Season One: Twisted Tales

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  1. 2 weeks before...

    Discord was sitting quietly in his small 10x10 cell inside the princesses castle. The bars were enchanted by a magic spell given to Princess Luna; the spell was rumored to rain from the Enchanted Forest, a Realm few in Equestria have managed to travel too. Not that spell on his cell mattered much, for the Elements of Harmony were caging both his magic and physical strength. As he sat in silence, thoughts of war and chaos stormed his mind. Those were the only things keeping the God sane and intact. When he heard the explosion, that's when Discord smirked with pleasure and bounced to his cell door, his head almost seeping between its metal bars.

    When the prison block was abounded by all of the royal guard; Discord noticed a shadow emerge from the shadows.

    "Hello Discord," started the stranger as she stopped in front of his cell door.

    "The Elements of Disharmony have been assembled; Both Princess Luna and her sister have lost the ability to properly use the Elements of Harmony. " stated the stranger as her horn started to glow, and with a slightly loud click! Discords prison door was now open.

    "This is your only time to escape." simply put the stranger; her tone was sharp and almost unfriendly.

    "Escape?" questioned Discord with a smirk,

    "Oh! I'm going to do so much more then that. I'm going to destroy Canterlot!" shouted Discord with pleasure, he took a step towards the stranger. The stranger rolled her eyes as she turned her back on Discord and started walking towards the main hallway, however when Discord shouted out in pain she seemed to turn her attention back to him. With the glow of her horn, she began to examine Discord.

    "What are you doing?" asked Discord as he sat on one knee, his face twisted as the pain in his insides kept digging deeper. The stranger did not respond, she only shot a dirty look towards him. With the spell finished, she looked to Discord who was now back on his two legs.

    "It seems that spell on your cell was far more then what it seemed; your power is being drained into another Realm. Its being drawn to the human world." surprisingly spoke the stranger.

    "Enough of these games Moonlight Star!" shouted Discord as he shot magic towards the Alicorn. His magic pushed her back, but only by a mere foot; it seemed Discords magical power was being drained far faster then he thought. With a smirk on her face, Moonlight Star calmly walked back to her spot in front of Discord.

    "I can give you enough power to foul you for a mere few hours, but I will only do so with the contract of my Mothers life, and the Element of Magic Of hatred." offered Moonlight Star, Discord raised his finger to his chin; his thought if he would make this deal that he would surly be caught once more, and Princess Luna would sentence him to death. Now normally that would not be a problem; but with out his magic Discord would retain to mortal laws. Discord shook his head yes; and with a purple flash a contract appeared before Moonlight Star and Discord.

    "I dont know what you see in that mother of yours, Princess Luna has kept you in the dark for quite some time." spoke Discord with a smirk as he signed the contract with the floating pen next to it.

    "That is none of your concern," sharply replied Moonlight Star as she signed the contract. With another flash of purple, Discord was full of magic. That sharp and painful feeling inside of him was gone, and he knew exactly what he was going to do next. Snapping his fingers Discord vanished into thin air, only to shortly appear behind Princess Celestia.

    "Hello Discord." softly spoke Princess Celestia, turning she was now face to face with Discord.

    "The disruption of the Elements of Harmony was your fault wasn't it?" questioned Princess Celestia. Discord smirked; only to then burst into a fit of laughter. After a minute, his laughs ceased.

    "Its funny, you question me knowing your going to die." happily spoke Discord.

    "My sister will not rest until this Civil War is over." stated Princess Celestia with her head held high,

    "I know," started Discord as he began to extend his hand, then withdraw his fingers from his palm. Before he could shot his spell towards Princess Celestia's throat; it seemed she called out for Sunset Shimmer. Discord however reacted in time and shot a time freezing spell towards her, causing whatever magic was about to be used to be frozen in time; along side its caster. Finally aiming his spell at the Princess, Discord was finally able to slowly choked her to death; and with her death came his escape into the human world. Using his remaining magic, Discord coated his hands in raw magic; allowing him to rip through the walls of his Realm and the Human Realm. Opening s passage, Discord fled swiftly; unknowingly opening up doorways to hundreds of other Realms.

    Present Day

    Veel-Los was a decently sized town, many of its houses ranged to fit its many citizens.

    Downtown seemed to consist of a

    [​IMG]small Diner,

    [​IMG]a clock tower with a Library underneath it,
    a Pawn Shop, and even a few other shopping stores.

    The north seemed to be mostly forest, while the east seemed to retain a small dock. The southern part of town retained most of the farmland, along side their rightful farm houses. The West seemed to hold the Richer residents of Veel-Los. It was rumored that a character like Discord was sighted in the the Pawn Shop, only to then disappear into the western part of town.

    This Season will Last Till April 7th!

  2. Delsin Rowe walked around Veel-Los, after the Royal Moonlight guards had received reports of Discord being sighted in the small town. And seeing as said entity as slain a rather important figure, he and a few others were dispatched.....Or at least that was what he was told when he asked if he was going solo. He didn't mind going solo, for that meant less need to act 'casual' when going undercover. But it also meant he would be on his lonesome. But, supposedly a few other Royal Moonlight Guards were suppose to meet him at a small diner in the downtown area. Percy Jackson was one of them. Delsin meet the young man a few weeks ago when he was contacted by a blue winged and horned horse-pony that claimed she was a princess and in need of assistance in tracking down some type of an evil deity like dude named "Discord."

    He agreed to help, since this was the type of stuff heroes do, right?

    Then there was the other member. Pyramid Head.

    The 'individual' in question creeped Delsin out to no end.

    With that way he pops up when the sun goes down. And the fact he could also travel via shadows. Thus running away from him a tough thing to achieve.

    He did have a cool knife.

    Delsin's thoughts were dashed as someone bumped into him. He looked upon an almost slim man with black hair and midnight blue eyes. "Sorry sir, I should really pay attention to where I'm going." The man said, rubbing the back of his head while giving a awkward smile. "Not a problem, I wasn't paying attention either......You look like you're not from around here.." Delsin said, giving the man a lookover. A green jacket with a white shirt. With a backpack and a camera. He was perhaps a tourist, maybe.

    "I'm just on vacation from my job in Tokyo, Japan......You also don't look like you're from around here. What brings you to this place?" The man said, a eyebrow raised slightly. "I'm here to investigate something." Delsin said nonchalantly, before he realized his mistake. 'Ah, shit.'

    "Like one of those private investigators? I think I saw a commercial about one of those shows." The man said, seemingly clueless. "Yeah....I was hired to check out a ghost sighting." Delsin said, hoping this cover story worked.

    "Inter-" He was cut off by a beeping noise. Which was revealed to be a ringtone as the man pulled out a flip phone. He said "こんにちは." [Hello.] "いつですか。理解." [When? Understood.] The man closed the flip phone and placed it back in his pocket. "I have to go, perhaps we can hang out sometime." With that said, the man walked away. "That was strange in a way..." Delsin muttered to himself as he continued his journey to the small diner.
    Upon arrival, and seeing none of his teammates there. He took a seat and waited.

    By taking out an Ipod and scrolling through some of the songs on it.
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  3. John wick, Boba Yaga, was walking around town with the tools of his trade skillfully hidden under his suit. John was a pro. No witnesses, and he never missed his mark. And seeing as he was being contracted by both sides, he had yet to pick who he would work for. He didn't know who followed who and quite frankly, he didn't care. He was in this fight for the money. He would pick his client after he got a feel for how they operated. He may be a contract killer, but he did have standards. His bulletproof vest was artfully hidden as well. Soon enough, he was in front of the diner. Perhaps his contract from the moonlight royal guard was already inside.
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  4. Cletus Kasady was a man of simple tastes. You gave him a place? He'd be there with bells on, stirring up chaos however he saw fit. Which usually meant to chop people up and murder pretty much everything in the vicinity. But even homicidal rednecks had their moments of lucidity. Something, something, talking ponies and a being called Discord? The name was enough to catch Cletus's attention. He wasn't so sure about the rest of it however. It didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things however. Cletus had never really been much of a follower. He'd always stuck to the mentality that he was his own man and that his actions were too damn crazy to be predicted/followed!

    Which is why he strolled around this dapper looking city with all the swagger a lowlife like him could muster up. What did he have to be afraid of? These 'teammates' didn't sound like anything he couldn't handle. Who knew? If they got in his way or annoyed him then maybe they'd be the first on his hitlist!

    Would be a great conversation opener though! Bump into somebody, shoot the breeze, y'know typical stuff.

    Then you turned your hand into an axe and chopped them right in half! Straight through muscle, tissue, bone. Everything from the head down to the groin cleaved right in twain. Perfect symmetry wasn't exactly the most chaotic like behavior. But when killing people you had to settle for a little inconsistency here and there!

    Seeing the guy standing outside the diner, Cletus briefly looked him over. Didn't seem like anyone too far out of Carnage's range. Bumping into Wick, Cletus snickered under his breath as he made his way into the diner and the Carnage symbiote quickly began to form over his person.

    "Hahahahah! So this is our motley little crew, huh? Gotta say I'm not too impressed! You all look like you'd die far too quickly!"


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  5. Delsin looked up to see two people. One was a man in a suit, which looked rather nice. The other, much to his surprise. Suddenly had this weird red goo spread out all over himself to make this almost terrifying creature.

    He ignored the little quip made by the red creature, and made his way so he was in between the man in the suit and the red creature.

    "So....I take it you're.........Mr....Suit....Man?" Great, Delsin has forgotten the name of the person that was contacted to meet him here. "Name's Delsin.....Delsin Rowe..." He held out his hand to the man in the suit, as well as offering the other hand to the goo creature.....Afterall, have to uphold manners. 'I hope Percy shows up soon..'
    Hei walked urgently to the specific meeting place that Mao had set up upon learning the contractor had arrived in the small town. Not that he was caught by surprise, infact, the only thing that did surprise him was the time and details of the mission. Spy on a group of people precisely that very day. Terminate if necessary. Nothing more. It made him suspicious, what would a normal group of people have that'd attract the attention of the syndicate?

    Upon arrival at the library, he had to wait approximately two minutes before a familiar cat wandered up to him. Motioning for him to follow. Doing so, the cat led Hei to a alley way, where another Japanese man was waiting. He was holding a duffle bag. "Your stuff is in here." The man said, handing the duffle bag to Hei, who opened the bag and examined the contents. His "Black Reaper" outfit was accounted for. As was his knives, wires, the mechanism that allowed him to grapple to places. Or people....

    "So, who am I being to sent after to spy on?" Hei said, almost emotionlessly. At the same time, taking cover behind a dumpster to switch into his "normal" clothes. [His Black Reaper outfit.]

    "These people." Mao said as the Japanese man dropped a folder infront of Hei. Who slipped on his mask, and after picking it up, and reviewing it. He recognized one of the people in the folder as the man he bumped into earlier that day. That made tracking these people down a lot more easier. At least, that is what Hei hoped. "So, what should I do if I am compromised?" He wanted to be prepared for ANY situation. "After you lose whoever is chasing you, make your way here.....A white van will be waiting." Mao said, shaking his little cat head. "Failure is not an option..." He added as Hei walked away.....Most likely to find the man from earlier.

    [Sorry if it is a bit choppy.]
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  6. John was about to make his retort to carnage when his contact intervened....and apparently forgot who he was meeting, much to Boba Yaga's annoyance. "John wick, Mr. Hood." The contract killer said, shaking Delsin's hand and shooting the other person a look that could kill. "I'd be careful around that one. He's feral. Almost like a rabid dog."

    Pyramid head was still wandering the streets of silent hill, punishing the souls of the wicked in an inescapable hell of their own design. He knew that he was keeping his allies waiting, but so long as the sun was up in the human world, silent hill was shrouded in fog and darkness and vice-versa. Heavens knew he wanted to end this task.
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  7. "So....Mr. Wick....Mind if we relocate our meet up to the library place not far from here?" Delsin said, jabbing a thumb down the street. He waited for John's response.

    Hei had set up his spy post atop a building, across the street from the diner. Taking a few pictures of the group infront.

    He made sure to snap quick pictures of when the man turned into the red creature, and of the man in the suit who seemed to be conversing with the person Hei bumped into earlier that day.

    'Hmmmm........Who could those two be? Accomplices?' Hei thought to himself for a second. But he dashed that thought as the man in the suit looked a bit ticked off at the red creature.

    Hei continued to spy as a man in a letterman jacket walked up to them.
    Jacket was a new recruit to this, "Moonlight Royal Guard." As the blue horse with wings and horns had put it. He didn't mind the position. Afterall, it meant not falling to his death back in Miami, 1989.

    Anyways, he and another new recruit. Who was named "Vector." Were sent to support fellow Moonlight Guards in Veel-Los. Without causing a ruckus. It was easy in Jacket's case. All he had to do was hide his Rooster mask and small blunt weapons in his backpack. As for Vector. That was a thing easier said than done. Guy was wearing tactical gear, and carrying several items that would gain a LOT of attention at first sight. But Vector said that he had a trick up his sleeve for avoiding detection. Jacket later found out that trick when Vector activated something called a cloak. Which turned Vector invisible. Though, much similar in the same way as that "Predator" movie Jacket had heard seen back in Miami.

    "I'll follow close behind. Then take up covering position once we reach our destination." Vector said, in a almost cold emotionless voice as Jacket and him dropped out of the portal, and into an alleyway. Once Vector went invisible, Jacket went out onto the street. Acting casual. Which wasn't hard for the young blonde man. He looked like some college student out on vacation. One that wore bandages on his hands.

    A few minutes later, he arrived at the diner. Only to see three people. Well, two people and one red creature that looked like it had come out of sci fi movie or one of those superhero comics.

    The one in the suit he didn't recognize, but he did recognize the other one from a briefing provided by the princess. 'Delsin Bowe. No, that doesn't sound right. Rowe, maybe?....Nevermind.' He thought to himself as he walked up to them. Giving the signal that he was a ally. That being a phrase given to him. Taking out a tape recorder, he pressed play after rewinding it. "For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen..." His tape recorder said, to which Delsin tried to remember. "Uh....Um.....Wait, I got it. 'Before he go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green.' Right?" Jacket nodded, before fast forwarding his tape recorder. Then pressing play. "My name is Jacket."

    "Nice to meet ya." Delsin said, before looking to the man in the suit. "So, yay or nay to relocating to the library?"
  8. "If it means ditching this slimeball so I don't kill him just yet, then I have no objections." John said making a slight motion to carnage, feeling no need to introduce himself to the new arrivals and knew Delsin wouldn't remember his name anyway.
  9. Season one has ended!
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