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  1. (Oh, I forgot to put in my character description that Stormy is 5'6. >.<)

    The sky was like it was covered in a thin sheet of ice and snow. Everything was white. If you looked around, you could barely make out what was in front of you. That night had been extra snowy. People had been advised to stay inside. The snow was over ten inches tall, and the snow continued to fall in thick snowflakes. The weather was terrible, you could freeze to death being out there for only twenty minutes.

    That didn't matter to Stormy though. She had to get out. It was another one of those times where the feud began between her and her step father, John. That was the night he went too far...

    Coming down the stairs, she saw her father in a chair in front of the roaring fireplace, his hands on the armrests with a whine bottle in one hand. Typical. As she reached the bottom, she tried to pass him, when he suddenly stood up, blocking her way. "You're a worthless piece of ----." He spat. There were bags under his eyes, and his cheeks were a bit red and tear stained. She assumed he was having another one of his breakdowns. She looked at him in his watery eyes and replied quietly, "Yes sir." It was then John realized his whine bottle had been dropped onto the floor whenever he stood up.

    Glass was broken and dark liquid covered the floor, most likely staining underneath. "----." He said, turning and bending to clean up the glass with his bare hands. You could tell he was out of it. "Look what you did, ---hole. God, why did Lucille ever give birth to you?" Her heart jumped,but only a tiny bit. She was use to this. There were far worse things he could say. She clenched her jaw as he stood up, bending a bit to be level with her. "Why can't you do anything right?.." He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "ANSWER ME!" He shouted, making her jump. "I-I'm sorry..." "No you're not. If you were you wouldn't keep doing it." He looked around, his eyes searching until they came to see the fire, flames high and bright. A slight smirk appeared on his lips as he looked back at Storm. Her eyes were semi wide as he spoke, in a kind of happy tone. He chuckled lightly before saying, "You know, its a good thing I won't have to deal with you anymore."

    Before she could respond, John grabbed a fistful of her hair, causing her to yelp in pain, prying at his hand. He led her over to the fireplace, but she began fighting him, catching on to his intentions.

    To save the horrid details, Stormy made it out the house. She ran out as fast as lightning, glad she was wearing shoes. Only wearing gray skinny jeans, an Aeropostle tee shirt, and black Vans, people called out in concern as they spotted her. But she ignored them, continuing to run as tears ran down her cheeks; she kept running in random directions, going until she couldn't run anymore.

    About five slow minutes later, she felt like her lungs were going to collapse. Feeling she needed the break, she walked for another five minutes, looking for a place to go.

    Soon her feet began to slow, her body began to shiver. All she could do was hold her arms with her gloveless hands, hoping her temperature would rise.

    Later she came across a small alley, and she entered, too tired to keep going. Her breaths were short and choppy, fog appearing in front ofher as she exhaled. She leaned against the corner of the cold wall at the end and fell to her butt, bringing her numb legs to her chest. Her body ached and burned as the snow stabbed her skin like icicles.

    As people passed, they thought nothing of her, assuming she was just another homeless pedestrian. Minutes passed as Stormy sat there and cried, her tear stained cheeks being covered in need warm tears. As more minutes passed, her vision blurred as she rested her head against the wall beside her. Her body shook terribly as she watched people pass, paying no attention to her whatsoever.

    She closed her eyes calmly, her body relaxing as she went to sleep.

    Few minutes passed as a vampire walked down the white sidewalks, enjoying the weather, as it really had no affect on him. The extreme weather did concern him a bit though, or more interested him. As he passed through, he smelled human traces, different from the ones he passed walking past others. It was young blood. He followed his senses until he came to an alley, where he saw a girl leaned against a wall, Stormy.

    "Hey!" He called, his hands stuffed in his coat pockets. His voice echoed through the cold alley, where it was not answered. "Ma 'am!" He called again, his eyebrows furrowing. He sighed as he walked down the alley, getting a closer look at her.

    Concern arose as he saw how exposed shw was. No jacket, boots, anything. He crouched down, gently touching her shoulder and shaking it. "Hey." No response. He felt her pale cheeks, freezing. Oh no. Her body was now still, but he could hear her heartbeat. It was slow, too slow for a human.

    He didn't know her, but he did care for humans and have feelings, so he was compelled to quickly get her to shelter before she froze to death.

    He quickly removed his long coat and pulled Stormy off the wall a bit, wrapping her small body in it and picking her up. One arm wrapped around her back and waist while the other hooked under her knees, making her head lay against his chest.

    He moved with a purpose, avoiding conversation to quickly reach his car. He laid her in the back as he sped to his house, careful not to wreck or get caught by the police.

    He pulled up in the circling driveway in front of his house. It was more like a mansion, due to him having extra space for the family, blood slaves, and maids.

    He quickly got her from the back and took her into an extra room; it used to be his sister's. The walls were a dark pink, and purple complemented it. He laid her on the circular fluffy bed after pulling down the covers. She removed her shoes and footsie socks, putting the shoes against the wall. He soon removed everything but her panties and bra, keeping her clothes to put in the washer. He positioned her in the bed with her head on the pillow and her arms by her sides, pulling the covers over her. He layered her in three blankets, along with turning on the mattress' heat. He then looked her over before leaving.

    ---- 5 hours later ----

    Storm awakes hours later with massive pain in her feet, the cold from them hitting the warmth of the bed. Her body is still pretty cold, which makes her start to shiver a bit as her body burns too. She furrows her eyebrows stretching her legs before sitting up slowly, looking around. Where is she?

    She immediately notices her clothes are gone, which scares her. What happened? Who did this to her? She knows she's not in her room, hers is smaller and not as... this.

    The bed she's in is pink and purple, fluffy and soft. There are little fringes on the sides, makingthe bed look like a giant stuffed animal. She pulls the covers to her chin as she raises her knees to her chest, oberserving the room while trying to remember what happened and how she got here. And where she is.
  2. Kevin was downstairs sitting on a couch with a glass of wine in one hand, "Who is that girl?" his soft silky voice left his lips like honey. He was sure she was someone with an interesting story to have been in the cold like that. It had been hours ago but after he had finished washing her clothes and drying them he had them nicely folded outside her door so she wouldn't be forced to walk around in her undergarments.

    After a little he finished off the wine glass and set it down on the side table and stood, "I guess I should introduce myself to her."
  3. She looked around the room, wanting to get up and explore, but not wanting to at the moment, due to her current situation. Light showed through a glass window to her right, the glass could of course raise to open the window.

    All she could really see was white. A white sky, white snow falling. Everything covered in white. It made her feel colder just looking at it. Then she remembered.

    She was outside. She went to sleep. So how did she end up here?
  4. He slowly made his way to the stairs and up them stopping outside her door seeing her clothes still there. Sighing quietly he bends down and picks them then gently knocks to get her attention before opening the door and strolling in. Smiling a little he raises her clothes a little, "Your clothes are done being cleaned." he set them on the bed with her and bowed slightly, "Sorry about all the confusion but I found you on the street so I brought you to my home. I hope you don't mind."
  5. Her body was tense as she sat silently, her hands having a tight grip on the thick blankets over her chest. Her eyes were wide with fear as they were stuck on his eyes. They were black.

    She was in shock to say the least. Maybe he wouldn't kill her? But now wasn't the time to think. She wouldn't want to have a panic attack.

    "W-who are y-you?" She stutfered weakly in a terrified tone.
  6. "Oh yes where are my manners." he chuckles lightly to himself, "My name is Kevin Brown. There is a possibility you may have heard of me before. You know richest man in the world."
  7. She had heard of him before, but only a few times. Even with that, it didn't ease her.

    She managed to pull her gaze away and stare at the bed. In silence.

    She had things to say. Things to ask. Of course she did. But she couldn't put them into words, or word them the right way.
  8. "If you want some time and space I understand. I will let you think about whatever you need to think about." smiling he turns around to walk back out of the room.
  9. She continued to stare at the bed, waiting until he was out of sight to almost cry. She stopped herself though, trying to push back the fearful thoughts of what could happen to her.

    She proceeded to get her clothes and quickly put them on, after finishing with her shirt, walking over to the window. She left her shoes at the bed as she rubbed a little bit of the window, looking out, thinking.
  10. He shuts the door behind him and walks back downstairs, "Such a nice young girl." he laughs lightly and moves into the kitchen where one of his maids was, "Please see to it that our guest is well taken care of. I don't want her to be uncomfortable during her stay." the woman nodded and scurried off to tend to the girl.
  11. (Omg, just woke up. O.o Sorry about that lol. So tired!)

    For a moment, the idea of jumping out the window crosses Storm's mind. Why not? She would land in all the snow, but what if she went straight through? Surely the worst she could do was break something.

    She continued to fo through the pros and cons in her head.
  12. (It is ok)

    As the maid continued up to the room Stormy was in Kevin walked into his basement where he kept his extra blood supply. It consisted of people who had done wrongs and he merely kept them off the street. He had tastes for a vampire. He preferred the taste of female blood to male so it was filled with women. Some had been there for a long time and were addicted to feeling of his fangs entering their necks and always begged him for more. Others were newer and were still afraid of him. Walking over one of the girls came up and clung onto him, "Please bite me master Kevin..." she pleads with her voice clearly showing the sensual desire of it. Smirking he bends down kisses her neck letting his fangs elongate and slowly biting down into her neck. His fangs sharp as they slid into her skin like a knife cuts butter not causing her pain as he drank some of her sweet blood.
  13. Without a moment's hesitation of thinking, she walked over and slipped her shoes on, after putting on her footsie socks. After doing so, she walked back to the window and very carefully lifted the glass, a gust of wind shooting into the room, causing Storm to shiver and squint.
  14. He pulled away from her feeling satisfied, "Thank you." she falls slowly feeling lightheaded but fulfilled and he hears a window open, "Oh dear." he moves back up into the house and back up the stairs with speed and softly put his ear to the door hearing the breeze, "Is everything alright in there?"
  15. She gasped as she froze, the breeze hitting her exposed body light before. "Y-yeah. I'm fine!" She mentally slaps herself for stuttering and sounded so nervous.

    Her arms began to get a bit tired, so she tried to be as silent as possible as she finished pushing up the window, it clicking what it got to the top. Her eyes widened at this, wondering if Kevin heard.
  16. He heard the stutter in her voice and the sliding of the window then the click, "I find you hard to believe. Listen I have no intentions of hurting you. I just want to help."
  17. She stopped and looked out the window, tgen looked at the closed door. Hesitantly, she walked to it and opened it a little. She held the door but did not loom through the crack.

    "I want to go home."
  18. "I can arrange that. Where do you live?" he just wanted to help her out. He didn't like seeing people helpless like he found her.
  19. "I-" she suddenly stopped, the thought occurring to her that, she couldn't tell him. She didn't want him to know where she lived for one. Secondly, if she went home and her step father were to see Kevin, all h--- would break lose... especially for her.

    "I can go by myself." She said quietly, opening the door a bit more and looking out.
  20. He leaned away from the door and looked at her with worried eyes, "Are you sure?"
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