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Game Masters: Tethebi
Accepting New Characters: We have quite a few right now. I tend to keep up with making sure people are still interested, though, so feel free to subscribe and keep an eye on this thread!
Posting Expectations: Be literate. As far as frequency, I prefer once every four days at the very least, but if you're busy I understand. Please give notice for absences longer than four days.
Rating: Could go as high as mature, but it depends on the ages of the interested.
Genre: Medieval fantasy.
Atmosphere/Mood: Action, humor, possibly romance, possibly drama.
Plot Flow: Pretty sporadic. Any ideas for plot changes should be placed in this thread and approved by all players.
Timeline: Medieval. Think swords, mystical creatures, and magic, but without all the flowery language such as "thee".
Basic Plot: Tethebi is a sword for hire - he does anything for anyone with the money to hire him. His last job was more than a month ago, and he's getting hungry. He decides to peruse the nearest town for another contract. Who will hire him? What sort of people will he meet along the way?

The RP thread can be found here:
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: Tethebi (pronounced Tet-heb-bee)
Nicknames or Aliases: Tet
Gender: Male
Species: King Cobra / Eyelash Viper
Age: 25
Blood relatives: Kazheer the viper, father. Tacharsi the cobra, mother.
Other close relations: None he knows of.
Current Occupation: Warrior for hire, closet corsetier.

Physical Description: His scales are greenish black and pale dark yellow, his eyes are a vibrant lime green. His build is very muscular. He is 20 feet long from head to tail end, but is 6'8" from head to where his length touches the ground. He has three fingers on each hand. Weighs 800 pounds in entirety. He wears very little clothing, his excuse being that he has no external reproduction organs. He only wears armor on occasion, and when he does it is limited to pauldrons and/or a cuirass. His only constant pieces of clothing are a back sheathe that wraps like a sash around his torso, a coin pouch, and a pair of gloves to aid in gripping things.
References: Though you see him with legs in some of the following pictures, and/or with a human companion, these things do not apply to his appearance here. There is plenty of fanart of him on deviantART, but only the ones done by demonuncle/birdofyore, Subject-222/Lissachoa, sparkpenguin/proyecto-LOA, Vankid, and myself(Zeah1Renee5Voinovich) are considered official in my book. My favorite references:
- ... i-65296999 by demonuncle AKA birdofyore
- by Subject-222 AKA Lissachoa
- / by sparkpenguin AKA proyecto-LOA
- by Vankid
- http://zeah1renee5voinovich.deviantart. ... -138716676 by me, Zeah1Renee5Voinovich

Personal History: Ever since birth, Tethebi was a "dreamer". He occasionally dreamed of and "saw" things nobody else did, and was often chastised by his parents for it. As soon as he was of age, his parents paid for him to go learn swordsmanship, hoping to keep his mind solid and focused. To do so, he was sent to a foreign land, where he learned, from various odd masters of blade and fist, how to fight. Disliking the regiment of armies and militaries, he did not join up, and instead became a warrior for hire. He still "sees" things when he dreams, but disregards them as fantasy and falsehoods.

Tools of the trade: Very minimal magical ability(can generate small sources of light and heat when in dire need), and a two-handed, double edged bastard sword, the grip wrapped tightly in some of his own sheddings.
Personality: Tet is cynical, sarcastic, short-tempered, intimidating. He is a very stereotypical male, in that he is headstrong, brash, cocky, sensual and coarse. When angered, he resorts first to verbal assault, but if pushed enough he will put up his fists or draw his blade. He is by no means a gentleman, but tries to respect women while blatantly flirting with them (if he finds them attractive). When he has his eyes set on a girl, any other males that meander into the picture are quickly labeled rivals. In good company he is funny and less rude, but with people he doesn't know, he is likely to be a general asshole.

Likes: Women, fighting for fun, traveling, alcohol, meat.
Dislikes: Men that move in on women he likes, idiots, anyone who thinks they're better than him, cold weather, authority figures.
Any odd habits or quirks: Flicks his tongue out and smells people when he first meets them; if they don't smell "right", it may take a while for him to warm up.
Goals: To find happiness in life, and to find the woman of his dreams.
Fears and Beliefs: Fears the ocean and the larger creatures in it. Believes we make our own luck.


Nexus, Splice, and K.G.

On hiatus:
Smiling Dreamer

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Finally got those links fixed. x_x God, haven't RPed in a forum in forever.
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Name: Splice
Nickname: None
Eyes: Solid red, with a black outline iris, and a black slit pupil.
Hair: White
Race: Fire Demon (Sometimes in Mature RP's, an Incubus.)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Powers: Disappearing, Flying, Fire Breath/Energy Balls, Ethereal
Abilities: Acrobatics, Juggling, Sleight of Hand, Intimidation
Personality: Obnoxious, yet smooth-tongued. Splice is nasty in a sense of regal demeanor, although on occasion, he can be Chaotic Evil. In most cases, he would be somewhere around Neutral Evil, doing things that he enjoys without caring so much what others think, and yet at the same time enjoying the indulgence of sin. He can be sneaky, narcissistic, and rude.
Background: Around the same time Nexus screwed up, Splice was there egging him on. After this, he was sent to Hell with the same punishment as described in Nexus' bio, where their punishment was to eternally split in half, and rejoin in a larger demi-godlike body, Sunder. Although Nexus regrets what was done wrong in the past, and tries his best to refrain from evil, Splice revels in it, diving nose first into any chance to find some entertainment. He is usually the cause of Nexus' frustration and anger.
Description: Everything opposite of Nexus physically. What was silver is gold, blue is red, and black is white. His skin is reddish in tint.

Name: Nexus
Nickname: Jester
Race: Ice Demon (Sometimes in Mature RP's, an Incubus.)
Eyes: When in control of his emotions, they are as in the picture. When angry, they are solid blue, with a black outlined iris, and black slit pupil.
Hair: Black
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Powers: Disappearing, Flying, Ice Breath/Energy Balls, Ethereal
Abilities: Speechcraft, Acrobatics, Juggling, Dancing, Sleight of Hand
Personality: Can be moody or aloof with strangers, and has a philosophical side. When around friends, can be goofy, loud, obnoxious, and sometimes abrasive with his jokes, however, is extremely protective and defiant, and sometimes too rash to make hard-thought decisions. In general, a "good" demon, though he actually sways more in Chaotic Neutral. His taste in evil is low, however he can be unpredictable.
Background: He, along with his brother, Splice, disobeyed the rules of basic humanity when he was alive. With one very serious sin, he was cast into Hell with his brother, forced apart and fighting for eternity over who was right, and who was wrong. If the two of them unite, and decide to work together, they join into one, very large demon named Sunder. This remains the other half of the punishment. To forever pull apart, and rejoin, never knowing peace in being ones self, and forever discord.
Description: Image In Blog

Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Looking for players!]

Accepted, Jester. :V I'll get our opening post set up.
Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Looking for players!]

People may have to see my third character's bio in my Blog. It's not working properly for some reason in here. :\
K.G.'s file is in my Blog everyone...
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Am I a loser for RPing on my phone?
Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Accepting~]

XD If you're anxious to do so, I guess it doesn't matter much. XD
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I gotta get some work for my job and school done. I'll respond after. :V See if anyone in the chatbox wants in? I'm itching to get our RP really flyin' with all sorts of characters.
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I stay out of the chatbox, sadly. D: But I'll advertise your thread in my signature. I'll send them here first. I post a lot, so yeah.
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Woot. I'll pop it in my sig, too.
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I have a few character ideas. One of them was made for a forum my friend and I started up a while back, but it never really got anywhere and kind of died.. Never got to play that guy ;c .. I've got it in my head that if I use that particular character, he could bump heads with yours initially and either start up some kind of childish rivalry with no actual reasonable purpose, or laugh about it later and maybe work out some kind of alliance, most likely temporary.
Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Accepting~]

Hrm, might get to use one of my favorite D&D characters, the Bard known as Smiling Dreamer.

: Smiling Dreamer
Nicknames or Aliases: "Smiles"
Gender: Male
Species: Coyote, Fae-Blooded
Age: 24
Blood relatives: Mother and Father, both alive, though he's never met them.
Other close relations: Old adventuring party: Quinn (necromancer, deceased but still adventuring with his wife, a dark elf named Boticia), Vythera (dragon-blooded paladin), Archive (psionic, crystal goblin), Thraen (elven scout), and Mathatar (psi-blade using human). "Close" friend of Sylvia Rise (crown princess of the Plains Kingdoms).
Current Occupation: "Bard", a catch-all word for his profession as a musician, information broker, and tavern patron.

Physical Description: Smiles is not an intimidating man. Very softly muscled - "just enough to be attractive" - and covered in downy fur, the coyote-man seems to abstain from wearing much but a pair of pants and his guitar. Standing at a mere 5'4", the little man is clearly no combat threat. Wide ears and attractive face set him apart from many, further rising with his multiple ear piercings and his single nipple piercing. His eyes are a simple green color, and his tan fur gives him a comfortable appearance.

Personal History: Born to two merchants in the Plains Kingdoms, who quickly made an enemy of a woman who's party they had missed (Smiles' mother was too busy giving birth to attend it). The woman cruelly took it out on the son, scarring the child's face and crippling it, exposing it's heart to the outside world with scalding fire. Unwilling to keep a hideously disfigured child, Smiles' father and mother abandoned him in the streets. This would easily have been the end, were it not for the passing of a gang of thieves... who, spotting the abandoned child, saw the possibly to milk sympathy money from passerby. Though originally a selfish wish, the thieves grew fond of the child, and began to teach the child the arts of thievery, so that he could better care for himself in this dark world. They also gave him a harp: teaching him how to play it... both as a way of communication, and for further sympathy while his adopted family picked the pockets of those who stopped to watch.

Around his twelfth birthday, his family was forcibly broken up by the guard. Rather than take Smiles down to the gallows with them, the thieves claimed to have kidnapped him, and claimed they intended to sell him to slavery. Buying the child's life with their own, they went to the gallows without any fear. Alone, but with the skills to survive, Smiles defied the guards and made it their life hell with his budding skill with illusions.

It was three years later when he was roped into the foolish 'adventuring party' of other children. Willing to look past his disfigurement, they represented another group of 'friends' he could hold on to... their dangerous lifestyle, however, filled Smiles with dread. Though he wanted to support his friends, he found combat far too scary to aid in that manner. Using his supportive magic and his wide array of skills, the budding bard made sure that his friends survived a lot more adventures than they should have. Acting as the glue that kept the party together, even the hatred between the paladin and necromancer in the party was softened by the bard's presence, even though he was quite mute.

It was his party that saved up the gold to get his deformities magically fixed. Blessed now with looks and the ability to speak, he acted as the party's information broker and spokesman, scrounging up jobs and adventures in the most unlikely of places. Though the party has temporarily split so that they could all train in their own way, Smiles still avoids combat... he spends most of his time entertaining and educating others... and keeping an ear open for danger, so that when his friends come back, he can go with them...

Tools of the trade: His "masterwork" guitar, a set of thieves' tools, healer's kit, illusion and support magic, "The Pocket Ace".
Personality: Smiles is supportive and diplomatic, though his dislike of combat seems to make people believe he is cowardly: which really isn't the case. While he feels fear in dangerous situations, he has always stood next (or behind) his friends, only running from combat when commanded to by a friend attempting to make a heroic sacrifice (and even then, he normally doubles around with a trick up his sleeve). While not the type to back up someone with steel, his tricks and magic support could find use with those clever enough to see the utility. He makes friends rather easily, and avoids conflict. He is squeamish around death: he's largely pacifistic.

Likes: Music, close friends, good alchohol, fine meals, lavish surroundings.
Dislikes: Combat, weapons, explosions, wearing armor, having to use "The Pocket Ace".
Any odd habits or quirks: Carries a mirror, and checks the side of his face that was once injured every night. Takes the time to keep himself clean, and spends time every morning to do stretches and tumbling practices - before preening his appearance for the rest of the day.
Goals: Be supportive of others, and try to relieve the stresses of everyday life - if only for a little while - with his skills.
Fears and Beliefs: Smiles fears dying alone, as well as losing his looks. He is an avid worshipper of 'Evening Glory', a goddess of eternal love.

The Pocket Ace:
A dangerous magic item that Smiles crafted himself in the rare times he is the last party member standing. Taking the form of a playing card - The Ace of Spades - this item is keyed directly to Smiles, and magic-users can affect him through it, though most would choose to avoid using it's power. The Pocket Ace is a "selfish" support item: it only affects the user, giving them incredible speed, strength, endurance, and combat skill... though it lasts only seven hundred and seventy-seven seconds. After this time, the user falls unconscious. The item was created out of a will to protect his friends, though Smiles has imbued a bit of his own wishes into the item: the transformation washes away all fear, and imbues it's user with a lust for combat. Though Smiles had intended the item to also conjure armor and weaponry to the user, he lacked the skill... though really, it might already be overkill. What the card thinks is a mystery.
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I have a few character ideas. One of them was made for a forum my friend and I started up a while back, but it never really got anywhere and kind of died.. Never got to play that guy ;c .. I've got it in my head that if I use that particular character, he could bump heads with yours initially and either start up some kind of childish rivalry with no actual reasonable purpose, or laugh about it later and maybe work out some kind of alliance, most likely temporary.
Well, post a bio for me to read. ^^
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Hrm, might get to use one of my favorite D&D characters, the Bard known as Smiling Dreamer.

We'd love to have you. After Jester and I finish the dialog between the king and Tethebi, feel free to jump in!
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Also I want to publicly apologize for the delay in posting. This week was pretty hellish. ^^;
Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Accepting~]

I understand. My week hasn't been super, either. I'll jump in where appropriate!
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I'm gonna extend the posting period a bit. It'll give us more leeway for posting, and also open the RP to less-available individuals. least once a week sound okay? Or too lax?
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That's... pretty lax, but I suppose if that's all we can do...
Re: Scales For Hire (Character sheets, OOC RP chatter) [Accepting~]

I'll meet you half-way and lengthen it to 4 days, not 7. ^^ I just know that some days I come home drained, and can't find the energy to post.