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  1. Every school has it's secrets and Preston High is no exception. In the hallways of it's school, everyone from the students to the staff have a secret. Some secrets aren't so bad. They could be little things like sometime cheating on a test or staying up later than they are suppose to. Maybe sneaking out or stealing money from their parents. Even those who are still in the closet about their sexuality. Then some get bigger like underage sex and drinking. Doing or selling drugs. Teachers dating or lusting after their students and vise versa. People who cut or steal from stores.

    No matter what is may be, no one wants their secret to be found out. But it's the start of a new school year and anything can happen. New secrets can be formed and old secrets can be revealed. And if things get revealed it can be bad, really bad.

    So keep your secret to yourself because after all two people can share a secret if one of them is dead. You can't be sure who to trust and who may be ready to stab you in the back or may be lying about their whole life to your face.

    1. Please follow the site's rules.
    2. If your character is a druggie/alcoholic/cutter or anything else that may be triggering please be conscience of other players who might not be comfortable/triggered by it. If you feel like going into detail put it under a spoiler.
    3. Be creative with your secrets and also be realistic as well. You may have more than one secret, but only if they are smaller secrets like cheating and pregnant or LGBTQ+ and a shop lifter.
    4. If you would like to have a secret that involves another person, please mention it and ask before connecting characters together. I am open for any joint secreting.
    5. If you are not able to get on for more than a week please tell me ahead of time. Please post at least twice a week at minimum.

    Grade: (If Student)
    Subject: (If teacher)
    History: Please make it at least two paragraphs)
    Additional Info:

    My Characters

    Name: Karen Doughton
    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Grade: Senior
    Subject: N/A
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Gender: Female
    Secret: Been dating a teacher for two years
    History: Melissa grew up as an only child to two loving parents. Her parents are eight years apart, her father being older and so Melissa acquired a taste for older guys as well, although she usually dated them only four years her senior. Melissa also loved school and was very social with everyone, including the teachers. She liked to know what was going on in their lives. As she got older, the less people, especially teachers, would be open completely with her and once she reached high school, she started to stop asking them. Eventually she was walking home in the rain after a meeting with her Book Club at school. A teacher from her school pulled over and asked if he could give her a ride home, despite it not being allowed for teachers to do so. Melissa agreed more to get out of the rain than anything and they chatted for a while, even after getting to her house. Melissa didn't talk to the teacher again until a years later when she got hurt during gym and he was passing by and offered to bring her to the nurse. They started talking again and afterwards often. Melissa grew a crush onto the teacher and was surprised at herself, but she didn't push it. After a couple months, he made a move and kissed her and a week later they started to date.

    The first summer of their dating, they barely saw each other because she was busy with camp and other teenage girl things and him with his life, but also because they knew that if they were together outside of school, especially during the summer, it might spark questions neither one wanted to answer. They still managed to spend some time. The next school year it continued, on onto the summer when he took her on a vacation, claiming she as a niece and that she was away with friends. During this trip they slept together for the first time. Melissa is now in her senior year and hoping that once she is 18 and graduated, they can be open about their relationship.
    Additional Info: Recently she thought she was pregnant but it was false.

    Name: Aaron Gorman
    Age: 16

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Grade: Junior
    Subject: N/A
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Gender: Male
    Secret: They are in the closet currently about their sexuality. He also cheated on his last girlfriend by accident when he was drunk.
    History: Aaron had a rough childhood. His parents fought at times and divorced when he was eight. He went with his father and for five years they lived mostly alone. He got a new half-sister from his mother, but he never saw her much. He grew up surrounded by close-minded people. His father's current fiancee is strongly homophobic and even if his father is not, he is afraid he would be influenced by her. Aaron found out he wasn't straight in middle school and struggled to find the right word for himself. He went by bisexual but after seeing something online he realized he felt more comfortable identifying as pan.

    Aaron, not sure how well he'd be treated at home or school, let himself hide behind his straight-passing privilege and dated girls only, although he pined secretly after boys and non-binary individuals. At a party a few weeks back he made out and groped another male student, but he doesn't recall much. He plans on breaking up with his current girlfriend and is afraid that his secret will be out by his unknown make-outee.
    Additional Info: He is in drama at school
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  2. Name: Sebastian grey (gets called bash)
    Age: 22
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Gender: male
    Subject: History
    Secret: Is dating a pupil
    History: Sebastian grew up in Ireland with his parents and an older brother who he hated. A few years after he moved out of the house his parents got divorced his father stayed in Ireland but his mother moved to America. He hated school as a child and became a teacher to hopefully make school better for his pupils. He started having a crush on one of his pupils after seeing her walking home in the rain he offered her a lift and they chatted for a while but that was it for a few years until she hurt herself in gym and he offered to take her to the nurse.The first summer he barley saw her as he was busy trying to make his job at the school permanent and she was at camp, Also because he did not want to explain what was going on to other teachers and pupils it might seem strange if they met up in summer . The next summer he took her on holiday and he said to everyone she was his niece. As much as he cares for her he is scared that he will lose his job if anyone finds out.
    (Hope its ok I’m the teacher you’re dating)
  3. Name:
    Aspen "Walking".







    Aspen is highly addicted to drinking, and sometimes even smoking. She can't go a day without it.

    Aspen grew up in a pretty bad household. Each day, her parents went out to go buy drugs, alcohol, liquor, whatever you could think of. They didn't even have enough money to buy food-- not even frozen food. Her father was extremely abusive to her, and so was her mother. She could just not stand it any longer, and one night, decided to run off to her Aunt's house. Her aunt took pretty good care of her, but there was a problem-- she was always badly influenced by her parents. She began to do some of the stuff that they did in their every day lives, when she got older. When she was only 14, she began drinking just like her parents did, without her aunt even knowing. But her aunt soon found out, and told her it was wrong to be drinking at that age. She denied, and kept on drinking shots everyday, because it was addictive. She thought it was the right thing to do.

    On her 15th birthday, is when she began smoking. She tried it once, and loved it. Then it became an everyday thing for her. When she doesn't smoke or drink, even for one day, she feels sick. When she turned 17. She decided she just wanted to put an end to all of this, by starving herself for days. It worked for a while, but one day, she decided to just have another shot of liquor. The addiction came back again, and she began to drink and smoke every day like she normally did, not being able to stop herself this time.
  4. You are both accepted.
  5. Name: Carter Bennett

    Age: 18


    Grade: Senior

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Gender: Woman

    Secret: Covertly dated Keely Evans, the most popular girl in school, for over a year, until she got her heart broken.

    History: Carter was six years old when she saw the police take her mother to jail. Everyone said that an impulsive and altogether too free-spirited woman such as Carter's mother should never have had a child, and her arrest came as no surprise. With nobody knowing the identity of her father, and her mother going away for a long time for allegedly killing an ex-boyfriend, Carter was put into the custody of her grandparents Deb and Ronnie Bennett.

    Carter's grandparents treat her more like a roommate than a daughter, giving her space and letting her be herself. They have always loved her unconditionally and accept that she is gay, a fact that she knows makes her very lucky. While she lives with Deb and Ronnie she also continues to visit her mother in jail, and while they don't quite get each other, their relationship could be worse.

    Carter came out of the closet at fourteen. She was cast out and bullied by a lot of people, but she's always had a lot of friends to back her up. When she entered high school Carter developed an interest in smoking, drinking, and going to parties. She established a bit of a "bad girl" reputation and as a result was never short on dates.

    The trouble really only started when she fell for Keely, the most popular girl in school. They met at a party where Carter was immediately smitten. She'd been sexually attracted to tons of girls before but Keely was the only one who attracted her romantically as well. They began to date but they kept their relationship a secret at Keely's request so her conservative parents wouldn't find them out. Carter used to go so far as to sneak in through Keely's second floor bedroom window to see her. They went on that way for a little over a year. Then, the summer before senior year, Keely dumped Carter and left her devastated. Carter has been heartbroken ever since, but kept her promise and does not talk about the relationship.
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  6. If anyone is interested, I would love it if somebody were to play Carter's ex.

    Also, I think Carter would be friends with some of the other characters. How well should they know each other?
  7. How about her and Aaron being friends, but they don't hang out too much after school. Like a casual friendship.

    Also accepted.
  8. Sounds good to me!
  9. I know it's suppose to be a bad thing but I found "Cat Like Typing Detected" to be hilarious. Glad to be cat-like.

    So I think maybe one or two more people and we can start this RP.
  10. Name: Keely Evans

    Age: 17


    OC possibly.jpg
    ((Bigger picture than I wanted -__-))

    Grade: Senior

    Sexuality: Lesbian Totally Straight

    Gender: Woman

    Secret: Is a lesbian, and secretly dated Carter Bennett for about a year.

    History: Born into a strict Catholic family, of which holds high influence in their community, Keely was raised since birth to be someone that she had no desire to be, in order to avoid sullying her family's reputation. She was always encouraged to do her best, both in academics and dance lessons. Though she appreciated her parents' belief in her, they often went to far, pushing her much farther than she was willing to go, in order to be number one in everything she tried, despite the vast amounts of stress it put her through. She was pretty, intelligent, and extremely popular due to her family; however, she was also entirely unhappy. By the time she was in eighth grade, her father had already secured her a place at his Alma mater, a strongly conservative Catholic college on the east coast. Unfortunately, eighth grade was also the year that Keely realized she liked girls.

    She tried to hide it for years, believing that there was something wrong with her and was desperate to make sure that her parents never found out. It wasn't until the end of her sophomore year that things changed. Her best friend convinced her to go to a wild party on the edge of town, and though reluctant, she eventually agreed. She knew it was risky, but she'd never really done anything just for herself. That was where she met Carter. Carter was wild, reckless, and never afraid to tell you exactly what she thought; essentially, she was everything that Keely wished she was. She fell hard and fast. Carter was probably the first person to truly like her completely as she was in the raw. Carter was the only person she'd told her dream of being a photographer to, instead of being the lawyer that her parents wanted her to be.

    She began dating her later that summer and spent one blissful year with her before it all came crashing down. She refused to ever speak of what had happened to anyone, and she forced herself to tell Carter that she didn't love her anymore

    Additional Info: Despite everything that's happened, she's still completely and madly in love with Carter.

    ((If you didn't notice Ophelia, I'd love to be your ex!))
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  11. Name: Rylie Carson
    Age: 18




    Second-in-command of a gang.​
    (Can be expanded upon.)

    All her life, she had lived in a traditional household. Being told to do this and that, taught that​
    she had to "uphold her family values - especially image and reputation".. Rylie didn't think it was​
    wrong to do so, but her family was so stiff, unwilling and closed off to change. Her family even​
    refused to touch or use a computer for goodness's sake, preferring to rely on methods such as​
    letters and stuff despite there being the method of emails and such.​
    If she did not "uphold" their reputation, it meant that she was and would be a disgrace. Mobile​
    phones? It took her years to get her own, as well as a laptop with extreme reluctance from her​
    family. After having a large row with her parents over her "rebellion" to follow traditional ways​
    and usage of technology, the deceptively innocent-looking teen stormed out of the house to her favourite​
    thinking spot that was only a mere fifteen minutes away...only to stumble into a fight between two males.​
    They had not seen her, and she got accidentally pulled into their scuffle.. Suffice to say, two males found​
    themselves afraid of the petite girl within moments. A third male appeared - and, well, one thing led to another​
    and soon Rylie joined and learned from them - combat skills and such, soaking up knowledge like a sponge and​
    rising up the ranks quickly.​
    The brown-eyed girl eventually became well-respected within the gang and became the second-in-command.​
    Her family, on the other hand, were kept in the dark and still are to this day - unaware of her "other" life..​
  12. OMG yay! Thank you Satin! Keely's perfect. I'll edit Carter's profile to include some of the information you added. :)
  13. Perfect, Ophelia! :bsmile: Gosh, I'm so excited for this to start.
  14. Accepted.

    Okay so if no one protests we can begin. I'll have a link up soon. The RP is also still accepting.
  15. Is it to late to join. Or could I still submit a Character?
  16. You are certainly welcome to join! Sign-ups are still open. (A suggestion but we need more males in this joint).
  17. Appearance:
    Ashton Redwood
    Does it really matter? But if you must know I am in fact straight.
    His father is a leader in the Mob and his mother the daughter of a US General. So yes Ashton’s secret is he is the heir to a fortune and the mob and he changed his last name so no one would know who he is. He also has a theory he was adopted. Ashton is still looking into this.
    Ashton wants to say he was normal as a child. He would love it if he grew up in a white house with black shingles and white cookie cutter fence. But alas Ashton seems to never get his way. His childhood was filled with people appearing and disappearing, the police always snooping around, and his father not liking when blood got on the carpet.
    In elementary school he had to transfer to eight different schools eight different times for numerous reasons. He started to rebel against his parents and any other authority figure. The end result in fifth grade Ashton set his element school’s gym on fire. His mother deciding her son was on the wrong path convinced his father to send Ashton to a boarding school in Italy. It did do him some good and now Ashton isn’t a total bad boy.
    Although Ashton has fought against what his family is and what runs in his blood he does except it to a point. He except that his parents must make money, but that doesn’t mean he approves of the way they do it. He does avoid any family function and avoids claiming any ties with his family. Ashton plans to graduate and get away from his parents and their life.
    Ashton came back to America to check into his theory of adoption. So he had to leave his school in Italy and come to a new high school as a senior. Ashton plans to lie low until graduation; he doesn’t need a whole school fearing him because of his family.
    Additional Info:
    Ashton loves animals and has a part time job at a local pet store. He also often mention how much he misses Italy.
  18. Mmm, just wondering, is the school they're attending indoor or outdoor?
  19. Accepted and it's indoors.
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