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  1. IC Thread
    This will be a typical slice of life anime role play set in Japan about a student council doing everything but their student council duties. Like arguing about stupid things like whether the government should use primary school kids to spy on other countries or whether they should ban rice cakes forever just to see how the student body would react.

    [From right to left]

    The Cross Dressing President Fujimoto Kasumi/Katsuo
    The Gluttonous School Idol Vice President Ushiromiya Kiyomi
    The Wannabe Sentai Treasurer Takaki Kouta
    The Secretly Evil School Paper Chairman and Secretary Kisaragi Naoto
    The Cosplay Otaku Historian and Disciplinary Committee Chair Okada Chiasa
    The Foreign Horror Movie Loving Social Chair Okimura Katie
    The Klutzy Disciplinary Vice Chairman Nakamura Ayano
    The Rich Health Chair Fukui Yukata

    - Site rules apply
    - No super powers.
    - No godmodding.
    - The rp takes place in the Student Council Meeting Room 99% of the time. The other 1% is spent on rare excursions.
    - The excursions that the Council go on can only be initiated by the President.
    - The President is played by me.
    - Every once in a while a student will come to the council with a problem that they have to solve.
    - Put Mi-mi-miracle!~ If you read the rules.
    - No hyper sad backgrounds.
    - At least five sentences per post. No one liners.
    - This rp is supposed to be funny.
    - You have to pick a trope. You can suggest one, but that doesn't mean I'll accept it.
    -Read all of the posts that come before yours.
    - No weapons.*
    - One character per person.

    What changed?
    Anime Tropes have been added. Pick a trope and model your character after it.
    Only one kid can be foreign everyone else should have Japanese names.
    Grade System/Level is Japanese not American.
    Nickname restrictions (In the old rp, there was a bit of nicknaming frenzy and it got confusing as shit. So I'm not saying no nicknames but if you do start handing out nicknames add every single one to your CS. And if you don't want to. Don't. Do. It.)

    T R O P E S
    [You can choose up to two as long as they don't conflict with each other]
    Kid Genius
    Rich Kid
    Wannabe Sentai
    Yakuza Kid
    Secretly Evil Kid

    Wannabe Magical Girl
    Wannabe Ninja/Samurai

    Cutie Pie
    Yaoi Fangirl
    Normal Person
    Horror Movie Girl
    School Idol
    Cosplay Otaku

    Gentle Giant
    Hard on for History
    Cross Dresser

    Character Sheet:
    Name: [Last Name, First Name]
    Grade: (Year 1-3) (1 is sophomore, 2 is junior, 3 is senior)
    Appearance: (Anime only)

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  2. Episode One - Raccoon VS Student Council
    A band of raccoon have infested the athletic storage room!
    Episode Two - Shoe Bandit
    Someone is stealing shoes from the student's lockers!TBC
    Episode Three - Weird New School Counselor
    What's up with the new school counselor? TBC
    Episode Four - The New Health Chair

    SPECIAL - Virtual reality/Pokemon episode
    The council gain access to some neat gaming equipment--suddenly a wild snorlax appears!!
    TBA - The Demon Who Punched the President
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  3. Are you saying this is open free-for-all-style!?

    Also, Mi~mi~miracle!
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  4. @Lady Bernkastel

    O.o What do you mean by free for all?

    The way it works is that you choose a trope, post a character sheet, I review it and if I approve you're in, if I don't you can either change whatever is wrong with it or don't. Is that what you were asking?
  5. Haha, the reason I was asking is because I was thinking it seemed to good to be true. I've been seeing the thread around for a while and have been thinking "Damn, I'd like to be in that. Probably full, though..." So when I saw it was getting revamped I thought there had to be a catch, like all the roles being reserved for the previous members or something.

    My CS will be up soon :)
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  6. I was really interested in this last time but all the spaces were filled. Reserved.
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  7. Name: Ushiromiya Kiyomi
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2
    Trope: School Idol, Glutton
    Position: Vice President
    Show Spoiler




    Personality: Sweet, funny, snarky, lazy, gluttonous
    Skills: Singing, dancing, eating 10 sobapan in under a minute
    Bio: Kiyomi is the highly energetic, loved-by-all school idol! She is even a part of the student council, how sweet is that!? However, while she loves being in the spotlight and carrying the image of a perfect girl, she is in truth quite carefree. She loves eating and lazying around, and sees the student council as her time off, where she gets to do whatever she wants. The area around her seat is always filled with snacks, drinks, bento boxes and the alike, all gifts from her crazed fans, that she eats during the meetings. Sometimes, she lies down and watches the TV or plays some video games. Despite this she is actually really kind, and will get serious if needed.
  8. @Lady Bernkastel

    Accepted! :D And wow eating ten...and under one minute...O.O Scary.
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  9. Yay! :D

    And what, you don't?
    Show Spoiler

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  10. Kage Takamuri


    Age: 17

    Grade: 2

    Trope: Delinquent

    Position: Disciplinary Committee Chairman

    Personality: Kage is usually a calm and collected individual, unless he is in a fight. Fights usually rile him up to the point where he will repeatedly punch an individual who has already be beaten down over and over. Otherwise, he watches the actions of his fellow students closely. One offense in his sight usually results in a harsh warning, another one results in a personal beat down from yours truly but only when he is sure that no other witnesses are around.

    Skills: Boxing, Slight Intellect, Thievery, Speed

    Bio: Kage was a delinquent from the time he was born. He was never a popular kid and always hung out with the other teenagers in junior high who went off to graffiti things and do other dangerous and miscellaneous tasks. The crew eventually started a gang called XKIcks, thinking that it was a cool name at first. The delinquents would usually go around picking fights with various kids at school, proving to others that they were the top and that they shouldn't be messed with. 'The Knuckle-headed Boxer' was his nickname, but he has now long since thrown it away. People in the student council may know him by that nickname or tease him about it. Those within the council are those who he actually laughs around. All others don't get to see his happy side.​
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  11. Name: Katsuo/Kasumi Fujimoto or just "Fujimoto"
    Age: 17
    Grade: Year 3
    Trope: Cross Dresser
    Position: President

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    First things first; Fujimoto is a cross dresser.
    As a boy Katsuo is the epitome of a jock. He loves sports and would play them all the time if he could. He is talkative and friendly overall.
    As a girl, Katsuo--Or rather Kasumi, as he prefers to be called, is loud, energetic and willing to try anything once or maybe twice if she really likes it. As a president Fujimoto tends to make bold statements and rush into things without thinking them through most times.
    Skills: Makeover/Fashion expert, super fast hair braiding, giving inspirational speeches.
    Bio: Katsuo first got in touch with his other self, Kasumi, when he was seven. At the time, Katsuo had just moved to the neighborhood so he wasn't good friends with the other kids. He wanted to play soccer with the boys, but they wouldn't let him because they didn't like him. So Katsuo went to the girls but they didn't want to play with him because he was a boy. So Katsuo ran home crying to his older sister who was his guardian at the time.
    His older sister was a fashion designer who worked at a reputable clothing company. She told her brother that she didn't know how to get the guys to accept him but she knew how to get the girls to accept him.
    So she gave him a makeover, and Katsuo found that he liked his new appearance.
    After that, Katsuo would habitually 'turn into' Kasumi.

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  12. @UltimaCircuit

    :D Love the character! But you seem to have forgotten something! *twirls mustache slyly*
  13. What did I forget :0
  14. Mi-Mi-MIRACLE! Lol.
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  15. This song from Haruhi Suzumiya?
  16. Yup. :D I usually put a 'put this in your CS if you read the rules' thingie in my rps now but recently I used 'Toy boats' and 'Pudding cups' and people started getting confused, so I thought I'd try something different. :3
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  17. @Lady Bernkastel

    Hey guys! So I just changed the name of the rp to the Japanese version of it, just in case people saw the banner (which has the japanese name) and got confused. Also so people didn't think the old banner was still circulating.
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  18. I was just thinking about the banner, actually OwO
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