he walked over to something that was covered by camo green cloth. He pulled away the covering to reveal is Personal BM. He grinned at it's reveal, proud of the monster he could pilot. He jumped up into the stomach of the beast, and it began to power up. The pilot pit closed and the body began to move as the boy fiddled with the controls. As it turned on it's eyes shone blue, similar to his own.

    All the screens inside the BM switched on, and he could soon see the outside. He looked over at the girls BM, it was very elegant and he thought it suited her well. "Lets do this" he said through the speaker, his voice warped slightly by the machine.
  19. "You got it," Yukigani said from inside her own BM. As they moved onto the field, she took a good look at his BM. It seemed quite powerful, though she couldn't see any guns on it. She smirked a bit, it seemed to be focused on close combat like her own, though even more so.

    As the two BMs stepped onto the field Yukigani powered up her Beam Lance and Beam Whip. "I hope you don't get scared off now, Leo!" she teased.
  20. He looked in amazement at her weapons. He had never seen laser technology on a BM before. It looked very powerful. He surveyed the area, it was pretty plain. Just a normal field. He guessed it could be made into different environments to act as different situations. "Don't worry, I'm not the kind to run" he said to her, drawing his blade. It was a large blade, looking almost like a katan. But could be held easily in one hand. It was pitch black and made of pure graphene.