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  1. Four tribes reside in the Dvaita forest: The Imala, The Blue Claw, The Orphans, The Cocopah. Peace exists between the tribes, except between the Imala Tribe and Blue Claw tribe. Their hatred for each other traces back over a hundred years and finally the current chiefs of both tribes, decide to bring an end to that hatred by having an arrange marriage. The chief's daughter from the Imala tribe would be set to marry to the chief's son from the Blue Claw Tribe. But what happens when the two can't even get along? Will the arranged marriage work and accomplish the goal set out, or will it worsen the tribes hatred for one another?

    Name: Kida Dunne
    Age: 20
    Tribe: Imala Tribe
    Status: Chief's daughter
    -Kida has two older brothers and three younger brothers, making her the only girl of the six.
    -The four tribes reside in the Dvaita Forest, The Imala Tribe is in the northern part of the forest.
    -Mother died after giving birth to her youngest brother
    -height: 5'5


    Name: Koda Nakai


    Height: 6'2
    Age: 22
    Tribe: Blue Claw Tribe
    The Blue Claw are the most aggressive tribe of all four - they are rigorously territorial people, living on the Great Bear plateau on the edge of the Dvaita Forest well away and above the other tribes, save for the Imala, who are unfortunate enough to share a border with them.

    Status: Chef's son.
    History: Koda was the only child born to his mother, who died during childbirth. Instead of being regarded as the cause of her death, Koda was praised, and his kin simply say that it was his strength as a new-born that killed her - his spirit was simply too strong for her body.
    Personality: Koda is a good representation of his people. He is stubborn, aggressive, and brutally honest. His greatest secret is his heart of gold and his love of painting, hidden well behind layers of sarcasm.

    Kida closed her eyes, feeling her grandmother's fingers weave through her long, black locks of hair. It was a relaxing sensation that for a brief moment allowed her to be in serenity. The older woman was fixing her hair into an elegant braid and once she finished, she tied it off, before placing white cream cup flowers to adorn her hair. "There you go, Kida." The women softly spoke out to her granddaughter, who immediately thanked her and stood up. "Thank you, grandma." Leaning down, she gave the older woman a kiss on the cheek.

    "Kida. It is time." A stern voice spoke from the entrance of the teepee house. Glancing over her shoulder, Kida spotted her father, who was waiting for her to join him so they could head off to the border between the two tribes, to meet the Blue Claw's chief. "Good luck, Child. Be safe and make our tribe proud." Her grandmother spoke, before Kida gave a nod then left the teepee and followed her father to where their best warriors, along with her five brothers, awaited.
    "Papa...are you sure this will work?" Kida questioned as she glanced up at her father, who had frankly seemed different since the sun shined down through the trees that morning. Perhaps it was the fact that he was giving his daughter's hand in marriage to a young man that he didn't know and to make matters worse, he wasn't even part of their tribe. Heavens forbid that she was being handed over to some abusive man. Though what worried him the most was the fact that she would have to live with her husband where his tribe resides at, something that he hadn't mentioned to her. "I'm not sure, Kida, but it was the only way we figured that we could bring peace."
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  2. KodaKoda sat motionless as his grandfather painted steaks down his high cheekbones, pressing the paint into his flesh - in the color only the Chef's family was permitted to wear en masse.

    Red - the color of blood, life, and death. The color his tribe had ground into the Earth over-and-over again, for a hundred generations and for over a hundred reasons. Ever since the Great Bear had stood in the stream running off their ancient plateau, his forefathers knew this land would have to be fought for, being in the center of the three other tribes around them.
    The old man pulled away, then made bear-paw marking on his chest in red, then switched colors to trace long, blue claws coming off the crimson pads. On the four claw, he paused, staring up at Koda with his wise eyes.

    "If this marriage fails, the other Elders are sure to wage war on the Imala."

    Koda sighed. "Yes, I know." The tone bore an air of annoyance - perhaps the male had already considered that thought constantly throughout each day before today, the day of the ceremony.

    A child peeked his head into the tent, singing, "Koda and Kdta, Koda and Kida!" Koda was sure it was done to annoy him. "Don't you have a bow to make, Ogima?" The child stuck his tongue out at him, and scurried away like a scorned rodent.

    "Done." His grandfather grunted, leaning back to straighten his back after hunching over for so long to fix Koda's paint.

    "Thank you, Aro." He said, knowing what came next, and dreading it.

    "Take off you headdress and lean forward."

    Koda did as he was told, knowing he could never escape duty. They cut the long hair of men about to marry in his village, and burned the strands to symbolize the forfeiting of oneself for love. Koda would have been happier to do it if he was willing to love, but Koda wasn't. At least, that was what he told himself.

    Snip, snip... The strands that had once gone well past his shoulder blades fell into the bowl held between his legs. Koda sighed, just... letting it happen. He could hear the blade dance a bit over his ear, before Aro finished and let Koda lift his head and put his headdress back on.

    What a strange feeling, being so weightless. He stood and walked to the flap of the teepee, calling out, "Thank you," as he exited. He couldn't help but feel pessimistic about the whole thing. The Blue Claw people were difficult to appease, and he had no idea what real effect the marriage might have. He knew for a fact that the Chieftain was in his tent, planning attack strategies on the Imala right at this moment.

    The women and their brothers and fathers were waiting for him on the path leading across the plateau to the Imala.
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  3. Kida
    Today would be the day for the ceremony, where she and The Blue Claw's chief's son would be married. It honestly made her nervous, especially since the Blue Claws have been their enemies for years. What if it was all just a scheme to get close to her father and kill him? Her fingers clenched around the white deer skin of the dress, signaling her hesitance and wariness over the situation.

    The dress had been her mother's. She had worn it for her wedding day with her father and now it was her turn to wear it. Her mother had been deeply in love with her father and vice versa. It was disappointing to think that she was wearing her mother's dress, that to her symbolized love, to marry a man she didn't know, much less love.

    "Everything will be alright, Kida." Chief Denahi, her father, gently gripped her fingers while giving her a reassuring expression, though Kida had a hard time believing his words. She did not wish to go through with this. She did not wish to marry a man who was a complete stranger to her, she hasn't seen his appearance. What if he was several years older than her?

    They finally reached her brothers, who wore sullen expression. The two eldest of the five had been the first to protest against the arranged marriage, hating the thought of having their sister married to a Blue Claw. Their hatred for that tribe grew deep.

    "Papa is there any way-" "Enough Sidkah! The marriage has been settled. Do not question my decisions further." Her father snapped at her eldest brother, while Kida helplessly watched Sidkah clench his fists at his sides and try so hard to contain in his anger.

    "There will be no change of plans." Her father announced for everyone to hear, daring anyone to go against him. Silence remained and the Chief was relieved. "Let us move. We must meet the Blue Claws at the border." Soon enough they were all walking through the woods towards the border, where Kida would meet her unfortunate fate.


  4. KodaFinally, his father joined the head of the procession and they were ready to set out. Armed med flanked their sides, prepared to defend their Chief from any attack. Koda thought it a bit silly, but said nothing lest he upset his father.

    The women walking along with them chattered and occasionally spoke to him, but Koda would always answer with sarcasm, and none of them liked it, so they chattered to each other and left him alone altogether. The guards said nothing to him either, too busy puffing up their chests and trying to look scary. And they did, with their bone necklaces spilling over their chests, hawk-feathers, and bear skulls atop their heads. They were painted blueberry blue, but with speckles of red across their bodies. Koda knew that was real blood, taken from the wildlife. Usti used the blood of a duck, Hassun used the blood of a fawn caught in his trap - Koda had seen it all, observing from the sidelines with the moody pout he wore so well.

    His father turned to him, "It's a lovely day, isn't it?" Koda glared up at the black-framed eyes, then glanced at the bone-beads in the wild, black hair that framed the face of his father. They were once supposed to be a gift to his mother for birthing him, however he obviously never had a chance to give them to her, nor will he have one ever again.

    It stuck him as strange - his father was no a sentimental person. "It could be storming and snowing, and yet it would still be a lovely day, because I'm so, very happy about getting married to a weak Imalan." His voice was lathered in sarcasm, dripping from his tongue like poison. His father shook his head, and rolled his eyes. "You're just like your mother. Do you not see how important this is? I am tired of... all the fighting, all the hurting."

    "Maybe the other tribes need to get hurt."

    His father turned to him with furrowed eyebrows, "You don't really think that, do you?"

    Koda glared at the ground, unable to respond. His father interpreted this in a way that made him relax again, and return his amber-brown eyes to the path.

    "We're here."

    The procession stopped, waiting for the Imalans to meet them, and Koda only hoped his future wife would meet him halfway like this - forgive him for being who he was.
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  5. Kida
    The reality of the predicament she was about to face, brought an overwhelming feeling of fear. It wasn't so much that she was scared of the man she was going to marry, but more in fear of her future and what it held in store for her. She frankly couldn't picture happiness in her future, not when she would be by the side of a man that didn't love her and vice versa. What worried her the most was the marriage not working out. The results surely wouldn't end up well and her father warned her that this had to work for the well being of their tribe.

    Sidkah, always the perceptive one, noticed his sisters discomfort with this whole ordeal. "Kida," he called out to her softly as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer as a form of comfort. "How are you feeling?" He questioned as he looked down at her. Kida bit her lip and looked away for a brief moment, before looking back up at him. "I'm nervous." Her voice was quiet, too quiet, to the point where he barely caught on to what she said. Sidkah couldn't help but to breath out a sigh, while glaring over to their father. It was pretty clear that he wasn't happy with the arrangements his father and the Blue Claw's chief had made. Out of everything, they chose Kida. He didn't see how a marriage would help unite the two tribes, but it was their father who gave commands and it was their responsibility to follow such orders, so he knew that there was no way they could get Kida out of this arrangement-no matter how much they begged and bothered the man. He was as stubborn as a mule and never went back on his words. "Don't be." He finally responded back as he gave her a small smile. "Everything will turn out okay and if not, well, we'll be here waiting for you and we'll gladly end that Blue Claw if he hurts you in any way." Sidkah said and their father happened to hear such words, causing for a glare to be shot their way. Of course, Sidkah ignored the Chief's actions and instead continued to chat with his sister. Though once they reached the border, he gave her shoulder a squeeze before pulling away from her.

    Kida, along with practically everyone else that had accompanied her and her father, straightened up and stood on alert when the rivaling tribe came into view. Not long after, they came to a stop at the border and Kida's almond colored gaze moved over to the Blue Claw's chief, whom she had seen a couple of times, before shifting over to the younger male besides him. Was that his son? Was that the man she would be marrying on this fortunate day? Her gaze immediately hardened and she watched as her father took a step forward and greeted the other Chief.

  6. KodaKoda dwelled on his father's words. The old man had never been so direct with his feelings, and it perplexed Koda until the wind picked up, blowing the savage assembly's robes about their bodies, and rattling through his guard's bone-charms.

    Him and his father were a shock of red between the blue-donning people, one stood like a bowed, tired-out elder, and the other stood wide-legged with his arms crossed in front of his chest. There was a stubborn glint in Koda's amber-brown eyes as he watched the Imala before him, standing alert like deer on the edge of a grove where wolves had cornered them.

    It made him sad, somehow.

    ... His heart ached when he realized that this was the reaction his people's reputation deserved, and he wished it wasn't so for just a moment until Usti elbowed him in the ribs (earning him a glare) and whispered to Koda, "Woaaaah, check out your future wife! Mind letting me borrow her sometimes?" As Usti snort-laughed like a dork, the freckled brunette reached over and grabbed him harshly by the collar of his furs, glancing at the Imala through the corner of his eyes.

    Indeed, there was the daughter, Kida. She was looking at him, watching. Time to keep up appearances.

    "You dare talk to me that way, do you not know your place!?"

    "H-hold on, Koda, it was just a-" The brunette shove the long-haired teen away from him, and the boy stumbled and nearly fell to the ground. Some of the guards around him cheered at the sight of violence, and Koda gave the Imala the best glare he could muster. Somehow, his visage still betrayed a hint of the warmth hiding under his skin in the way he seemed to look almost upset at himself, and Koda knew he might had been trying a bit too hard to put on a good show.

    The Chief, ignoring the dispute, announced, "Great Imala tribe, we come in peace to bring union between our two tribes with the marriage of my only child to your fair daughter." Koda had to do a double-take, because DID HIS FATHER JUST BOW?

    The hard-ass Chieftain he had known all his life had been acting strange for the past few days, and it worried Koda. This was the man that had slaughtered a Toda child for harvesting berries on their territory once. Since then, they were called demons by the marsh-dwelling Toda, who retreated further into the dark reaches of their jungle-like home, letting the Blue Claw take their old territory.

    Koda's father had never bowed to the Imala before, not once. Not during any of their few meetings.
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  7. Kida
    Kida narrowed her gaze slightly when the male suddenly gripped the younger male's collar, before lashing out then shoving him away. Was this really how he behaved with a tribe that would one day belong to him? Dread replaced her nervousness and she wanted nothing more than to run away from all this. The Chieftain continued on as if his son's actions were just another usual occurrence.

    "Greetings glorious Blue Claw Tribe. We have come to complete the arrangement we had agreed upon to bring peace among both tribes." Her father bowed, before he motioned for Kida to step forward. "My daughter, Kida Dunne, will marry your son and will live besides her husband in your lands."

    Upon hearing her father's words, Kida's eyes widened and she resisted the urge to turn around and actually run away from this living nightmare. Not only was she marrying a stranger, but she would have to live away from her tribe in lands she had no familiarity with, living with strangers. Everything would be different. Tears blurred her vision and Kida blinked furiously to keep them from spilling onto her cheeks while she bowed her head slightly.

    "Father! This is absurd!" Jay, her second eldest brother, shouted out and immediately he turned to shoot his son a glare. "Silence! Do not interrupt." He growled out before returning his attention to the Blue Claw's chief. "Forgive me and my son for his unnecessary outburst. Shall we continue on with the ceremony?"

  8. KodaAbsurd? For years their tribes have warred and spilled each other's blood, and the Chief knew this was their last chance to make peace. The other Blue Claw elders were getting restless, verging on the edge of aggressive again, and he knew that something had to be done. Despite inheriting the Blue Claws's violent ways, the Chief, all these years, really hadn't been a bad person.

    "Yes, we shall." His father bellowed, and gestured with a hand for the women to bring up the venison he had brought the Imala as part of their tradition. Koda knew there would be no proper celebration - his tribe refused to let no more than a single Imala into its territory.

    The would be no singing, no dancing, no Seven Steps around the fire... Koda had a hard time hiding his disappointment in this. He had hoped that despite the marriage being forced, they could still at least try to pretend it was a fun occasion, but the tribes could not get past their differences. He thought about his vows.

    They didn't matter anyway.

    There was no way she'd ever care about a Blue Claw, and Koda didn't know if he'd let himself care... He watched her for a moment as his hair was tousled by the wind. She was beautiful, the kind of face that tribes would sing about - a nature spirit breathing life into the world, or the sweet inspiration behind a warrior's heart. She had dark, intelligent eyes, a contrast from his own narrow, wild amber - which always failed to reflect the truth of his soul. He glanced away, refusing to look at her any longer.

    "Let them step forward and make their vows." His father spoke, and Koda what he was supposed to do - he stepped forward, towards the the girl. His jaw tensed, and suddenly feeling nervous, but hid it well behind his serious demeanor.

  9. Kida
    Kida's father was rather relieved that the Chief ignored his son's outburst. When he gestured for the women to step forward with the venison, he raised a brow, quite honestly surprised that they actually bothered to follow part of their tradition in an arranged marriage like this one. Fortunately he had decided to follow their own tradition by bringing forward baskets of corn bread to signify that Kida would be a good wife and would do her deeds as his wife and in the future, as a mother.

    At the mention of them stepping forward and making their vows, Kida hesitated for a brief moment before stepping forward and stopping less than a feet away from him. Lifting her gaze, she tilted her head to look up at him. He was much taller up close and handsome. He had a strong jaw line and attractive features. He was practically the epitome of a warrior with his intimidating figure, broad shoulders, and the red and blue paint running along his body.

    Kida's hands grew clammy as she starred up at him, but other than that, she hid her nervousness while holding his gaze. Despite how much she hated this whole situation, she wouldn't allow him to see the fear and nervousness she felt inside.

    Realizing that she had to say her vows, Kida took a deep breath before opening her mouth. "This is my commitment to you, my husband. I will follow my duties as your wife, by sharing responsibilities with you, tending to our household, and provide nourishment to the family we will create." The very fact that she may end up conceiving a child from him, caused for her stomach to churn. That meant she would have to partake in intimate actions with him and she frankly doubted that she was ready for such a thing. "I will follow my promise in honor of our tribes, you as my husband, and for myself."


  10. KodaHe listened to her vows, knowing they were true, however lacking any emotional component. This felt all wrong to him. He shut his eyes for a moment, mouth drawing into a fine line.

    It was his turn. Koda lifted his chin, staring down at the girl with his wolfish eyes, the corner of his lips lifted morphing his freckled cheek into a smirk, knowing that what came next would be the perfect thing to point out the hypocrisy of the whole ceremony.

    "And I, your husband, promise to protect our family from harm. I will provide for you, I will cherish you, and be true to you." They were the vows his father said to their mother. Koda had been meaning to recite them to his wife ever since he was little, and it didn't matter that his bride was a woman he had never met before, Koda was stubborn and always intended on doing as he pleased.
    He heard his father make a gasp from somewhere behind him as he recognized the words. Koda grew quiet, then decided to add his own words to the sacred promise.

    It seemed he had done it to spite his father, but the words were still spoken seriously, with a heavy heart, dutifully...

    "May this union unite our tired tribes... No matter how annoying this idea is." He grumbled, out of earshot, just so that the girl could hear.

  11. Kida
    Kida tilted her head slightly while narrowing her eyes a small fraction, wondering why he was smirking. The following words that came out of his mouth, were rather interesting, yet she found herself doubting them. There was no way someone could be completely true to someone they just met, could they? Perhaps they were just words he had made up for the ceremony. They were probably empty with no meaning and no true feelings behind them. The gasp that resounded from behind him, caught her attention but she refrained from glancing over to look.

    Just when she thought he had finished, he opened his mouth to utter a few more words that were meant for only her ears to hear. Well, at least now she knew how he felt about this situation. Good thing was that their feelings were mutual because she honestly didn't want to get married.

    Call it foolish or childish, but Kida had actually wished to find her true love like the girls in the stories her grandmother would tell her about when she was younger. Her favorite story was the one about the princess who found her prince. She had believed that maybe someday she would find her prince, but not everyone got what they wanted.

    She could feel the people form their corresponding tribes starring at them, their gazes piercing, which caused for her to squirm slightly. Fortunately this ceremony-if you could even call it that- was coming to an end and she couldn't be more happier, though the idea hit her that she would be leaving her family. How could her father bargain her for this? Would they even allow her to come and visit her family when she wished, or would she be limited to that?

    Stop being so selfish.

    This was the benefit of her tribe, to bring peace and end such harmful actions against their tribes. That was the only reason she was still standing there, the only thing that kept her rooted to her spot. Otherwise, she would ave ran by now.

  12. Koda"Then under the watchful eye of the Great Bear, I pronounce these two husband and wife. May they seal this ceremony, and thankfully end it with a kiss."

    Koda glanced down at the girl, his amber eyes wavering on the edge of uncertainty and... Rebellion.

    Another thing to point out how unfair all of this way could be done here, and he gave her a pointed, self-assured smirk - like he knew what he was doing. It could have easily been interpreted as the piggish gesture of a man all too willing to touch a woman, any woman - the kind of man that Usti was... but, there was a secret intelligence in his gaze; Koda knew how to push all his father's buttons and make a show of it.

    His hands went out to grasp her by the wrists, his body warmer than her's with the blush hidden under his freckles, and he pressed his lips against her's with nothing short of pure passion. Koda shut his eyes - not to savor the kiss, but to hide the falseness of the pleasure in his animal-eyes. It only made it look all the more authentic - but his father knew what Koda was doing... Playing up the ceremony to emphasize the artificial love they were trying to impose.

  13. Kida
    To end the damn ceremony they had to kiss, which honestly didn't settle well with her-especially when that expression appeared on his face. She couldn't help to feel that that expression he had been making throughout were directed to someone else. What was he playing at?

    He gripped her wrist before leaning down to kiss in a passionate kiss. Kida felt that this was anything but passionate. She watched as he closed his before she decided to do the same and kissed back. This was practically a show for everyone and both him and her were following their acts.

    After a few seconds, she pulled away and started up at him. It was settled, they were married and this would be the commencement of their struggles. "Excuse me. I'm going to bid my family farewell." Removing her wrists from his grasp, Kida turned on her heel and made her way over to her father and brothers. Her brothers all wore glares, but they avoided looking at any Blue Claw. They embraced her in hugs and her father gave her reassuring words before giving her a kiss on the forehead.


  14. KodaAs Kida abruptly pulled away, Koda made a 'hmph' sound and pivoted on his heel to walk away, childishly upset at the fact that he didn't get to walk away first. The men of his tribe made wild whooping sounds, raising thir spears up into the air then embraced Koda, congratulating him. He couldn't help but feel like they were being stupid and brutish, like they always were. "Ehehe, she's a pretty one, ain't she?"

    Koda swallowed his thoughts back down into the back of his mind, letting that sharp-toothed grin take a hold of his lips, "Yeah, hah."His laugh was dry, his smile meaningless, and only those who knew him best, Usti and Hassun knew he wasn't pleased in the slightest. He father gave him a pat on the back, and a chortle. "And now you're married... How does it feel?"

    Koda responded with a glare, and his father shook his head, looking tired all of a sudden. "Stop being selfish."

    Koda made another 'hmph,' crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked away into the distant treeline. Selfish? He understood the importance of the whole ceremony, but that wouldn't stop him from being a moody asshole about it.

    The Blue Claw Chief turned to the Imala, calling, "Now that the ceremony has concluded, I... recommend we leave." Koda looked up, searching for his bride. His warriors were getting restless, staring at the faces of the men they had wanted to kill only a few days ago.

  15. Kida
    "Everything will be alright Kida." The Chief reassured as he gently ran his fingers through her dark locks, enjoying the last few moments he would have with her daughter. It was in that moment that he wondered if this had been a good. But, it would bring peace among the tribes and it was a sacrifice he was willing to make. "Papa, I don't want to go with them." She whispered, her voice wavering. "I know sweetheart, but this will help settle the peace. No more wars, no more killing. You're our only hope, Kida." He stated, trying to convince his daughter that this was something they had to do. "You must go now, Kida. I love you." The chief had noticed her husband looking around, most likely for her and he didn't want any disputes today. "I love you, Papa." Kida got one last look at her family before turning around and spotting her husband off in the distance.

    Taking in a deep breath she made her way over despite how much she wanted to turn around. It took her less than a minute to reach him and once she did, she starred up at him for a moment before averting her gaze. "I'm ready to go." She murmured.


  16. Koda"Good..." The Chief briefly turned around to give Kida's father a nod, then began to walk. Noticing both the gazes of the people around him, and Kida's downcast eyes, he jutted out and arm towards her with all the hesitance of a unhappy husband, asking her to hold his arm as they walked.

    "I'll tell you this right now," He whispered, "Don't go anywhere without me, at least for the first few weeks. There are a dozen people in my tribe that would love to hurt you, Imalan," he warned her. Beyond the layers of carefully-applied indifference in his tone, was that a hint of worry?

    They walked past e edge of the grove, slowly approaching the Blue Claw's territory. Koda watched his wife through the corner of his eyes, wondering what she would think of his home.

  17. Kida
    Her husband held out his arm to take and she almost refused to take it, but figured that it wouldn't look good to the others in his tribe so she reluctantly took it. This was going to be a long day.

    Imalan. Of course, that's probably all she would ever be to him-some Imalan who was forced to be his wife. She found herself not caring so much about that, but she did find it offering that he used their tribes name. "My name is Kida. I will not tolerate you using my tribes name as a form to insult me." Kida whispered firmly, briefly shooting him a glare before averting her gaze forward.

    Kida didn't doubt that they wouldn't hesitate to hurt her if the opportunity presented itself, but she wasn't going to allow them to harm, at least not without a fight. Fortunately, she had been trained to be able to fight with her bare hands.


  18. Koda"Oooh, feisty aren't we?" He taunted, golden eyes growing narrow. "Watch out, with that attitude, you'll be on the meat-rack by the end of the first day. My tribe isn't know for their kindness, silly woman." Oh, this man was hard to love, and maybe even harder to tolerate.

    The earth became flatter, breaking past the grove and into flat, grassy planes. There was nothing but afternoon sky above them, blue and green going for miles. It made Koda feel a bit small to see the massive cloudy heavens above, looking in on him and his tribe. How much bloodshed have they witnessed? It was strange, how they stayed so golden-sweet with the Blue Claw right below them.

    They passed a totem - the opened skull of a foreign warrior embedded on a stuck, herbs, leaves and fish-bones were stuck into the open cavity. "I don't think you'll like my home very much," he smirked.

    The borders weren't very far apart - by now, Koda could already see his camp, and the smoke from the fires his people were making. There would be a feast tonight to celebrate. Even if the tribe was unhappy by who Koda was made to marry, there were still going to rejoice among themselves because it was an excellent excuse to dance, and tell stories.

    The ground became dry and cracked as they walked towards the edge of the plateau, towards the single green spot going for miles, on which his tribe was settled. Bones littered the ground at the edge of the camp, cow-heads, deer legs, all kinds of things meant to ward off the enemy.

  19. Kida
    Kida raised a brow. Meat rack? Was that suppose to bring fear into her? A scoff left her lips while she rolled her eyes. "I'm aware." She grumbled as her gaze settled into the scenery before her. The totem-a skull of heavens knows who- was on the ground, but she thought nothing of it until they reached the border of the camp. Her lip curled in disgust at all the bones placed about. It was evident that it was to warn of foreigners and the enemy, but it just didn't set well with her.

    He was right. She wasn't going to like his home. It was far different than her tribe. Heavens what would they even have her do as the wife of the Chief's son?

    "Why would you even concern yourself with my safety? After all, I'm just an Imalan to you. I know of the hatred you have with my people and I." Her tribe shared the same hatred as their, save for the fact that her tribe was slightly more docile than his.


  20. KodaKoda gave her an incredulous look, "I don't." He lied, as he led her into the campsite. And that was that. Koda hated explaining himself.

    The tents around them were painted with red marks - the blood of animals or humans, and bore all kinds of gristly memorabilia of death - bones attached on long lines of fiber ropes tied to the entrances of the tepee, animal skulls on the doorsteps, and worst of all were the people, wearing unhappy frowns as they watched the Imala girl holding onto the son of their Chief. Their gazes told Koda all that he needed to know, and he was glad he had built his tepee further from the rest, by the greenish grove of trees on the border of the plateau.

    One of the villagers crouched low in the way a threatened animal would as Koda and his bride passed them, and before Koda could say anything, they screeched and cried, "Dishonor! May the Bear take your firstborn child in her jaws and devour it!"

    Koda stopped walking and turned threateningly to the speaker of the hex - hair bristling as fury pumping in his veins like molten lead. "Nobody speaks to me that way..." He growled, low like a wolf before a kill.
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