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  1. Nobody remembers the war. Nobody's really alive too, anymore. Three hundred years have passed since that... Thing was used to end the bloodshed. Of course, everything has it's price. This was no different. Whatever this weapon was intended to do, whoever made it to do what they needed, how the device worked or where it is today are all unimportant. What matters is what it made of our universe. Reality itself couldn't cope with this thing. All three empires fell to total ruin, and in their place lie the ghosts of cities and the mass graves of ships torn apart by battles fought too long ago for anyone to remember. Whoever remained after the war immediately scuttled to the promised safety of the Intergalactic Military Police Force. The IMPF are little more than a dictatorship bent on keeping what's left of the universe from recovering, all for their own shallow gain.

    But a stark few have risen outside of their grip.

    They are known by many names. Rebels. Traders. Renegades. Vagabonds. Murderers. Psychopaths. Scavengers. But they only recognize one title. They respond to but a single title. They call themselves...

    The Scrapyard Dogs.

    The IMPF has tried to destroy them for years, but they never seemed to go away. Even when full on war was raged against these criminals, more always seemed to turn up. They raid the abandoned remnants of the war, collecting and restoring lost technologies to sell on the black market. To assist in this, they developed the Technology Reclamation Suit, or the TRS for short. Originally meant as a means to more efficiently salvage wrecks in space, these suits were quick to be adapted to more devious purposes. Soon enough, these suits were able to move fast enough for the wearer to dodge just enough enemy fire to get them onto the opposing ship, or absorb enough to do so. Illegal genetic and cybernetic modification became a craze among the dogs, lending a hand to their criminal reputation.

    Three hundred years, this persisted.

    Today, we focus on a single crew among the Scrapyard Dogs. For they will soon be handed the means to change the universe as we know it. They will rocket to the top of the IMPF's most wanted lists, be pursued by their fellow dogs and criminal organizations alike, and will become the focal point for the turning of the age.

    All because of something they found floating around in space....

    So this is the section where I explain a few things, both for new people and those that were there and noticed that I put it back up. First, yes there was an old one. It ended in a hot mess, which lead me to add a few rules. Don't feel compelled to walk away just because this is a reboot. Instead, feel compelled to come in and make things better! Let's keep this going for a long ass time.

    Now, I want to list my inspirations, for this RP, and fill in a few lore gaps with how they fit. Some may seem a bit far fetched, but bear with me.

    Mad Max:
    Okay, this is the big one. We all know how action works in the Mad Max world works, right? Leaping from car to car, weapons in hand, taking each other out before leaping back to their own cars? This is how I want Skirmisher fights to work. Your TRS' are literally MADE for this. There is not a single fight we have where every skirmisher that deploys stays in his or her ship. The ships are designed to pick the owners back up when the owner presses a button on their TRS.

    Zone of the Enders:
    Light TRS' are as agile as Jehuty, compared to a ship. Heavy ones are slow, but could probably tank ten times as much as a light TRS. Mediums are Vic Viper. Not as fast as a Light, nor as strong as a Heavy, but still hella cool. Also, Zero-shifting is half the inspiration for intergalactic travel.

    Mass Effect:
    Mass Effect Relays are the second half of the above mentioned inspiration. Basically, we're talking pockets of condensed space, accessed via a spatial agitator that opens the bubble and slingshots any decently built ship where they want to go, provided they've bolted down everything they need to.

    In terms of how to see the Scrapyard Dogs in relation to the IMPF, this is a good comparison. Stalker Loners compared to the Military. In fact, all I really did was take S.T.A.L.K.E.R., expand the Zone infinitely, and put it in space. That's really it.

    Now, I said I would come back when I've run a few test RPs and gotten better at GMing. I haven't done that, but I've been itching for this for so long and dammit, I'm gonna go and scratch that itch!

    RP's Theme Song:


    1: All of Iwaku's rules and regulations apply

    2: No godmodding, powergaming, or any such variation of the term

    3: Be respectful. We're all mature enough to not be dickheads at each other. This rule in particular carries a shockingly low amount of tolerance. It's just not cool

    4: Include the word "Spacepocolypse" somewhere in your CS to prove you actually read these

    5: As GM, I have complete and total power. I will decide if you are in or not, I will kick you out as I please. I will say if something works, I will say if something doesn't. Most importantly, I say when something big happens, in the story. This rule will be enforced with no warnings and no sympathy

    6: This RP is Science Fiction. As such, any dissimilarities with real tech or physics will be rendered null and void unless I say so

    7: Rules will be added, changed, or removed as I see fit

    8: Have a good time! Violators of this rule will be shot. Survivors will be shot again



    You have a choice between three types of TRS', here.

    Light: Designed more around speed than protection, this suit is made to move. Essentially built as a full body jumpsuit with thrusters and a helmet, this suit isn't stopping anything anytime soon. However, it will get you the hell outta dodge faster than you can say "take evasive maneuvers".

    Medium: The balanced option among TRS'. Offering a good middle ground between protection and speed, this suit is the standard among the Scrapyard Dogs. You can't go wrong with sicking to the middle.

    Heavy: This suit is made to get hit. It is able to soak up more damage than any other suit, taking more of an aggressive approach. It is the best suit for land-based combat, due to it's high durability. It also augments the wearers strength a bit, if it isn't augmented already.


    Given that we will all be on a single ship, roles will need to be established. I will be playing the captain and creating the ship, but every other role is open. That is, until it's filled.

    Captain: The head honcho of the group. They is in control of the entire ship, which makes sense seeing that it's theirs.

    Engineers: The mechanics, restorers, and weapon smiths of the ship. They build whatever is needed, provided the parts are there.

    Skirmishers: The ship's fighting crew. They handle all the dirty work of the ship, gathering salvage, boarding ships, and raiding cities. They each have their own, small ship for space battles.

    Medic: The medical officer of the ship. They will be keeping the crew happy and healthy, tending any wounds or sicknesses that might occur.

    Merchants: These hagglers were born to make money. They handle all of the haggling for selling their salvage and buying what they can't have the Engineers make.


    Age: (Keep it over 18)

    Gender: (Keep them even, please)

    Race: (Please provide a description, if not human.)

    Appearance: (Text, pictures, or both is fine with me. I don't care what style of picture you use)

    Personality: (One paragraph minimum)

    Backstory: (I don't need a novel, but I do want more than a children's book)

    Modifications: (What mods do you have? I will approve or deny these at my leisure and for any reason. My judgment is final)

    TRS Type: (What type of TRS do you use?)

    TRS Appearance: (Once again, text, pictures, or both is fine)

    Role: (What do you do here?)

    Weaponry: (What does your character bring into battle? Please include one melee weapon and one ranged one. If a gun, it has to be ballistic based. Matched knives or swords count as one melee weapon)

    Other Items: (Anything else you keep with you that cannot be used in battle or isn't too obvious for your chosen role)

    Other Info: (What did I miss that you want to be known?)
    Ship CS (Skirmisher only)




    Backstory: (How did you come to possess this ship?)

    Weaponry: (Remember, these are interceptors. Light and fast. No Vector Cannons)​
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