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    • That is when a war which would echo through the ages began. It’s a simple tale, honestly. It starts in a cabin in the woods, with a loving father, a mother and the birth of two children – twins, a boy and a girl. It was a wondrous affair, as the husband and wife, for the longest, yearned for children. They lived a simple life away from society, finding it much more peaceful to live off the land rather than the oppressive rule of the government.

      As time passed, and the twins grew older, the couple was blessed with another set of children. Another set of twins – a boy and a girl. Yet, things were different. Their birth sparked a change in the others. The once joyful pair of twins began to act strange – sometimes blanking out and talking to things that weren’t there. They were inseparable, and their parents could only worry as they did their best to raise their children to the best of their abilities.

      What alarmed them most was the fact their eldest daughter would seem to hold conversations with nothing. At times breaking out into crying and screaming fits if she was away from her twin for too long; as if there was something she was afraid of. The youngest pair had their own quirks as well. The youngest daughter was always quiet and despondent, at times disappearing for days in the forest only to return with blood-stained hands and mouth. The son was seemingly oblivious to it all, spending his time playing and learning.

      But, eventually, as the parents feared, something happened. A tragedy occurred. During the winter season, something impossible happened. Around the cabin and only around the cabin, a snowstorm formed. The family had lived in the woods for years, yet they had never seen a flake of snow. Yes, the temperature would drop to the point it was practically freezing, but never before had snow fallen. The parents saw it as an ill omen; something which was magnified by the fact the cold seemed to drive the youngest daughter away, with her returning infrequently each time covered in more and more blood.

      The father was never really a religious man, believing that nature was naturally unpredictable and that anything a man earned, he earned through his own actions and not from worshiping a being above. His wife was a different story, though. Having been raised in a religious household, she had been taught to worship many gods, though her ‘dedication’ dwindled as she grew older, yet she held onto her beliefs loosely. So, to placate his wife’s worries, the father travelled to the nearest town and sought out the elder shaman.

      He explained to the man about his children and how snow was falling only above his family’s cabin. The man merely confirmed his wife’s suspicions that one of their children was cursed before sending him away, telling him that the only way to break the curse was to sacrifice the cursed child. Yet, by the time he returned home with the shaman and a few guards, all hell had broken loose.

      The snow had ceased to fall, yet the cabin had been frozen solid, with one half of it completely destroyed, along with most of the land. His wife lay on the ground unmoving, as well as the body of his youngest daughter. The youngest sun stared blankly, all life drained from his eyes as he stared at his sister’s body.

      The eldest twins, though. They were the source of the fear and commotion. The girl’s features had changed, resembling that of a cat as she spoke in an unknown tongue. The boy’s arms were covered with strange inscriptions and his skin had turned a pale blue as he created and manipulated ice to seemingly destroy the landscape. To the father, shaman and guards, the twins appeared to be something of pure evil, using ‘wicked sorcery’ to kill the family.

      From the twin’s perspective, though, they were merely trying to protect themselves and everyone else. Ever since their younger siblings were born, the eldest sister had begun to see something hanging over the younger girl. It followed her like a shadow that resonated with a malignant force. Over time, the eldest son began to realize he could control the cold and he used it to steadily drive the strange thing away to keep his twin safe, even if it meant driving the younger sister away.

      But, when the father left, the spirit which seemed to hang over the younger girl took control. Within an instant it returned to the cabin, ignoring the cold as it lashed out and killed the mother. Doing the only thing he could, the eldest son allowed his instincts to overtake him as his powers surged forth and he began to battle the spirit, the monster now having form in both his eyes and his twin’s.

      And, on that day, the first Soul Hunters were born.

      As quick as the spirit struck, it was just as quickly killed by the combined efforts of the twins. Yet, unfortunately, irreparable damage had been done. A once solid and loving family had been torn to bits.
      A mother and daughter lay dead. A son’s mind shatters. A father thinks his children, whom he loved, to be evil beings.

      And a lone brother and sister run away, struggling to survive against humans who think them demons and malevolent spirits which seek to feast upon the blood of the twins. Yet, along the way of their years of running, they come across other children like them and, eventually, they decide to fight back against the spirits while hiding from society.


      It is now the 21st Century and a shadow war rages. When the first two Soul Hunters ‘awoke’ and slayed the first ‘spirit’ something changed in the world. It was as if someone opened Pandora’s Box and, ever since, countless Soul Hunters have been born and, subsequently, died. There are those who believe that being a Hunter or Seeker is a great gift, while there are naturally those that hate their ‘curse’.

      The life of a Soul Hunter is a harsh and brutal one. They live in a world where supernatural forces seek to consume them, while also having to survive against society.

      Perhaps we should rewind, just a bit.

      Back to 200 A.D. and the tale of the four siblings.

      The eldest twins became Soul Hunters.

      The youngest girl was host to the first ‘slain’ spirit.

      But what of the youngest son, whose mind shattered? He couldn’t believe what he saw. He couldn’t believe the sight of the spirit which seemed to appear out of nothing – how it controlled his twin sister’s body like a puppet on strings. How it killed his mother. How his older siblings killed his sister.

      It was too much at once. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Something inside of him snapped. Something crucial.

      But he recovered. Slowly, but surely, his mind pieced itself back together, but he was different. That once clueless and playful child was replaced by something else. He was now driven. He dedicated the rest of his life to the government. He chose the route of a soldier, gradually rising up into a position power. When he gained this new position, in which even the ruling emperor would listen to him, he started his crusade.

      The crusade against Seekers.

      In his mind, after years of studying various religious texts, he was sure that the Seekers were the answer to truly destroying spirits. He believed that, so long as Seekers continued to draw breath, spirits would continue to torment and plague humanity. So, with the emperor’s consent, he created a special troupe. A troupe designed to weed out and kill any Seekers and any Hunters which sought to protect them.

      And, after all these years, that troupe remains. Even though it has changed over the ages, it still exists to this day. Their goal, always the same – the extermination of all Seekers. The scary part? Almost all of the field operatives are Hunters.

      Hunters that choose to hunt and slay their own kind.

      So, how do you survive in a world where supernatural entities and your own kind seek your death? I don’t know – so why don’t you show me?

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    3. @Raevoryx as Vai "Sika" Sin
    4. @Rainjay as Ashlyn Dawson

    1. @Vietmyke as Vincent Rosel
    2. @Jageroux as Caelum Darius Mirrhai
    3. @Jageroux as Skylar Osiris Wilson
    4. @samreaper as Nex


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    Dawn Caster~

    She leaned against the counter with her head being held in her hand, her long dark blue hair was pulled up in a ponytail. A thin layer of black eyeliner lay a top of her honey golden eyes, small glimmers were on her lips from the clear lip gloss container in the pants pockets the woman wore. For the uniform there was a fitted white blouse with "Dawn Caster" on her name tag she had, a mid-thigh black skirt and a dark vest over her blouse. "Rosemore Cafe" was where Dawn worked and even though it was usually full, right now it was currently closed. It opened at 7:30am which meant in only 30 minutes more. The old man in the back was working the stove, preparing everything for the day. Dawn had already cleaned the tables and put the little extras on top of them, like: ketchup, syrup, salts, peppers and napkins. Why did she work as a waitress at all? Sure, she disliked anything that had to do with people but this job paid enough for the bills. Dawn didn't feel like working any extra seeing as there wasn't much that she wanted.

    Dawn watched with a bored expression as a co-worker walked around cleaning his own section of the restaurant. Its what he got for slacking off, he should've been done with it a while ago but instead the boy came into work only a couple minutes before. Dawn usually came in at 6:00AM and got all her things ready, getting her ready for the day early. After waiting a bit Dawn changed the 'close' sign to 'open' and it didn't take long before people began to pile in. The woman named Rhonda led them to their seats, many of the there were at Dawn's tables so she walked over to the old couple first.

    "Good morning, do you know what you want already?" She gave them a small smile and made sure to give them a few minutes before asking them. A shiver went down her spine and instantly Dawn looked up and out the large glass window, her jaw locked as Dawn's grip on her notebook tightened up. A spirit. You'd be surprised how many spirits roamed the world and many of them Dawn didn't want to deal with any longer. Being a seeker wasn't a gift in her opinion but a curse. Its a dangerous game to play with the dead and Dawn didn't want to do this anymore. Wasn't like she had much of a choice about it though.

    "I'd like the #3 breakfast special, sausage instead of bacon please. She'll have the same thing except with bacon," The man spoke to her in a gentle voice, he was a regular customer with his wife included. Dawn knew exactly what they wanted so Dawn didn't listen, only gave them a smile and left. Her eyes were a bit clouded from sensing the spirits but she didn't say anything while writing down the order and putting it up for the chef to read. Ignore that warm feeling in her stomach, the little tingle that always put her on edge. Ugh, if only she could've been born like a regular human being.
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    • Outskirts of the City

      Narrowing his eyes, Darius focused as he soared miles above the ground. His hands and legs were alight with flames, using them as thrusters to propel himself through the air like a rocket. His clothes had been specially made by veteran that trained him, his jacket, pants and boots were all designed to be non-flammable, and it was decided by both of them that shirts were easily replaced. After finishing his training, he was advised to travel to the city, having been told that it had a high concentration of spirits, which would thus mean a higher chance of finding a Seeker.

      Spinning in the air, he left a trail of flames behind him in the design of a DNA Helix. A grin spread across his orange-skinned face, his powers naturally tanning and brightening his usually pale skin. His crimson eyes were seemingly resistant to high-speed movement, being unfazed as the wind whipped in his face and whistled in his ear.

      Straightening his body somewhat, he increased the intensity of his flames to allow him to move faster.

      This was going to be awesome.

    • Crestmore Heights

      'Skylar! Wake up!'

      "Ah! Crap! Gonna be late!" Skye shouted as he ran out of bed, speeding throughout the house as he brushed his teeth, combed his hair and put his clothes on in three minutes. Pausing in the middle of his room, he narrowed his eyes and let them shift around as he examined the mess. "I should really clean up..." He mumbled to himself with a sigh, zipping around the room before shoving everything under his bed.

      "Holy crap that has mold on it." He commented as he stuffed a half-eaten burger to the back of the pile, grimacing to himself. He really needed to clean up. Yeah, he had super speed, but the super laziness sort of counteracted that. Rushing down stairs, he was seated at the breakfast table before his mother could say another word.

      "Hey mah. Where's pops?" He questioned as he drummed his fingers on the table, humming happily as a stack of pancakes were set before him.

      "Oh, he had to go to work early this morning. Something about a meeting with the assistant coach." His mother explained, placing a glass of milk down in front of him as she took the plate which was now vacant of any traces of pancakes.

      "Oh, that sucks. Oh well. I'll stop by and talk to him later. Did I tell you I got a job? I got a job. It's so cool. I get to run around and deliver things. This milk is really good. Did I tell you this milk is really good?" He babbled as he emptied the contents of the glass and his mother placed a kiss on the top of his head.

      "You do know it's Okay to slow down, right dear?" She teased and he nodded before washing the dishes.

      "Yeah, I know, but I finally got a job. Aw man gonna be late! Love you!" He spoke and he was out of the door in a flash, only to return moments later to get his phone.

      "Okay, gone for real now!" He shouted and his mother laughed, shaking her head slowly at her son's antics.
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  2. Loud roars and honks from cars zooming by, the lights illuminating the dark, empty streets with the few stragglers either walking to or from work. The stench of vehicle fumes mingling with the nearby trash can left an unsavory taste in the solitary figure's mouth; who leaned against a wall and the homeless beggar sleeping in the nearby alleyway didn't help. Blinded briefly by another flash of headlights causing a look of discomfort on the individual's face.

    Pushing off the wall till he was standing there wearing a dark grey trench coat with its flaps up to protect his neck from the cold as his breath fumed with every exhale. A chilly breeze blew consistently, making his coat whip about around his legs; short spiky black hair doing so as well. A pair of nearly see through shades with yellow trimmings hid his piercing yellow eyes, a fierce gaze in them as he watch the endless blurs of vehicles driving by; citizens going on with their daily lives for work or other activities while already sounds of the city coming awake and the sun beginning to blink into view to give the sky a dark blue color. Nex exhaled slowly with a long visible fume of his breath showing just how cold it was in these early morning hours. This biting cold stung against his cheeks that left them pink; outlining the scar on his left cheek better making it more noticable.

    Hands hidden with the deep pockets of his coat where he rolled an empty bullet shell between his gloved fingers; an habit he picked up to help distract himself for when he had nothing to do or couldn't act.

    Why had Nex been assigned to this city exactly? that he did not yet know as he was to meet with an agent that would debrief him and was simply told to get an apartment and to arrive at the Rosemore Cafe at 8:30 am. Turning his gaze to the cafe down the street, knowing it was still early, but he was always ready and prepared earlier than most, whether cause he was more eager for a mission or to avoid any risk of being late. That and it allowed him a chance to scour and study the area for in case things go foul and need to do a hasty retreat; told never to take on unnecessary risks or battles.

    Already he could see people entering the recently opened cafe, most grateful for getting out of the freezing cold and to inhale the pleasant scents of coffee and pancakes that likely warmed them up instantly. It still was not yet time and besides, this cold was nothing compared to the harsh tundra's to the south and so was not bothered by the freezing wind. What bothered him was the faint crackling on his arms; a sign that spirits were in the premises and could sense them even now, but it was too dangerous to fight in the open. Forced to try and ignore it and to restrained the changing of his arms as he pulled his left arm from the pocket to pull back the glove, checking the watch for the time to see he had another half hour before this agent would arrive.

    For the time being, he would continue the scan the area as he pondered on what his mission would be and considering how cautious they were being. It made him hopeful that it would be a high priority and dangerous mission that only the elite assassins were given; feeling he had done more than enough to prove himself to the agency and would show all of them what he was fully capable.

    A mission that he could not, would not fail.
  3. Four in the morning, right on time. Messy pink hair partially obscured the face of the woman walking down the pitch black street. Her nightmares always woke her up at this time, and the chills of spirits encouraged the insomnia that kept her awake for the rest of the day. Because of this, she couldn't help but be glad that the bakery had opened without a hitch. It gave her a great excuse to be out of her adoptive parent's home before 5am every day. The less time with them... the better.

    She could still remember the first time she was introduced to them. A middle aged couple with confidence issues, perfect. They looked almost as pudgy as the doughnuts she made.

    Pausing, the woman pulled her denim jacket close as the wind blew through the neighborhood and she ducked her head as chills ran down her spine. The wind bothered her little, instead the strong gusts gave her comfort in the fact that she would be well protected tonight, something she knew that she needed as the town had gradually became infested with spirits.

    'Ignore them, pretend that you don't see them. It's the wind that is making you cold. You're just a regular human.'

    Yeah... right.

    The ugly apparition lumbered down the street, pausing to pay her notice as she casually walked by. To think that the ones here once lurked in the shadows, whispering things at her in the hopes that she would respond.

    But fear steadied her feet, and the ice cold of their gazes helped her focus on survival.

    Once she had met a young seeker. His naivete in and of itself made her nervous, whether he was a seeker or not. Only days after he ordered at her bakery she had to ignore his screams in the dark as a spirit devoured him on her way to work.

    Part of her wished that the world was as simple as the humans around her thought that it was. Go to work, go home, sleep, repeat. Simplicity at its finest, yet a foolhardy assumption.

    Continuing to walk, Vai slipped the key to the bakery out of her pocket, her footsteps ceasing as she focused on the cold metal of her shop's door handle.

    'Focus on your own business and they'll focus on theirs. If you think you're in danger, they'll sense it.'

    Right, what did she need to stock up on? Flour, eggs, milk... the basics. Today was a Saturday, so doughnuts were a definite must along with the usual breads. She remembered leaving the rolling pin by the sink. No, she couldn't think of that, rolling pins were a ridiculous weapon, especially to fight against something you don't even see.

    But she did see them, more and more each day they would walk down the street, one or two would even venture their way into the store, lurking in watch for whatever it is that creatures which do not exist lurk in watch for.

    Pushing her way into the delicious scent of bread that hit her as the door opened, Vai gingerly snapped the door behind her, locking it for good measure as she took a deep breath and quickly got to work.

    • Bonanza Mountain Estates

      As soon as he entered the city’s airspace, he couldn’t help but feel some sort of alluring draw from the urban jungle. Glancing down, he was able to make out a sort of subdivision that bridged the gap between the countryside, where he flew in from, and the actual city itself. Having a bird’s eye view, he couldn’t stop his heart from beating rhythmically as his eyes soaked in the sight. He had been in several cities before, yes, but there was something different about this one. It awed him to the point he could feel his mouth hanging open slightly, allowing small trails of flame to escape his lips.

      Clenching his fists, he produced more flames as to speed up. Flying through the city, Darius zig-zagged between immense skyscrapers that reached up to the sky as if they were attempting to pierce the clouds themselves. With the speed his was travelling, he figured no one would be able to actually see him. At least he hoped no one would be able to.

      Narrowing his eyes, he focused on the rooftop of an office building. As he neared it, he gradually slowed down before cutting off his flames entirely. Allowing himself to fall towards the surface, he held his hands out in front of him and fire shot from them in a conical formation, acting as thrusters as he landed.

      Shaking his hands, he let the flames dissipate as he walked to the edge of the roof, stepping up onto the ledge. As if in reaction to the biting cold, his body’s temperature raised itself and his skin color turned into a light orange, giving him somewhat of a normal complexion.

      ‘It’s going to snow soon…’ He thought mentally. He could always tell when it was going to snow, as if it was some sort of second-sense. Perhaps it was just his body’s way of giving him a head’s up – he didn’t really know and he didn’t much care seeing as how it didn’t really bother him all that much. Yeah, if he was in the presence of humans he’d have to control his body’s temperature so his very presence didn’t melt the snow, but so long as he was by himself, he’d just let his body naturally tune itself to combat the cold.

      Squatting down, he rested his arms on his bent legs and let out a puff of flames from his mouth.

      ‘Seeker, Seeker, where are you?’ He inquired mentally as he jumped off the building, a grin makings its way onto his face.

    • Ashfield

      “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!” The speedster groaned as he fell to his knees. The pizza parlor didn’t open until 11AM, and it was still early. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled his phone out and checked the time.



      Lifting his baseball cap off his head, he ran a hand through his hair before setting it back down. Sitting down on the steps of the parlor with a somewhat downtrodden expression, he huffed out a sigh. What was he supposed to do? He had two and a half hours to kill, but nothing to do.

      ‘I could run-by Rosemore Café and pick up a bite to eat… Oh! Then I can stop by the bakery. Yeah, I wonder what Vai’s up to? I wonder if she actually hates me or if she’s just really moody. Oh. I’ll bring her something from Rosey’s. Maybe that’ll put her in a better mood.’ Skye decided as he stood up, dusting his pants off. Pulling his varsity jacket closer, he nodded to himself. He didn’t know Vai all that well, only talking to her when he stopped by to get baked delights, but he was pretty sure she didn’t like him. Bringing someone food was a good way of becoming friends, right?

      Balancing on one foot, he gently stabbed the toe of his sneaker into the ground repeatedly as he thought it over.

      Yeah, food was the best way to get someone to stop hating you.

      Sucking in a breath, he took off running, leaving a blue and yellow blur in his wake. Blitzing through the city, he stopped down the street from the café as to not seem suspicious by randomly appearing outside the door. Whistling quietly, he let a joyful smile pass over his face as he made his way to the café, gently pushing open the door.

      ‘Wow, it smells good in here. As always.’ Humming, he walked to the counter and took a seat, gently drumming his fingers on the surface as he placed his order. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits… Yeah, that’d put anyone in a good mood.

  4. Ashlyn Dawson, #9c5757
    Once again, Ashe had had the night shift at Murray and Smokes, and once again, she was left trudging home in the dreary dawn light, having missed the only bus to her residence street and lacking the cash on hand to hail a taxi. The disgusting, sour scent of cigarettes clung to her hair like perfume gone wrong, and her make-up was beginning to run and smudge under her eyes and across her cheeks. Someday, she thought to herself, she'd kill her boss for making her dress-up for what was only a bartending job, in a pub so dark and musty that a person wouldn't be able to see the shine of a chrome gun if it was put right into their face. Nobody cared if she wore make-up or not; as long as she looked shapely and got their bubbling beers to their table in a timely manner, she got tipped handsomely.

    However her boss seemed not to understand this concept, and even further, didn't understand that twelve hour shifts in the middle of the night counted as a cruel and unusual punishment. Not like it particularly bothered Ashe to be working nights; it was just cumbersome to waste her entire day working minimum wage, only to have to walk home in heels. She wouldn't complain, though. The owner of the bar she worked at was a rather nice woman, and Ashe lacked the heart to tell her that her concept of a good employee was absolute bull.

    As soon as I can get myself a seeker, she thought to herself, I can get out of this shit-hole. But until then, mouth shut, Dawson. No complaining.

    It would be noteworthy to say that she'd yet to meet a seeker in her entire life, even though she'd heard of their prowess and what they do. She'd met several hunters, none of whom she ever had a lasting friendship with- not like she made friends with many hunters to begin with- but they often left quickly, trying to find seekers, or to escape their own fate.

    Ashe wasn't interested in escaping who she was. It gave her a sense of self she'd lacked her entire life. In fact, she was excited to find a seeker to partner with, dreaming of the day when she'd start to do some good in the world. It wouldn't clear her name of the things she'd done, but it would at least give her some self-satisfaction, and maybe, some peace of mind. She might be able to die doing good, instead of dying a poor, homeless freak on the streets like she almost once did.

    As she walked through the near silent streets, she contemplated this, amusing herself on the idea of becoming an ass-kicking hunter- although her fantasy was shattered when she heard her stomach growl noisily. It sounded like an earthquake in comparison to the silence around her, but the sudden pang in her gut convinced her of one thing; she needed food. She only got a fifteen minute food break during her shift last night, and had made the foolish decision to not eat beforehand. It wasn't her fault that dinner- or, breakfast in her case- made her sick to her stomach.

    Fortunately, not too far off was a building with a sign stating it to be "Rosemore Cafe"/

    Just what she needed, she thought, a satisfied grin on her face as she jogged across the street and entered the cafe, seating herself at the counter before examining the menu. She was on a budget, but in a place that smelled as good and hearty as this, she couldn't help but at least dream of the menu. After all, who could deny some damn good breakfast food at eight in the morning?
  5. The air already starting to warm up with the rising sun, though still chilly as Nex gazed forward, forced to act as if the drooling spirit inches from his face wasn't there. It was annoying, but he either had to acknowledge it and fight it or pretend it wasn't there; hands clenched tightly, causing the bullet shell to dig into his the glove. For three minutes the spirit kept staring and studying his face as it had picked up the faint scent of seekers which spirits loved to snack on, but it was gone just as it had arrived and having lost interest, lumbered on.

    Watching the spirit head off and exhaled slowly, glad it left on its own as he couldn't recall the number of times he had to see spirits that close. Most seekers wouldn't be able to remain calm or control of themselves, though Nex was trained to kill spirits and dangerous hunters among other targets.

    Checking the time again to see it was 8:30 now as he had saw the last two, a woman who was oddly wearing heels at this time and this temperature and another a young male that seemed overly eager and anxious. Shaking his head as he made his way to the cafe and once inside would slip the gloves off where his arms and hands had a slightly dark color than the rest of him then flexed his fingers while the cafe started to warm him up. The sweet aroma of coffee and assortment of breakfast food had a calming effect as he slipped the shades off and slipped them back in his pocket, his gaze peering over each individual's face. Every customer here he had seen enter, until he caught sight of one that he somehow never saw enter the place.

    At the corner, alone in a booth was a male only a few years older than Nex wearing a simple grey jacket with its buttons undone. Walking towards the man till he stood next to the table where he could see the black suitcase resting besides the man who held a mug filled with fresh, piping hot coffee.'Right on time..or should I say early as usual?'He spoke in a soft, sort of teasing tone before smiling up at him then motioned with his right hand for Nex to sit.

    Nex squinted his eyes in an accusing manner at the man without moving.'....I didn't even see you come in?'As usual, Termin somehow slipped by his prying eyes like always and still didn't know how the man did it as Termin chuckled in reply.'Try as you might, your ever watchful eye won't see me.'That smile forming into a teasing smirk with his hands folding on the table, waiting for Nex to sit down.

    Still glaring at the man before giving an annoyed sigh and slipped off his trench coat, wearing a casual dark blue shirt with short sleeves and matching jeans and slid into the booth to place it on the chair besides him. As he did that, Termin had opened the suitcase and soon placed an big yellow envelope on the table and slid it over to nex. He looked the envelope over before picking it up and placing it in the folds of his trench coat, knowing not to open it until he was alone.'There, now that the transaction is done. Shall we have some breakfast? Knowing you, you stood out in that awful cold for an hour or two and don't worry its on me my little junior.'He chuckled once more, ignoring the dark look he received from Nex who hated being called that, even by his teacher.'If you're going to joke around then I'm leaving.'There was no need for him to stay since he had what he came for and started to get up, but Termin's raised hand stopped him in his tracks with a small frown on the man's face.'Ever cold as always. Here I thought we were starting to get along, but guess you'll always see me as the teacher who put you through hell.'Lowering the raised hand, Nex followed suit and sat back down.

    Sipping from the mug, Termin leaned back in his seat with a sigh of content.'I promise to tell you what you want to know, but on the condition you'll eat with me. Like the good old days?'That soft smile of his returned and for a moment saw not the cold, callous nex before him, but the young, determined boy who swore to do whatever it took to protect seekers from hunters and the judgmental society.'Fine. a quick breakfast, then I need to get going.'Nex nodded and leaned back into his seat to get comfortable as the two would wait for the waiter.
  6. Dawn mumbled under her breath, several string of dark blue hair fell down around her face while she picked up a metallic basket full of dirty dishes. To most women it would feel heavy but Dawn wasn't normal and gently placed the container on the silver cart in front of her. More customers came in which didn't surprise her seeing as how mornings were usually always filled up. The place might be a small cafe but the food was worship worthy and even though most of the employees weren't easy to put up with, customers seemed to ignore it because of the perfect food. Food that Dawn herself had gotten sick of when she began to constantly eat here. There's always a limit someone has for something and Dawn wasn't about to deny that even thinking about eating another burger made her want to throw up.

    "Go ask him for his number," One of the waitresses whispered to an extra cook, the woman's cheeks were pink but with a shake of her head the human refused to move from her friend's side. They had both began to work at the cafe just 3 weeks ago but Dawn didn't bother to speak to them unless it was to help them with their training. Other then that, Dawn didn't really speak to any of the employees. Okay so one or two of them seemed to want to pick a fight with her but she didn't react on it. She knew she could snap their necks in half. Dawn has dealt with things far stronger then a human and even though they were irritating Dawn didn't like fighting someone who wouldn't be able to fight back effectively.

    "Idiots..." Dawn muttered under her breath before noticing that she had a beautiful woman waiting for her take her order as well as two men, she went to the woman first.

    "Welcome to Rosemore cafe, what can I get you for today?" Dawn spoke to the woman, giving her a small smile.
  7. Ashlyn Dawson, #9c5757
    Ashe was deep into the menu in her hands when she heard a voice from in front of her. She roused herself from her daydreams to look at a woman younger than she with strange blue hair standing, ready to take her order. Her hair was a bit unusual. It didn't look quite dyed, and nobody had natural hair like that, although she supposed a unique type of person could. Maybe.

    Chill. She's just a waitress.

    "Uhm... Hmm... Can I get a green tea, and the number 10 breakfast? Just butter on the pancakes, please. No sausage." she said, folding up the menu and setting it against the counter. She offered a smile in return to the waitresses own. "And, uhm. Sorry, I've never been here before, but you don't happen to have those little take-home cereal boxes?"

    She was going to need something to eat tomorrow, she thought. Not like she could come to a diner every day. She would run her wallet dry. Although, if their food was as good as the cafe smelled, she very well might find herself coming back after work. Good place to nurture a hangover, too.
  8. Darius, #800000

    Sitting on top of a building, he let his legs dangle off the edge as he looked at the city from above. No matter how long he stayed, he didn't think he'd ever be able to get over the stunning sight. Taking a deep breath, he exhaled a puff of flames as his crimson eyes observed the street.

    Reaching into his jacket pocket absentmindedly, he withdrew his wallet. Opening it, he peered inside of it and he wasn't surprised to see that he was running on broke. Groaning he laid back on the roof of the building, staring at the sky with irritated eyes.

    'Stupid curse...' He fumed inwardly, wishing his abilities were more controlled like other Hunters. In his case, his power was a double-edged sword. Yes, it gave him the ability to create and manipulate fire to the point he could achieve flight and, for a short period of time, turn himself into pure fire (something which saved his life several times), but it was somewhat dulled by all the cons. He was unable to speak unless he materialized the flames somewhere on his body due to the fact he tended to keep them contained in his mouth, if he didn't consume a pound of charcoal once a week his 'flame' would die out and his body temperature would instantly drop and he'd freeze to death.

    'Yeah... This is so cool.' He snapped sarcastically, finding the inside of his own head the best place to bitch and moan. 'Goddamn it, I'm starting to get hungry...'

    Pushing himself back into a sitting position, he looked around.

    'There's a bakery... A restaurant... Huh, there's a diner. May as well stop in there... Should be able to get something to eat. Maybe.' He grunted as he pushed himself off the building and he fell down the alley, rapidly descending towards the ground.

    'Ten feet... Twenty feet...' He mentally counted the distance as he fell, landing in a crouch as a small puff of flames buffeted around him. Standing, he dusted his hands off before burying them in his pockets as he made his way to Rosemore's.
  9. In and out, done quickly and moving on to start the mission was how things were normally done and yet here he was; stuck in a noisy diner. Worse that he was forced to wait with the man who had trained and taught him everything, though he respected the man, had come to know how Termin enjoyed messing with him and slacking off as Nex resigned to the man's playful teasing.

    The man before him pouring his fifth packet of sugar into the coffee before stirring it with a laid out spoon.'Still taking too much sugar....if working on a mission doesn't kill you. That sweet tooth of yours will.'Peering briefly at the mug of coffee and received a chuckle.'And you still have that dark outlook of yours it seems. I keep telling those grumpy old sacks to let the trainee's have some fun.'Termin tapped the spoon against the rim of the mug with a faint sigh.'You used to enjoy these outings, but now its all about the mission with you.'Giving a brief nod before taking a sip only for Nex to scoff at his teacher's words.'Time is money, sir and the more time we waste the harder the job becomes.'Nex rested his arms on the table before leaning forward, wanting to get the food so he could get the info he needs and get going.

    Another sip from the mug before Termin set it down with a soft smack of his lips.'Ah, this is some fine coffee. Well now, since it'll be a wait. I'll be nice and tell you one thing; actually its an important rule I made them promise before giving you such a big job like this one.'He used a napkin to wipe off his mouth slowly, most likely to keep him in suspense and would ball his hands into fist.'Which is?'Nex asked with a raised brow as Termin cleared his throat then held up a finger.'I know how you like to work alone and waiting for a high priority job that only the top elites receive. You finally have such a mission, the details all in that envelope, but one thing.'The playful smile gone, an serious expression replacing it.'You need to find a partner and work together and I'm not asking. This is an order.'Watching his teacher speak; tensing up when the man had stated he had to find a partner for this mission and would grit his teeth, hating having to work with others for he didn't get along well with others. That and how they often got in his way as his ability was perfect for his line of work, but also made it hard to fully use it at times with allies around.'....and if I refuse?'Inhaling deeply as the two stared at each other silently, almost sizing the other up.

    Terming tapped the table with his finger once then held out his hand.'Then return the envelope and forget about the mission. I refuse to let my student take on a job like this need someone to have your back for I will not bury another one so young.'Both his expression and tone were serious, lacking any hint of the usual playful teasing; one of the rare times his teacher showed that he meant business for Termin cared about those he trained, seeing them like his own children even though the organization had a rule regarding that. Even so, the man didn't care and would not let Nex die due to his stubborn pride.

    Again Nex was left in awe as the person before him now was why he respected him, gulping at decision before him. Either accept the condition and get the mission he had been waiting for all these years, but have to work with a partner, refuse and lose this one chance as it was unlikely he would get another chance like this again. A single bead of sweat dripped down his forehead as he contemplated his choices and lightly drummed his fingers against the table in an agitated manner and after a minute of intense thinking, gave out an reluctant growl.'....Fine...I accept the condition.'Slapping his palm flat on the table, a resigned look in his eyes, knowing he had no choice and soon saw that warm smile return on his teacher's face.'Good, the job's yours, but until you find a partner. You best not be attempting it cause I have eyes everywhere.'Poking the side of his face with a teasing wink, though Nex understood that the man wasn't joking.
  10. Ashlyn Dawson, #9c5757

    The waitress left to turn the order into the cooks and Ashe watched her circle about the cafe before disappearing, her view blocked by the male sitting next to her. He was drumming his fingers against the counter top, his hair looking a little wind blown. It was odd; there wasn't a lot of wind outside, although she guessed he might have just been running. It seemed a decent day for it, except for the early time of day.

    She sat in silence for another few moments before she looked over at the male once more. He was younger than she, but then again, who really cares? She was bored, and talking to someone would keep her awake until her food arrived.

    "Hey." she said, reaching out to play with the sugar packets that were sitting on the counter. "Come here often?"

    • Still drumming his fingers on the table, Skye's mind was running a thousand miles an hour as he planned out his day. He was supposed to hang out with Jeremy and 'try out' for that stupid band practice which he would intentionally muck up, but at the same time he was supposed to be working.

      'I guess I can just run back and forth... Yeah, I could do that!' Humming, he stopped his drumming when he heard Ash's voice and he turned towards her, a smile on his face.

      "Oh, hi. Me? Yeah, I usually run in every now and then. Do you? I don't think I've seen you before. You move into town recently? Wait, is this line of questioning annoying? I really hope it's not. I'm Skye, what's your name?" He spoke quickly, his words on the border of blending together yet remaining clearly decipherable.

    • Stopping just as his hand touched the door, Darius paused when he heard a ringing. Blinking, he stepped away from the door before looking around, seeing no one else around. Patting his clothes, he stopped when he felt the distinct shape of a phone in his pocket before taking it out. Looking around, he answered the phone before raising it to his face as he walked off to the side of the building, his free hand lighting on fire.

      "Hello?" He questioned, a puff of smoke and steam escaping from his mouth.

      'Oh, Darius, you made it! Tell me, how's the city look?' A familiar voice spoke and Darius's eyes narrowed.

      "Sebastian? How did... When did you put a phone in my pocket?" He questioned once more and the man on the other end laughed.

      'You know how my ability works, boy. I just 'placed' it in there.' Sebastian taunted and Darius sighed.

      "Still doesn't tell me what you want." He pointed out and he could make out the older man's grumbling.

      'You need to stop being such a sourpuss and lighten up. Look, I've been thinking, if you can find a Seeker with some sort of precognitive ability, you can make a lot of money off gambling and horse racing.' Sebastian spoke and Darius closed his eyes before hanging up.

      "Stupid..." He sighed before placing the phone back in his pocket before feeling around in his jacket where he found a wallet. "Huh..." He chuckled as he the flames died in his other hand and he used both appendages to rummage through the wallet while his hair turned into fire.

      '$500... A gift card to... Raisins? Whatever. Strawberry Flavored Condoms-... What? W-Why would anyone? That doesn't make any sense!' He thought indignantly and he could feel his face burning. Like, literally, his face started lighting on fire. Closing his mouth, his hair and skin returned to its normal state, though his skin remained slightly orange as he put the wallet back in his jacket and he leaned against the side of the cafe as he fought to regain his composure.
  11. Ashlyn Dawson, #9c5757

    Okay, so he was a little crazier than he looked. Or perhaps hyper. He spoke faster than she'd ever seen someone talk. It sure was something, although she rolled her eyes as his strange enthusiasm.

    "I'm Ashe. No, I haven't moved here recently. Sorta, anyway. Never been to this cafe before. Why do you talk so fast?" she spoke calmly, lazily, taking her time with her words in a way Skye didn't seem able to do. She stuck the sugar packets back into the small container, leaning against the counter as they conversed. "Did you overdose on coffee, or something? No offense. It's sort of impressive."

    There was definitely something off about this kid, although she didn't want to rush into conclusions. A seeker? Maybe. Not likely, she thought, but a possibility. She'd talk to him a bit more, maybe find out a little more about him, before she bothered asking. Preferably she'd get her meal first. That way she could leave if the conversation took a turn for the worse. He seemed a little off, but talking about seekers and hunters and evil spirits to common folk was just as strange.

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    • Still drumming his fingers on the table, Skye nodded rapidly.

      "Oh... Uh... Um... Well..." His smile turned into a grin as he placed an elbow on the counter and set his chin on his fist. "What if I told you I could run faster than than just about anyone? Or that I could run across water? And that I can shoot electricity from my fingers? You'd probably think I'm a comic book character, but I just snorted 5 lines of what I hope was powered sugar." His grin turned into a smile as a light chuckle escaped him.

      He knew he couldn't just go around telling people about his powers, but it was always fun to mess around. Always.

    • Getting his skin color back to a light orange pigmentation, Darius slapped his face cheeks as he composed himself. Burying his hands in his pockets, he walked back to the front of the cafe before gently pushing the door open. Pausing, he took a moment to inhale the smell that wafted through the cafe. Before he could take another step, the phone vibrated and he closed his eyes, trying not to get too annoyed less he lit on fire.

      Taking the phone out of his pocket, he glared at the screen.

      >Hanging the phone up in someone's face is really rude.
      Being really annoying is arguably worse<
      >You need to chill out.
      >Yes? No? I think it was a good pun.
      I hate you.<
      >Love you too bby.
      What do you want?<
      >Tell me how that Strawberry Condom tastes.
      That's it, I'm not replying to anymore of your messages.<
      Shaking his head, Darius facepalmed quietly before pinching the bridge of his nose. Why was his 'teacher' such an idiot?

  12. Sika


    Rubbing the back of her neck, Sika watched as the few customers that entered her bakery left for the day. To call it slow would be an understatement, which rarely boded well for the rest of the afternoon.

    I suppose I could bring some cakes over to the cafe. They generally pay well for the desserts.

    Ignoring the spirit passing in front of her shop, the pink haired woman changed the sign on the door to read 'Away for Lunch, will be back before 12pm' before she quickly retrieved red velvet, blueberry cheesecake, and vanilla cakes from the back of her store. If anything this would make up for the slow business and perhaps earn her a bite to eat in the process.

    Placing the delicacies inside their individual boxes, the skilled baker stacked them carefully in her arms before heading out the door, earning a disinterested glance from the wandering spirit as she payed little mind to the world around her until she reached the restaurant. She couldn't let herself think too much as she walked down the streets, threatening eyes were far less dangerous if you pretended they didn't even exist.

    Gently pushing her way into the building, the woman's eyes instantly noticed Skye, an intense wave of annoyance passing through her before annoyance turned to stoney reservation when she noticed that a dark haired stranger was doing a very poor job at hiding his abilities, either making him an idiot or a hunter... or both.

    Ignoring him, the woman gently placed the cakes on the far end of the counter as she glanced at her watch. She still had an hour before she needed to be back at the bakery. Fruitlessly, Sika wished that time would pass faster as she sensed a powerful spirit growing closer.
  13. Eat. Consume. Devour. Hunger never ending - appetite insatiable. Flesh and blood, bread and wine. A feast lied within the building. Much to consume. Much to eat. Looming above the building, invisible to the natural eye, was a black mass with the distinct head of a dog, and a body like a cloud of smoke. Its ruby and golden eyes glowed menacingly, contrasting to the void smoke-like flesh which made up the rest of its body. Said flesh seemed to constantly shift, like smoke, and the horrified faces of the Hunters and Seekers it previously consumed were clearly visible in its wispy body.

    Its eyes seemed to rattle as they spun around in its eye sockets, taking in every sight around it. All around were its fellow Spirits, but it was different. It had consumed many, and it would keep consuming until there was nothing left to consume. It wasn't always like this - no. At one point, its body was much more like its fellow spirits - not nearly as macabre. But its hunger was so great it began to consume anything in its path - Hunters, Seekers and Spirits alike. Nothing was safe from it. So long as it could eat, it would. And it could always eat. It would consume the entire world and all therein.

    Down below, on street level, there were several other spirits, all paling in comparison. They were standard - some humanoid shape with comical proportions, while others (like itself) had a more animal or ghastly appearance. Instantly, its eyes focused on the cafe and a mouth appeared instantly, sharp fangs glistening with saliva and a murky black liquid.

    Eat. Consume. Devour.
  14. Things were gradually becoming more lively in the cafe as the early morning passed on; the chatter grew to near deafening that it made it difficult for him to think. As usual a mild headache formed whenever having to deal with his teacher and all the boisterous talking was only making it worse. At least a waiter had taken their order so once he ate he could get out of there; rubbing at his forehead before taking a sip of water to try and settle his nerves.

    Trying to drown out the noise and his teacher's babbling one of his stories, voice muffled as his head was pounding. This day really was turning out to be crappy and it seemed it would only get worse. For his arms started prickling intensely; so much that it briefly over powered the pounding headache that he winced in pain and had to grip his right arm to settle it down before peering out through the window.*....Not good...this is not good at all.* Growing tense as he could feel a horrible, ominous aura; one belonging to a high level spirit; to appear now and without his gear. It didn't matter though since the foreboding he felt showed he would require one of his stronger guns which he was only had permission to use on highly dangerous missions. All the while, Termin rambled on about a rather dicey mission he went through, but would cut himself short after noticing the worried look on Nex face with his body so tense.'Boy, you look like you about to throw up? Something wrong?'The man had a guess of what it could be since Nex only got like this when dangerous spirits or targets were around.

    Not till Nex heard Termin's words then he pull his gaze from the window and leaned forward on the table with a weak grown, his face inches from the table.' I can feel it...a very rotten aura in the air. This feels like its gonna crush me....a very deadly one.'Nex spoke just loud enough for his teacher to hear while feigning being sick so no one would wonder why he was leaning over the table like that. Termin leaned back in his seat, studying his student then leaned forward a bit to place his hand on Nex's back with a light comforting rub.'I assure you. You'll soon have permission and access to all weapon levels once you get a partner and officially receive the mission. If it comes to it..use this chance as a test.'He whispered into Nex's ear, though to others it looked like someone giving comforting words to a sick or depressed person.
  15. Ashlyn Dawson, #9c5757

    Ashe just laughed alongside the boy, although her mind was beginning to wonder. Seeker? Hunter? Or just crazy kid that snorted a Pixi stik? She'd seen it plenty times before. Poor kid, she thought. Not gonna go down happily if he keeps that up.

    A waitress came up and placed down two places of food with a smile before walking off, and Ashe's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Now, damn, this is what I needed." she said, mostly to herself before she began to eat. "Damn good, too. I'm definitely coming back to this place. Unless I get the bill and it's like, thirty bucks."

    "Either way; shooting electricity out from your hands and running across water? Not something that happens from snorting sugar, or any drug as far as I know of. Not outside of your mind. Although this hyper-speed thing you do with your talking definitely is the result of caffeine and sugar. Unless it's something else. In which case, I'd be pleased to know. I could use a boost after a full night's work, frankly." she said, letting her words tumble out, making small talk as she ate. Silence in a diner would have bugged her. Particularly when she was sitting right next to someone she could hold conversation with.

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    • "This place usually isn't all that expensive." Skye assured quickly, happy to find someone he could have a conversation with. While his one-sided conversations with Sika were always riveting, it was nice to know that not every female on the planet treated him like a creep.

      "Well, usually, I eat around... 20 pancakes with extra syrup in the morning, so it's possible I could be on a sugar rush. Or I'm some kind of supernatural, invisible-monster hunter with strange abilities, but that's craaaaaaaaaaaazy." He joked, quite amused with himself. Oh how he would love to be completely honest and show his powers to everyone he met, but his parents warned him from a young age that it would be suicidal to do so. "Though, I do recommend stopping by Q-Mart and maybe picking up a twelve hour energy. Those things are curaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!" He spoke excitedly, remembering that one time he drunk one, which resulted in him running into a bank and tossing money everywhere before anyone even realized it. It was a dumb thing to do, admittedly, but he was too hyped up to care. But when the energy rush wore off and he found himself stranded in Sibera, he swore to never touch the stuff again.

      Blinking, he gasped when he noticed Sika and his eyes lit up. Raising his hand, he began to wave at her while smiling.

      "Pssssst. That's Sika. She's my friend. Who is a girl. But not my girlfriend. She doesn't like me. Or anyone. But she's nice once you get to know her." He whispered to Ash, never taking his eyes off the baker.

    • Darius's eyes narrowed and he glanced in Sika's direction when she passed by him and he could practically feel the bitchiness she was exuding. Shaking his head, he rolled his eyes as he stepped forward, pausing when he saw some idiot waving at Ms. Done-With-The-World.

      "Pssssst. That's Sika. She's my friend. Who is a girl. But not my girlfriend. She doesn't like me. Or anyone. But she's nice once you get to know her."

      Darius honestly hoped that wasn't meant to be a whisper, because he could hear it all the way from the door. Blinking, his face suddenly paled, something which it rarely did, when his brain identified the voice.

      'Skye? Fuck.' He cursed mentally, feeling as though he was stuck between a rock and a hard-place. The last thing he needed was a confrontation with the speedster in a crowded place, but at the same time he was quite hungry and the cafe was alluring seeing as how he was already there. Walking carefully, he moved along the distracted hunter's peripheral vision, sitting a few seats away from him. Picking up the menu, he practically covered his face with it as he hoped Skye would leave... Soon.

    • Hovering above the cafe, the massive large spirit exerted a strange type of control over the lesser and 'fresher' ones. Watching from above, it directed four of the more humanoid spirits to advance on the cafe, the jerking of their limbs causing them to hobble along strange. Their bodies were a mixture of white and black splotchs, with monster-like heads and hooked and sharpened fingers.

    • As if an invisible force was moving and motivating them, the 'normal' civilians who had stopped in quickly finished their meals and shuffled out of the cafe with abnormal swiftness, their minds rationalizing it as having important things to do which had been forgotten in the morning hustle and bustle. While, on the street, any civilians who might have thought to drop in for a bite to eat were dissuaded to do so, instead finding another place to eat.
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