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A warrior straight out of legend.
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In the kingdom of Agora Elves, Men and Dwarfs have lived together in harmony under the rule of King Merrick. The king was loved and worshiped by all. Under his rule the lands prospered and the people were united and civil war among the races had been prevented. However this happiness would not last. The king suddenly fell ill not too long ago and died of the strange illness that sent him to his bedside. The king had no heir and no family to take the throne under his stead. Civil war threatened to consume the lands again as noble fought noble for the right of who would take the throne. However things only got worse from there. Not long after the king died an ancient evil arose in the south and started marching upon the kingdom of Agora. The dark lord Orfeo Crowe and his army of undead warriors and orc had pledged war on the kingdom of Agora and demanded that they bow to his rule or be destroyed.

The Kingdom refused and thus a vicious war ensued each side losing hundreds of thousands of warriors. However each warrior lost on both sides only served to increase Orfeo's army of undead warriors. The Kingdom of Agora was definitely losing this war and it was only a matter of time before they would be serving under the dark lord Orfeo. There was but one hope. An ancient set of armor and weapon crafted by the ancient elf smith Celebrimbor. The armor is said to give the wearer amazing abilities and can protect them from all kinds of danger. The weapon Dawnstar is said to have the power to banish all evil and light the way in all dark times. The armor had been scattered across the land of Agora and placed under the care of powerful guardians to protect the armor until it was needed.

That was the armor William Hawk was seeking. He had served the kingdom of Agora well for many years and he would do everything within his power to make sure that the kingdom didn't fall into the hands of the dark lord Orfeo. He looked down at his horse Tug and gently patted his neck "cmon Tug..we need to get moving..we have to find the armor and Dawnstar before it's too late.." He had no idea where the armor and weapon were hidden no one did but he knew that he'd find it eventually because if he didn't Agora would be lost forever.
It was evening. The young females father had sent the army out early and she had to go along, finally aloud to leave her 'bird cage' of a room.
A small sigh escape her lips as she walked down the forest path from her home. Her job was to keep traveling soldiers away from her and her fathers home, by her sweet charms and looks.
"Naughty birdy song is made~ by pecking holes into trees~" she sang lightly, her fluttery white dress flowing lightly and her long honey hair flowing along behind her as well. "Willow seeders sycamores~ and Pride oaks reduce to cheese~ when gods have! Forever cursed your naughty peak.. What it pecks it position smell your food, your nest, and your young~ They all now fear you~" she cooed out, swinging her arms back and forth. "But your arms ring clearly through the woody as they even take you~... Such a sad sad little birdy... Maybe one day this song will lift the curse and set you free.." The wind blew through her hair for a moment then stopped slowly, her movements stopping. "He's here.." She mumbled softly.
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Orfeo walked through the trees and smiled down at his daughter. It was a dark and evil smile that held little love but he wouldn't harm her as long as she obeyed his ruling. "My dearest glad to see you are doing well and doing the job I asked you to do." He looked to the side and narrowed his eyes at a bird that was still singing very annoyingly. He glared down the bird until it literally cowered away and fell silent. He grinned to himself and chuckled before he looked back at her "I have a new job for you however Genna..this one takes grave has come to my attention that Agora ancient relic. A set of armor and a sword to be precise. These tools under my control could be the final piece I need to finally take control of Agora and claim the throne as my own. The problem is..I am needed to..recruit more soldiers to our cause" He gave another evil chuckle at that since by recruit he meant turning more dead soldiers to join his army. "I want you to go out and find these relics..and bring them back to me do you understand Genna?"

William and Tug were slowly moving through a forest. Unknown to him Orfeo had set up a magical portal there that would take his trips back and forth from his main camp and settlement where the dark lord was talking with his daughter at the very moment. Will wouldn't wander into the portal since Tug would sense something was up. They weren't anywhere near it at the moment for it to be a concern however. Will looked up at the sky through the trees and let out a soft sigh "..I don't know what to do Tug..if we don't find those relics..Agora will be lost forever..and those who don't obey Orfeo's rule will be put to the sword..or worse.." He shook his head and looked ahead with determination. "No..I can't think like that..I need to stay focused. I will find the relics and I will stop Orfeo..that's a promise"
"Yes father.." She mumbled up at him before closing her eyes and giving him a gentle smile. "Heh..". She cared greatly about her father of course since he raised her her whole life.
"I'll be off then.." She told him, walking quickly ahead of him before turning quickly down a narrow path. She looked around, puffing her cheeks out lightly, sighing.
'How am I going to find them...' She thought, clasping her hands behind her back.
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Orfeo nodded and watched his daughter go. He narrowed his eyes slightly and then turned and left the area to go back to his armies. He had more people to recruit. He chuckled a bit at the thought of it. Will looked around slowly and let out a slow breath. He didn't know where he was going to start looking but maybe he'd run into someone that could help him find the relics or maybe someone that was looking for them as well to stop Orfeo. Tug gave a soft neigh and pulled to a stop and stomped his hooves on the forest floor. "What is it Tug?" He gently rubs his neck and then looks up and pauses when he saw a girl walking through the woods. "who is that?"
The girl knew very well that they were in her distance and she was in their site. She walked gracefully along the forest floors, her feet pair.
Her long white dress dragged lightly on the ground but it didn't carry a bit of dirt with it.
She looked over in his direction in fake surprise before gracefully running down another path, hoping he would follow. 'Gotcha..' She thought, a smile slowly curling on her lips.
Will stared at the girl in a bit of shock and surprise. Who was she? What was she doing here? A small blush rose to his cheeks as he was overwhelmed by her grace and beauty. When she started running off he kicked tugs sides and started racing after her "hey wait!"
"Perfect.." She mumbled. She then did a fake trip. Falling to her knees but still keeping her grace. "Ow.." She mumbled, looking back quickly but dramatically, her hair drapping her shoulders gently, some strains resting on her lap and on the forest ground.
This is her first time doing this with one guy but she always did this with many.
Will pulled up to a stop near her and gently jumped down. He watched her for a moment before he walked over and offered her his hand ". Are you ok miss?"
She moved from him a bit, her eye brows furrowed and her eyes full of 'fear'. "Y-Yes.. Are you going to hurt me..?" She asked him, glancing up at him with an innocent look, her lips in a pouty form as well.
He blushes a bit at the cute expressions she was making and swallowed hard. "No..i promise i'm not going to hurt you. If your lost I'm going to help you find your way home..if your running from someone I'll protect you."
She gave him a gentle nod. "Thank you.." She mumbled gently. 'Why is he so nice...'.
Normally the men would be very 'perverted' or worst. She stood up slowly,studying him closely, her cheeks now as well holding a light pink tint to them.
He swallows hard and stares into her eyes. It was hard not to blush from the beauty that was etched in her face. He pulled at the front of his armor as he felt himself getting a little warm under the collar "my..My name's Will..what's yours?
"Genna!" She said quickly before looking down, playing with her hands. "Um.. My home is up there.." She told him, pointing up to the mountains or more so her fathers home. "It isn't that far but it might take a few days.." She explained, biting her lips gently. "You don't have to help me if its in the way.." She told him, raising an eyebrow.
He looks up at the mountains and swallows hard. He didn't know that that's where her father lived and it sure was a long way. He wanted to help her but he needed to find the relics he needed to stop Orfeo from destroying his home. "who is your father? he a lord or a baron?"
"Oh.. He's just a very old village man.. He doesn't have much strength.." She explained, every word coming out of her mouth was a lie. "So we had just moved out to the mountain because we thought it would be easier for him.. But I was on my way home from the village and I got quite lost..." She told him in a sweet innocent voice.
Though her heart was beating fast because of the horse since she knew animals could tell if a person was bad.
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Tug was eyeing the girl carefully stomping his foot a bit. Will looked up at the mountain again then looked back at her "is there anything I can do to help you out?. I mean..i want to get you home but..i need to get moving. I need to find the relics to save the kingdom
Her eyes widen a bit. "I see.. I think I know where that is? I think it's the woods behind my home!" she asked him, smiling widely. 'This is easier than I thought..' She thought to herself. "Thank you so much for helping me~" she cooed.