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  1. What is your typical sense of humor and what is more likely to make you laugh?

    Do you find certain humor offensive or tasteless?

    My sense of humor is pretty offensive sometimes and I like several types of humor so it's not very hard to make me laugh.

    I don't particularly find any kind of humor offensive since I'm pretty desensitized as it is.
  2. I'm a really easy person to make smile and laugh. I love cheesy and corny jokes (hm cheetos jokes? XD), puns, witty comments and remarks.

    There are some types of humour I'm not really into, however. I don't like extremely sexist/racist jokes. I'm not really into potty humour or sexual jokes. Seeing fails won't make me laugh, it'll just make me cringe..

    I do like some occasional dark humour, like Cyanide and Happiness.
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  3. Other people cringe, I laugh my butt off.

    Also, for some reason, a share of sexual/racist jokes have managed to sneak into my repertoire. And I'm not happy with it.
  4. I think it's because I just feel really embarrassed for their sake. I can't watch fails anymore.
  5. Right, right. I wasn't comparing to your opinion on fails, I was simply in possibly the worst manner possible, hinting to my punny humot. Which makes people other than myself mostly cringe.
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  6. Oooh okay I get ya!!! Hm o.o That actually happens to me a lot. My mom will groan and be like "That was so lame -_-"
  7. I love puns

    I love wordplay

    I like some shock humour too

    but there are some things I just can't laugh at, or the roots of which I find so offensive or stupid that I just can't bring myself to support the idea by laughing at the joke, some of these things include
    • rape
    • dead/injured babies/children
    • sexism
    • the 'snarky shrew wife and downtrodden doofus husband' stereotype
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  8. I am a boundless font of humor. I've laughed at everything from shitty popsicle stick jokes to anti-jokes where the lack of a punchline is the joke to jokes about tragedies like 9/11 and school shootings on the very day they occurred to things that aren't delivered or intended as a joke at all but tickle me anyway. There is no topic that cannot be made funny to me.

    Poor delivery of a joke is basically the only thing that can ruin it for me, but you give that content to someone who understands comedic timing and I'll have a good time with it.
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  9. There are different levels of my humor. The longer you with me the darker it gets because I'm feeling out you to see if you can take it XD
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  10. I think my sense of humor is probably my best quality. I can laugh at pretty much anything as long as it doesn't involve someone getting mutilated, or extremely offensive. I remember I was about 12 years old when my step-father was watching Good Morning Vietnam. I had no idea what I as laughing about, but I'd laugh throughout the entire movie. Now that I'm older, I still find that movie absolutely hilarious.

    I do laugh at some things that other people groan about, and I usually feel some sort of guilt right afterwards for it. I can't help it though, if someone gets it right, I feel like it's worth a laugh.

    The weird thing is, sense of humor is usually what I look for first when dating someone. My husband's sense of humor is completely lacking. He finds the weirdest things funny, and I'm just sitting there trying to figure out where the freaking humor is. But, I manage to make him laugh at least once a day with someone random comment, so I guess he's not completely a lost cause.
  11. Macabre humour in general.
    Sure. I don't generally like humour about human tragedies that just happened, I usually like to at least wait a little for people to lick their wounds before cracking jokes about it. As for tasteless? Mocking specific people'll do it. If you gotta vent, fine, all fair n' good, but if you won't stop mocking someone constantly? Probably bad. Yeah.

    Still, how I feel about it is irrelevant really. For everything in the universe that exists in any way, someone will like it, someone won't care about it, and someone will hate it. Welcome to humanity, we all feel differently on things. My offense doesn't matter, shouldn't matter, and others who concede to it do so by choice. If they choose not to and continue to offend me, that's my problem, not theirs.
  12. This.

    As Heinlein wrote Valentine Michael Smith. "They laugh because it hurts so much… because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting."
  13. ^ This.

    Also, my sense of humor can be very dry at times and I find things funny that others don't. I also don't like slapstick stuff.
  14. What is your typical sense of humor and what is more likely to make you laugh?

    I love puns. They could be the dumbest jokes but I'll still laugh. I've got a morbid sense of humour, but in a sense of fictional characters.

    Do you find certain humor offensive or tasteless?

    Any kind of racist, sexist, transaphobic (anything that can be seen as hate speech). I deal with this kind of stuff every day and I hate the fact that they are made into jokes. True, I can go overboard with my annoyances and what I see as offensive, but to me putting someone else down isn't funny in any way.
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  15. Dry humour and wordplay. Monty Python's Holy Grail is probably the funniest thing I know.
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  16. Dark Humour, Offensive Humour and Puns.

    The way I see it, humour is meant to give people something to smile at when a situation is otherwise grim. Comedy is meant to give people insight to serious issues without it turning into a giant derpbate. These are stuff that Dark and Offensive humour excels at, to the point I feel that someone is the type to be easily offended by jokes... They likely don't really understand what comedy or humour actually is to begin with.

    Puns? I just love using words in really stupid and charming ways. :3
    To not share my enthusiasm with Puns is PUNishable.
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  17. Puns are a crime against humanity!
  18. _______ against humanity!

    Scared Plays: "Puns are a crime"
    Gwazi Plays: "Hating Puns are a crime"
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  19. Everything's a crime now!
  20. Does that mean our stolen goods are now forfeit?
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