Search for the Relics

He pauses and stared at her. Was she saying the relics were behind her house? couldn't be that simple there was no way that the scattered armor and weapon of Celebrimbor was right there "the armor and weapon of Celebrimbor? They're really behind your home?."
"I think so! I saw something strange happen behind my home one night but.. I wasn't sure what it was.." She explained, giving him a small pout. "I might be wrong..".
He swallows hard and looks down. If she was right she could be leading him to one of the relics if not then she could set him behind. But it was the only lead he had do he needed to take the chance "cmon then I'll help you get home.
She smiled even wider "thank you so much!" She said to him, blushing a bit. "I'm so greatful!" She cooed, "Then let's go~" she said, walking a bit head, pep in her step as she walked. 'Sucker..' she thought, clasping her hands behind her back.
He nods a bit and walks over to tug and climbs onto his back. He then looks down at her and offers her his hand "cmon I'll help you up"
She looked at him hand for a moment before taking it. Once she got up on the horse she slowly laced her arms around his waste, pressing her body close up again him, laying the side of her head against his upper back.
He blushed a bit and swallowed hard and gently turned tug towards the mountains before he gently kicked his sides and sent him into a gallop towards the mountains
Her hold got a bit tighter as they moved faster, herself never being on a horse before. "U-Um.. Your horse.. He is quite beautiful, what's his name?" She asked him, trying to start a conversation so they aren't riding in silence, though she knew the horses name since she heard it quite a few times. "W-We have horse were I live but we don't normally ride them." She explained. That was turn, they did have horses but they were quite evil and mean so she could not even get close to them, forget about touching or petting them.
He glances back at her and then looks back ahead and gives a small smile "His name is Tug..and thank you for the compliment to him. I know he appreciates it." He gently patted his side as he continued to steer them towards the mountains. The girl was a bit strange he thought. Her actions and her emotions didn't seem to properly fit together. Maybe that was just because she was frightened because she got lost.