School days [Shappochklack and One Must Wonder]

"Sounds like you're experienced," said Adrien and visualized the scene. His brothers might be just that stupid. He laid down and followed the clouds with his eyes. The rain had stopped, obviously. The thick grey clouds had vanished, or at least reduced themselves into white shapes that rapidly chased each other across the sky. It looked just like a painting. This, he had had the luck of seeing before. And still it was more beautiful than any mountain. It was pure.
"Oh yeah. Amanda's great, smart too, but not very logical when it comes to some things. And when she's hyper you might want to run away as fast as possible. She get's the oddest and craziest ideas when she's hyper." Jullain shuddered. "Yes running away is your best option." He looked at the boy lying down next to him and chuckled. "She might like you actually. You seem like the type of person she normally adores."
"She sounds like an interesting person," Adrien said, turning his head to show a smile, "I've got a few siblings of my own but they're not smart. It doesn't matter if they're hyper or not, you should just run anyway," he stated and reminded himself of an incident when they had turned his room into a dinosaur museum. On the day for the move, he had found the last pieces of chicken skeleton that lay around. It wasn't that fun when he was younger to find the pieces when he least expected it.
Jullain raised an eyebrow. "So, run away from siblings. Got it." Jullain chuckled. It turned into a shudder when he remembered when Amanda found out he was gay. She'd squealed and tackled him before dragging him off to go shopping for new clothes. He rolled his eyes, just because he liked other boys did not mean he liked to shop and try on outfits. Crazy girl.

"Older or younger then you?" he asked Adrien
"I'm the youngest one. One of them, Jonah, is a senior student here," he said. Adrien yawned and put one arm in front of his frail blue eyes to prevent the sun from stinging them. Somehow, he was still kind of sleepy. Maybe it was the cause of the dull lesson that they had before.
"So, do you know a lot of people here?" he asked. Jullain seemed decent so he probably had loads of friends. Hopefully he wasn't just hanging around up here out of pure courtesy. It didn't seem like it but you never knew these days.
"Ah, I'm the youngest too. Amanda graduated last year." Jullain smiled at the boy, he was kind of cute. "I know a fair few. I can introduce you later if you want. Amanda knows more people though, if you really want to meet people Amanda could introduce you to a lot of people. she's a social butterfly." He pushed his bangs out of his eyes. "I could introduce you her today after school if you'd like. If you're not busy that is."
"Yeah, sure," he said, lowering his arm to get a good look at the boy next to him. They looked like polar opposites and yet here they were, killing time on the roof. It wasn't that he needed an abundance of new friends that he'd asked, but it wasn't bad either even if he enjoyed spending time on his own. And hopefully Amanda wouldn't be that interested in him. It would be a drag if he would have to explain his situation... Lately, he'd become unsure whether he was really into girls or not. Maybe he hadn't just found the right one yet but, you never knew. It was better to be brave and face the fact if he ever came to that.
"Before I got here, people kept telling me that this town was a bad place and that people here are arrogant. Should I be worried? No offence but, you seem kinda harmless," he said and laughed quietly. He hadn't expected to befriend anyone on his first day at all. But that was prejudice in a nutshell. Despite being quiet, the rest of the class didn't seem to be that horrible either.
Jullain looked up at the sky. "Worried? Nah. Okay, this town is filled with a lot of arrogant snobby rich people," That was a massive understatement, but the kid didn't seem like the type to get sucked into that poser-follower-preppy crowd where the worst of the worst were though so Jullian wasn't too worried. "But not everybody's like that. Stick with me and/or my sister and we'll protect you from the stuck up jerks."

He chuckled, "Harmless, me? Not possible. You just caught me on a good day babe." he said with a wink.
Adrien raised an eyebrow. He knew just how to take care of himself. Even if he couldn't help feeling some sort of gratitude for this person. He couldn't help feeling a bit lucky for this encounter. It was rare to meet nice people. Jullain was pretty handsome too; he had an attitude. Was it his aura perhaps?
"Is that so? I don't know whether I should be happy or scared," he said jokingly, "Not that it matters though. I'm happy anyway." Adrien sat up and rested his back against the iron fence, focusing his gaze on a dove that had decided to land a couple of metres away.
Jullain smirked at Adrien. The boy was cute and had sense of humor, or at least a sense of sarcasm. He wasdefinitely someone Jullain would date, if the other boy was into the other boys, that was. Pursuing a straight boy was no fun for either of the two involved.

"'Manda would say be scared, but she'd just want you for herself. See, I don't like sharing all that much. But I'm glad you're happy babe, a pretty boy like you should always be happy."

Okay, so he was openly flirting now, but Jullain didn't care, he was having too much fun to care
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A subtle red shade made its way to Adriens cheeks but he tried to look indifferent. He tried to figure out in his head if Jullain knew how he sounded. Even if he didn't, Adrien was getting suspicious of his own reactions. The cheerful warm feeling that grew in his chest seemed to imply something. That could be troblesome.
"I'm not that much into being shared anyway," he replied after some thought. He wouldn't want to say too much if he'd simply just misunderstood. Especially since his fascination with Jullain had started to increase in the last few hours.
Jullian chuckled when Adrien blushed. He was definitely cute when he blushed, he would have to see if he could make Adrien blush more often and in different ways. That was, if the boy swung that way and just wasn't playing along or he hadn't gotten the implied meaning. Jullain stood up before moving to sit in front of the other boy. "Good, 'cause like I said, I don't share. Ever. And especially not with my sister; that would just be creepy and disturbing."

He put his lips near Adrien's ear, "Has any one ever told you how cute you look when you blush babe?"
Adrien was quite sure of Jullains sincerity. After years of training he knew what lies sounded like. His brothers had taught him that. The redness of his cheeks grew more intense. He couldn't help that much. Surprisingly, he felt a thrill through his veins as his mind sorted out the words that he'd just heard. Just as he was about to meet Jullains eyes, he felt goosebumps spread all over him in response to Jullains breath. He swallowed nervously and then started to speak.
"Are you... are you saying that you, too?" Adrien was short of words but felt desperate to know.
Jullain pulled back a bit and looked at the blonde boy. "That I'm gay? Is that what you're asking?" he laughed, he couldn't help himself. He laughed and he laughed. Bring his laughter under control, he smirked at Adrien. "Babe, I'm as straight as a circle. Did you honestly think I'd flirt with a hot boy like you if I wasn't gay?" He shook his head, "No I wouldn't be."

Jullain looked the boy over, "If I thought you were cute when you blushed it's nothing compared to how you look when you're nervous. One thing is for sure, I don't think I'll be sharing you with anybody."
Adrien's face grew dreamier, slightly pained and his voice was monotone as he spoke, "You must be a fragment of my imagination." And too much of a sweet talker for my own good, he added in his mind. Somewhere along the way here he must've passed out or something. Perhaps he'd been pushed from the top of the stairs or maybe fallen from the roof. One thing was for sure. Adrien had not expected that they would have that in common. If he by chance would turn out to be real, there's was a rule. People with his amount of appeal were either jerks, taken or straight. He must be one of the three. And he didn't look like an idiot.
Jullain chucked, he had dazed the boy. He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing just yet. The blonde boy must not be used to bing hit on. At least not by guys. Girls probably hit on him a lot, he was too good looking not to be hit on, but not a lot of guys. That being said, his comment from earlier implied that he was gay or bi, or at least thinking he might be, so Jullain would would continue to flirt with him until Adrien told him off. Maybe they would date, but Jullian wouldn't get his hopes up just in case. Right now he'd settle for making the other boy blush.

He cupped the boy's check with a hand, "I'm flattered, but I can assure you I'm quite real babe." And then following his impulses, 'which could be a bad idea, they could get me into trouble, really' he thought briefly, he kissed the other boy
Adrien's heart raced, his mind not catching up entirely with the moment. He drew back in an abrupt and flustered movement, covering his lips with shivering hands. His eyes were the size of teacups and his cheeks blushed violently. If you, for some reason, poured water on his face it would be likely to boil. Right now, Jullain seemed quite real. And so did the person, staring at them from the door with horrified eyes.
"Adrien!? I should never have left you alone," exclaimed a devastated voice that belonged to his older brother. Apparently he'd found out about this place too along with a couple of friends that were roaring with laughter in the hall. Jonah rushed forward and grabbed hold of Adrien, pulling him upwards so that he'd stand up.
"What the hell, let go of me!" Adrien smacked his brother in the back of his head whereupon the brother, like an angry bull, stared at Jullain angrily.
"You! Are you preying on MY brother!?" he demanded. Adrien was stunned. Was he going to continue to be overly protective even now!? There was a reason for Adriens inexperience. He'd never been allowed any... But if that was going to continue now, Adrien had to make it end. He wouldn't allow anything else. That was, if Jullain wasn't already preparing himself to run. That was, after all, what Adrien himself had adviced him to do...
Jullian was about to calm Adrien down, obviously he'd shocked the boy with his kiss, when he heard the angry voice of what could only be a overprotective sibling.

"You must be Jonah." He pushed himself up and brushed off his jeans before looking at the older boy through his bangs. "Preying on your brother?" he snickered. "What am I? An animal? How old were you when you started dating? It was just a kiss, if Adrien doesn't want me too, I won't do it again, but I'll happily kiss him again if that's what he wants."

Jullain crossed his arms and frowned, "Adrien's old enough to make his own choices, why are you treating him like a child? If he likes someone, or if someone likes him, don't interfere. He can handle himself, besides, he doesn't butt into your love life does he? Don't butt in to his. Let him live his own life, you can't protect him forever, let him get experience, it's how people learn. Plus it's really damn annoying when someone doesn't mind their own business."
Adrien waited for Jullain to leave. Apparently, so had Jonah who suddenly found himself in a state of apathy. He didn't have a history of being told off and had definitely not expected Jullain to. Though, what shocked him most was Adrien's impulse to do just the same. He knit his fists and yelled, "That was the friggin' last time! If you're going to treat me like a baby, then I hope you realize that I won't treat you as my brother." His brother was at a loss for words. He opened his mouth but remained silent as his brain processed Adrien's words. Even more unhappy was he to see Adrien take Jullain's hand and leave him, looking like a sad puppy.

Adrien continued to walk down the topmost stair until they reached an empty hallway and until the voices from above were out of distance. Then he turned around to face Jullain, not yet entirely calm. Again, his brother had humiliated him. In a determination so vast that he himself could not comprehend it, he stretched out and pulled at Jullain's collar - kissing him swiftly.
"I'm sorry I flinched before..." he mumbled.
Jullain couldn't help but smirk when Adrien told his brother off. So Jonah had interfered before and now Adrian had had enough huh? If Adrien's reaction was anything to go by, it must have happened a lot. One didn't get that mad at a first or even a fifth offense. He hadn't, and when he still thought he was straight and attempted to date girls, Amanda had interfered a lot. Jullain shrugged, everyone was different.

Jullain was shocked when Adrien kissed him, but he quickly got over it. Shaking his head, she chuckled. "It's okay babe. You were surprised. I should have warned you." He cupped the boy's face again, "I'll warn you now though." And for the second time that day, he kissed the blonde boy.