Seeking long term partners {plots and fandom}

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  1. Hello there!

    My name is Natasha (in case you hadn't already guessed) and I've been roleplaying for about five years now. Still no expert -- is there such a thing as a roleplay expert? -- but I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment and I think that this will definitely help me better my writing skills! Below are a few plots and pairings, but before all that, here are the rules. Please make sure to read them all!


    • My post length varies. I can do anything from casual to really detailed RPs. I don't do one liners though, and I do not accept one liners from others either. Usually, I tend to match my partner's length so as long as it's not one liners, we're good.
    • I won't say that I'm a grammar nazis, but I would prefer it if you had good spelling and proper punctuation and what not. Literacy is something I need because this is all helping me in my writing and the more I know, the better.
    • Violence and cursing in a roleplay, for me, is perfectly fine. Quite frankly, I think a rolepay needs it. Mature themes are perfectly fine but as long as the person I'm roleplaying with is above 18 like I am.
    • I don't do anything Anime related. Not that I hate it I just know nothing about it, and at the moment, I'm not willing to learn anything about it either.
    • I prefer playing females, or doubling, but only MxF pairings please. I don't have anything against LGBTQ+ I just kmow I can't play it well. Please respect that.
    • Bring on the romance. I'm all for it. But I hate when it instantly happens and two characters are in love by the fourth post. No. I prefer slow building RPs if romance is involved. We can go further as well, but if you aren't comfortable with it you have to tell me before hand. And I do not want the roleplay to be centerd around sex. It can happen when it happens and that's it, this isn't the fifty shades of grey.
    • No godmodding please! Can't stress this enough. And no overpowered characters either.
    • Please be as invested in the RP as I am. It doesn't matter if you have a tight schedule but at least a post in two days, if not more. I don't like it when people up and leave because it's not interesting or you don't like my writing. If that's the case you can ask me for a prompt or a piece of writing, and I may just ask you for the same. But basically, if you agree to RP with me, the idea is ours not just mine. Throw out wacky suggestions, make sudden plot changes, do what you feel is exciting.
    • Feel free to pitch your own ideas to me! I can't guarantee that I'll go along, but you never know. :)
    • I am fine with RPing over PM or thread. Either is good for me.
    • I may ask you for an excerpt or sample of writing, just to see if you are literate, and I will provide one for you as well.
    • That's about it for now, but so I know you haven't skipped through all this, please use the word Greek when asking to join.


    A star (*) means I want to play that role, and a hash (#) means I have an idea for it.

    I have more detailed ideas, over here -> Write yourself in. Figment

    (#)*Bad/Good Girl x Bad Boy
    (#)Teacher/college professor x *Student
    (#)Best friends
    Club owner x *Bartender
    Artist x Model
    Photographer x *Model
    *Criminal x Cop
    Thief x *Hostage
    *Drug addict x Therapist
    (#)Gang member x *Innocent girl
    Professional dancer x Amateur Dancer
    *Cancer Patient x Normal Person


    These are the fandoms I am familiar with. A star represents the role I wish to play. I do not do canon x canon. Only canon x OC or just OCs.


    Percy x *OC
    Leo x OC
    Jason x OC
    Nico x OC
    Luke x OC
    Carter x OC
    OC x OC

    Jace x *OC
    Simon x OC
    Downworlder x Shadowhunter
    Shadowhunter x Shadowhunter
    Downworlder x Downworlder

    Newt x *OC
    Minho x OC
    Thomas x OC
    OC x OC

    Finnick x *OC
    Gale x *OC
    Peeta x OC
    OC x OC

    Four x *OC
    Peter x OC
    Caleb x OC
    OC x OC

    PM me or write here if you're interested! I'm new so I don't think I can PM yet, so please send me a PM if interested, and ask me if you want me to elaborate an idea!
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  2. Still looking for partners~
  3. Really wuld like some roleplays!
  4. Do you watch any Anime at all?
  5. None at all, sorry. ^^
  6. That's okay. I'm interested in Hunger Games- If you can play Peeta for me, I can play Gale or Finnick for you.