School days [Shappochklack and One Must Wonder]



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Rain. Unbelievable. The first day of school wasn't supposed to be this cloudy. And it was most certainly not supposed to be this wet either! Adrien groaned loudly as he hurried towards the cubical old school building, hearing the water in his shoes squelch around loudly. All thanks to the bus deciding not to arrive on this fine day. Now he'd have to spend the opening ceremony looking like... well, it sure wasn't pretty! His golden hair was lying pressed against his head, making him look more like an old man than a high school student. Lovely.
"Did you swim here or something?" Adrien turned around to meet the mocking eyes of his older brother. If that guy had any decency, he would have offered him a car ride. Obviously, he was an evil man!
"I walked..." he corrected his brother and walked through the heavy door into the hall. His brother hurried after him and apologized deeply.
"What!? I didn't know!! I'll make it up to you!" His brother, Jonah, tried his best to show that he was sincere until he saw his friends and ran after them instead. Adrien chuckled. He knew that his brother was just showing off. He brushed it off and continued into the auditorium, finding a seat in the far back so that he could doze off for a minute. Thank god he could relax a bit before going to class.
Jullain sighed as he walked into the school, shaking his head to get some of the water out of his hair. It was raining pretty heavily outside; not that he minded much, Jullain liked the rain, but this, this was ridiculous. He brushed his long black hair out of his eyes, grabbing the hair tie on his wrist to pull his mid back length hair out of his face.
Finishing with that, Jullain made his way to the auditorium where the Opening Ceremony would be held in fifteen minutes or so. Ignoring the looks he was getting as he weaved in and out of the crowd. Making it to the auditorium, Jullain noticed that it was mostly empty. Making his way to the back so he could stay out of the main crowd he decided to sit next to a blonde boy who looked like he had swam here.
"Is this seat taken?"
Adrien had just closed his eyes when he heard a voice. He looked up to see a guy with dark hair, towering over him.
"It's yours if you don't wake me up," he answered in a yawn and closed his eyes again only to open them again, scrutinizing the boy's features. Well, he was kind enough to ask if he could sit there. Anyone who had that courtesy nowadays was free to take a seat next to him. He closed his eyes one more time and tried to think of nothing. The moist in his clothes and hair was getting cold so that was quite a challenge. But his sleepiness was greater.
Julain nodded, even though the boy had already closed his eyes and didn't see it. Falling into the seat Jullain opened his bag and pulled out a book, plugging in his iPod and turning it on. He'd turn it off when the Ceremony started, but until then, he'd listen to his music and read. Besides he'd rather not listen to the gossipy chatter of his classmates as the filled the auditorium. Glancing at the boy on his left, the thought that he had swa to school again crossed Jullain's mind Oh well it was none of his business
The speeches that followed were over in what felt like minutes. Adrien noticed it first when he heard the clatter of footsteps starting to subside. He stood up alarmed and looked around, noticing that the boy who was sitting next to him was reading. He waved his hand in front of the book and hoped that he wasn't just sleeping with his eyes open.
"Hey... You're going to be late for class if you don't hurry up." He stood there waiting since the other one's legs were blocking the way.
Jullain looked up, almost hitting the other boy in surprise, and let out a string of curses. Dammit he hadn't even noticed when the speeches began. Shit shit shit shit shit It wouldn't matter so much if it weren't the first day of class, but since it was.... "Ah dammit." He threw his book into his bag and stood up.

"Thanks for letting me know." he said looking over at the other boy as the rushed out into the hall. "I'm Jullain." He held out his hand.
Adrien tagged along, not feeling very nervous. He wasn't very worried when it came to school. This guy seemed to take it seriously. Not that he blamed him though.
"Hi, I'm Adrien," he said and shook Jullains hand while examining him. The other boy was taller, darker and could possibly be a worrisome person. Oh, the contrast. But despite the differences he seemed like a good person. Not that that mattered now. Adrien was still late for class.
"I didn't listen when they told us... Do you know where class 4-D is?" He looked around as if hoping to see some sort of sign, to no avail. Now, he actually felt quite stupid for not being attentive.
Jullain frowned thinking for a moment. "4-D is this way, come on." He grabbed the other boy's hand. Adrien looked near tears he was so worried. The blonde boy was shorter and thinner and looked like the poster child for the "Goody two-shoes" although Jullain guessed that he probably wasn't, not compeletly anyway.
"4-D is my class too. Hey, relax, we're not going to be the only ones late. This school is a maze, they really should hand out a map."
(I don't know whay I wrote 4-D since they've just started. What the hell, they can always count downwards XD)

Thank god someone knew where it was. Adrien followed him hurriedly, almost tripping on his shoelaces. He laughed at Jullain's comment.
"I'm not the one who's panicking," he defended himself. He skidded to a halt as he saw a door that led to their classroom. At least, that was what the sign told him. Adrien glanced at Jullain and nodded to the door. That guy was much nicer than he had expected. Really, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
"If anyone asks, we were helping someone with directions."
Jullain chuckled. "Well it wouldn't be a total lie, I was helping someone with directions. You"

Pushing open the door they walked into the class. The teacher sighed, but said nothing and gestured to two empty seats. Juallin smirked at Adrien as if to say "See? I told you no one would mind" before sitting down and pulling out a notebook and pen to doodle
The teachers blabbing was seemingly never-ending and he quickly started to lose focus on the lesson. Adrien glanced curiously at the dark haired boy and his sketches. He was indeed an intriguing person. Was he a good studier? Or had he just been worried about something else? Adrien couldn't tell exacly. He wasn't really able to read his actions that well. It bugged him a bit. Not wanting to wonder about that any more, he started to read in the textbook instead. He might as well learn something the first day of school. It wasn't that he was bad at studying. In fact, he was rather well educated. It was the lack of interest that was the problem. As long as he didn't fail at his tests, that wouldn't have to be a big issue.
Jullain sighed as he sketched, the teacher babbling on about something. He wasn't very clear, he kept going off on tangents about his personal life and random facts that had absolutely nothing to do with what he was teaching and the would suddenly jump back into the lecture. It was horribly annoying. Oh well, he had expected this when he got his class assignment. His older sister had had this teacher four years before and had warned him about it, offering her notes to study from instead. Jullain had not believed it could have been this bad, knowing his sister liked to exaggerate, but had accepted the offer just in case. In any case, his sister took good notes to begin with.
Jullain finished his sketch and looked around the class. Adrien was reading the textbook. Jullain snorted, but figured it was a better option then listening to the teacher ramble on.
Adrien closed his book. There was no point pretending to read any more. This subject couldn't be less interesting and so he leaned over to the left as the teacher turned the other way, speaking in a monotonous voice, and whispered to Jullain.
"Wanna skip second period? I've already heard this..." He felt a bit excited about being sneaky. It was his own secret pleasure. Adrien was hoping that Jullian would go along with the idea. He didn't know anyone else here so it'd be a pity if this guy turned out to be as boring as people usually were. That was the reason for his moving here. Adrien had grown up in a small town with almost nothing around him. Hopefully, this would be better.
Jullain thought for a moment. He really shouldn't ditch class on the first day but... Ah what the hell it was better then sitting around bored for the rest of the day.

"Sure" he whispered back to Adiren with a smirk. Anything was better then this. Jullain hated being bored. When he was bored his mind tended to wander and come up with the weirdest ideas. He'd gotten into trouble last year when he'd accidentally handed in a story he'd written instead of the essay he was supposed to. Yes, being bored was a bad idea.
After a while of meaningless crap it was finally time to move on. People started scraping their chairs against the floor and half of the class was out of the room before there was even time to think. The rest probably didn't know where to go. Adrien knew exactly where he was supposed to go. Out. He put everything back in the desk and walked up to Jullain.
"Are you coming along?"
Jullain looked up with a smirk. "Of course I am." He piled his stuff back into his bag. and stood up. "If I leave you alone, you might get lost and panic again" He chuckled at the offened look on the other boy's face, grabbing Adrien's hand Jullain pulled him toward the door. " Kidding. Lets go."
Adrien muttered inside to Jullains comment even though he understood the irony. Somehow he didn't notice that the boy had grabbed his hand until they'd reached the door, at which point he let go and blood flooded to his face rapidly. Luckily, his hair had dried so that he didn't look like a drowned tomato.
"Yeah... Anyway... Do you know if there's a place with a good view? I've never seen mountains before and I kind of fell asleep on the plane when I first came here." He'd only been here for a few days during which he'd had to help his family furniture the house. His brothers had been out almost all the while. Adrien on the other hand had been unfortunate enough to wake up after his parents...
Jullain smirked at the blush, but said nothing

"Well if it's mountains you want, we can go up to the roof. There's a good view there and my sister says teachers never go up there. She spent most of summer term last year up there when she was supposed to be in class. Somehow she still managed to graduate at the top of her class." He turned a corner. Ah, there was the door to the roof. He glanced around, no one else was in the general area. He pushed open the door and looked at Adrien, "Coming?"
"Of course I am," he answered, as if he'd just responded to a challenge. Adrien passed through the door, not knowing what to expect. Of course he'd seen it in photos. But you would never get a sense of something before witnessing it with your own eyes. Adrien walked up to the fence that separated him from a deadly fall.
"It's pretty but it looks pretty much like every other kind of stone," he stated and moved his eyes to look at the surrounding town instead. It was quite a view! Low and old buildings mixed in with more modern looking works of art.
Jullain chuckled. "They normally do." He sat down, crossing his legs and pulled his bag towards him, pulling out a book. "Word of advice, if you're sibling, if you have one, says they want to climb one without any equipment because they think it'll be fun, knock them out and lock them in their room for the rest of the weekend. It will save you a hell of a lot of trouble later."