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  1. Deca is a vampire. Not a normal super strength, heightened senses, blood sucking fiend, but a vampire with deadly costs. Deca needs a soulmate, a feeder, she cannot drink from someone unless they're the only being she drinks from. Until she finds her feeder she must stick to animal blood, but that will only sustain her for so long.


    Character Sheet

  2. Name: Deca Dancé (LOL, the pun )
    Age: Appears twenty-five, really she is two hundred and fifty

    She generally wears dark coloured robes along with bustiers and skinny jeans.
  3. Name: Byron St. James
    Age: 20
    Appearance: View attachment 9420

    He generally likes to wear Wrangler jeans and a button-up shirt.
  4. Deca walked the streets of New York, her onyx curls flowing behind her in the harsh wind of the autumn night. The stars and moon shone brightly illuminating the deserted street. Deca frowned slightly, generally it was busy at this hour. What was everyone up to, unless she was too late. Though she was not allowed to feed on the humans, she did enjoy watching them. They made foolish mistakes which amused her.

    Deca found herself attracted to the brightly lit club on the corner, generally she stayed away from crowded places, they were too enticing, but tonight she was bored.
  5. Byron has been looking forward to this all night. He clocked out from work and almost did an excited dance in the elevator. He was going to Eden, the new club downtown. He was a friend of the owner's so he got in free on opening night. He was going to dress like he was boy-candy and drink girly drinks all night. He hummed all the way to his car, then all the way home and into his bedroom, where he donned a dark red button up shirt which he left partiallu unbuttoned to show his muscular chest and he pulled on his favorite dark blue Wranglers. Instead of his usual work boots though, he took the time to lace up into some black converse shoes. Ahh, comfort over necessity. He loved the feeling as he blew out his hair and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

    Soon he was letting the valet park his black Charger and walking into Eden.
  6. (( That's not too short, I would've written a bit more had I known paragraphs were okay :p Plus, Chargers and Converse are awesome. ))

    Deca smirked as she saw the line up to get into the club. It was called Eden, and that made Deca giggle. What a fitting name for a place that offered people drugs, promiscuity, and a dark atmosphere. The perfect place, she thought. She walked up to the bouncer, his large frame radiating power, though not with Deca. She tapped the man on the shoulder and smiled prettily. He was about to yell when she spoke, "Hello," She looked at his name tag, "...Bob, I was wondering if you'd be capable of letting me into your venue.. I mean, I really need to use the restroom, and I wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly flattering dress." She pointed down to her chest, her obvious cleavage peeking out of the slinky black spaghetti strap dress. Bob's eyes softened and he looked as though he was ready to leap into Deca's arms.

    "Oh sure, no problem, go on in. Maybe I'll see you-" His words cut off as Deca walked into the club, the industrial steel door closing behind her. She looked around the room and smiled, her nails tapping against the wall beside her. People already lined the wall and grouped on the dance floor. The strobe lights allowing Deca to see the outlines of delicious figures. She licked her lips and moved farther into the club, a spot light landing on her for a few second before going away.

    "This is going to be fun."
  7. Byron looked around at the crowd of people. Not as large as he had thought, honestly, but still a pretty good size. He smiled as he greeted the owner with a big hug and a pat on the back. He had done very well for himself. This certainly was a paradise: The drinks bright fantastic colors, the seats overstuffed and comfortable, the music loud, but not to loud, the waitresses... Oh god, the waitressses. Every single one of them was physically perfect, like angels themselves. Long legs that went straight to heaven, bright, innocent eyes, a beautiful smile for every man and every woman. He felt like taking one home right then, but he chuckled and shook his head. That was the point. Their innocence was obviously an act to attract men to buy things.

    He decided he didn't feel like dancing and made his way to the bar, a lock of hair falling into his face. He nodded at a young woman with curly night-black hair and crimson lips as he passed then sat at the far end, ordering the fruitiest drink on the menu. After getting a strange look from the barkeep, he paid and spinned in his seat to scope out the crowd. He didn't know anyone there.
  8. Deca wasn't up for the jokers that stood about, waiting to be wooed by a lady. She instead decided that the dance floor was her comfort zone for now. The boy that had just walked by had piqued her interest. His blood smelt delightful, but no, she mustn't tease herself with such foolish fancies. She looked back over to the boy that had passed, he was at the bar indulging in some fruitful drink. She nearly giggled. The boy had an odd taste. She turned on her heel then and made her way to the dance floor, easily being pulled in by a man already up to his knees in sweat. She moved along with the beat, it's tones and rhythms pulling her hips side to side. This is why she loved the clubs, they were mesmerizing, even to a vampire.

    The man had started to touch her distastefully, so she moved on to another group. A bunch of drunken girls hanging onto each other as if they were about to die. "That could be arranged..." She smirked as she moved the hair out of one of the girls face. She noted the natural beauty the girl hid behind the mask of makeup. Poor humans, they believe beauty was plastic. So wrong they were.
  9. Byron looked around and noticed the beautiful girl he had passed by earlier fondling a blond's face. She pale woman seemed to look at the blond the way a starving lion would stare at a helpless antelope. It made Byron shiver, oddly in excitement. He loved it when a woman knew what she wanted. It turned him on. He took another drink of his girlish alcohol.

    "Hm, that's why she ignored me then. At least I know."
  10. Deca felt eyes on her back. She turned to find the guy from the bar looking at her, then quickly turning away. She smirked. There was ana abrupt motion and the girl was almost on top of her. Deca pushed her off and moved on to a gay couple. They seemed to love an attractive woman in their sandwich, she laughed along with them as they trotted around to the music. She then got bored, as did they. You could only fool around with homosexuals for so long until they tisked you away, which was quite all right with Deca. She said goodbye, bowed, and departed. Perhaps the boy at the bar would be some amusement. She could make fun of him, edge him on, pretend she was interested and then blow him off. She normally ended up doing that to the poor boys. They were easily fooled and often used the wrong head when it came to communication with girls.

    She sashayed all the way to the bar and sat a few seats away from him. Deca made sure to make eye contact with him before quickly looking away without a hint of interest. "Three shots vodka please." She told the bartender as she nibbled on some peanuts. Perhaps the boy was not interested in her. She may need to do a little more fishing then she normally had to do.
  11. Byron nodded to her again, then took the last drink from his glass. He'd had enough girly drinks for now.

    "Eh, Jack on the rocks, please."

    He sighed and looked down at his hands. This was beginning to bore him. Usually he would be on the dance floor, mingling and flirting but tonight he didn't feel like much human contact. He muttered to himself.

    "Maybe I should go home after this..."
  12. "Don't look so sad hun... People normally come to the club for fun. " She smirked as she looked over to the man, his outfit casual. His face appearing bored and withdrawn. She wondered why someone would even drag there ass to a place so full of optimism if they were only going to sit and mope about. She nearly giggled at her own though but then looked over to the bartender as he sat her shots down. He winked at her as he left an extra one. Deca rolled her eyes. Bartender's were not good news, they had all kinds of dark secrets, but then again, everyone did. She took one shot down and bit into the lemon slice next to it. Tis not like she really needed the lemons, alcohol was merely like flavoured water to her. She could down however many as she wanted to and it had no effect, it made blood a little more satisfying, but that wouldn't do any good with animal blood.

    She looked back over to the man, his drink arriving just after hers.
  13. He smiled weakly at the woman as she commented on his expression.

    "Is it that obvious? Maybe I'm just tired of coming to clubs just to look at bimbos in their skanky outfits. I want to touch a woman. To satisfy her hunger... Sorry, I know, to much information. I'll just drink."

    He lifted the glass to his lips, taking a big gulp then growling as it burned on the way down.
  14. "I'm afraid you're coming to the wrong place for that. You see, clubs are either full of young, under age girls who are in over their heads and tend to give you blue balls, or women who are very ripe and bored with their lives. Neither seems like a fun go. Don't you think?" She smiled and laughed a little. She took another shot down, chewing on the lemon slice. She missed being human and getting wasted. Feeling the buzz of the alcohol and the warm feeling it gave in the pit of your stomach. Least it didn't make her depressed any more.
  15. Byron swirled his drink in his glass. He was getting old, he admitted. He wasn't eighteen any more. He was beginning to find younger girls boring as hell. He needed to find a beautiful sophisticated woman. He set down his glass and paid for his drinks. He was buzzed, but only slightly.

    "Yeah... Well, you have a wonderful night. Don't break to many hearts. It was nice talking with you."

    He poured himself from his seat and cut through the crowd toward the door, running his hand through his hair. He just wanted to get home and sleep now. All his high hopes and excitement for nothing.
  16. The poor man had everything to live for and no ambition to do so. He was lucky he was still alive. Why were humans always so ungrateful? She rolled her eyes and finished her two last shots. Why was she chasing this one? Out of all the humans in the world, she was going after a pessimistic, miserable man who assume everything good had to come to him. She got up, left some money and a large tip for the bartender and exited the club, not before getting a wolf whistle from the bouncer, he told her to hit him up later after hours. She laughed as she began jogging around a little, following his scent. So sweet, so tempting.
  17. He wandered the streets, shirt buttoned properly, a yawn forming in his throat. He had been this way for weeks and had no idea why. Hell he had'nt even thought about sex in the past month or so. Not one lazy sexual thought. What kind of man was he turning into?
  18. She was so close. She turned a corner and... well there he was, she bumped into him.. knocking him to the ground. "Oops." She whispered as she stood up, surprised at her lazy reaction to the scene. Normally she was good at her responses, but tonight she had ignored her senses, pretending she was being hit by the alcohol. "I uh... didn't see you there." She laughed as she offered him a hand. The man looked even more displeased sitting on the wet grass, his hair now a mess. Perhaps she could offer him some dry clothes?
  19. He looked up at her and smiled, getting up and brushing himself off. Awesome, now he was sex-less and his ass was wet.

    "Oh, that's quite alright, are you okay? I don't want to have hurt you..."
  20. "Oh, don't worry about me, " She laughed more and then waved it off, "It was nothing, I may be fragile looking but I can hold my own, no worries." She smiled, her pearly whites shining in the moon light. She started walking again and waved him to follow her along. Her dress was probably not the best attire for the chilly air, but she couldn't feel it... it just probably seemed odd to the man.

    "So uh, I have some extra guys clothes laying around. Some of my exes... my house is just up the street, I wouldn't mind giving them to you. It'd take a burden off my hands." She looked back at him, a questionign expression on her face.